May 30, 2007 @ 4:18 PM

looks like someone updated the scholarz blog? exciting. i shall go see who's the enthu soul after i finish this yea.

omg the comlab is freezing cold the only reason im forcing myself to stay in here is cos the downloads are not complete yet? sigh. the broadband speed is still quite lousy. esp for a crazy downloader of everything, i.e. ME -.- downloader of music, pictures, videos, 300MB per episode kind of dramas? HAHA. ok i shall shuddup in case some mata drop by.

supposed to have outing today after the core module thingy. but the guys went soccer and some of them like joke had remedial 0.O damn sao xing can. but i have no money left for movie anyway. haiz. nevermind, im meeting them again in like 2 hours time for stj!

i kept going to town nowadays im so sick of the sight of everything there -.- met up with kris and ruiyi in town yesterday. was supposed to have lunch and den byebye. but in the end we juz refused to go home and stayed till like 10pm?! ugh. we were so broke we dint even have money to take neoprints omg. and we couldnt pig out at taka basement! rahhh hate the feeling of broke-ness. kris left at around 6plus, leaving me, yen and ruiyi to shop.

and let me tell you something: i haven been in lido before in all my 6 years here!! cool rite. i dun even know how it looks like until they brought me in ytd and i was like "oh so where are we?" so happening hur.

den we went Mango to try out shirts!! note the keyword, it's try, merely trying and nothing else. we juz went to try for the sake of trying and taking pictures HOHO. (pictures another day!) damn ex la how to buy -.- i found this shorts that i like ALOT but it's like freaking $60?! great. im going to get a richhhhhhh bf to buy me that one day. haha yea dream on.

ohh so im having 6H class gathering nxt nxt week!! exciting :D


17 jan

loves daddy mummy
loves my family
loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

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