Jul 22, 2007 @ 1:34 AM

been thinking alot lately, about random stuff. which explains the recurring sleepless nights.

thinking about my future, future as in other than studies, like where i want to settle down, what kind of life i want for myself, basically just trying to picture the 'me' 10 yrs later. thinking about family, what are they doing..is everything going fine. missing my friends - old friends, best friends, friends whom i see every day but still miss. missing my piano, missing badminton games with cousins, missing homecooked food. plus thinking about a whole bunch of random things ranging from the vastness of the universe to the irritating ants crawling around in our room.

i dont know why but it seems like as i grew up i've unintentionally made it a habit to go through the routine of thinking about random stuff before sleeping, every night no matter how tired i may be. have i ever told you tht i dont like to sleep? haha. well, hong knows that. bcos i think sleeping is such a waste of time.. and the few seconds/minutes/hours before u lose ur conciousness to sleep are the BEST time of the day.

that's when time truly truly belongs to ourselves. that's when we can finally calm down after a hectic day and do some reflections inside ourselves dont u think so?

sometimes i look forward to sleep not for the fact that i want it so that i can rest, but for the fact that i want to enjoy the calmness of the few seconds/minutes/hours before falling asleep :) hmm, by the time u read this, i bet some of u are already gg like "this woman siow eh!" lol.

hmm actually all of the above are just random rantings, cos im supposed to be sleeping now since im quite tired but i just couldnt/refuse to fall asleep. sorry if some parts of this entry does not make sense. fine i'll go to sleep now.


17 jan

loves daddy mummy
loves my family
loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

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