Dec 29, 2007 @ 4:46 PM

officially began my 'tong ju sheng huo' with ruiyi. haha

sigh...life is tiring, when u have to arrange and handle everything alone :( went for pre-employment medical checkup, signed up for broadband..beginning to settle down alr. now that there's no more hostel canteen, lunch and dinner are all on our own. dunno happy or sad. on one hand, its BYEBYE to yucky food but on the other, its a BIG hole in the pockets + all the trouble hunting for food. hmm, i cant decide which is worse..

now im left with moving tonnes of my rubbish frm hostel to my new room, which zuo, hany and eunice have kindly agreed to help out. thanks in advance yea!

i was helping my junior settling down at nanyang bs on thursday (it was registration day for new msian scholars) and it struck me how pampered kids nowadays are! and the more appalling thing is, the parents dont seem to see any problem with it. well, not that im in a very qualified position to comment la, but still..its sad that this is becoming the norm.

please la, we didnt have aircon in our rooms for the past 6 yrs and we survive la come on. "ohno, no aircon? cannot la. no aircon = no mood to study = cant catch up = poor results." WHOA madam, if that relationship is true, all of us would have been kicked out of ny long time ago huh. among the 10 mummies there i only heard one saying "it's good training! dont make them too comfortable."

it's even more annoying when u see parents being hostile to one another JUST BECAUSE OF THE AIRCON. 3 parents wanted the aircon in the room but 1 objected, and there you see all the black faces on the first day of registration. wth rite. and u see mummies cleaning the room and doing all the minor little things (eg. open up the washing powder and pour them into containers, decide what to put in which drawer,) for their children, while they happily sit on the bed and do nothing.

my junior's mum also. "HAR there's no atm machine in the hostel? aiyo den she has to go all the way out to withdraw money ar! so dangerous.." then the dad went "ok lor den u take bus down from KL to pass her money lor -.-" HAHAH. see, different attitudes.. and it's always the MUM who is the kan cheong one.

haha i always tell myself, if ever i have kids i definitely wont be such a mother.


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