Dec 13, 2007 @ 12:58 PM

The Warlords is surprisingly good.

i cant believe i actually teared at some of the scenes, since i dreaded this genre of movies so much and i was sort of forced into the cinema by my dad cos there was 1 extra tic -.-

i used to dislike 金城武 but his character is the one that touches me most deeply. so much energy, so much of his own principle, so much innocence, too young to understand the world.

- 当匪,我们就要当最大的。

- 记住我这张脸,下次投胎找我报仇。

- 从此,兄弟的命就是命,

- 给我粮!

- 兵不厌诈!这就是战争。

my favourite line frm the movie:


i recommend this to those who love war movies.
but if you hate war movies like i do, you have more reason to watch it! cos im quite sure u'll enjoy it more than you'd expect.

btw, i still dislike war movies after watching this. lol


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