Jan 28, 2008 @ 9:07 AM

my recent lack of inspiration to blog...hmm..

anyway, a follow-up on the FedEx advertisement last post, i found this few days ago:

china is marketing FedEx figurines of their badminton players!! but i dont think it's for sale :( rahh i want!!!

his usual end-of-match gesture. lindan is not shuai, but somewhere somehow he possesses a certain smth that attracts eyes. sometimes u just need to bliv in this thing called X-factor dont you think?

caiyun. i find it amusing that they include the mole. his trademark HAHA but i dont like him =\

finally my fuhaifeng!! but the figurine obviously doesnt do justice to him. the hair.... :(


it just occurred to me that i forgot to blog about my birthday? haha. the fact that i can forget about it tells you how much excitement i've experienced on that day. this yr's has obviously been much less eventful since frens are all over the place. but as i've always done for the past 3 birthdays, i'll take just a brief moment to note my blessings.

first thanks goes out to my dear roommate (squalormate as chian would have called it) nui for the tiny little surprise, the cake, the note and the card. as always, u nv failed to touch me with ur sincere thoughtfulness for friends, and that's ur biggest strength i must say.

thanks to yen and hong for the equally 'thoughtful' present, very creative indeed. um, sorry to disappoint you 2 , but i'll only read it when i read to my kids nxt time? sorry la, cos i doubt i'll have the patience for it at this stage of life (way past the disney age). but again, i appreciate the thought and i'll always rmb what u 2 have decided to give me on my EIGHTEENTH birthday.

thanks to chian and jodie for that present which i've yet to find out what cos miss lee happily left it in kl. but still, im touched that u 2 bother to get me a present before my birthday cos not many ppl do that nowadays, even me sometimes.

thanks to hany for gently reminding me that it's time to change the '17' on the right hand column of my blog. thanksss. yea i've changed it. time to learn to accept truth i know.

PRE-thanks to zuojin, eunice, qianlei cos we're going to celebrate eunice's and my bday tgt tonight? thanks for just being in my life bcos u gals have made reminiscing college days alot alot more bearable and enjoyable. it's never boring with u all around.

thanks to vic! my new fren :) new fung-fan fren :) thanks for the photoframe with our dear's photo, it's making me keep smiling and staring into the corner of my table. ha im freaky.

thanks to daddy mummy for the wish. you dont have to do anything else to make me feel loved. but you still owe me a dinner of course.

thanks to all the sms, MSN, friendster and facebook wishes. the fact that u guys bother is alr good enough, esp some whom i nv expect to be able to rmb.

final thanks to my colleagues!! that was i think the greatest surprise this yr, given that it was barely 2 weeks into work and i dont expect my bday to be known even, let alone celebration. special thanks to wendy :))) i really really love the cake! it was more than surprise that u'd bake me a cake! but it was a stressful thing.. didnt rlly feel comfortable having 4 managers sing bday song for me =\


i've officially fallen sick for one full week already, the company doctor isn't very suitable for me. but i nv skipped a day of work can! please tell me im 乖..


17 jan

loves daddy mummy
loves my family
loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

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* 6H
* 06s6b
* Delphus
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* yamapi, jin
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