Mar 5, 2008 @ 10:09 AM

the company bus driver never fails to amuse me.

i think he enjoys talking to me, but the point is, he keeps asking the same set of questions every time i see him. such as, so you live in KL? which part of KL? u've been here for 6 years? and the same comments like, oh i used to drive to KL, bukit bintang is right at the heart of KL right? i know! wah u're so independent. and so forth...

and he keeps calling me xiao jie -.-
makes me feel old

we finally had a different convo topic yesterday that went smth like:

Uncle: “小姐你在这里租房啊?”
Me: “啊,对。”
Uncle: “一个人?”
Me: “没有,跟我朋友。”
Uncle: “男朋友啊?”
Me: “没有啦...”
Uncle: “噢...我以为跟男朋友...”

he's damn open huh.
and the whole bus was listening....

bored bored bored.

wah i just realised the valentine's flower is still lying nicely on my table. surprisingly it hasnt wilted too much but it's time to get rid of it anyway.

have i told you all about what happened? lol.

on that day itself my company guys decided to get all the ladies frm the corporate side (legal, finance, HR, retail, IT etc) flower stalks. so in the morning my corporate director (aka our big boss), tgt with martin, came to HR to give out flowers. i decided to act as if nothing was going on, for fear that it'd be deeply embarrassing for both the guys and myself in case they hadn't counted me in since i was only a temp, and was here for only about a month or so.

ha! guess what! they really didn't. i thought they were going to avoid the embarrassment by quickly moving on to the nxt department or smth, but after a minute or so my boss (who doesn't know my name) came over and gave me a rocher! he went like,

"hey i dunno if the guys count u in (as if he's not one), we'll check later if there's one for u, but here's a rocher for you anyway, happy valentine's! pls do not feel left out or anything, but i guess u wouldn't mind since we're not ur boyfriend or anything?"

WHOA he knew exactly what i was thinking! ha, i'd rather have a rocher than flower from u all la, at least can eat :) flowers are only meaningful when they're frm special people, what. i dont really care whether i get flowers frm them :P

but in the end......after checking,
THEY PREPARED ONE FOR ME! i was pleasantly surprised of course.

haha, yea, so that's how i ended up with a flower & AN EXTRA ROCHER :D

ahh this is such a long overdue story.


friday friday friday.

somehow the nervousness hasn't quite set in. probably the anticipation lasted too long, now it's reduced to numbness and nothing else.


17 jan

loves daddy mummy
loves my family
loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

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* words of affirmation

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