Jul 31, 2005 @ 8:04 AM

A) F the red-haired Ex-policemonkey

Itz supeeeer irritating lah! Who does she think she is??!!! Freak her!!!! There are like dunno how many ppl in the room who were reading and cant even be bothered to listen lah! I didnt do that u ass! At least I gave u the respect OKAY??! I LISTENED TO WHAT THE FREAKING FU HAD TO CRAP OKAY! I JUST COMMENTED AND BUZZED WITH MY FRIENDS ONCE IN A WHILE! U mean that is not allowed??? HALO???!!! OPEN YOUR EYES BIG BIG AND LOOK AROUND YOU!! HOW MANY OTHER PPL WERE HAPPILY CHATTING AWAY and what got me fed up was...

WHY ON EARTH DID YOU HAVE TO PICK ON US???? Especially me!!! U embarrassed me in front of so many ppl when I wasn't at fault at all???! IS THAT FAIR?! [in totally PERFECT ENGLISH AND FLAWLESS GRAMMAR], she told me "I am not target you" after the meeting when I went to her for some shitty business. HALLLO??? WATS YOUR BAST**D PROBLEM?? If u were not picking on me den would u PLEASE sound more polite when u called my name in front of everybody!!! And not go "LIM S*** C*****!!! COME, ANS MY QUESTION. YOU WERE TALKING WHAT...?" U sounded as if I was the one talking LOUDEST (which is totally not true) and u had to call me to punish me bcos of that??! F u! (which leads me to another person)

B) F the bombed-haired fatassfreaking FU

I wasn't there when that happened. But the anger the I felt was no less than those who were there when she said that. Wth. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO CRITICISE MALAYSIANS??! FOR GOODNESS SAKE! AND WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO BIASED??? [in cantonese saying] Did we just step on your tail?? I still dun understand what we have done wrong to deserve this kind of treatment??! DON'T FORGET YOU'RE JUST ANOTHER ANOTHER HUMAN (or maybe not)! YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHTS TO DO THIS TO US! I believe in yin1 guo3 BAO4 YING4. And for that, I AM SURE u'll suffer for what u have done to a bunch of innocent and lively kids!

And so, lets F the red-haired Ex-policemonkey and F the bombed-haired fatassfreaking FU! This is going to be the quote of the month for my blog. I'll make sure I rmb this everytime I see my blog.

Jul 30, 2005 @ 2:14 AM

arggggh this school internet thing is IRRITATING!!! so many stuff cannot download... grrrrr....

today i'm gonna PIA chem. seriously. i haven started revising AT ALL! while everyone in the class is already starting to practice with questions! die.

Jul 29, 2005 @ 11:14 AM

arggggh this school internet thing is IRRITATING!!! so many stuff cannot download... grrrrr....

today i'm gonna PIA chem. seriously. i haven started revising AT ALL! while everyone in the class is already starting to practice with questions! die.

@ 7:30 AM

shit i'm starting to love lim kb! he's damn cute lah! atan, yah?? hee... always zi yan zi yu during class... yay so nice! he acted for us in the filming thing! impromptu! damn funny lah... yay at least i get to keep him in the movie when after i leave ny this yr... sigh. why did i start loving him NOW??? too late le... i used to think that he's toot + boring! but actually he's not! u've got to noe him to realise that. itz totally different!

yay today come n post specially for him haha! i realised sabbaticals always have great nan ren to be discovered! hmm like my kevin... awww... dint see him for dunno how many ages liao0! yanner.. i miss kevin :(

yesterday was so dumb lor. i went to PS after school ALONE just to go spotlight to buy some strings n ribbons stuff to make bookmarks. but luckily i remebered that i can buy presents too!! and i bought presents for 4 ppl... can feel my wallet crying... haiz..

hmmm my hong kong friends leaving on sunday le... so fast. must take pics with them tonight! bought some stuff for them yesterday. dint really talk to them alot. but i least i made frens with HK people! they're all so nice n enthu! YAY!

stupid website... cant download dunno why... my fung ah!!!

Jul 26, 2005 @ 2:30 AM

haiz cultural icon was just as expected... sian... this is probably going to be my most boring sabbatical week in nanyang. as least i had kevin to look forward to in env science..

basically i've nothing to update la... just here for fun since its recess now... haha here's a pic of 2R for u!!

2R?? - Raymond.Ron

Jul 25, 2005 @ 7:20 AM

Dont feel like recounting anything that happened in these few days. Or in fact there isnt anything for me to recount, cos i haven really been doing anything, not very exciting things at least, since Friday night, unless u count the hunting-for-cds-in-simlimsquare game yesterday. Haiz. Dun feel like talking about that too. Very kik.

Oh the boliao hooi and the boliao friend shisi played a very boliao game with me yesterday. Hooi and i were just msging about some present stuff and sddnly I got this reply: YOU ROCK. YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. PLEASE DONT EVER LEAVE ME. I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER. i was totally stunned. Den i started thinking either she msged the wrong person when she was supposed to be joking with someone else or her phone kena stolen by some weirdo bian tai perverts. And it turned out that it was shisi with the phone. Ugh. i was quite shocked actually. i kind of knew it was a prank but i didnt expect her. Haha... looks like she practically jokes with anybody and everybody! -___-"

Hmm i m still a little worried for my father. Some problem with the prostate gland which affects the kidney or sth. not very sure. It didnt sound too bad from wad the doctor said but nothing is confirmed yet. He is in hospital for 1 week already. Its kind of poor thing esp when u r forced to stay there for so long just to do some tests here and there when u r perfectly alright, by that i mean staying like a normal person, can walk,eat,sleep,talk,washup etc. there is really nothing i can do to help him except to pray for him, sometimes as an outlet to calm myself down too :)

hopefully shang tian is still looking over me, ready to grant me what i m wishing for: my father to be healthy and happy. It's not too much, is it?

Jul 23, 2005 @ 6:20 AM

I SURVIVED! all my chinese sia thingy done today! and its weekend tomorrow! n no lessons nxt week! so exciting... dadeedum...

i broke my record yesterday. slept at 6.05am. at least i got to sleep for 1 hr... better then nothing. i was so so so scared lor.. it's like 4, 5am and a lot of stuff is not summarised yet but me and yy were already in wonderland. itz scary. u can be dozing off and in an unclear state of mind yet clicking on the com and do ur work! and somehow, sometime, u'll come to ur full senses and realise u didnt know wat was going on and what u were doing in the previous second. freaky... i'd experienced it so many many times with yen when we were PIA-ing project or breakthru. but so far our record was around 4am if i'd not rmbed wrongly.

but yesterday was the most torturous day to e both of us! u noe u have so many things undone yet u cant force urself to stay awake! but unexpectedly, time was passing very fast. itz funny. i went back to my room with my laptop at 6am, my toilet light was on. and i got a shock of my life! my roommate was already dressed in her uniform, washing her clothes and stuff at the basin! that was when i realised how "early" the time was! when i was lying on my bed, about to sleep.. she was about to leave for school already.. she didnt ask me anything though. i just felt funny.

after only 1 hour of sleeping this morning, i'm still a little zombified when i'm typing this now. okae i shldnt go on anymore. bye bloggie.

Jul 22, 2005 @ 3:40 AM

okae its second recess now. very stressed!!! all the chinese sia and stuff.. even florence (my hk fren) said it's scary seeing the way we rush project like siow!

i wanted to stay up late yesterday but ended up falling asleep while doing work at around 1 sth. this is the first time i fell asleep doing work k! (as far as i rmb in the past 2 yrs) heng ah~ sddnly woke up and realised it was 7.10am le! and qipok is pok as usual, still sleeping like a pighead, and waiting 4 me to go and wake her up. haiyo qi ah: pls learn to be less dependent! i cant to do it all the time u noe! hmmph...okae..?

so tonite is going to be the deadliest nite! not going to sleep until me and yy can crap out the whole product FROM SCRATCH OK!? and its due tmr MORNING BEFORE ASSSEMBLY... dats how crazy SHE can be sometimes. scary...

haiya gtg le... my beloved lunch waiting for me!

Jul 21, 2005 @ 6:50 AM

ok my blog has been down for quite a few days.. luckily had managed to fix it back. pheew.

juz finished chem sia presentation today. heng ah.. dint perform too badly. in fact she looked quite interested in our product, showing off this super big grin...(imagine it urself). toooot i wan to go track finals! it's happening now!! at this very moment! grrrrr. all chewie's fault lah!

yay it seems dat so many ppl r not going grad nite. smart move! but actually i still dunno y am i so anti-gradnite..maybe bcos it falls on fUng's bdae?? haha dats a lame reason. anyway hooi suggested dat we cut cake on our own, though fung's not with us.. and i said dat well, maybe we can even do dat in front of fung! just open any of his vcd and pause at a very shuai charming smile. as if he's smiling to us and e cake lorh. :D or perhaps we can even be in hk! for a trip or sth ya...

can anyone pls teach me how to burn dvd?? i tried so many times but just cant! i want dat movie so much la! cant find it anywhere else...

this week is gonna be a sleepless week!! ugh. so many undone work!! i suddenly feel dat i'd rather take many many tests leh. might even be less stressful... i haven had a good rest since term 3. so far everynite i've been sleeping after 1.30am. except 1 or 2 days perhaps. and also with the coming piano exam pressing on me! tak boleh tahan liao lah!! hopefully i'm gonna have better times from tonite onwards since chem presentation's over...

Jul 19, 2005 @ 7:02 AM

i hate my tagboard. ugh gonna change it real soon. ha! i wonder how qizaipok, jodiely and yenzaipok r aware of the existence of this blog..?.. haha kae nvm.

i swore i'm not going to watch xinhuafang when i rented it 2days ago, and i finished watching it yesterday, when i was fully aware that i had and still have piles of undone work waiting for me. UGH :( CANT STAND MYSELF!! shen ah! help me to get rid of this irritating tvb-addiciton!! feel like giving myself a big slap on the face! tsk tsk...

okae haha looks like everyone just loves Ron+Sam together! qi and dee even wan them 2 get married???! actually i have no objections to dat..i dun mind haha.. ok i'll talk to them and see if they can fulfil our wish k. ;)

okay i'm just too busy now. someday i'll definitely come and bombard my blogs with all my lovers' pics! i dun care!!!! meanwhile, i hope this will do...

kevin * fung * ron

Jul 16, 2005 @ 3:30 AM

ok...this is like my n-th blog le... dunno how long this is gonna last.. hope i can jian chi dao di! i had always lost interest in blogging after a few months. i have had so many dead blogs. hope the same wouldnt happen to this one..? i'm gonna start afresh! chong xin zuo ren haha...

as usual, i'm still in the FUNG mode. cant switch. in fact i haven been recovering from dat since 18062005! --> THE BIG DAY!! or even 1 week before dat... just cant get past the FUNG mood. dat of course includes my TOP 6!* FungSamRonKevinBoscoMama (guess most of u wont noe hu they r.. but nvm)

k nui's busy with her OLDIES CELEBS! haha we're all infected with this OLDIES disease recently. dunno y. u'll nv understand how HOT they can be! maybe our TOP6 will turn out to look something like them 20yrs down the road yah?? n ron n sam just give me this very miaoqiaowei aka leeSir feel. guess who Fung will turn out to be like, hooi and nui?.. i cant think of any at the moment.
Ron+Sam.. wheea...


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