Sep 27, 2007 @ 6:32 PM

a friend of mine always says, just believe that effort is directly proportional to results, just believe.

but honestly, im sick of believing in that already.

my physics results have always proven otherwise.

whywhywhy. i really dont understand. what's my problem?!! but i guess it's my own problem so i shldn't even try to make myself feel better by saying that the paper was difficult and blablabla. bullshit. ohman i just feel like shit.

it's not so much of the marks in fact. (i was more disappointed in my Math even though phy marks were wayyyy more dismal than math) it's more to do with the fact that i had a dedicated teacher trying so hard to help us and he looked so pleased everytime we went for consultation bcos he thought we'd improved! okay, maybe the others did, but i definitely didn't. it's the fact that i form part of the disappointment to such a enthusiastic and committed figure that makes me feel like slapping myself. "I'm still waiting for you all to shine..."

damnit. i. just. cant. do. physics.

Sep 24, 2007 @ 11:32 PM

i haven been putting up pictures! here they are, frm asean dance.

asean comm 06 (Arthya the PromKing!)

deb and chian

huijun, minghwei and yitan.

darlings: dee, yen, hong


a discovery i've made in reading a few blogs (you know who you are) in the past week:

i always think it's an amazing feeling for ppl to find out that they have a special place in someone's heart. nope, not in the love sense, but more like a remembered and treasured presence, irrespective of relationship, regardless of time and place. for the special place that you've reserved for me deep down in your hearts, i thank you. and dun worry, i'll make sure you have that same place in my heart too.

Sep 22, 2007 @ 8:23 PM

it happens in life, all the time.

people who cherish you the most may not understand you the best, but still, they cherish you. people who understand you the best may not cherish you the most, but still, they understand you.

people who understand you and cherish you just as much, you should never let go because they do not come by easily.


just one of those random epiphanies that flash across my mind. and i know i need to jot them down somewhere, so that they can be more precisely captured in my memory. dont keep your thoughts running in circles, share them! :)

Sep 20, 2007 @ 9:47 PM

am i the only one in the world who has not gotten a Facebook account?? o.O hmm..anyway it's not a very good time to get addicted to such stuff huh.

i thought of alot of things to blog one leh! ytd night i couldnt sleep so i thought of alot of random stuff to blog about but apparently i dont rmb any of them now.

im sleeping soooo much nowadays! ugh i want to slap myself. last time in sec sch i could either study or pia shows till like 3am in the morning and not feel tired the nxt morning and no nap needed to make up for that lack of sleep! BUT that was yearssss ago. for some weird reason i lost this amazing ability of mine since i entered college. nowadays even 8 hours of sleep is not enough whats wrong with me! sleeping is such a waste of time -.-

sleeping more = dreaming more.

im having more weird dreams nowadays. like last night i think i dreamt of my daughter??? kwah kwah kwah. but damn it i dont rmb how she looked like! if she doesnt look like me then i can have an idea of what my future husband will look like. smart hor.

this is totally random but cos i had nothing better to do, i thought of this while flipping around on my bed last night:

my future husband will be one who...
- can lead me in life and not me leading him
- is not so similar to me cos i dont want to be facing just another me
- is mature enough to read the emotions of others
- is responsible and dependable
- is loyal
- is filial
- is sociable and hopefully humourous as well
- doesnt smoke (!!! super impt)
- can play the piano or any other musical instrument
- needs his personal time and space as much as i need mine
- knows when to shut up and when to talk (which is not easy)
- pampers me
- can tolerate my bad-temperedness at times
- sees the same purpose in life as me
last one,
- is willing to have our son named 'fung' (:

yes, thats about what i can think of. if i continue to add on i think i'll probably not see my daughter cos i wont find a husband. lol :D

last paper! chiong ahhh! cant wait for the many exciting activities i've lined up for myself starting frm 11am tmr morning.

Sep 17, 2007 @ 10:59 AM

my paper's in 2 hrs time boohoo sian. im falling asleep soon so this post is an attempt to wake myself up and excercise my brain a little.

nowadays i kept dreaming of events that are likely to take place like in the future? such as... er ok forget it cos i'll sound retarded. i dont even know if they're likely to happen.

the MOH ppl are not here yet! whywhywhy!
oh i think i haven mentioned this before right. apparently somebody in our cluster was admitted to the hospital cos she got dengue!! ugh. so, the MOH ppl are coming today to check our place and see if she got infected here.

whao im so going to get dengue and skip the rest of prelims man! haha CHOY.

Sep 15, 2007 @ 2:25 PM


~ 《我们的歌》 王力宏





许多所谓的才子,只会要求把音乐做好,发挥他的才气,that's all. 那叫自我中心,self-centered.

他不满足于这些。他会在他的音乐中,骄傲地说自己是华人,无奈地批评战争,努力为和平,提倡环保... 那叫改变自己,改变世界,be the change that you want to see in the world.




这位才子让我明白,什么叫做一山还有一山高,什么叫做外面的世界还很大。self-centeredness will kill.

Sep 12, 2007 @ 6:04 PM

lucky kids!

Sep 10, 2007 @ 6:34 PM

phew GP and econs are both overr! yesss!

my two most dreaded papers. i just hate writing long and wordy essays within time limit. it stresses me out like hell. econs papers were much better that what i'd expected though. i've nv really walked out of an econs exam thinking the paper was okay, so i better get good marks for this! yayy phy and math here i come!

i did smth very smart today! guess!

i left my econs notes outside the hall before the exam and then i left without realising i dint bring them back with me! luckily somebody who knew me saw it and she brought it home for me :D haha thanks!

and i tell u afternoon naps are seriously no good :(
the 1.5 hrs of contentment derived frm an afternoon nap cost me 2.5 hrs of insomnia last night! or this morning rather. totally not worth it.

Sep 8, 2007 @ 5:04 PM

HAHAHA i'm so amused by this:

(i think the ruler looks so damn cool hoho!)

Sep 7, 2007 @ 8:58 PM

mooncakes from daddy mummy!
my favourite 莲蓉!

有时候只是那份小小的心意就令人很满足了 :)

Sep 6, 2007 @ 12:35 AM

haha asean dance was o-k-a-y la.. not as bad as i'd imagined it to be. why?? cos i feel loved. awww. no1 thanks to DARLING DEE!! she surprised me with such a sweet msg and she made it a point to travel to orchard just to pei me!!! when she still had soooo much coursework to do. aww. love you! no2 thanks to YEN AND HONG!!! even though u ppl left me all alone with those guys we supposedly know yet somehow we dont -.- ... u ppl still came and looked for me! gan dong-ed. no3 thanks to THE NUI for the msg to 'apologise' for not going haha at least u remembered! hmm, and thanks to chian and asean comm 06 and some other random ppl who accompanied me and kept me occupied and entertained so that at least i dint look that much like a social outcast there :D

whoa u wouldnt be able to imagine how freaking outcasted i looked when i first arrived okay! initially i still had ryan to talk to (it's pathetic i could only talk to someone frm another jc throughout the journey when my bunch of 'schoolmates' were walking behind me yet we behaved like total strangers) but after i came out frm toilet i lost him!! argh freak. after that i basically stoned and went to toilet a few times more before more ppl came and i started to see more familiar faces.

that was certainly one of the most pathetic moments in my life okay. i totally felt like the whole world abandoned me and i had NO friends!!! :(

and Pow! omg i shant mention. HAHA damn funny! but i wont say la dun worry :DDDDDD

haiz, the guys are a total disgrace. looking at them sometimes make me feel so ashamed to be a malaysian scholar and a hwachong student. aren't they ashamed of themselves?? okay apparently they aren't. i guess none of u will see this but in case u do, i want to tell you that that attitude of yours totally sucks okay. and pls do not go around telling others u're a malaysian scholar and that u're frm hwachong.

ok, end of complaints about these strangers.


haha my dad sounded so concerned on the phone just now after he received my BT2 results which arrived today?! he sounded really baffled, like how could anyone almost fail GP?? his idea of the subject was that it's supposed to be GENERAL u see, and there's no reason why u shldn't do well for something general as in commensensical. lol

but of course i tried to assure him that it was just my teacher?! haha. and that GENERAL paper isn't exactly as general as its name suggests? it's more like another name for english language? o.O haha sometimes i think my dad's really cute.

now that i think of it i realise recently my motivation to study has been my parents. they're not the type of parents who nag alot about studies and place stress on you, which is smth that im very very thankful for and in fact, very proud of. bcos they're not like the close-minded and myopic daddy mummy who choose whatever subjects you do and whatever path you take in the future.

but it's precisely bcos of this freedom and trust they grant me and the lack of pressure that i feel i have no reason to disappoint them. i know i must not only do well but excel, so that they dont have to worry about financing my studies or anything like that. and i dont wish to have to be financed by them in any case. so i assured them i will do well, even when they didnt make me promise anything.

谢谢你们,daddy mummy :)))))


Sep 3, 2007 @ 8:42 PM

omg this is so damn exciting.
and he replies to fans' messages quite regularly there! so cooool!

hmm..as u can tell, im feeling lazy to study again. bad bad bad! and i tell u, slacking is contagious!! when ppl around you (physically) aren't studying u dont feel like studying too. ooh what a glamorous excuse miss lim -.-

the MOE meeting today was a total waste of time can.

they made us travel allllll the way to pasir ris just for a stupid meeting when we could have mugged productively in our hostel! while they happily told us to study hard. so ironic huh. and rjc ppl were excused frm the damn meeting cos the officers WENT DOWN TO THEIR SCHOOL AND ONLY THEIR SCHOOL??? wtf. so bloody unfair. and why rj?? shitty elitists.

damn it im feeling vulgar today.

and someone totally got on my nerve today during the meeting. he was being soooo bloody effing not funny and act seh and act zai and irritating. i find it totally ridiculous that someone can be so oblivious when it's so damn bloody obvious that people are daoing him?? ugh i realise even when i want to be vulgar i have limited vulgarity vocab.

on a more random note, my favourite hairband dropped into the toiletbowl last night! boohoo :((((((((((( sad

but no amount of dettol could make me use it again.

Sep 2, 2007 @ 11:21 PM


haha that's like my new favourite word. phrase? term? ahh anything la. (btw ppl, i still dont know the html code to do the strike-off thing. but im supposed to be a rather tech savvy person!)

why is everyone changing their blogskin today?? i thought i went into all the wrong blogs can. but im still loving mine, not planning to change it in the near future(:

okay my blog is becoming like a space i escape to whenever i dont feel like studying. which is like..er..quite frequent hor? even when i have nothing meaningful or substantial or compelling to tell.

OH u know just today, i received N number of messages of people telling me they're totally in love with 天涯侠医?! lol. and all say the same thing: they want to go Kenya and do volunteer work! omg i cant bliv everybody shared the same sentiments we had watching the show 2 years back! eh people, rmb we even made a promise to go there tgt one day? haiz, those carefree days.

im so happy cos everybody says fung acts well!
of course of course
and in case u dont know, the themesong is by him too! (:
if you love the show, i see no reason why you wouldn't love the song.

a live version of the themesong:
gives me goosebumps everytime i listen to the opening.
(press STOP nxt to the refresh button to stop the song on my blog first)


*ooh i was here when the counter showed 11111!*


17 jan

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