Aug 28, 2008 @ 1:22 AM

all of a sudden i wish hong could be here to make me maggi mee....

....even though i'm not exactly hungry :(

i like it when she always agrees to do the cooking while i do the washing ahha.

ah i'm just missing people. ppl whom i haven seen for too long. i need to look at pictures of you guys.

argh shit my nose is stinging. urgh ok i'll emo another day, not now.

Aug 26, 2008 @ 3:05 AM

wah my blog is getting so dry with all the words.


manning the JCRC booth o.O
(bored out of our wits)

Hall 14 Freshmen Welcome Dinner! (highlight: CXY!!)

Joseph's bday celeb :)

Nanyang Scholarship Award Ceremony

nui! chinghui ur fren!

Iceskating + Round Island Supper!
(i conclude that i suck at things that require balancing)

if u look closely enough at my jeans, the front and back are of diff shades. i lost count of the number of times i fell...

gross shit.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.....


SECIA :D, shopping for ahgua ly's present

i almost bought this one! it matches so well with my bag lol. but it's freaking 35 so forget it.

ADM! Stargazing (supposedly) @ top of the building...
but er... there were no stars so we ended camwhoring

(act) emo
kefeng's pose is such a classic.

the guys jumped close to 20 times but ohwell... the desired effect did not materialise :0

good eh? :)

PS: the view up there was MUCH MORE better than what was captured but ohwell, my camera sucked at night photos =S


it's a bad time to be arranging photos at this hour but i couldn't sleep. whee.

all of the above show the amt of DISTRACTIONS i get since sch started, which helped to explain why i am so lagged in work. hai. i need to get a grip of myself and start on something. which to choose: crazy fun or GPA 5.0?


Aug 23, 2008 @ 4:29 PM

ZOMGGGG lindan says his favourite actor is fungggg!!


lol this is so unbelievable.

and we all share the same surname!
whoa! :D

Aug 21, 2008 @ 6:02 PM

hmm. is anyone having problem loading my blog cos i cant seem to load it without it hanging on me?


im not running for jcrc and i shall settle for CGL : )

and it's a gd thing bizlaw is starting to make more sense : )

but i have FM tmr. congratulate me on getting the suckiest tutor for FM, which is such a crucial module for choosing our spec nxt year. all that she ranted in the 3hour seminar somehow is unrelated to our tutorial questions, and none of us had any idea how to do. good job, well done.

the Impre comm called me for a second int just now but i was at the ceremony rehearsal so i couldnt go. i'm shocked at the level of inefficiency of the scholarship dept. they dint even plan the whole thing smoothly before asking us down for the rehearsal. i think we're so gonna screw up the actual ceremony tmr.

gd thing im seeing secia (only danny + shimin actually haha) for dinner in an hour's time, and then off to MJ dance open class :D it better be good!

it's the 830 FM clss tmr (zzz)
followed by the ceremony at 4
and iceskating + round island supper at night!

im so looking forward to the round island thing! it better be good too.

Aug 19, 2008 @ 5:06 PM


had a happy celebration last night (this morning to be precise), and we looked at our FOC photos. haha realise there were so many parts i missed out on the hall camp, just bcos i was 1 day late -.-
i had my FIRSTTT choir prac last night!
and it was cool! i think this sounds stupid but for someone who has nv sang in a choir before, the moment the SATB came tgt, it was....WOW!

but a large grp of them had choir background and they...er.. speak choir? so it was a moment of loss for me here and there haha. thank gdness i studied music so i wasnt that lost, buden again i sucked at sight singing so.... damn, i shld have worked harder for my aural.

not sure if i'll stay on though.
dep on how the MJ audition turns out to be, and the Impesario main comm.

our JCRC/CGL dilemma shld have a conclusion by the end of this wk? i hope so...

had a talk with a friend last night, which opened me up to many new perspectives. and it was the first time someone ever told me there are actually ppl who enjoy feeling the negative emotions (in other word, emo).

for me, feeling down or angry is me being triggered and not sth i have control over, which is why i think i have very bad EQ. and for him it's almost like these negative emotions came with a button, it can be turned on and off, which means he can choose the way he wants to feel. wow.

i think i show too much and too directly of how i feel that my emotions become too readable to everyone. hmm.. maybe it's time i learn to gain more control over my emotions in an effort to improve my EQ!

Aug 16, 2008 @ 7:40 PM

yay i'm watching fuhaifeng's finals tonight! :D
he musttt get gold!

but damn irritating someone kope my lounge! lucky his is not the first match.. hopefully the person will be gone by 9.

today is supposed to be mugging day!
but i only did like 30% of what i wanted to do :(

had dinner at can13 with pow and nigel. and then i cycled! sadly enough, my cycling is still very shaky... and i get very worried when i cant feel my feet on the floor. hai..... when can i ever master cycling man. i need to borrow pow's bike more frequently to practise.

shyni went for cynosure ball and will only be back tmr. boo gonna spend the night alone in room...

oh one sad news: i'm not tuitioning brian anymore :S
cos i've been too busy the past 1.5 months so i felt really irresponsible. got his mum to find someone else.. but i promised to bring him to zoo! he kept bugging me before i left. hai. i hope i find time to bring him there soon..

Aug 15, 2008 @ 12:07 AM

JCRC or CGL????

i haven experienced such horrible dilemma for quite some time...

this is bad. i'm such an indecisive person...

on one hand i must say the both of us are really privileged to be chosen as potential CGLs, yet on the other hand JCRC is smth i have nv tried before and i think i'd enjoy working with them. and then there's the Impesario main comm.. which offers super good exposure too.

ahh im too greedy.
but there can only be so many things on my plate at a time.

i come to uni with the mindset that this is going to be the last place to have fun before i step into the cruel working world, and i promise myself im gonna do anything, ANYTHING, just to make the best out of these 3 yrs! i wanna try all the things that i have not tried, and will not have the chance to try, but there are too many..

i can confidently say i love my campus life, i love my hall life, i love everything that's going on in this secluded corner of singapore. it's like a world of our own, it's making me learn.

Beer... i rlly want us to be CGLs together : (

i cant believe we're more stressed up over non-academic stuff rather than the sch work and projects.

Aug 14, 2008 @ 12:27 AM

ugh i so cant believe this.

it's 12.27 AM and im only starting to look at my bizlaw tutorial. it's made worse by the fact that there are 3 long appendixes to read for case law. kill me.


ECA fair in the morning, went with szemin and yuehong. astronomy club here we come! and of course the choir and MJ auditions too.

had lunch, den queued with liangying for his laptop to nearly 3, before i could go to NIE to get 2 of my textbooks. which cost me freaking 93 dollars?!


i think im going to stay in this rhythm for quite some time. the rhythm of hall life.

had freshmen welcome dinner juz now! (had a long catching up to do with cxy! lol our 'tell me' rap)

oh nigel! I WENT JOGGING AROUND NTU! my virgin run around ntu. seh boh? i'm so proud of it i wanna make a trophy for myself. it took me about 45 mins though -.-

ahh but i ran in inappropriate footwear so halfway i think i got a muscle strain, so i had to limp for quite a distance before the pain started to subside. act seh lor.. never run in sports shoes lor.

frank disappeared halfway during the run. ?!?
but it's fun running with apus. and seeing the endpoint was simply FAN-TAS-TIC!

ok off to my BIZLAW TUT. it's my first tut and i cant afford to dont do. ohman i seriously need to talk more during tut, everyone's too vocal!

off to get my HL milk frm ks too ; )
to reward myself for the long, long day

Aug 12, 2008 @ 4:56 PM

this is so dumb.

i'm like stuck in library 2 cos lecture juz ended and it had to start raining... and there's no shelter from NIE back to hall 14.

i just got myself a printer from the comp fair this morning!
we woke up real early but the queue was still... zZzz... and kiansiong's car wasn't put into gd use cos in the end the printer will only come 2 weeks later. sian. he got his toshiba laptop and i realise guys shop like girls once they're thrown into a place called the IT fair.

i didn't sleep at all during lecture! accounting is surprisingly interesting today. bizlaw was 'ZzZz...' and '?????' i only heard the same 3 terms 'agency' 'principal' 'third party' being repeated throughout without truly digesting what the diff contexts meant. it was SO confusing i was so glad my ambition is not lawyer.

i run out of things to say. this post came about purely by chance (the rain).

oh we're giving joseph a surprise bday tonight! too bad the sports camp ppl had to go for bash (clubbing, again. hai). and so i doubt we'll have enough guys to dump him into nanyang lake! tsk tsk lucky you.

ok let me see what's coming up for the week, while i jot them down in my diary too ha ha:

wed - hall freshmen welcome dinner
thu - CAC welcome tea (meeting up w Secia finally!)
fri - guojing's campus concert (unconfirmed)

oh shit i juz rmb i have to tuition brian on fri! shucks. and his mum just remembered to msg me ytd that they moved house. oh how cool is that. it'll even be cooler if she'd forgotten to tell me they moved.

and my weekends shall be untouched! - strictly reserved for mugging. since we basically play our weekdays away and weekend is the only time the singaporeans are going home and so hall will be quieter ; )

ok this time i really run out of things to say. stupid rain.

Aug 11, 2008 @ 8:50 PM


Wong Choong Hann just won the match against Taufik! it's not easy.... at his age..to beat an Olympics champion! i hope he goes far! it's difficult to explain the sort of affiliation i feel for the veteran badminton players.. i just want them to have a gd retirement and one without regrets!

like sze said, "but the fact that they are still playing in olympics. that is already amazing" true.. true.

but i hate the fact that chn 5 doesnt really show badminton? : (
and i dunno how to stream online tv!

ok focus focus. i need to get down to work and start on my FIRST EVER TUTORIAL in the nanyang bus sch. gahhh

Aug 8, 2008 @ 4:37 PM



Aug 6, 2008 @ 4:05 PM

have yet to recover frm my campss and hall bash, and here it is nui came to crash ytd and i just HAD TO entertain her. sighhh


she had fun getting to know my frens but i believe it must have been disappointing huh. want hot guys? den u're looking in the wrong place! :D

just saw her off and now im back to wail at my own shagness. puffy eyes dark circles oily hair disgusting face.. and there's OG supper tonite. badminton is on fri. den dinner in town tmr. TOWN LEH. what a faraway land :( i still have my giro to settle, my M1 broadband, my lect slides, my books to buy. ahh so overwhelmed. and catching up on lectures.

GOSH I SLEPT THRU 4 HOURS OF ACCOUNTING AND BIZLAW. IT WAS SO BLOODY DRY SAVE MEEEEE. finance and IT better be gd or else i'll be getting all the sucky cores this sem.


photos photos! i finally had them all in my comp but i think joseph has better ones.

HALL CAMP (some of it)

squeezy weezy van

(sing) fly kite, fly kite, all the rest can go fly kite

midnight treasure hunt @ sentosa

This was clubbing on mon nite:


this is my sexay roomie ShyNi, can see? hot salsa dancer eh

ok i must officially start packing my room now. it is looking so not me, ahem. i wanna sleep sleep sleep. thank gdness theres no lesson tmr

Aug 2, 2008 @ 11:21 PM


that kind of sums up my life for the past 2 weeks. and we agree somehow it felt like a month bcos every day was so packed and filled we barely had time to think about anything else.

i just had one of the craziest 2 weeks in my life ever, seriously. during which i witnessed how much we humans are capable of, without us realising that something in us. mind over body!

been disappearing from blog. replies to tags:

chian - Irma is asean comm la of course i know her. and guess what! we're in the same OG for hall camp! tgt with Beertini from asean comm too :D

kerwei - paiseh dint have time to meet u this time! i shld be back in sep or dec la k.. u nv meet sherwin meh hiah hiah

vic - i got all 5 eps le! JUST! having camp hangover so i guess i wont start watching till nxt week. and now that wudong is over im feeling kinda lost :(

qi - nope it's a diff camp. i went to a CCA camp, followed by my hall camp. uni life is seriously damn syok im starting to feel it alr. or maybe cos im still at this 'orientation' phase where everything is new and exciting (esp hall life) so....... i just hope can sustain la.

eunice - haha we're so near yet i haven seen u yet! how was ur hall camp! i just broke camp an hr ago!

sharon - camps are one of the most exciting things in the world. uni camps totally changed my perspective towards how camps shld be held :) and OMGGGG we actually bumped into each other at sentosa!!! how qiao is that!!

nui - i only went once la. and it was part of the camp prog so..... ya... BUT, i must say i kinda enjoyed it cos my OG went damn high. and not like we had bad hangover la...just heavy heads. i CANT drink for gdness sake.

yanzifan - im lagged by dunno how many episodes alr... ever since i was away for camps. unfortunately i like andy solbiiiiiii! not crownj pair :(

now just a brief one. MEET MY OGs!

SECIA @ CAC FOC, Clubbing Night, 24 Jul

APUS @ HALL 14 FOC, 28 Jul - 02 Aug

meet beertini, my lovely pal in apus :)
somehow this became our fav shot in the entire camp so it's a must-frame!

APUS and our very own raft, that won us champion for the race!
specially designed for speed, not weight ;)
oleh oleh oleh oleh


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