Dec 29, 2007 @ 4:46 PM

officially began my 'tong ju sheng huo' with ruiyi. haha

sigh...life is tiring, when u have to arrange and handle everything alone :( went for pre-employment medical checkup, signed up for broadband..beginning to settle down alr. now that there's no more hostel canteen, lunch and dinner are all on our own. dunno happy or sad. on one hand, its BYEBYE to yucky food but on the other, its a BIG hole in the pockets + all the trouble hunting for food. hmm, i cant decide which is worse..

now im left with moving tonnes of my rubbish frm hostel to my new room, which zuo, hany and eunice have kindly agreed to help out. thanks in advance yea!

i was helping my junior settling down at nanyang bs on thursday (it was registration day for new msian scholars) and it struck me how pampered kids nowadays are! and the more appalling thing is, the parents dont seem to see any problem with it. well, not that im in a very qualified position to comment la, but still..its sad that this is becoming the norm.

please la, we didnt have aircon in our rooms for the past 6 yrs and we survive la come on. "ohno, no aircon? cannot la. no aircon = no mood to study = cant catch up = poor results." WHOA madam, if that relationship is true, all of us would have been kicked out of ny long time ago huh. among the 10 mummies there i only heard one saying "it's good training! dont make them too comfortable."

it's even more annoying when u see parents being hostile to one another JUST BECAUSE OF THE AIRCON. 3 parents wanted the aircon in the room but 1 objected, and there you see all the black faces on the first day of registration. wth rite. and u see mummies cleaning the room and doing all the minor little things (eg. open up the washing powder and pour them into containers, decide what to put in which drawer,) for their children, while they happily sit on the bed and do nothing.

my junior's mum also. "HAR there's no atm machine in the hostel? aiyo den she has to go all the way out to withdraw money ar! so dangerous.." then the dad went "ok lor den u take bus down from KL to pass her money lor -.-" HAHAH. see, different attitudes.. and it's always the MUM who is the kan cheong one.

haha i always tell myself, if ever i have kids i definitely wont be such a mother.

Dec 26, 2007 @ 7:55 PM

finally talked to my dad after almost 1 week of cold warring. (YES qi, i stopped the war already) i cant rmb when was the last time we cold warred for so long. and i will not feel sorry to say that i was NOT in the wrong this time. ahh whatever.. cos i bet he must be thinking the same too.

back from gai gai with soonseng, choowan, wanyee, weykeet and fiona :):):):)

which once again brings me many many thoughts.

i dunno how many times ive said this on my blog but i must say it again: it is EXTREMELY comforting and heartening to know that even though we've not always been physically present in each other's lives for the past 6 years, this grp of true friends will not stop caring and loving you so so much. i swear if there's anything as true and innocent friendship, there's nothing more innocent than this.

i think there's a real and convincing reason for this. we have discussed this and we sort of came to the conclusion that it was all bcos we knew each other at such a young age, where things were not complicated at all. even when there were times we hated each other in class, they were all due to rlly childish and trivial matters and soon as we were growing up we came to understand how meaningless they were, and thats how our friendship can still remain as innocent as it first started, if not more.

from what i hear from some of my friends, i've decided that im really fortunate to be in such close contact with primary sch friends. like yehui once told me how awkward her primary sch gathering turned out to be, where ppl felt rather detached from one another alr. like how a junior told me she lost contact w all her kl frens when she's just left kl for a mere...2 yrs? this is not to boast or anything, but really, im so so lucky to meet them, ppl who will not hesitate to tell you how much they cherish you. it's very unlike some frens who tell you they love you, yet somehow deep inside both of u could feel smth not quite right. it's not that you dont like each other, it's just you dont feel that closely connected.

8 years of friendship, and definitely counting.

same to all my other friends, even though there's still a long time before we make it to 8 years. exactly where and when our friendship started doesnt matter, it's the time ahead thats more important, cos nothing beats time as the best test to tell the difference btw what is true and what is not.

Dec 21, 2007 @ 8:51 PM

went to see BOSCO at sungei wang today!
wah he's tall! i realise most stars look taller in real life.
i dont like his hairstyle..he could have had better ones :(

and i bumped into soonseng there omg.

photos another day cos im lazy to load them into my comp.

today is dongzhi (or isit tmr??) and we're making tang yuans later. my dad and i are still on our cold war..what a wonderful way to spend our dongzhi hur.

this photo is for vic!

blarhh XD

Dec 20, 2007 @ 12:26 PM

photos photos..
i realised i didnt take alot.. these are about all :(

6H BESTEST FRIEND kerwei! :)

choowan. look at his RED pants!!

mr loke :D

up : weykeet's little bro!! cute like shit!
down: soonseng my crappiest buddy

up : weykeet, thanks for hosting!
down: kangwei

up : sherwin kok? or KWOK??
down: sengfei!! omg he changed so much. i think the no. of sentences we spoke on tt night are more than the total no. of sentences we ever spoke in 2 yrs!

25 turned up this time. exactly half of the clss.


haiz im so bored at home :(
cold warring with my dad. sian

Dec 16, 2007 @ 3:43 PM

so many things happened these few days i dunno where to begin.

first, the EXTREMELY EXTREMELY traumatic and dramatic episode of my mum losing her memory (!!!) of the past few days.

you know how scary it is when ur mum cant even remember that her brother was married last month, and that another brother of hers got a daughter last month too. (OMG) she kept repeating the same 2 questions: 'U mean ur uncle is married?' & 'What day is tomorrow?' for about 5 times before my dad and i could finally force her to sleep.

it wasn't funny at all at that point in time. you'll be damn worried that smth is seriously wrong with her brain, nerves and memory storage and all. and because of that i couldnt sleep the entire night, watching her going to the toilet 4 times throughout. and my heart couldnt stop beating like mad i think my pulse was 130 per minute.

that was friday night.

saturday morning i woke up early (i almost didnt sleep anyway) to check on her, that was when she got better. she didnt complain of head pain or anything like that or else we'd have sent her to the hospital. and i cried la wth. not in front of her but i think my dad saw. she began recalling some of the stuff but she couldnt rmb anything about losing memory the night before. and when i asked if she knew uncle was married she gave me this 'DUH IM NOT CRAZY YET' look and i secretly went like, HULLO but u couldnt rmb last night!! but thank goodness la.

after days of research done online i suspect it's this thing called 'Transient Global Amnesia' (google it out for more info, it's good to know in case anything like that happens to ppl around you) which is, up to now, a medically unexplainable condition where a person forgets recent events but is able to recollect slowly once the blood flow in that particular vein(s) is back to normal. it's a rather rare condition but it's not dangerous.

i hope it's really that la. rather than any other brain problem/disease/Alzheimer's or what.

she's much better today alr. but still very lethargic.. i hope it doesnt recur or smth, or else it's definitely not going to be as simple as 'TGA' already :(

PS: my dad managed to stay SUPER calm throughout the whole episode i wonder how he did it. he even joked w my mum when she wasnt even clear headed la -.- but i guess he was worried too, just calmer and more mature.


ytd there was the 'full-month party' of my little cousin but i dint go cos there was 6H gathering too. dad and mum went but she was still very blur then. ha, my aunties uncles were rather puzzled by my mum's sluggishness, very much unlike her usual self. and she made them all so worried about this 'temporary mem loss' thing.

6H gathering was okay la. weykeet went lrt to pick me up at 530. (haha, i realise i still haven rlly gotten over my amazement at e fact that my clss guys can all drive so smoothly and steadily!! like MEN already)

would have been much more fun if i was in a better mood. weykeet wanted to send us back at 2 plus which i wouldnt mind at all if my mum was okay, but well..i was still worried, so i left at 1130. and i cant help but mention this again: those guys in my primary cls are very diff frm those in...er...6B -.- hmm..in which sense (good/bad) i'll let u guess lor.

and wk's family is seriously super funny, his siblings esp. and kwongsoonseng!! he's still like that la, the ultimate crapper o.O
had fun catching up w kerwei (6H BEST FREN!), choowan, sengfei etc too :)

i'll update more another time, with pictures.
blogged enough today.

Dec 14, 2007 @ 1:12 PM

argh this sucks.

i cant go to aunt's hse for my little cousin's "full-month party" tmr night bcos it's on the same day as 6H gathering!! gahhhh :( i haven seen the baby yet! they say she's pretty. and the sadder thing is i wont be seeing puisee! she wanted to stay for saturday so she could meet me but now i cant go!! :(((

why must it be on the same day?!?! argh i'll miss out so much.

but im still quite excited about the 6H gathering.
weykeet called ytd (and he disrupted my beauty nap -.-), he said PENG NING KANG's going!! OMGOMG. i so want to see him! i bet not just me, everyone cant wait to see him lah! ohmytian. he makes up a special part of my primary sch memory, HAHA. stories another time.

and tonight im actually going to another aunt's hse and be a senior advisor there! cos she has this relative whose daughter is going to nanyang nxt yr, so we're supposed to meet each other there and im supposed to advise her on how things are like in the school and in hostel and blablabla.. whao. so i suppose i'll be doing the bulk of the talking?? ah so paiseh -.-

thats about all i have for updates.

and a photo!

our table photo from prom dvd :)
a little too bright but everyone looks gd!

Dec 13, 2007 @ 12:58 PM

The Warlords is surprisingly good.

i cant believe i actually teared at some of the scenes, since i dreaded this genre of movies so much and i was sort of forced into the cinema by my dad cos there was 1 extra tic -.-

i used to dislike 金城武 but his character is the one that touches me most deeply. so much energy, so much of his own principle, so much innocence, too young to understand the world.

- 当匪,我们就要当最大的。

- 记住我这张脸,下次投胎找我报仇。

- 从此,兄弟的命就是命,

- 给我粮!

- 兵不厌诈!这就是战争。

my favourite line frm the movie:


i recommend this to those who love war movies.
but if you hate war movies like i do, you have more reason to watch it! cos im quite sure u'll enjoy it more than you'd expect.

btw, i still dislike war movies after watching this. lol

Dec 9, 2007 @ 7:43 PM

OMG jaychou sang Heart Of Greed (溏心风暴) themesong on his HK concert! i cant believe he chose this song la..

kerwei u're gonna love this!

his canto is so....HAHA...cute.
basically u wont figure out what he's singing if u dont know the song.

i love the last 8 seconds :)

Dec 8, 2007 @ 10:31 PM

wah SHIT.
wo bu yaoooooo

@ 12:58 PM

from THIS...

to THIS...

from THIS...

to THIS...

2007 has been great.
your first album, your many many awards, alot alot more recognition. and finally you shut the mouths of those who used to criticise you. you've shown them your worth.

2008 will be better :)

3 years, and counting...
you can say he's an actor. a singer. an entertainer. whatever.
but to me he's so much more than that.

Dec 7, 2007 @ 10:47 PM



i think if that person know im talking about her she'll faint.

wah i so cannot stand the vulgar me but ahh im burning so who cares, diu lei ah ma cau hai, SERIOUSLY.

Dec 5, 2007 @ 5:33 PM

ok. im uploading photos. for the third time today. webshots, facebook, now my own blog. kwah kwah.

im currently suffering frm a severe lack of sleep my eyes are so swollen o.O but i couldnt get back to sleep. i suspect it's probably due to the stress of me not done with clearing up my messy room yet im going home like tmr morning?? well, but as u can tell, im STILL not packing.

i haven eaten anything since 5am this morning :(

and why is everyone so surprised at my highlighted hair hur.

PROM night at shangri-la :)

note the piece of chicken in front of lg o.O



i love these 2 photos!



joke's gothic look!

honey hany

5-star toilet

6B (incomplete)

6B (SLIGHTLY more complete BUT blurred)



nigel ter



indian lim :D









trying to look very taitai

after prom we went tongxiao at KBOX! 12am - 6am! omg shuang dao. i cant bliv im saying this but we actually got tired of singing around 4 plus. that's very RARE. and the guys began to fall asleep one by one.

last two pics before we change out haha:

For looking very glam last night,
* JOKE for the very nice makeup! i really really raelly love it! esp the eyeliner. haha
* JOKE's MUM for the hair blow
* KAIYING for the shawl

and i swear i WONT EVER wear that darn heels again. it's soooo uncomfortable ugh waste my money.

Pow and his gang is coming to KL and im bringing them out! kinda excited. haven really brought any friends around KL. im still deciding which is the yummiest stall to bring them to! im so gonna make them love KL :)


17 jan

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