May 30, 2007 @ 4:18 PM

looks like someone updated the scholarz blog? exciting. i shall go see who's the enthu soul after i finish this yea.

omg the comlab is freezing cold the only reason im forcing myself to stay in here is cos the downloads are not complete yet? sigh. the broadband speed is still quite lousy. esp for a crazy downloader of everything, i.e. ME -.- downloader of music, pictures, videos, 300MB per episode kind of dramas? HAHA. ok i shall shuddup in case some mata drop by.

supposed to have outing today after the core module thingy. but the guys went soccer and some of them like joke had remedial 0.O damn sao xing can. but i have no money left for movie anyway. haiz. nevermind, im meeting them again in like 2 hours time for stj!

i kept going to town nowadays im so sick of the sight of everything there -.- met up with kris and ruiyi in town yesterday. was supposed to have lunch and den byebye. but in the end we juz refused to go home and stayed till like 10pm?! ugh. we were so broke we dint even have money to take neoprints omg. and we couldnt pig out at taka basement! rahhh hate the feeling of broke-ness. kris left at around 6plus, leaving me, yen and ruiyi to shop.

and let me tell you something: i haven been in lido before in all my 6 years here!! cool rite. i dun even know how it looks like until they brought me in ytd and i was like "oh so where are we?" so happening hur.

den we went Mango to try out shirts!! note the keyword, it's try, merely trying and nothing else. we juz went to try for the sake of trying and taking pictures HOHO. (pictures another day!) damn ex la how to buy -.- i found this shorts that i like ALOT but it's like freaking $60?! great. im going to get a richhhhhhh bf to buy me that one day. haha yea dream on.

ohh so im having 6H class gathering nxt nxt week!! exciting :D

May 27, 2007 @ 11:36 AM

happy birthday kaiying!


going home in 1 week's time! good news is that im seeing alot of ppl whom i miss very very much! bad news: that also means i wont ba able to mug alot and there's bloody blocktest in the first week of school! dilemma.

the number of relatives and friends i have to entertain can last me for one whole month if i were to visit one family per night. HAHA. but nvm im still excited and i shall list down the exciting things that im gonna do once i get home!

1. meeting puisee! gosh i cant even rmb when's the last time i saw her! like last last chinese new year?! finally she's coming down to KL and we'll be staying over at aunt's house for afew nights at least, shopping + pigging out + pasar malam + heart-to-heart talk till 5am in the morning! that is definitely gg to be the most exciting part of my hols..
2. meeting michelle, nigel and nic! loads of catching up to be done with my nieces and nephews.. 
3. meeting theresa to collect the DVDS (!!) she burnt for me. like more than 10?! exciting.
4. (tentative) meeting shuehyi, waihoong, jason, sherwin, fiona etc. basically the 6H gang.
5. a trip to lowyat to get my laptop reformatted. (those bloody viruses!) buy s-cable, empty cds and dvds.
6. want to shop, chian? lets go kim gary again!! and hunt for the mahjong cd.
7. celebrate father's day :) haven been celebrating with my daddy for the past few years..
8. haircut!

thats about like 2 full weeks gone rite? the first agenda is alr gg to take me at least 3 to 4 days.

oh one more thing: go and dl 复活! the chorus is super super super nice!

- 林宇中/金沙



May 25, 2007 @ 9:35 PM

we ended term 2 by being the A-div bball defending champion! haha kinda expected actually. 1 more point and we'll make it to 3digit! today the stadium was damn packed, more packed than volleyball finals. surprisingly many j2s came down to support.. when we were not even forced to go down this time.

someone is cute. ahem :D
and i conclude that some guys look quite bad tucking in their shirts :( or jerseys i mean.

omg my class guys are horrible lar. they openly niao-ed me on the bus when all i had wanted to do was to eat my dabao lunch peacefully -.- damn loud la omg so maluating!!! ugh what a bunch of nice classmates i have.

ytd during kbox chian and i concluded that 林夕is like the hongkong version of 方文山! one look and you can tell the lyrics is powerful!

富士山下(粤) - 陈奕迅







haha, nvm if u dont understand it.. canto lyrics are essentially quite diff from chinese ones. plus the fact that it's rlly quite cheem, i've yet to fully understand what it's trying to say.

eason chen is one of the best singers in today's asian pop. his voice matches this song perfectly. and nevermind if u dont understand canto, just go and listen to this song! his ability to convey the soul of the song so flawlessly always amazes me! a kind of vicissitudes and loneliness that penetrate every human heart. (whoa my english!)

canto songs are ever so nice :)

May 24, 2007 @ 10:28 PM

FOUR hours of k-ing! syok man! even if that means losing my voice.

thanks, chian! for the bubble tea! thats so super nice of you :) and of course, for the superb voice!!! i bet we owned all the other rooms along the corridor. heh, i think we can go record album le..HAHAHA. 3over2-N! ok inside joke.

today i sms-ed 6 out of 8 of u all, including the hooi and the qi who are like farfar away on another land. and qi is super random. im like once again brought back to the sec4 world where i practically dint spend a single day without talking to any of u ppl. it feels really, really good. and that kept me smiling for the rest of the day --> :)

basically today is a very happy day. oh and i got to play Vball again!

May 23, 2007 @ 4:10 PM

omg finally someone updated scholarz blog! it has been untouched for 10 weeks =X

ytd was cluster cleaning and we were damn damn disgusted can. i dunno how the hell our broom ended up in the peearesee's room!????! they bloody used it without OUR permission!? (but seriously, if they bothered to ask we still wont lend) to sweep their bloodily dirty room?! and the pantry looked like it hasn't been cleaned up for 10 years. wow. i think we wasted like close to 100L of water on the 5M square floor?! just to scrub it and make it look whiter? and some dear peearesee mate of ours nearly exploded the microwave on tue night by overheating some dunno wad shit which caused yellowish, unremovable stain in the microwave. GREATTT.

argh peearesees stories aside.

im quite moody these few days. not the 24hour pms sort of bad mood, it's just that sense of detachment frm family that bugs me at random intervals of my life.

my cousin is getting married this sunday, THIS sunday okayy. and i juz knew it last week, NOT because my mum told me, but bcos i so happened to ask if they're gg anywhere this weekend. great. well, it's just going to be a simple 3 table family dinner, not any sort of proper wedding since his girlfriend is already PREGNANT (!!!) and stuff like that. my first reaction was 'WOW!!' but as soon as that happened, i was already overwhelmed by this tiny little voice in me that went like "so am i the last one to know?". im going to have another niece/nephew in 5 months time and yet i haven seen my sister-in-law before. if i hadn't asked, i think my mum had no intention of informing me at all, until i go home 2 weeks later and find myself totally strange to this pregnant lady in the house.

tuesday night puisee msg me. i was so excited cos i haven been chatting with her for ages. she was telling me how the hell is he gg to support a family when he cant even feed himself?! and at the same time i found out my youngest uncle is going to have his second child. again, my mum dint tell me anything.

sometimes i find it really really strange..ok maybe she thought it was no big deal, but apparently she dint realise that little things like that mean a hell lot to me, someone who is away from home and family. i dont understand why am i always the last to know about everything? well, im confident that she dint do it intentionally, but still.. mum, it hurts.

like my grandma for example, you wont ever understand how horrible i felt when i found out she passed away, bcos i only knew on the day after she was buried and after my parents had returned to KL. well, my mum said she dint want to affect me cos i was going to have a test the nxt day. but didn't it ever cross her mind that i'll be more worried, not less, when i know i cant count on my loved ones to be frank and tell me everything thats happening in their lives? it's afterall what im part of and i feel that i have the right and responsibility to be in the know.

ahhh im just lacking the sense of security i guess. security of being part of the family and the recognition that comes with it.

gosh im feeling horrible. it's a kind of moodiness that's very hard to describe. not exactly sad, not quite angry, not disappointed either..it's a feeling that's harder to endure than any of these. or maybe it's a complicated mix of everything?

im hoping it's just a process of growing up.



May 20, 2007 @ 5:22 PM

some of the classic dialogues during econs lessons:

Lee: there are 45% of singaporeans who have only up to secondary sch education.
HF: har really ah!?
Lee: har wat! if you fail your 'A's you're going to fall into that category.
HF: ...... (whole class burst into laughter)

Lee: malaysia produces their own car, Proton. but what will happen to proton once they remove the tariffs on japan cars?
Pow: become electron!

-.- so funny hur. that was random but it suddenly crossed my mind so i thought i shld note it down as part of the fun memories we had in class. since there's not much time left for tutorial lessons as a class.

Dance Night was gorgeous! :D i love the chinese dancers! MAD dint do exceptionally well this time, the hiphop dances were so-so. but modern dance (Journey) was good! they deserved the Gold with Honours. the chinese dances were surprisingly interesting.. beyond the standard that i had expected.

11 more days to GetHigh Concert 2007! GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO!! (((: i can assure you it's going to be a night of good music!

May 18, 2007 @ 9:40 PM

today someone told me her mum thinks i look . wow. and juz now i have another person telling me i look like im from sports cca. wowwow. thats smth new :D

yes ahhhh!! played v-ball again ytd! i only realised i have a bruise at night, but it was at the wrong part.. that means i used the wrong part to hit. LOL.

i have this zuowen that's due nxt week and i still have no idea what to write. it's titled "初恋" and according to the teacher, we're supposed to have our own unique interpretation of the title so that not everyone writes the same story about their first loves and stuff like that. ahhh help me... how to be special and interprate it differently??

oooh lin zhiying was on zong yi da ge da juz now! omg still as shuai. i cant believe i've been liking him for more than 10 years! that's some kind of achievement :)

watch this! my current obssessed song:
小鬼/卓文萱 - 爱的主旋律

this is another one with the extra xiaozhu behind. omg he's damn 爱演, 演 until zhuo wenxuan burst out laughing while singing halfway haha

watch it watch it! my first time seeing zhuo wenxuan..she's quite sweet looking! xiaogui's cute as usual. (it's a pity he and rainie parted.. i think when both of them tgt must be damn cute) his singing is better than what i expected.

May 16, 2007 @ 8:44 PM


it means i'm back in jap! :D deserted my blog for quite a few days, too lazy lol

today marks my first time being to a volleyball match!! omg cooooool! yen and i took like one whole day to finally decide that we shall pon the stupid scholarz meeting. heng ah..it was nothing important (as usual) and i got nice a fren who helped me take attendance! heh, thanks pow! (: hany told me it was a waste that i dint go and support bball instead (ahem ahem) BUT noooo! i dint regret gg to watch vball at all okay!

i realise i love volleyballlllll. i really do. first part of the reason being that it's similar to badminton in the sense that both involve lots of top-down attacks, which are why these matches are really exciting and spectacular! the suffocating tenseness of every smash, every spike and of course, every save. it excites every particle in me ((: haha really! im not exaggerating! (oh btw, the nyjc vballers are, really, seriously, totally, HOT. very different from our vballers uhhum.) second part of the reason is that vball had been a memorable and integral part of my nybs life.. it reminds me of friends, starry night, sweat and the crazy laughter over jokes that dont make sense to others. i miss those days.

ahh shit im emo-ing. ok no wayyyy man. not now.

oh today i received this friendster msg from a person i thougt i dint know. it was titled "OMG LIM XIN CHIAN!" -.- i got a huge shock can! my first reaction was: did i just offend someone that i dont know?! it ended up that he was loooking for his "long lost friends" on frienster and was so surprised to see me. so, i went to check out his profile, while remaining extremely baffled bcos i still had no idea who this person was. even after looking through his photos, i was like: hmm weird, i dont rmb knowing him yet he knows my name? even tho he spelt it very wrongly. it took me about 5 long minutes to finally rmb who he was. whoa! my p3 clssmate whom i haven seen for 6 years and haven talked to for 8 years?! tian ah. haha meeting old friends can be really funny esp if he/she changes very much and u longer rmb you once knew him/her.

been super addicted to these few songs recently:

爱转角 - 罗志祥
小情歌 - 苏打绿
记得爱 - 阿沁/李玖哲
做你的公主 - 何耀珊
爱的主旋律 - 卓文宣/小鬼!! (omg xiaogui can sing!)

they're all very very very nice! (((:listening to them (at night especially) makes you feel loved! dun believe just try!

my current fav lyrics:

做你的公主 - 何耀珊



爱,转角 - 罗志祥




omg the last line damn sweet yea! (:

May 13, 2007 @ 3:58 PM

"Gravity is not responsible for people falling in love." - Albert Einstein

did einstein really say that?? omg he's quite lame -.-

ahha i've been successful in stopping myself from going out this weekend. tell me im a good girl (:

but somebody pissed me off really badly last night. he was so pissifying that even ppl whom i thought would never complain sat down and bitched about him la! like wth he really thinks he has the power to scold everyone? who on earth gave him the right to be mean and to act as he likes without sparing a thought for others?? he's not even in the authorised position to do so la. one more time and i'll make sure i name you HERE.

whee~ i dreamt of fuhaifeng last nite! hoho damn happy! ((((:

May 11, 2007 @ 10:55 PM

this is for you my dear (:

something that i got online.. i find it very very true. be patient and finish reading it, dont be surprised, you might find yourself in it.


















喜欢,是一种心情。,是一种感情 。





May 10, 2007 @ 3:23 PM

volleyball was funfunfun! (: no more softball!

so long nv play volleyball.. reminds me of the sweet nybs times where we used to play v ball every day after dinner. so addicted. hao huai nian orh.













May 7, 2007 @ 2:09 PM

aviva is officially over. boohoooo i still haven seen enough =X

i freaking lost my ticket on the third day la! argh. luckily liulu wasnt planning to go on fri and sat so i got to use her tic. i tried all sorts of ways such as asking qh but apparently none of his frens had extra tics. so in the end i got to buy another single day tic for ytd's finals. ugh sian. chian and i were so proud of ourselves cos we reached super early and managed to kope nice seats. unlike qh, pt etc who reached rlly late and had to sit at the side :D

here are my harvests for the past 3 days :))

BOONSAK!! he finally appeared. omg we thought we were not going to see him anymore but he made it this time! CHAMPION! he's VERY nice. and shy >.<

peter gade

sato soji! he's cute too

xie xingfang. she's 178 can u bliv it?! her legs are goddamn hot.

my all-time fav: choong hann! i grew up watching him play badminton you know. he's my first idol in the sport.

kookienkeat! AHHHH. felt warmly familiar speaking canto to him!

tanboonheong. sharon is soooo jealous.

choong tan fook the veteran

lee wan wah. he looks better here as compared to the first night we saw him.

i love love love this photo. me ruiyi chian.

the happiest thing ytd was seeing boonsak win the title! omg he's good. and i really really do admire him for his extraordinary ability to excel in both his badminton career as well as schooling. he's doing his master degree in law now u know! that's what defines real hotness isn't it? a superb body with superb skills + a superb brain! so cool.

the not so perfect thing ytd was perhaps not being able to take photo with my most most most fav fu haifeng! he juz zoomed past all of us and when i asked for photo he was like: "bu hao yi si, zai gan che" ....... OMG SADNESS. like i haven seen him for 2 years already and when he was right in front of me i couldnt get to take a photo with him. i just want a photo thats all :( im still very very sad.

nevermind. at least i saw most ppl that i had wanted to see. and kookienkeat looked damn good in the photo he took with ruiyi can. wahlao jealous ><

May 4, 2007 @ 10:48 AM

missed tank's concert ytd but i wasnt rlly disappointed. cos the opportunity cost of not going to the indoor stadium and watch spore open is just too high. haha, tank is rlly nothing as compared to wch, kkk, fuhaifeng and so on.

saw most of our fav players these 2 days. but kkk crashed out damn it! argh qi si wo le! =/ luckily choonghann is still in! ytd there was this crucial point where he gained by saving FOUR seemingly impossible to save smashes from sato soji! omg damn exciting. when the shuttle finally dropped on soji's court the stadium was roaring with applause! chian, ruiyi and i were jumping up frm our seats and cheering so loudly and sharply that according to liulu, the ppl behind all looked at us. oops, chao diu lian =X then ruiyi got so high she looked like she was in a state of spasm HAHA. so we called that the "ball of the day" lol

after chian and ruiyi went home, liulu and i decided that we shall go and wait for boonsak and probably take a picture with him. we waited for bout half an hour and he dint come out la! grr. i dun care i swear i must take picture with him today! he was so friendly the last time i saw him (:

stayed till quite late ytd nite cos fuhaifeng was playing against this msia pair at bout 845. omg my heart was so super torn apart i dunno who i was supporting. why cant one person have 2 hearts? :( in the end fu won la..but it was a close fight! nvm, we still have 2 pairs today but i hate the oraganiser they like to arrange all the men's doubles in the night and we always couldnt catch them cos there's smth called the curfew?? grr.

yayy. hopefully today can see boonsak and wch. i DESPERATELY want to take pics with them! (:

haha, non-badminton fans out there, it's okay if u dun understand what this whole post is all about. juz allow me to be high for a moment (:

May 1, 2007 @ 5:05 PM

ytd was our last combined sports meet in 6 years. it was a pity that we just let it slip past like that, by not cheering, and not even watching.


omg my fav teacher KT! he looked as if he was parading.

mr shone!!

after that rachael, zuojin, eunice, qianlei and i went kbox.

glamness (: at the busstop

at about 3 plus we went to taka basement to pig out. sat on the floor and talked and talked and talked. initially we decided to leave at about 5 plus but we were so engrossed that we talked for nearly 2 hours before the security guard came around and chased us off. qianlei was so funny la! her hallucination about *****y**! omg -.- we had a fun time laughing! thanks gals, i enjoyed the chat session very much! that's what we mean by quality time!

i've been going out for 4 consecutive days including ytd! my homework file has been lying on my table, untouched since friday night. until ytd at 11pm when i finally decided to start on binomial tutorial. and then i decided to go to sleep after doing 2 questions. HOHOHO i win liao. haiz..sometimes life just gets so good that it's too cruel to be thinking about work, right??

had a truly truly free and easy 4-day break, and im expecting another good week ahead, if not better! (:


17 jan

loves daddy mummy
loves my family
loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

also love:
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* yamapi, jin
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