Jan 23, 2006 @ 4:57 PM

i cant believe this is how much he has disappointed me.

i cant believe he's such an irresponsible freak (sorry for the jargon but i'm seriously pissed) who has zero 男人风度! we both know what's the problem with the Asean com..duh! it's so obvious! but what can i do? u want me to leave the com just like that and throw hwachong's name into the drain?? YOU were the one who said that u wanted to take up that responsibility and now u're telling me u want to quit! FINE. i couldnt care less.

but made me really really mad was the thing that u did to me which i believe any sensible person would not do! are you that hurried for time??! could u at least inform me that u were leaving?! u might not feel a thing cos even i dun feel it that strongly now that it has been one day after the event. but you can never imagine the kind of alienation that i felt at that time, among a grp of 20odd ppl whom i knew for less than an hour, and i had to handle it ALL ALONE just bcos somebody left without a single word.

how responsible.

initially i thought the guys liked him a lot, thats why he's in council u see. but looks like i've had too high an opinion of him.

To me,

capabilities doesn't mean a single thing if you don't have the passion for the thing that u're doing.

i need someone who can work well with me to make Asean, or at least, Malaysians united. and u're definitely not the one. den please stay out of our circle. we all share a common dream which YOU don't.

Jan 17, 2006 @ 3:40 PM

haha i shall update now that i got new readers!! zhengyou is reading it at the com nxt to me now.. -__-"

i shall update about what happened.

for Surprise No.1!

Date: 17/01/06
Time: 9am, after the horrible first aid talk!
Venue: Class bench, HCI

Firstly, i didn't expect them to celebrate my birthday for me! cos none of them showed any sign AT ALL! but actually they discussed on the day before...while zuojin dragged me to the toilet -_- BLUR me! really, 6B, i was very very touched...my first birthday with my new college friends! and i got to celebrate it with the other january babies as well! Hongfei, Earnest, Eunice... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to u all too! eh i realised something, Hongfei + Earnest + Eunice = HEE! anyways, JAN babies ROCK!!!! =P
and i'm still keeping the "happy birthday" stick on the cake..

2. THANK YOU jodie
for Surprise No.2!
(with the help of yen, yoke, yibing and yanner! OH MAN all the "Y"s!!!)
Date: 17/01/06
Time: 11.50am, during second break!
Venue: Canteen, HCI

this is really A BIIIIIIIIIIIG SURPRISE!! jodie u're mad! you came all the way from sch to give me the mini cake!? haha it's the cutest cake i've ever seen! it tastes good too! i ate that and only that for lunch hahaha! BUT u didnt get to celebrate with me! :( yanner was kinda obvious when she tried to drag me to one corner...so i saw the other 3 of them with the cake liao! heehee.. anyway, it's really really sweeeeeeeet of you~~! MUACK specially to YOU!

esp Yen, Yoke, Kaiying, Yeechien, Adrian, Ying Hern, C2L fellow clustermates..
for Surprise No.3!

Date: 17/01/06
Time: 10pm
Venue: BlueTea cafe, HCIBS

this is kinda the most unexpected celebration! yen, yoke and kaiying acted quite awkwardly throughout the night actually.. busy decorating the t-shirt and all that.. but i didn't expect to get another cake, and even had this gang of guy friends to celebrate with me! I was almost scared to death when i saw the whole bunch of them waiting there!

oh btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JUSTIN, another malaysian who has the same bday as me! so we celebrated our 17th Jan together! hmm..it's really quite special..but i have to say that guys are really really shy...!! with the exception of adrian and Lamo yinghern perhaps -__-" and THANKS for the signed t-shirt! the design was really really.. errrr...CUTE??! haha!

4. THANK YOU 05S63 seniors,
esp my dear angels and mortals, Yueling, Wanghao & Liangquan
for Surprise No.4!
Date: 18/01/06
Time: 2pm
Venue: Class bench, HCI

WOW this was reeeeaaaaally graaaaaaaaand man..!

I had to rush off for medical appointment after sch but wanghao caught me just when i was about to leave and gave some lame excuse to make me stay..haha. but i kinda guessed it when i saw him looking for my angel all over the place. den liangquan came to give me my prezzie~ it was the first time i met him! but what i didn't expect was the seniors blowing soap bubbles frm behind and performing the birthday song for me! harmonica band! haha! but too bad i couldnt stay after that! i'm soooooooo lucky to have 3 fun seniors! thanx for the birthday card too!

5. THANK YOU Chian, Jodie, Ruiyi, Qipok, Szemin, Shuehyi, Looi
for the sweet birthday SMSes!


So, in conclusion... i had 4 cakes for my birthday this year! "shinchiann's guinness world record"! OH MAN~~how many calories have i just added to myself??!


Thank YOU for giving me my most memorable birthday ever!

I'm officially 16......

Jan 1, 2006 @ 2:26 AM

wish everyone of you a great 2006 ahead! :)

we're at yy's house cooking me now.. heehee


17 jan

loves daddy mummy
loves my family
loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

also love:
* scholarz!
* 6H
* 06s6b
* Delphus
* Impreeeeee
* yamapi, jin
* leehom
* louis koo
* wch, fuhaifeng
* hk dramas
* badminton, vball
* music & piano
* photos
* quality time with loved ones
* words of affirmation

Where to go.

2/5. amy. APPLE. atee. audry. boy-nigel. cai na. chenyang. chian. cxy & fangxuan. danqing. daoteng. daryl. eunice. ferleen. fiona. frederick. geminista (fungfan). hanyan. hooi. hongfei. jac. jac+mq. jinghan. joanne (fungfan). jodie. jolene. junie. junjie. karin. kerwei!. kiamian the notsoglam. kiansiong. KFC. kris. lanfang. lingling. liu qian. linlaoshi. liting. liwei. meiling. meisi. mengY. michelle. mingle. nigel. peishan. pow. qiankun. Qipok. rachael. ruiyi. scholarz. serene. sharon. shengbin. shueh-yi dear. sianghan. siewching. sieyen. siying (fungfan). sooern. steph. suet. sze. szemin. tianyu. victoria (fungfan). vincent. wanghao. weili. weisen. wenhui. xiaomeng. xinyilim. xueling. xulin. yanjun. yezi glamgal. yibing. yuehong. zhengyou. zhengzhi. lijuanjie. 06s6b. my photos. 6B Photos. 6B YahooGrp. 6B Forum. AseanYahooGrp.

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