Jun 29, 2007 @ 8:31 PM

kia, this is for ya! this hairstyle nice wad.. looks more 'genki'!

kenzo says: aleluyah...CHANCE! *lol*

my favourite Kenzo & Rei (((((:

haiz, proposal daisakusen aftermath.

heng ahh..the nxt paper is like 3 days later! finally can take a break le.. yen, hong and i are crazily watching shows now~ just wanna share smth i heard on the radio the other day..


jiayou ppl! we need to have both engines and brakes!

Jun 28, 2007 @ 4:15 PM

even tho im back to reality since more than a week ago, im still missing everything at home :( i keep thinking and picturing everything that's going on with them. daddy, mummy, puisee, my cutie nephew, mich, aunty, kerwei, soonseng, wanyee, loke, shueh, weykeet, fiona, fred...and everybody else. it's horrible having ur body in one place and mind in another :(

eric is here in spore this week! promised to catch up with him. ugh bad timing. sorry!

math paper was badbadbad :(
worse than last year's promo. still managed to get a B last year, this time im not even thinking of a C.

it's late afternoon alr..and im not ready to start mugging yet. haiz..math killed my mood for everything else.


where is Kenzo! ><

Jun 27, 2007 @ 6:53 PM


i miss kenzo :(
very badly :((((((

booooo! why do nice things have to come to an end!!



Kenzo X Rei

life with no more Proposal Daisakusen is bad.

Jun 24, 2007 @ 9:20 PM

fUng is in KL todayyyyy!


boohoo. and he went 1-U! omg can walk there frm Mich's house de! i told daddy mummy to go see my darling lol.. hmm, i wonder if they did.

EVERYBODY GO LEARN CANTO AND SING THIS SONG WITH ME NXT TIME!!! im OBSSESSED. first time listen, ok only. 2nd time, better. n times, ADDICTED!! omg i love Janice.






Jun 23, 2007 @ 2:32 PM

omg hany actually took pictures of our stupid scribblings on her phy notes and posted on her blog -.-


im sure we paid sooooo much attention in clss yea,
phy test on Mon we confirm own.. (:

omg 933 is playing 小情歌 noww! nicenice!


haha sorry the lyrics is juz so nice tht i cant resist but start typing while listening.. oh and this song actually lost narrowly to 今天你要嫁给我 in jin qu jiang.. wahlao this one nicer lorh! much more depth than that one.. lousy judges :(

was studying Grav-field notes just now.. den the DJ recommended this new song by Mayday called 离开地球表面,and my first reaction was: ESCAPE VELOCITY!!!

... ... ...

lalala im bored. boohooo... pls tell me today's alr 3rd of July T.T i dont want to study le..

ooo.. i actually forgot to look for auggie! (he told me to meet him after i came back) -.- ahha, maybe my brain chooses to purposely forget it. ahhh who cares

Jun 21, 2007 @ 1:00 PM

omg internet's damn fast now (:
download's like speed of light! HOHO
my yamapi show is 75% completed!! *yesssss*

@ 12:04 PM

im super in love with janice recently.

Janice 卫兰

she sings so so so well... trust me, her voice is awesome. i seldom hear such a clean voice like hers, sweet yet full of power. and she's a mix of chinese + korean + filipino! cool hur.

go and listen to 离家出走,爱才,拍错拖,一场误会,今夜你不会来,大哥. and one more, 童梦! the song she sang with guang liang!

they're all VERY VERY nice.

her songs are the type you'll still like after listening to them 345321412 times. the more u listen the more the tune gets stuck in ur brain and everytime it replays in ur head it sounds even nicer than before!



天与地 年老了不再飞








Jun 18, 2007 @ 4:42 PM

omg 2 days nv come only.. u ppl dunnid to spam my tagboard and hav ur own convos -.-

actually i have nth to blog at all, juz here to REPLY TAGS cos i dun wan to spam my own tagboard lol

wanga - violinist?! wow that's like sooo diff frm my fren lol

nui - ehh relax relax my dear! i know u missed me too much. hahaha bang cars! u think wad! those bumper cars in genting ahh! but my guy frens all say we shldn't learn first, cos we dun hav cars yet and the skills will get rusty after a while!

sharon - yeayea! damn pro looking rite! TVB ah..i think i cant get leh =\ i juz checked and the shop doesnt hav 516 yet! u wan my mama to get for u? but i can only pass to u like end of this year? o.O

kerwei - aiyo not very good lah. u knw hor this standard actually gets me a FAIL grade in my
college?! :D

hooi - omg lucky i saw this ONE day b4 u go shopping! I WANTWANTWANT EVERYTHING!!! smth that's pretty? like you?? sorry yea im addicted to lying nowadays :P

hany - bleah jealous ahh! anw u dunnid to be xian qi liang mu mar..u shld instead learn to be a glam taitai who has a chauffeur to drive her around, HOR??

zuojin - er. what am i supposed to reply?? haha

chian - aiyo u mean u listen alr still cant tell if his canto is good or not?! haha not bad la of course! KL-ians mar..sure quite ok one! wahliew, 3over2n oso got album mar!

nui - yea! when hooi comes back mar!

Jun 15, 2007 @ 2:31 PM

taylor's open hse tmr. well, not that it concerns me, but i promised PS to go with her. haha maybe i have 0.01% chance of bumping into eric and gang :D colleges here are surprisingly cooler than what i'd imagined!

made oreo cheesecake ytd!
if it's nice im gg to finish baking the other half and prob give PS tmr when she comes! they'll be surprised im such a xian qi liang mu (: i mean, i aspire to be one.

SEE! i just found out FUNG GOT EARHOLES LEHH! *major surprise* or maybe he just pierced recently la.. hmm yea must be, or else i would hav noticed. HAHA. the round, shiny ones look nice on him!

he looks so dark here!!! faints.

haha sorry la huh. he's so my daily dose :)

and i juz found out that my laptop has built-in mic! all along i tot i couldnt use the sound recorder function. was crazily sending voice clips over msn with chian juz now. hoho damn fun. i shall try it on other ppl nxt time.

lalala another exciting weekend ahead~

Jun 14, 2007 @ 12:10 PM

i think this is going to be my most unprepared block test. only started revision 3 days ago, and i only did 2 chapters of math and nothing else up till this point in time. yet, somehow, i dont feel like blaming anyone, not even myself.

i guess there will be some point in life where ppl have to go a little slower in order to see things a little clearer. and should the 10% CA be the price that i have to pay in my quest of searching for smth beyond work and marks, let it be then :) whenever i start to get panicky about blocks, i'll remind myself: i've gained smth truly meaningful this hols and that's more impt than anything else.

whenever i call up or meet up with an old friend, my mum will be very encouraging and say "that's right! u must nv lose touch with ur old friends!" i wonder if all mothers think the same way, cos fiona's mother told me the same thing during the gathering too.

how true. the morning after gathering when i was alone at Macs waiting for my parents, i finally had the time to sit down quietly and think. yup, i might not rmb them all the time, esp when i think i have got replacement in my current life. but sometimes when i turn back and look, they just zoom across my memory and den i realise, hey! they're just as important as the new friends i've made, if not more.

that's the wonder old friends do isn't it!

sharon this is FOR YOU lol. the coooool classmate who's going to be a psychiatrist! (: wan me to intro?? jin1 gui1 xu4 leh! heh. his image abit the diff frm the whole cls cos he looks damn professional haha.

there's one more outing this sunday! great. cant wait to see them again (:

finally i have clearer versions of the clss photo! thx weisen~ and fiona~

since when has our cls got this guy-girl barrier hur?! hmm weird.

Jun 12, 2007 @ 11:46 AM

it's amazing how we still feel so closely connected to one another even 6 years after we graduated, even when we only spent 2 years tgt, even when we only meet up once every 2-3 years after graduation.

9th june must have been one of the most unforgettable nights in my whole life, because it made me realise what true and lasting friendship really is, and the people who are, and will be truly precious to me for the rest of my life.

reached leisure mall at 6 cos i remembered the time wrongly -.- wk came and picked me up at 7. at least his driving skill made me feel quite safe la huh. omg at least TWELVE of the guys can drive already and SIX of them actually have cars!!! some haven even turned 18 yet! COOOOOOLNESS. haha so of course they would be the busy ones for the night, picking ppl up frm everywhere and sending ppl home. to be exact, girls :D

all of them are either starting college/stpm this year. and fred is like doing Psychiatry in fluorida?! (he's alr disecting dead bodies) he's gg to officially get his american citizenship this september. he owns a FORD in usa and he has alr gotten 3 samans which totalled up to a fine of USD$1000 for driving at 160kph -.- omg he shld stop being so cool he's making the guys all jealous haha.

well, things haven changed much, except for two of them who were hardly recognisable now. everyone is still more or less like their old self, both looks and character-wise. we talked and joked and touched (uhhum. haha) and hugged and went crazy all the same. or at least, it was the same old gang of ppl making 99% of the noise haha. sometimes i doubt if i hadn't met them would i be as crazy as i am now? come to think of it, this group of people is really the first to make me understand what fun is really all about, and hence, the crazy me today :)

we spoke cantonese most of the time, with random insertion of chinese words in between sentences LOL :D i find it really weird you know, bcos we used to speak more chinese last time..maybe it was cos of the sch culture, i only rmb speaking canto to a few of them who were more canto-driven. but somehow when i met them ytd we juz started convos with each other in canto and it was all so natural. hmm, i never ever realised all of us are so PROFICIENT in the dialect until ytd. haha damn syok mann..it has been SIX long years since the last time i chatted in canto with a large grp of ppl.

we played mahjong and poker cards too! soonseng wanted to gamble but due to pathetically low demand, so uh yea..we dint do anything illegal in the end. haha.

initially kerwei wanted to go back like around 10+ but after when everybody started to gather around and talk, nobody wanted to leave anymore =\ so in the end she stayed till bout 1am, after she succesfully forced sherwin to drive her home. sherwin is getting nicer and nicer to talk to each time la. not that he was not nice before, but i find him so much easier to joke with ytd. haha i think i've got a really wrong impression of him all the while. and oh, he shld stop smoking =X hopefully he's taken down what we said to him ytd in mind.

before that waihoong said he was going to be nice (yea like real haha) and send me home, but it was 2am alr and it wasn't exactly shun4 lu4 so i thot i shld just stay over at fiona's hse. yayyyayy luckily i did! we had another round of longlong chat again! heh. syok to the brim! we were looking at our grad mag and reminiscing our teachers and the crazy past.

ms gwee, horrible sci teacher, stupid rumours, funny but sweet couples, kiddy fights, seat arrangments in cls, trips to cheecheonggai, parapara dance etc etc. i swear davidson is one of the best memories i have.

the guys

the 1990-ers ((:

my fav pet! hoho





tuan wern


zheng zhi

yee how


the desperate mahjongers: kangwei foong frederick

waihoong sherwin fiona shueh



sinyee and jiahui

kerwei and fiona

uhhum he's NOT invited to join the photo actually.

this looks so much better (: kerwei and me

all my 6H honeyssss! (with TWENTY absentees! i cant imagine if the whole class turned up how would the photo look like)

sometimes ppl shld learn to feel fortunate for the simple fact that they're being remembered and more so, kept in a special place in special ppl's hearts. you couldnt believe how touched i was when i found out that the gathering was arranged specially at this time just to suit fred and me cos we're not in kl most of the time, and a few greatttt frens who were willing to come out just for you (according to them la) even though they have exams for the whole of nxt week. whatever it is, thanks loads and i really do appreciate it.

that night has simply been so so sweet that i took 1.5 hours going thru every single detail in my head before i finally fell asleep, at 4am (: i tried to recall every single bit of detail that happened in that 2 years and everything just became so overwhelming in my brain that it refused to rest, sweetness overload.

1.5 hours less sleeping time, but it was all worth it! (:

Jun 9, 2007 @ 4:23 PM

omg only slept 5 hours today! so horrible.

went to pick aunty up early in e morning to go and visit uncle hou at his new hse. omg damn pretty! semi-d!!! man he's getting richer by the day. his youngest son is so damn cute he kept jumping around the sofa and cycling around in the hse haha. he's totally not scared of strangers. i haven rlly seen him before yet he kept pulling me around and telling me stories about his spiderman toy. haha damn damn cute. and handsome too (:

then went his dimsum shop for brunch. bumped into chen laoshi with her family there! major shock!! oh gosh so awkward i juz dunno wat to say to her, after like 6 years not seeing her. dimsum was nice! xiaolongbao!!

daddy wanted to go uncle foong's hse after that since the dimsum shop was near there, but he wasnt at home so we left. i was actually secretly screaming 'YESSS!!!!' to myself when i saw the locked door. hmm dunno why but i juz cant bring myself to like him.. and i think i was being quite blatant about it? haiz, you know, it's juz one of those lousy relatives business that happen to every famill, unfortunately =\

sent aunty home after that. kakak was like:"eh boyboy mau jumpa you wor!" HAHA too bad. stupid nigel blamed me for not waking him up and by e time i was back at his hse, he was out with his mum alr -.- haiz..i seriously need to catch up with them. sometimes it feels rlly good to be told that you're being missed :) even by ppl other than friends.

yayy yayy yayy im in such a hyper mood now cos im gg to fiona's hse for 6H gathering later! plus stayover!!! happy happy. 2 more hours and wk is coming to pick me up! gosh all the guys can drive. ee not fair..

Jun 8, 2007 @ 4:10 PM

went out with chian yesterday ((:
watched shrek3 at timesquare. we were so overjoyed by the fact that the cost of tic + popcorn here cant even buy you a tic in singapore.. haha :D

lunch at kim gary again! this time i remembered to take a picture of my favourite hongkong toast!! we had one of this and another french toast! plus main course and milk tea :) damn nice. kim gary is becoming my favourite restaurant man...

shopped around sungei wang.. SEE!!! i saw my world's most handsome guy on one of the bigbig posters!

drools. louis koo is still my world's shuaiest guy up till this point in time (: isn't he just so MAN?!

oh..daddy brought back some old shows frm dunnowhere and i saw my nv3 shen2!

she looks like some air stewardess hor..so sweetlooking! used to be my childhood eyecandy! but i dunno where she is now :(
pretty pretty pretty!

Jun 7, 2007 @ 12:58 AM

great. blogger doesnt allow me to upload pictures =\

shopping spree today! i think we spent close to a thousand dollars altogether, within 3 levels in the same shopping mall somemore. madness. puisee is so horrible, she dint tell me she bought me a bag as bday present when i was buying one myself. but actually if she had bothered to tell me i'll still buy..i think? -.-

aunty lily bought me a polo shirt. tried quite a few colours and we decided on the darker green one. and you know what! when i got home half an hour ago the shirt became another green!! o.O watthe. this green is so not nice la.. this is what happens when u buy shirts from shops that have misleading lights! the shirt changes colour the moment you step out of the shop, after paying.

omg im watching news and there's this mexican (not sure) guy who died cos he got torn apart by a lion and a tiger at his neighbourhood!!! TORN APART!!! so horrible =X i can imagine the lion biting his head and the tiger biting his feet and then they start to pull away from each other. ohmy..... i would probably be traumatised to death if i happened to be one of the neighbours who witnessed the whole process of him being torn into two parts. RIP to the unlucky guy.

hurhurhur i cant figure out all these antivirus thing..what is what?! im no good at this man. should have gotten my cousin to fix it for me juz now. what are viruses in the first place! sian.

Jun 4, 2007 @ 7:32 PM

my first time using free wireless at starbucks now. yayy so exciting! without buying anything somemore :D

ugh my cousins better hurry up..my laptop's running out of batt. aunty cooked curry chicken for dinner tonite! omg i cant wait to get homeeeee im damn hungry. we went subang to have lunch juz now and i had 'wantan mee'! it was so yummy (frm my point of view only) i finished it before all my cousins' food came! they were giving me weird stares..so i told them: "this is what happens when u're stuck in spore for too long" (super deprived of nice food -.-)

i cried in front of 94532369 strangers ytd =X
cos that bloody person screwed up my E drive when i only told him to format my C drive. i was so bloody pissed i almost shouted the F word at him. UGHHHH. lucky i got backup but not everything..like only 80% =\ and i ended up walking around the plaza with swollen red eyes. damn embarrassing can.

ok it's rlly running out of batt. i'll update another time! (to please hany who is a huge fan of my blog....and me of course)

Jun 1, 2007 @ 10:54 AM

countdown to gethigh concert: 8 hours!

nervous =X
i hope it's really high...

woke up at 7plus this morning, only to find yibing's msg saying that we can reach at 11am instead of 8am. wat the. rahhhhh i couldnt go back to sleep after that. zZzz

photos photos!

ruiyi kena DUMPED! hoho

fooling around at Mango. do i look pregnant?? heh.

ugh i wantttt the shorts! =X

and one more!

sorry random but this is simply too cute!!

byebye bloggie. probably wont be seeing you these few days. "balik kampung~ ohohoh balik kampunggg~~" yea i think there's a malay song like this.


17 jan

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loves my family
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loves fUng 峯

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