Oct 30, 2007 @ 6:55 PM







i've finally decided to change the song my blog.
not a new song but it's nice! i used a new singer's version, not eason. the voice is more touching for me. lol for once eason is beaten.

i was listening to it in the middle of the night ytd and ohmy, i nearly cried.

songs have tearjerking effects! it makes ppl cry out of emptiness? im not sure but thats how i feel. unlike in movies and dramas where the impact is much more direct bcos it's visual. but when something requires people to listen, i think they tend to be more focused and thats when the impact sinks straight into the hearts!

if i must choose between deaf and blind, i think i'd rather be blind. you?

Oct 26, 2007 @ 10:29 PM

the battle of As starts in 2 days time.

am i ready for it??
haiz im not sure. studying nv seems to be enough after all. no matter how much u try to swallow the notes and tys there'll be things that u still dont know. all we can do is to pray that that thing we dont know doesnt come out, which very often is not the case.

oh btw, im proud to declare that i swallowed 18 topics out of 20 in the Physics tys. that makes it 200 pages, in 23 days time. 2 more topics and 2 more specimen papers to go. i can must do it. i dont have a choice do i?

let me also declare that i cut hong's hair today!!
yes, hold ur jaws. i cant believe it myself too. and it looks okay! surprisingly. or maybe it was just her extremely thick hair that makes it quite impossible to look very out of shape no matter how lousy the cutting skill is. i was sweating profusely throughout the process okay. super stressed -.-

and i cut it without wearing my specs -.-

now i know who's my true friend! the one who trusts me soooo much. or too much?

みんなさん がんばってね!
work hard everyone!

it's the last mile.

Oct 24, 2007 @ 11:45 PM

read something in the bookshop quite some time ago.


how true.

it's always amazing to me how ppl manage to put such truths into a small story and the epiphany could just dawn on you so naturally and make you go like WOW, it's all around me yet i've nv really thought of that.

i love those sudden moments of epiphanies.
i love the feeling of being enlightened :)

Oct 23, 2007 @ 5:09 PM

ohman i wanna watch 色戒!
the uncut version.

i spent the past hour reading tonnes of reviews on it and everybody says it's damn gd. and that of course includes leehom haha! i want i want i want to go movieeee

@ 10:07 AM


happy birthday FEILAN-QI!
ping pong piang *uhhum uhhum*

u've been loved! (:

Oct 21, 2007 @ 9:58 PM

im tempted to change the song on my blog.
i have sooooo many of songs in mind!

but then...
im still very in love with leehom. and his songs.
for now, just bear with my obssession with this song for a while more.

okay. call to parents tonight was back to normal. phew.

Oct 20, 2007 @ 11:25 PM

went to ICA for the FOURTH time today. phew..everything's done. collected ICs then went cine for our usual study date again. the N-th time this month :D

after dinner the feilan-QI called!
omg i cant believe we crapped so much. bursts of laughter that shocked ppl around us. haha..and looks like her canto hasnt improved as much as i thought hur? talk more to ur hk friends la toot!

neoprint time! i haven taken a really nice one for a longlong time! nui and i agreed this is one of the best we've ever taken. (for her, it's THE BEST) i think it's bcos of me la huh.

the one on the right is so umglam -.-

the 4 person one looks cool rite! i like the formation. like some magazine cover. wahhh. (and i obviously didnt write the 'hottest')

yes. abit the bimbotic. i know.

wont be seeing that woman until maybe after As?
okla will miss you la. abit only.

on a random note, read something that moved me today:


i dont know how u feel but the last sentence gave me goosebumps when i read it. yet i have no idea how to describe that feeling either. when even words fail, we have only our hearts to figure out for us what that is.

Oct 19, 2007 @ 11:03 PM

im sure some of you have alr noticed the dramatic decrease in the frequency of my blog entries recently. 3 weeks into oct and this is only my 7th entry this month! thanks to the damned thing called exams. despite the lack of updates i can still feel ur support for this blog hur. (yes? the one who stalks my blog thrice a day?? thanks for contributing to the hits ya)

ok, it's not that i dont want to update. it's just that i really cant find anything interesting to update? i bet u all wont want my childhood photos in every entry rite =\


OMG he's such an incompetent teacher i want to slap him! teachers can scold/insult/punish students when we dont hand in homework on time. then why cant we scold/insult/punish/SLAP teachers when THEY fail to meet OUR deadlines?!

just bcos they're 'educators' it gives them the right to give excuses such as 'sorry i haven had the time to...' which would have been rudely dismissed almost instantaneously if this was what we said to them. !!! i can feel the fourletter word coming out alr but no, im holding back.

for a very very long time i haven quarreled with them in the phone already. so when it finally happened 2 days ago when i called home, i found myself so embarrassedly caught in the tension of the convo. ugh it wasn't exactly a quarrel i guess. more like an exchange of unfriendly tones followed by a resentful silence...which was worse? cos we paused for a long moment and didnt know what to say. i dont know. or in fact it wasn't an 'exchange'. it was more like one-way unfriendliness? yes, u dun have to guess, it's ME.

sucks la. i didnt and still dont know what i was angry at. myself maybe? or just plain frustration with things that didn't go my way. and the feeling of not being able to control myself when i know i shldn't be throwing tantrums is super bad, esp when i was fully aware that i'd regret what im going to do later. yet somehow in this little corner of my heart im a little glad i finally said some things that i thought i'd nv say to them.

okok nothing serious here really. just the typical petty family issues. trivial stuff, but it still matters.

im sorry :(
like what i predicted, im regretting it now already. i suck. i just hope it didnt affect you too badly. sorry dad and mum.

Oct 15, 2007 @ 6:49 PM

i was supposed to take a short nap at 5. but i happily read many many random blogs of ppl whom i know (but we're neither friends nor acquaintance) and forgot about napping totally. ugh so pissed with myself.

but no one's back to have dinner with me :((
maggi mee here i come :(((

i was just halfway through my phy tys when i very randomly looked up to my laptop and this photo flashed on my screensaver:

(haha notice nicholas in that oversized slippers..)

and suddenly i miss them alotalot.

they are the ones who accompany me throughout my childhood, though nicholas spent 3 years less with me. i think they make up at least 80% of the days when i was still a kid! we've always been together. i cant recall a single family dinner or festivity with either one of us missing. the 4 of us have always been in the limelight during these occasions and we nv understood why. maybe it was just the natural effect of kids?? but im quite sure we were rather fond of it.

we rmb we took ALOT of photos when we were kids. nope, camwhoring wasnt IN at that time. our parents made us do it HAHA. and there was NO digital cam so basically all our photos got developed and they're still nicely kept in my photo albums. now that i think about it we really have to thank them, for these precious moments of the 4 of us that they have helped to capture.

for i believe without the existence of these photos we wouldnt have remembered we gathered on such occasions and those stupid things we did etc. they are testimonies to our 18 years of cousin nephew niece??? whatever-ship!

missing u alotalot,
piuyi aka piuku :D

Oct 12, 2007 @ 1:56 PM

saw this on qi's blog. some little xin li ce yan.


1) 猫:你最爱你自己
2) 鸟:你喜欢听你自己的谈话
3) 狗:你把别人看得比自己还重

i'll choose cat leh :(
even though i dont really like animals. but out of those 3 i think cat is the most okay one already.


1) 山脉:会早婚
2) 海滩:会晚婚

ahh shit la. i'll choose beach. but most ppl will choose beach rite? so i strongly believe these questions are not accurate at all!

haiz. damn i realise As is like really really near yet i feel so unprepared. called auggie this afternoon to get him to prepare my projected grades ohman he sounds like a newbie who cant handle admin stuff la o.O which means i'll not have my results ready for the Aus uni exhibition tmr la.

and it suddenly occurred to me that time is really running out and there isn't much time left before i have to make impt decisions about my future. im feeling so lost once again. there was a point in time i thought i was quite sure what i wanted to do, but now it seems like i haven thought it through clearly enough. there're so many considerations. place, time, uni, course, money, family, friends, job opportunities? career building?

now that i've grown up i can no longer rely solely on my parents to make their choices for me. it's no longer like 6 yrs back when my dad could make me accept the scholarship and come to spore no matter how much i objected to the idea of leaving home for what he opined was a quality education. i rmb how much i wished i could make my own decision at that time, but he didn't allow me to. and now he's leaving it all to me. he says im alredy in a position to decide for myself.

and all of a sudden i wish i am not. when i wanted it, i dint get it. but when i get it now, there's a part of me that says i just want to be that little kid whom future is taken care of bcos i cant figure out what is best for myself, yet.

Oct 10, 2007 @ 6:07 PM

i hereby pronounce myself a college graduate!

yayy i took a photo with everyone! (eh, with the exception of two? or three) click for full size!

i love this one esp! surrrounded by bearbears!

and this one! cos im only abit shorter than naichong! yes, abit only.

and some random photos.

the 'ai yan' family

PW under my 'great leadership' :D

the hostel gang!

zy abit the act cute only


GP GANG (with mrwong!)

our beloved ms yang and mr wong! (they're looking at each other!)


yes, we graduated. 我们毕业了.

i know it's cliche but it's just unblievable how time flies. i've known these ppl for TWO years. there're some whom i've known a great deal, some whom i've enjoyed very much crapping and laming with, some whom i've only managed to understand on the surface, and some whom, perhaps, i did not have the opportunity to know well.

but whatever it is, i cherish you all the same! and i do want to say that all of you have a special place in my heart and i mean, really really special. the kind whom i'll still want to keep in contact with 10 yrs, 20 yrs, 3o yrs...down the road. because u ppl do matter to me. ALOT.

okay before this gets any mushier i shall stop. i rarely say this kinda stuff to you ppl hor. but ya, thats really the way i feel.

Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts in your heart,
is the only way for destiny.
Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts,
is the only way now for you and me.
Though it's the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every way
So say goodbye
But don't you cry
Cause true love never dies

Each and every end is always written in the stars
If only I could stop the world
I'd make this last

Oct 6, 2007 @ 7:57 PM

woke up at 6, queued up at 7, realised we are not supposed to settle the application stuff on a weekday at 8. thankssssss. nui and i almost killed ourselves when we found this line on the letter that says: Please bring all the documents and come on a weekday from 8am to 5pm.

tell me who wouldn't kill themselves if they'd sacrificed 3 - 4 hours of sleep and this come-again-another-day thing happened to them.

which also means i'll have to choose another day nxt week to pon sch and to wake up at 5.45 and to make my way down to ICA and to join the exasperatingly long queue in front of the building! dfgfebybrwirtuqweu ta ma ma de.

so pissed by own stupidity that i called home to whine. i told daddy we were studying in the mrt station cos nowhere was open at 8am in the morning and he had a good laugh at me. hmm how sympathetic. lucky we brought enough work to last us for the day! went cine to mug again. surprisingly productive. i finished 2 physics papers and 2.5 econs case studies!

omg we ate so much. but i dabao-ed hong's fav tsui kueh for her. wah i think im such a wonderful friend. i rmb my friends wherever i go (:


a msg for a special friend <3 :
"im always here to listen, as long as u're willing to share. it's my pleasure, if that's what you think i could do."

Oct 5, 2007 @ 11:16 PM

im gg to sleep soon. why??

cos im going to queue at the ICA building at 645am tomorrow! exciting hur. cos according to reliable sources, all the queue numbers will be finished by 8plus. (that means Spore PRs are increasing at a rate of around 1000 per day? wow that's unthinkable) ugh i finally understand the pain of my parents when they used to queue up for passport, ICs etc at before the break of dawn.

queues at governmental departments are painfully long if you realise.

haven been sleeping so early for the past week. cos lessons were all past 9 which means at least 1+ hour more of sleep (:

i think im turning into such a horrible pig whats wrong with me!


random: my dad keeps telling me wu zun is handsome. *kua kua kua* that certainly doesn't sound like what an UNCLE ELDERLY would and shld say o.O

Oct 2, 2007 @ 12:08 AM

i got yen to trim my hair today! :) finally. it was so out of shape i cant take it anymore. ha, she's pro. and i want to change my hairstyle after A's!!

im going to skip chi lecture tmr to meet nui and collect our medical reports tgt. heh. (not like i wont skip even if i dun have to collect la) im actually...scared? cos they tested for HIV. HAHAHA! you never know lor. sekali they mix up the blood samples o.O

i hate my phone cos the inbox can only take 80+ messages!! ugh. tell me who can survive on that when it doesn't allow you to transfer msgs and keep them in ur comp somemore.

i love this! watch it! that's what we mean by 识英雄重英雄

oh and all of you shld check youtube out for leehom's interview on CNN. haiz he's just so _____? i cant find the exact word to describe him. he's what he is today for a reason. it's always the heart and the passion that move me.

im gg to bed now and im gonna be a good kid by turning up for morning assembly tmr auggie u better be there!


17 jan

loves daddy mummy
loves my family
loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

also love:
* scholarz!
* 6H
* 06s6b
* Delphus
* Impreeeeee
* yamapi, jin
* leehom
* louis koo
* wch, fuhaifeng
* hk dramas
* badminton, vball
* music & piano
* photos
* quality time with loved ones
* words of affirmation

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