Jul 31, 2009 @ 12:08 AM

down down down
hmm this is no good

foc nxt week and most of us arent feeling too healthy :S

the big day is coming. hoping for the best

into the APUS FAMILY!

Jul 19, 2009 @ 2:07 AM

happy 7th month! :D


totally defeated.

Jul 16, 2009 @ 3:22 PM

im blogging from 6000 feet above sea level now :D

at genting starbucks. while waiting for my bus to get back to KL... hahaha!

when i got home on tue night, my parents just randomly decided we shall head up to genting the nxt day! so we took a 4.30pm bus up here ytd, spent a night at first world, and going back home later this afternoon.

have always loved the weather here. though it's been getting less and less cold nowadays, nevertheless a very good getaway from the normal citydwelling.

nothing interesting happened except for one.


at the age of 19. mwa ha ha.

totally underage :p
the first entrance i went to, i was stopped by the guard cos i obviously look too underage :p so my dad brought me to a different entrance to try my luck, this time i was stopped, TOO! she asked to look at the IC so i gave it to her, but i duno whether she saw wrongly, or she calculated wrongly, the year 1990 was clearly written on it yet she let me in.

i guess genting guards arent very smart ;)

my mum joked that even if i win the jackpot i wouldnt be allowed to claim the prize cos im not supposed to be there in the first place -.-

casino is an eye-opening place :)
a complicated one too.
too many things are going on behind the scenes you nv know who's watching you.

i find the dealers very cool. their hand movements are amazingly swift and fast! cooool coooool

Jul 12, 2009 @ 5:42 PM

satisfied :)))

hohoho wo le!

everyone is telling me im crazy and childish and so on. haha yea i am. amazing how im like that when it comes to fung.

thanks for the glow(:

fanclub! there were about 30 of us there ytd

ALL THESE PHOTOS WERE TAKEN WITHOUT ZOOM, so u know how front we were, just cos we're from FF. kinda unfair for those who queued since 10am :S


drinking his ALICAFE
hahahha i seriously doubt if stars rly use the products they endorse

fav photo

the queue was surprisingly VERY long..all the way to the interchange. he signed for almost 1.5 hour. gone were the days where we could have him all to ourselves lol.


vicccccccccccctoria :D
FF bestie!

love the lights

i dont find myself screaming and highing as much as i used to. but just standing there listening to his songs and singing along as the speakers blast them into my ears, and watching him very cutely mouthing his lyrics while he signs for his fans.

haha its okay that people dont understand. sometimes i dont know why too.

but i guess attraction is one such thing that u can nv really quite explain.

dots i make it sound like he's someone so close to me. but its ok, ks noes clearly fung wins hands down HAHHAHAHA

a star is a star. one day u'll find that u'd probably prefer admiring them from afar. but before that day comes, when a chance walks by, what harm does it do to hold it in ur hand and take a closer look?

thanks for always glowing (:

Jul 7, 2009 @ 10:36 PM

have been too obsessed with the everyday life that i hardly get to sit down in front of my laptop and write a proper blog entry. have almost forgotten the beauty that language brings.

these few days everywhere and everything was abt Michael Jackson and so i came across this:

If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with. - Michael Jackson

i was nowhere near to being a fan of him, and yet the superstar said sth so universal that it's almost hard to challenge. at least from my perspective it is.

how do you enter the world knowing that you are loved? at which point in life do you start gaining the consciousness that you are loved? i guess it differs for everyone. for some ppl perhaps until this very moment they would not have agreed that they have ever been loved.

but lucky people like us.
most of us have been loved and have given love to so many ppl at so many occasions that we are fortunate enough to experience the intricacies of it.

it's difficult to recall and pinpoint when exactly do people start to feel loved. for me i guess it came with my dad and mum. cos we were told, in textbooks and in tales, that daddy and mummy love us, and we should love them too.

and in the process, there came many many kinds of love.

even though it may not be within our consciousness to realise love, one thing for sure, it's within our control to do the latter - leaving the world knowing that we are loved.

life is too short for any regrets.

i dont forget easily, but at least i forgive rather willingly, or so i think.

i get depressed easily. i think of the world badly when things dont go my way. i am sensitive, and emotional. i think the world hates me, sometimes. but as the years go by, as i had more practice dealing with my own emotions, i realise i only need a good sleep to calm myself down.

no matter how depressed i was the night before and how badly i cried my hearts out, the nxt morning i usually wake up thinking how childish i must have been. and love hasnt left at all. the world still smiles at me.

ppl rise and ppl sink.
when u think u've sunk soooo low that it's impossible for u to handle anymore,
- take ur mind off it (ie. sleep!)
- next, take a step back and look
- ask urself, was it rly that bad?

give love readily, and give everyone a chance to love u too. the world goes on. love too.

try it the next time u're upset.
it works for me all the time :)

Jul 3, 2009 @ 1:01 AM

:) met up with yennnnnn today! the one and only gd thing that happened today.

:( while hungry and tired, suck ass 179 made me wait for 30mins at the interchange at past 11pm

:( i survived on 1 mcmuffin 1 prata and 2 milo bings for the whole of today. good job.

:( i have a bloody first aid course tmr at 9am at tampines (good job again) and im still awake now.

im in a pissy mood now


17 jan

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