Oct 28, 2005 @ 5:41 AM

why do things have to change at these few last moments. we seem so un-united. again. i thought this has never been a problem to me since long ago but i think i was wrong. in fact this problem will resurface time and again until we're really able to accept each other fully and be true friends.

i've always believed friendship can be a great pillar of strength to me, even as close to heart as my family. i guess it's very largely due to the fact that i'm the only child. i'm not like most of my other friends who get to enjoy siblings' company. therefore i tend to give that trust and i place alot of hope on friendship, to give me what my parents have not been able to.

perhaps it's bcos we're at this stage of life. not too young and not that old. thats the only reason i could think of bcos i dun see how a group of young ppl sleeping together eating together basically living together cant get along well. there must be something but i have yet to decipher that something.

since i met some of my old friends online few days ago, i realised i look forward to meeting them very very much. we were still young when we knew each other. unlike now, we were able to survive even the toughest test of friendship then. it's sweet seeing each other 4years later, when we have all grown and understood what 4 years ago had been for us.

Oct 27, 2005 @ 5:51 AM

so long never post liao. hmm i dunno what to post leh.

oh sharon is such a loser! she said "he jun xiang" actually appreared in tvb anniversary celebration! and she sounded soooooo sure! arrh go fanxing la! still dare to讲那么大声! they dun look alike at all okay.

today we're officially leaving 4/3 classroom. i think we'll never go back again. sad...

(ugh the com lab is blasted with wangzi songs all over the place! sian)

Oct 23, 2005 @ 3:21 PM

this feels weird. i'm at yy's house. my mum is sleeping. yy's out with her dad and sis. yy's mum is with me in the room and we are both using laptops. i'm as usual online and she's chatting with yy's bro who is overseas(pro eh?) how weird can this be??!

yy still isn't back yet!!! what is she doing at merlion so late at night?? my god.

and for the first time this year, i logged on to MSN!!! and to find 20 contacts popping up at me!

Oct 22, 2005 @ 1:05 AM

the whatever personality test is driving me crazy. i cant believe the school paid $68 per person for it! it's asking the same question over and over again! whether u're more practical/creative? and some cliche questions. ah stoooooopid.

going over to hci for open house later. boo~my future lies there! whish also means i'm leaving nanyang soon... argghhhhh I DUN WAN ah!!

ohno. mrs seah just gave everyone a bookmark with personalised msg witten on it! and they are crying like dunno what. ha i dun really feel anything actually. ohno i feel bad :S

but i've to say that i really appreciate all that she has done. her msg is kind of sweet~ "thank you for your kind words-it is my role to fuss and worry about you girls. My joy lies not in your progress (in terms of marks) but that your hearts and minds remain open and giving."

i've decided not to wash my shoes for tmr's ceremony though it's dirty like hell. even chian washed!

Oct 20, 2005 @ 7:40 AM

ATTENTION scholarz!!

OH NO PEOPLE!! i posted the previous entry (dated oct19) on scholarz blog juz now! i wanted to post it here actually.. haha blur me!

somebody faster help me delete that entry from there pls cos i cant go in! dunno why also... thankyou :) paisehpaiseh

btw: what did u ppl do to our scholarz blog??! the school blocked it!! any uhhum words in there??

@ 7:35 AM

finished pia-ing hotel at 3.30am this morning! grr the ending was so rushed! but at least it's a nice one.. and miracle! my roommate slept later than me cos she was pia-ing xi too!

talking bout prcs. hmm 4/8 is crazy. those prcs bao ban top3 in level! gosh! bet top 456 all came from them. WHATEVER..! I JUST HATE LULU!

hey shaan-downloaded yummy song? hmm sent to u last time but u say dun have. oh btw, help u burn those cds liao :) efficient leh?

watched the clips with hooi yesterday! zai-ded by fung!!!! he can sing so well la! me and hooi almost fainted when his voice came out! so power.. not like some mary eww.

anyway got back papers today. english was way way better than i've expected. math was soso-kind of expected but hope to get better. lalala tmr i'm just going to die. wish me luck~

Oct 19, 2005 @ 4:11 AM

hmm nothing much these days. pia xi..eat...sleep :)

stupid yen and yoke paoqi me for 4days liao! and they're finally coming back today~! tmr is our shi jie mo ri!! :S

yesterday was so pathetic. only me and nui left in the bs durng lucnhtime. stupid qipok refused to wake up and go eat with us!! canteen got no food!! so we ended up going to coro in the end. really pathetic...

rarr! heh downloaded so many clips! gonna watch until siow~ fung's soooooo hot..


Oct 16, 2005 @ 4:50 AM

just received a call from mama. grandma's condition isnt well. she cant even hear and talk properly on the phone. i didnt dare to ask mum what doctor's going to do to her until i realised i couldnt runaway from reality. i kind of expected that to happen but not so soon, not when i'm not there with my family.

she has to get her leg amputated and doctor says thats the only way. i cant imagine going back during holidays and find that out of a sudden, she has become a disabled person. i didnt dare to cry in the phone in case mum gets more worried. even she doesnt cry how could i? i held back my tears all the way until i fniished my meal and walked back to room alone. qipok's still sleeping.

i feel so helpless esp when i cant be there with them and with my grandma. i guess it'll be more painful if i'm there but i just hope to do something. all i can do now is to pray.

Oct 15, 2005 @ 7:31 AM

shit him. feilan's going to close the lab soon! and i haven burn my cd UGH WHY TODAY SO EARLY??!

wen! ask ur laogong go and fanxing!

yay i'm going to pia xi tonight!! :)

@ 7:26 AM

ooolalah second entry of the day.
have been camping in the comlab since 12. hmm feels gooooood after 2weeks of deprivation from internet!!

whats wrong with me?? i typed www.google.com when i actually wanted to go www.blogger.com doink.

hmm it just dawned on me yesterday that our wonderful times of being together are really coming to an end soon. and the worse thing is, it's going to end very unwonderfully. with Os coming in 2 weeks time and its everyone's time to mug.

it was too late when i realised that thursday night was supposed to be our last day having prep together. oficially i mean. i didnt know that until yesterday. 为什么人总在失去后才懂得珍惜?

@ 3:45 AM

its all over!!!

but i'm not as excited as i've expected. never mind. physics is just over and see, i'm still here! :) hooray~ i'm not going to care how badly or how well i've done. the most important thing is.......... ITS ALL OVER!!!!!!!!!!

fung kept appearing in my mind, even during exams! grr. i thought of him almost in all of the papers! his songs are soooo stuck in my head. k i'm going crazy. but i'm not the only one :)

i want to go hongkong!!! someone pls sponsor me!!!!!

Oct 13, 2005 @ 9:08 AM

today is the first time i felt so much like crying after a paper. totally screwed. MCQ. wth. dint feel like discussing it at all. just stayed at one corner and continued studying. but second paper was worse. dunno how to describe my disappointment. whats the studying for? why bother to sleep so late and wake up so early in the morning? it doesnt help at all.

STan and DTan are jian. wadeva.

had a good sleep. felt much better. at least i feel refreshed and prepared for math tomorrow! yen dun sad le la. i understand how it feels like cos we studied together thru the night! know u oso very sad la, can tell from ur expression.

but life has to go on right??? i know its cliche but well, thats the truth isnt it?! cheer up and move on~ we can all do it together.


Oct 7, 2005 @ 10:02 AM


@ 5:25 AM

做那么多干吗?值得吗?没有人会感激你的... 何必做一些吃力不讨好的事情呢?!




Oct 5, 2005 @ 8:29 AM


she made me so worried over the "lost" disc for the past 4 hours! 50bucks fine for losing it you know... blur queen...! her original message went like "No! I'm very sure! I checked when you passed it to me!" dadadadada... i thought i must have dropped it la! argggh!

nvm... 找到就好了! dun do that to me anymore k...i dun have a strong heart :S

Oct 4, 2005 @ 6:06 AM

finally got myself a phone yesterday after mine's with daddy for the past 10months!! gosh. going to be broke! help!! i'm gonna ask mummy for financial assistance hmmm! anyway its a nice phone :) and i set fung's song as my alarm haha. that means i wake up to his song every morning! xing fu-ing...

oh yay mummy's coming down for my graduation ceremony. dad hasnt decided yet. that means she can bring down all the fung mags that i asked her to buy for us! yippee. oh one more thing, dunno whether formal dinner will be before or after 220ct. cos i forgot to bring my skirt back!!! and they've decided that we'll all wear skirts together!! zen me ban ya??!

and why is everyone changing their template??! maybe i should too? but i dun wan to part with my piano pic!!

Oct 1, 2005 @ 5:55 AM

hoho i couldnt resist temptation and watched luzheng disc3 yesterday!! kena scolded by hooi this morning >.< worse than my mom (woops sorry ma... i dun really mean it)

played badminton for one FULL hour during PE yesterday!! felt good~ then i realised how much i missed it. haiz..i'm still regretting over not joining badminton 4yrs ago..

anyway, glad that today's finally over!! eng mock exam! grrr. sucks. anyway i've decided that i'm NOT going to complain! cos ppl around me all looked... suicidal!! and i mean it... really suicidal, over an ungraded mock exam!!!! it makes me wonder how they'll look like next friday at 12.45pm when the real thing is over. scary.

it doesnt make any sense to groan and moan when everybody actually said that they did equally bad, if not worse. ya maybe i should start thinking that i did best.. since i'm not complaining, and no one is willing to say that they did relatively okay. 每个人都在扮演受害者,这样的生活...好虚假哦

*4/3 babes.. its time to look a little further.. life's definitely more than that i believe??


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