Nov 29, 2007 @ 10:39 PM

went over to aunt lily's for lunch today.

daddy took quite a few turns before we found her hse. that shows how loooong we've not been there! we were looking at photos frm uncle's wedding..feels damn fun. wished i was there :(

and i finally saw miss little wenhui 3 days ago! she's my latest eyecandy!! she's only 3 months old but i can tell you she's gonna grow up to be SUPER pretty. ahh babies are such sweet blessings frm above~

was chatting with michelle and nigel on msn just now and it finally dawned on us that we three are seriously SUPER out of touch with each other! as if all that we could recall about each other were the 'little genting' visits to the mama stalls. which has not happened for like... more than 4 years?? darn. 5 days back home is really NOT enough.

have been indulging in reminscence with some friends these few days. it's amazing how the warmth has not receded at all. they've never failed to make me feel important and loved. the feeling can be so easily picked up again the moment we open our mouths and talk! something that i have yet to find in some friends, unfortunately. ha, well, not most of you who are reading now.

once again a bigggggg hug to these people in my life.
when i count my blessings, i count you twice

ha, it's not meant to be cheesy hur.
im SERIOUS when i say that :)

Nov 27, 2007 @ 7:36 PM

this afternoon before i went out to shop someone spoiled my mood really badly. thanks ah. the same person whom my mum and i bitched about last night. wah slap her man. she irritated me TWICE today. thankssss

thought i wouldnt have the mood to shop.
but surprising enough i got my prom dress! finally finally finally. it was a very random shop that my mum recommended and i didnt expect to find anything there. ha! 无心插柳柳成荫

hmm quite nice la, and affordable. but im scared i'll regret the colour that i chose. and the heels! quite high leh. im scared i'll fall man...but for vanity's sake..sigh. and also for the lack of height :(

now im left with accessories only. cant wait to be back and shop with joke! hany u wanna come?

going out for pan mee dinner cos we shopped too much and no time left for mummy to cook. it's a new stall that daddy recently discovered. woohoo.. i love KL food! oishii :D

wah there's I****n gathering outside pudu jail since this morning leh. i walked past them twice. i thought the riot stopped alr? shit it's near my house.

@ 12:56 AM

just bitched with mummy about some people. the usual few la who else. sigh..sucky people who dont know that they're sucky. oooh shuang! daddy joined in too. haha what a family bonding session!

yayy i love my new hair :))

Nov 25, 2007 @ 12:07 AM

wooo. back frm chalet!

picture updates. again.

the sheep lover

daoteng's mahjong looks SUPER DUPER cool lidat

our favourite pastime!

i love joke's maozedong shirt! cool hair hur

so long nv play badminton alr!

wow guess who!

the turnout for this year is pathetically few! much less than last year. so the mood was not quite there also. but it was nevertheless fun! the mahjong, the cardgames, and the night cycling!!! cycled frm changi village to ecp then back to changi village again. hmm is that what we call 年少轻狂 ? thats like frm my hse to cheras and back to my hse! siow.

not that i can cycle la..but thanks to an invention called the double bike! and thanks to zuo dear of course :) we made great partners hur! so synchronised. but i still get the bruises on my two knees as a result of rubbing against the front seats -.- fun fun fun!

my muscles haven recovered fully and im going home in 8 hours time! and i haven finished packing yet. greatttttt.

really need to get on with the packing liao. and hopefully i'll get my prom dress by the time i come back! argh stressed =\

there are things that i wanna say but i dunno how to put them in my own word. it's not any particular concern of mine but just some things and ppl around me that bring me this realisation.

fung's new song says it best:


it saddens me how fragile some things are..

Nov 20, 2007 @ 10:26 PM

current favourite quote:

"Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human? And the stars, do they gaze back? That's the question."

and this too..

"I know a lot about love. I've seen it, centuries and centuries of it, and it was the only thing that made watching your world bearable. All those wars. Pain, lies, hate... It made me want to turn away and never look down again. But when I see the way that mankind loves... You could search to the furthest reaches of the universe and never find anything more beautiful."

it will be too shallow to interpret 'love' here as pure romance.

stardust was good good good :) :)
it has a very beautiful meaning to it.
the universe! the way mankind perceives it to be. and the abstract connection between the universe and mankind that we've tried to draw for ourselves. the universe has always remained as a sign of utmost mystery. for me, it represents something beyond our reach and imagination.

i remember reading this somewhere:

Do you know why celebrities are referred to as 'stars'?
Because they are glittering things up there in the sky, too far to touch, but close enough to admire.

im once again overwhelmed by the beauty of it all :)

Nov 18, 2007 @ 8:53 PM

it's 8.55 pm now
they're all at uncle's wedding dinner
:( :( :( :(
feel so left out..

anyway, happy marriage to my sam kau fu.
stop being so childish la ahpek!

@ 2:39 PM

he's done it again!

his very nice brooch that says 'LF'

Nov 15, 2007 @ 11:46 AM

wow im totally so bored now i have to entertain myself with random quizzes! haven done this for yrs!

STARTO: 1148 am

01 // Are you color blind?
* nope

02 // Do you constantly fight with siblings?
* i wish i could :(

03 // What really makes you happy?
* refer to the list of things on my right hand column. heh

04 // Do you turn to your parents or friends when you're down?
* hmm friends. dun usually say emo things to my parents

05 // What is your favorite thirst quencher?
* H2O!!! as in water. not the drink.

06 // Are you a Starbucks junkie?
* nope

07 // Have you ever read an entire book in one day?
* yup. but that was LOOOONG ago. it has not happened for ages.

08 // Have you ever read Captain Underpants?
* LOL. no but i know it used to be chian's fav huh.

09 // Do you enjoy acting like a little kid?
* sometimes? esp in front of daddy mummy :) acting like a kid is a natural thing to do.

10 // Would you ever take one of your exes back?
* -.- dunno leh. but i guess when it rlly happens and we both feel like it, it's perfectly fine la.

11 // Have you ever fooled around with a stranger?
* er NO.

12 // Tell us, what is the best way to cope with a harsh breakup?
* harsh huh? as in mean? den slap him!!

13 // What are your thoughts on abortion?
* hmm generally not agreeable to it. but necessary under some conditions.

14 // Are you a good ice skater?
* totally CMI -.-

15 // Who, if anyone, do you detest the most right now and why?
* hmm i have someone in mind but i only detest him when he chooses to irritate me. why ah? dunno leh. dont you think some ppl are just BORN with that innate quality to irritate ppl? HAHAHA

16 // Do you prefer chocolate or candy?
* qiao ke li!

17 // Are there any bands out there that you think are total posers?
* wow this is an EXCITING question. poser or not im not sure but currently there're just too many junky and useless bands out there whom i DETEST. they dare call themselves 'singers' and 'actors' when they can do neither! lol. (eg, F_ & F________)

18 // What's a movie that you think should be banned for it being so crappy?
* many! oh there was a hk one.. 希玛来亚山 or smth lidat.

19 // Do your parents allow you to swear in the house?
* generally no but they're not v particular about it when i uncontrollably spew vulgarities (those milder ones) once in a while.

20 // Do you like those candy hearts with sayings like 'Call me' or 'I love you' on them?
* nah

21 // Are you 100% anti-Valentine's day?
* haha no duh

22 // What do you find more addictive... taking surveys, Myspace, or Facebook?
* currently: taking surveys. but im sure soon it's gonna be facebook. (im finally planning to sign up after A's!)

23 // Have you ever cried your heart out over a boy?
* no. i've yet to meet someone who is that infleuntial to me.

24 // Isn't the show Scarred on MTV the most pointless and disgusting thing you've ever seen?
* sia mi lai!

25 // Do you skip school a lot?
* i've NEVER. haha guai hor

26 // Have you ever shoplifted, and if so did you get caught?
* now that i think of it i actually did leh! i stole a plaster when my aunty got a cut during shopping, without telling her. shoplifted for a very touching reason >.<

27 // Have you ever been in so much pain from period cramps that you couldn't stand up?
* im lucky i dont have have cramps (: yayy

28 // Did you cry while watching Pursuit of Happyness?
* dint watch leh

29 // Do you know anyone with a name that starts with the letter Q?
* QI!! qianlei! qihui! qikai! wahh my clss got so many!

30 // Have you faked sick recently?
* no. but i fell sick last last week.

31 // Have you ever watched something die?
* i've watched SOMEONE die. that was by far one of the most impactful moments in my life.

32 // What time is it right now?
* 12.18 pm

33 // When is the last time you went to a party?
* what kind of party? Qi's bday party 2 years back?

34 // Do you still believe in Santa Claus?
* still? i have nv believed in that. ha!

35 // Are you in love with medical shows like Grey's Anatomy and House?
* YES. im easily grossed out by some of the scenes but i still enjoy watching them cos they're interesting and intellectually satisfying (:

36 // When you walk into a perfume store, does it give you a headache because of all the strong scents?
* im okay with them

37 // What song reminds you of your boyfriend or the person you like/liked?
* 恋人未满

38 // What song reminds you of your ex?
* stop asking qns about ex la. dun have!!

39 // Do you go out of your way to show off in front of your crush?
* no. i thought only guys do that?

40 // Have you ever had a truly deep, intellectual, and personal conversation?
* yesss! it's fulfilling!

41 // Are you a sucker for a boy that plays an acoustic guitar?
* piano, yes. guitar, not particularly, cos im not into it.

END: 1225 pm

Nov 13, 2007 @ 10:58 PM

YES econs essay is OVER. OVERRRRR

not that econs is over yet cos there's still case study, but somehow the essay part of it has been contributing to 90% of my stress, even though case study is just another way of saying 'essay split into mini parts'

read zhengyou's blog. which reminds me..HERO!!
6B lets go and watch on our last day of chalet!
takuya! 是帅的 lor..

okay i find it rather weird that im high about this, since i haven watched any of his shows before. which is another thing that i find unbelievable too, since im constantly surrounded by ppl who are rather into him. but im gonna watch Good Luck soon! er, like 3 yrs after most ppl watched it?

or maybe it's just the thought of going into cinema for a JAP show that excites me? i've not done that before. ohman imagine if yamapi's kurosagi comes to spore nxt march! nui, yen, kaiying and me can go screaming in the cinema!

i just realise there're soooooo many exciting things after A's that i wanna do. oh BTW, i THINK im getting a job really soon thanks to shuyi. she recommended me to her ex-manager and surprisingly enough, she kinda agreed and im going down to meet her soon. wow. called nui just now and she was all high about us living together nxt yr. ha! ohman i cant bliv it..we're gonna earn $$$$$$ and really be fully responsible for our daily matters! in hostels at least we have our meals provided. (well, not that i'll miss the food in any case)

was listening to Glory of Love just now and it immediately reminded me of Mich! heh. her craziness over North last time. yes, last time. it was westlife > north > maksim > kevin > ron > fung > dongbangshinki currently -.- it always amazes me how she can change idols really fast.

unlike me (:
i think mine was: energy > fung and yamapi
and thats all. i mean i have random idols along the way and i still do but they're pretty random and im just not that devoted to them la.

er side tracked.
ok i still rmb what i wanted to say. GOOD LUCK to mich and nigel who are still having their spm! ha, poor nigel, his last paper is on his bday lol. boooo i haven seen my nieces and nephews for so loooong!

i need a haircut :( and a new hairstyle :(

damn i blogged ALOT more than i wanted to. byee 读书咯

Nov 11, 2007 @ 8:20 PM

ugh i dont care im just gonna consider myself a FREED SOUL this coming friday at 11am! even though there's like physics mcq left on the nxt tuesday -.-

great. tmr is physics 2 and im feeling like i haven done physics for a century. since wednesday it has been econs and econs and econs only (with little productivity though). sigh i really should throw my laptop away. but there's too much excitement going on in fung's forum nowadays i refresh the page at a frequency of about once/5 mins.

thanks. im going to suffer the consequences over the nxt few days, if not my life after i get my results -.-


my dad is surprised i remember his bday!
he said he wasnt expecting a call frm me since it was exam period. HUR o.O apparently he thinks im already on the verge of going insane frm all the studying. i think it'd be better if i am.

Nov 10, 2007 @ 1:01 AM

fung's new song is nice!
i only have the 1:50 preview version and im currently listening to it for the 22nd time (it's been repeating on my media player for the past half hour)

he's lucky
he's blessed with such a good voice
rich and deep (:
swooning effect!

can have a good night sleep ((:

Nov 7, 2007 @ 10:41 PM





and that pretty much sums up what i've been doing since 6pm yesterday -.- im amazed by my own productivity...

i like weilian's new song:


Nov 6, 2007 @ 9:56 AM

totally not in the mood for math.

the new 08 calendar looks glam!

a zoom in on my fav:

the January page:

heh so cute XD
i love the red and green polo!

Nov 2, 2007 @ 8:19 PM

A levels started, peacefully though. not much of the stress and unease that i'd anticipated. but most of the time i walked out of the papers not daring to judge how well/badly i've done cos i cant even decide if it was hard or easy.

ANYWAY. i have a relatively relaxing week ahead! only 1 math paper. so the remaining time is meant for me to cheong FULL BLAST for econs!

and Energy's coming to spore this weekend :(

i haven bought a proper album since like.. TWO years ago? which means i've been d___l___ing songs... which is bad -.-

i feel like buying their new album! this time i can see so much of determination in them, determination to prove the world wrong, that they're still alive. even though in fans' hearts nothing of that will ever come close to the original Energy.

reminds me of those crazy days... where we would buy every of their album, re-watch their MVs a thousand times, and do anything to bluff our way out just to extend curfew to go for their autograph session!

up till now my username for almost ALL of the accounts i have online (including blogger) is still 'luvtoro'. lol. avoid confusion mah..

haha the toro-brand hair

the original is always irreplaceable.

i miss the old Energy
but i miss those memories more.
bcos the frenzy and the purity are innocence that can no longer be revived..


~ 《永远不说再见》 Energy


17 jan

loves daddy mummy
loves my family
loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

also love:
* scholarz!
* 6H
* 06s6b
* Delphus
* Impreeeeee
* yamapi, jin
* leehom
* louis koo
* wch, fuhaifeng
* hk dramas
* badminton, vball
* music & piano
* photos
* quality time with loved ones
* words of affirmation

Where to go.

2/5. amy. APPLE. atee. audry. boy-nigel. cai na. chenyang. chian. cxy & fangxuan. danqing. daoteng. daryl. eunice. ferleen. fiona. frederick. geminista (fungfan). hanyan. hooi. hongfei. jac. jac+mq. jinghan. joanne (fungfan). jodie. jolene. junie. junjie. karin. kerwei!. kiamian the notsoglam. kiansiong. KFC. kris. lanfang. lingling. liu qian. linlaoshi. liting. liwei. meiling. meisi. mengY. michelle. mingle. nigel. peishan. pow. qiankun. Qipok. rachael. ruiyi. scholarz. serene. sharon. shengbin. shueh-yi dear. sianghan. siewching. sieyen. siying (fungfan). sooern. steph. suet. sze. szemin. tianyu. victoria (fungfan). vincent. wanghao. weili. weisen. wenhui. xiaomeng. xinyilim. xueling. xulin. yanjun. yezi glamgal. yibing. yuehong. zhengyou. zhengzhi. lijuanjie. 06s6b. my photos. 6B Photos. 6B YahooGrp. 6B Forum. AseanYahooGrp.

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