Apr 27, 2008 @ 1:04 AM

quote the fatasswhencheepoksai,

"aussie milk’s AWESOME hahah so fresh and natural u can TASTE THE COW!!"

like EW? (frowns)

i have nth much to say about my life at this point in time, except that im drowning in the comfort of home :) the REAL one.

tanah tumpahnya darahku!

and oh, (eunice i haven told u! or has mrs loo kindly informed u on my behalf alr?) i couldnt find anymore excuse to turn down her request for 3-hr session for wanling :( and she asked for discount of course. and in the end i quoted $18/hr :( haha sighhhh SAI ... i follow u! give 10% discount :D

haven done this for a while:
picture updates!
for the sake of updating whats been going on. as well as to show u how messily long my hair is already. thank goodness im getting a haircut SOON.






no captions this time.
and some are OBVIOUSLY long overdue pics :D

Apr 22, 2008 @ 8:03 AM

it's currently 8.05 am, and im still at home!!!

it's still raining and i lost my umbrella and therefore i cant go out to work :(

wat a stupid reason to be late for work rite. grrr. ohman the rain better stop soon! and im watching the vid jodie put up at scholarz blog! the lyrics good leh surprisingly. ok not good. just that i feel i can identify with it and see part of it as describing us? :D

btw i just woke up frm a SUPER random dream of 6B. auggie wanted us to go back to collect smth and so we were at the cls bench, but suddenly the setting turned into ny! and the guys were playing bball at our netball court -.- so the girls stoned around, and thats pretty much what i can rmb frm the dream. and another thing is that auggie has a new teaching assistant called KENNY (!!!). wth X 10000. HAHA!

Apr 16, 2008 @ 10:13 AM

"In an age where a woman's destiny was determined by her father, one sister followed the rules. The other defied them."

watch it please.
i'd give it a 4/5.

my favourite quote frm the movie:
Letting men believe they are in charge - that's the art of being woman. (wow. heard that honey?)

and this -
Mary Boleyn: "We're sisters.."
Anne Boleyn: "And therefore born to be rivals"

just caught up with some reviews this morning and 9 out of 10 were extremely negative, condemningly so. but apparently the 3 of us thought it was above average. and $6 for a 2-hour show! made it all the more worth it. ZUO YOU MISSED IT! trust US, u must go catch it some time : )

one last one from a review:

"As for the Boleyn girls, I'm afraid to say that Anne is the juicier role, and Portman the juicier performer. Both women have their moments, but Johansson still doesn't understand that being doe-eyed isn't the same thing as looking like a deer trapped in headlights. Portman, on the other hand, is beautifully superficial, running an adept gamut of emotions. She has a degree from Harvard, and I'm sure she cracked her Monarch Notes often during production."

LOL. it's amazing there wasn't a single moment i hated natalie portman in the movie, despite her being underhand and all.

Apr 14, 2008 @ 10:37 AM

see what i've found frm some jap online shopping site!


i thought they look damn amusing i kept laughing to myself like a retard. the monkey is seriously lame. i wouldnt mind getting one for myself (not for the purpose it was made for, but more for its lameness/cuteness) if it were cheaper. both the nailclipping & blowing thing cost frigging $19.90 each?!

when i told my mum about it she was like, hmm.. it says about the degree of laziness of the japs right. lol i agree. but more like they're too free to even come up with these huh

which reminds me....
a very cool fact here:

my korean boy tutee actually has a ROBOT at his korean home (!!) his father is a scientist and according to him, their home robot is designed by his father himself. now HOW COOL IS THAT?!!? but it sounds pretty useless to me, since the robot's main function is to: -

(i) open the door when there're visitors
(ii) make & serve drink when he it's asked to

but the cool thing here is that, you can instruct the robot by words la. not like 'Press here for tea' and 'Press here for coffee' kind. lol imagine being greeted by A ROBOT when u press the doorbell? and then it says, "Hi. My master is not around, please come back in 43 mins and 16 seconds.." !!!!! freaking hell haha.

but apparently his mum said the majority of koreans have robots at home. mostly are those small ones that move on the floor, used for cleaning purposes. only a small fraction will have the standing and walking kind of robots.. ahhh freaky. i wonder when will we start having robots at home too? laziness X 1000000

then im sure the japanese have home robots as well.

ok i just found THIS.
check it out yo: A Robot in Every South Korean Home by 2020...

haizz. the reason behind the perpetuation of human laziness in the 21st century.

Apr 11, 2008 @ 1:04 PM

i think you really shld stop stalking my blog me. you come here like...after every hour? hahahahaha.

i have ur ip address my dear : )

Apr 9, 2008 @ 10:04 AM





《野猪大改造》 懒懒软软怪怪地,把剧集调子演成自己的节奏,搞的当“正印”的龟梨和也毫无招架之力,便知道这家伙的时代即将到来。

《诈欺猎人》 里背负悲剧过去的少年,密室里一柜变身道具,集集变换身份,举手投足仿佛木村当年的模样。

《求婚大作战》 面对挚爱又一派欲说还羞深情款款,女性族群怎可能不为所动。


No. 1 偶像位置仍属悬空状态,山P随时伺机登位。”

i cant bliv i typed it all out. er... i obviously DIDN'T write the chinese right.

i agree. charisma can be uncovered and developed overtime (it's a hidden quality within oneself), but not learnt (one can nv take on a style that doesn't belong to him)

dedicated to my 2nd lover after fUng,

watashiwa totemo ganbatte nihongo o benkyoo shiterunda! (very wrong grammar)


i always love the way i-weekly reporters write.

it's very different from other mainstream magazines that u have, even thou ironically, i-weekly is just another a mainstream magazine. they have a very good way with words i must say, such that the comments they make about personal experiences with artists/movies are subtle yet sufficiently succint and to the point.

kudos to the reporters! (杨丽玲 is my fav)
they show me reading entertainment magazines can be brainy & intellectual as well.

Apr 8, 2008 @ 4:16 PM

lol. was just circulating this email in my office.

look at the pic below, COOL HUR.

it's NOT an animated pic btw.
when ur eyes focus on one circle, that circle stops spinning.

and i got an interesting reply from martin:
"The trick here is, do not focus on any circles at all!"

well, i tried to do that but it barely lasted for a few seconds before i focused back on one of the circles again.

lol, the perplexity of the human brain.


on a sidenote, here's a small little dedication to me and chian's newfound love (i kind of got over the fetish already tho i still find him cute when he's acting):

i swear i did sort of despise myself for a minute or two when the thought 'ohman he's cute!' flashed across my mind. years ago he was only qualifed to be my mum's idol, not mine.

chian, this says something...
we're getting OLD :S

Apr 2, 2008 @ 12:02 PM

haha i think i should learn to stop saying I HATE dont like CIGARETTES in my company. people will just give me the HUH face and say 'why are you here?' and i get tired of trying to explain to them that this is a temp job and i really dont care.

the bottomline is: I WONT COME BACK.
and u can take my word for it.
(unless im really so suay that no other company wants me la)

it's got nothing to do with the work or the people. in fact my colleagues are nice, i enjoy my work, and whatmore the company benefits are like damn good that it's difficult to find elsewhere.

but i realise i get very uneasy everytime i see/read/hear the company mission during presentations and stuff.

"Our goal is to provide quality cigarettes for informed adults who are highly aware of the hazards of smoking. AND more importantly, we do not encourage youths to smoke. We've taken part in many anti-smoking campaigns for youths and...."

the first time i heard i went like.... ?!?!?!?!!! and couldn't stop rolling my eyes haha.

that must be one of the most ironic statements i've ever come across - the statement itself, the viewpoint of the statement, and taking into account the organisation that is making the statement.

i see, so you dont encourage youths to smoke. but the youths wont grow huh? and what then shld you tell them? "hey, i told you not to smoke rite... oh well that was when u were young. now that u're an informed adult, pls try it, im sure u'll like the quality cigarettes we have here, oh but bear in mind that smoking is really bad u know........."


i admit tobacco is a challenging industry due to the nature of the product, but come on la, after all that talk u're still making money out of ppl who smoke rite. it's like running a drug business, the difference being that this is a legal one. lol

hm... interviews on both fri and sat :S
goodbye Straits Times, Business Times is like my new best friend for the nxt few days.

an eventful weekend ahead.
tuition + interviews + outings :O


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