Nov 30, 2008 @ 1:31 AM

wahhh. im leaving for indonesia in less than 12 hours time.

ok sounds very far rite. actually we're just taking ferry to batam :P


(bring along ur calculators)

dun miss me. i will be back.

Nov 25, 2008 @ 12:30 AM



13 weeks of hard work get pwned by a TWO-HOUR PAPER. i can feel the pain.

hai, not like i didnt try :(
well, i liked FM but it didnt like me.

its ok, im a happy gal as long as the exams are overrrrrr.

Nov 22, 2008 @ 8:44 PM

ok just finished bathing, and it's my postdinner mini-break again.

haiiiiii i dun wan to study bizlaw. rawrrr.

things to countdown to:
in 2 weeks!
APPLE'S 21ST PARTY in 2 weeks!
STAND CHART in 2 weeks!
HOME in 3 weeks!
GENTING in 3 weeks!
VBALL COMP in 3 weeks!
6B GATHERING in ??? 1 month?
IMPRE auditions!

and of course,


hmm.. exams have taken all my life away my camera is so empty. the only more recent photos (apart from those taken in reading room) i can find to upload are from the random supper night:

CHEF ZENG. (frank who very kindly cooked us mee goreng)

bizlaw is interesting to know. but not fun to study :(

EATING and MUGGING (trying to)

MINGLE ni zai na li??? oooh love is in sengkang.

Nov 20, 2008 @ 9:05 PM

and i think someone is STALKING me?

it's from a school IP address.

hmmm ... ...

@ 8:56 PM

ooooooooooh 18k! :D
close to 19. hahaa

but its okay. ive stopped playing until nxt monday comes along.

ohno ohno my roomie had insomnia for the 4th consecutive night. and shes not gg to sleep tonite cos she cant finish studying for tmr's paper. OMG. good luck shyni :( i feel so helpless. i cant even help her feed her hamster..(i dare not open the cage u see) oops

my eye sucks.
i can sense the infection coming up, and papers are on monday. what luck.

(PS: chian, if u happen to read this, what is 'sang ngan tiu zam' called in english???)

Nov 17, 2008 @ 9:16 PM

i napped for FOUR hours today! FOUR. :D

hmm this is weird. im supposed to be done with Accounting by 11.30 this morning, but during my nap i dreamt of bad debt expense. somehow the 'bad debt expense' word kept flashing in the last hour of my dream.. and it wasnt even tested in the paper

argh stupid daryl. stress me.
i was quite confident the paper went well until he kept checking answers and i realise i made alot of careless mistakes :( zen me ban :(

but ah heck care. im just happy it's over and here is what im doing now:

worldmapmugging :D
i will hit 13k by tonight!

i think my dad will score pretty well if he plays geo challenge.

Nov 15, 2008 @ 9:32 PM

frank is damn cock.
his comments on ferleen being priced at $7 million on friends for sale:

特丽莎 [祝你好运 玩的快乐!] says:
facebook is her job
特丽莎 [祝你好运 玩的快乐!] says:
study is her hobby
特丽莎 [祝你好运 玩的快乐!] says:
ppl like ferleen are way overpriced

ahhahahahahahhahaha! study is her hobby -.-

anyway, something i learnt from Geo Challenge:

Tada....! the flag of Libya.
i think their govt is damn lazy.

it's damn amusing when u try to google Libya flag and you see nothing but patches of green.


this post doesn't sound like it's from someone who is in the midst of her exams. GG.

Nov 14, 2008 @ 11:47 PM

im getting a significantly HUGE number of hits each day, from:



@ 2:11 AM


first and last thing of the day.

wake up: log in msn, check facebook
before sleep: check facebook again

omg what screwed lifestyle.

I NEED TO FEEL THE STRESS!! hai it's not here yet.

anyway, i had a pretty unhappy convo on msn just now. it's not like angry or what (okay u can tell im lying right). it's more like... disappointment at how immature some ppl are. maybe it's my own problem that i expect too much of them la. but oh well, at this stage of our life, if u still CANNOT sit still and listen to others objectively while they make their point, then i think u need some reflection (not in the mirror).

anyway it's real petty stuff so im not gonna narrate it here. just some thoughts.

shit. GEO challenge is addictive! it makes me high. 2am already i dont feel sleepy yet :(

ok, allow me to do this...haven done this in a while ;)

some fung dose for u!!
(more like for me. ok pardon me, i rlly feel like i haven been checking up on him for too long a time)
hehe :D

Nov 12, 2008 @ 7:18 PM


THREE more to go. go go go!

(im not stressed at all -.- hmm or maybe not yet)

if i were to draw a sleep-time graph, i think it'll be an increasing trend. what the hell la. i've been sleeping more as exams draw nearer. this is bad. oops i just rmb i didnt drink the chicken essence this morning...so much for the constant reminder from my mum -.-

i realise im damn out of touch with news. be it local news or world news or even entertainment news, cos i haven been reading at all! and im so so out of touch with fung's stuff. my dad knows something about fung that i dont (whoa!!!!)

see, exams stole my life away. bleargh.

i need to call home more regularly.
i need to visit chian.
i need to skype!!!
i need to email ppl.
i need to get back to fangirling and checking out on fung.
i need to talk to puisee.
i need to learn practise cycling
i need to see 6B for at least a yr end gathering or sth?

it's always a challenge to be honest to your heart, and to yourself. and for being so honest with me, i thank you for ur trust. all the best =)

Nov 9, 2008 @ 2:29 AM

WHOA im so f***ing insulted.

i realise i dislike most humanities teachers bcos they cant say things properly without sounding sarcastic, which i suppose is why they excel in something called the arts and humanities. they use it at all the wrong places.


been rather unproductive these 2 days. sleep, sleep, sleep, and more sleep. argh chiann u need to do better than this!

for the past 2 days we didnt eat at hall canteen! (what an achievement)

thursday APUS ordered KFC in..we randomly played badminton while waiting for delivery -.-and ytd me, beer, ferleen, jinhan, kiansiong, kefeng, joseph n darius had dinner at can A. and today kiansiong drove beer, yanjun, frank and i out for dinner.

er ok i duno why i had to list the names out but i just did.

this is a rather meaningless post.

i need to sleep more regularly. and blog less regularly -.- good night.

it's always like a roller coaster ride.

Nov 8, 2008 @ 3:27 AM

OMG im involved in two simultaneous, EXTREMELY EXCITING MSN convos!! (shit, i wanted to sleep early one) like watch show lidat.....


a good night's sleep chases away all negative thoughts.

Nov 6, 2008 @ 12:46 AM

wahh i read alot of updated blogs today and im inspired to write something too!

haha it's the first time in a long looong while that i blogged twice in a day.

hmm there's nothing in particular that i want to talk about... just pieces of random thoughts running through my head as i was blog hopping just now.

(lol, bear with me, i have a feeling its gonna be a long post since i dont feel like studying for tonight. but its ok u can skipread...cos its basically... random thoughts which may not make sense anyway)

ok firstly there was zhengyou's blog.
i shocked myself by feeling shocked at the line "it's already november" haha. yea, IT IS NOVEMBER ALREADY!! this might be abit hard to believe but honestly, i didnt realise. i think i sort of subconciously acknowledged the fact that it is november alr, (as my phone calendar shows it), but i guess i didnt quite capture and process the fact that yes, it is november alr. ahha, see, whether u know it and whether u process it is 2 diff matter altogether.

this year felt way faster than any other year in my life. i guess its uni? (lol i seem to associate everything with uni) life in uni is...for want of a better word, happening and so we dun rlly feel the pace at which time is passing by. before i realise it, 2008 is alr 80% gone.

alot of things happened this year. or rather, alot of NEW things happened this yr. met all the new ppl at work, in school, it's the first time i rlly feel like im stepping into society and mixing with ppl frm all walks of life.

new experiences include:
- having a steady income and managing it
- renting a room with one of the bestest ppl around
- meeting 2 wonderful kids who made teaching enjoyable
- camps which allowed me to have my frens and all my happenings in uni

yea, basically all the good stuff. there were down moments of course, but as usual, with me, they nv stayed long :D or at least, i would say i put in a considerable effort to not let them stay long.

then there was msyang's blog (which nv failed to trigger alot of diff kinds of thoughts in me). i think she's a very special person, who has very special thoughts. and her thoughts are rather child-like at times, which i like! it's like being honest to the child in all of us (though im in no position to say for sure that she's being all honest)

but still, i think being able to write like her will be such a wonderful thing! she writes very good stuff. in very simple english about very daily things but it's those daily things she blogs about that makes my heart tighten. more than once.

oh talking about heart tightening (ok it sounds a lil funny), there were so many moments recently that my heart tightened... due to various reasons. im sure u all have experienced it. you know the feeling like ur heart is being squenched by something? and it makes u feel sour and numb at ur heart?

haha the first time it ever happened to me, as far as i can rmb, was the time i watched 千金百分百 where the guy and girl were in this restaurant but chose to avoid each other for some reason. that was the first time i felt my heart tighten... from watching a drama, 4 yrs ago. (ok that sounded rlly immature)

it happens to me quite often. from reading a powerful quote, from reading what ppl wrote, from a line in a movie, from people whom i haven seen too long and am missing dearrrrrly, and people who matter etc etc....

like just not long ago, qi was telling me she nearly broke down and cry the day we hugged and left her at larkin. like when nui told me she cried loads frm reading my 'love letter' to her? haha! like when chian sent me a random sms asking me if im going to town? (tho she was probably just feeling lonely and decided to get random company) like when my mum called and sounded disappointed that i haven called home for many days? the heart became a little sour and abit achy.

lol. and sianghan's nick:
"it's the season of mugging and love."

awwww. so so true. ok stop smirking, i know what u're thinking, but pls, (hall 14 ppl), i wont be so stupid and scandalise myself on my blog right? im just seeing and hearing so many exciting things around me that i cant help but feel happy for them.

haha im one such person. i think i've said this before many times? i like to see ppl being tgt. i think it's a very sweet process...esp if those 2 ppl are ur frens. even when it's not, it doesnt matter cos happiness is contagious and when ur fren is loved, he/she spreads it to u too! yea, i'm truly truly happy for u all =)

but with that said, it also means an equal number of breakups going on in the army huh? oops. feel sorry for the army guys but well, as jinhan puts it, it's just a phase of life where things have to happen the way they should happen - it's no one's fault.

-- (the below is written some time later) --

ok my train of thought was more or less lost already.

it's currently 3.49am and i just came back from htht session with beer, jinhan and frank

hmm there are some new things that i discover about my frens today (: in the process i manage to sort my thoughts out too, i hope?

and i always like it when this happens.
human relationship is all about discovering one another, and then learn about ourselves, and then live with it, right?

ok i've penned down enough of what i feel like saying. im so gonna miss tmr's last tut if i dont sleep by now.

Nov 5, 2008 @ 10:19 AM

LOL my roomie is so cute.

i saw her msn nick: "Thank you MY dear roomieee...." and it took me quite a while to figure out what she was thanking me for.. its the room keyyy. HAHA shyni is just so...she basically does a lot of funny stuff in her own cute way.

and she revealed to me sth freaking embarrassing!! arggh im not gonna mention here.

i feel like seeing chian. kbox shall we? shit damn tempted.

oh btw i just overslept and missed my accounting tut AGAIN...for the 3rd time. i rock huh?

Nov 3, 2008 @ 8:29 PM

just went to ferleen's blog and i thought our convo there was quite amusing -

chiann: buy me! im on frens for sale. BUT ER....i duno how to use it and ive nv used it :P i only noe keep got ppl buying and selling me o.o
fur: eh i got buy you la you quite ex leh then ur friend keeps buying u back also LOL
chiann: HAHAHHA isit. i totally nvr check who buy and sell me one. wahpiang so im valuable huh!
fur: YA LOR u more ex than me you know!!!
chiann: yea of course oops. EH i ask u arh..how to go to the frens for sale page! i cant seem to go there n see...i wana see how 'EX' i am
fur: hmm the fb notifications at the bottom of the page shld have a link? if not ask me on msn la i show u the link hahaha U DAMN EX LAAA.


it wasnt very funny when u tagged. but when u read back its quite lols. not bad leh.. im like the 2nd most expensive person on her pets list? maybe its just that her other pets are...cui. (HAHAHHA oops, dun kill me)

projects, presentations and quizzes OFFICIALLY ENDED TODAY!! no more no more!

full blast mugging speed charging aheaddddd!

high school musical 3 was quite nice (:
the line that rang a bell in me: high school wasn't meant to last forever.

haha, like how obvious? yet sometimes we just forget that schools arent meant to last and so are the frens we make in schools. and we only rmb how to drown ourselves in endless complaints and complaints about school work.

LOL my high school is already over... and i guess uni cant exactly be considered as a... school? sometimes it just sucks to be growing up huh?


17 jan

loves daddy mummy
loves my family
loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

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