Aug 30, 2005 @ 7:15 AM

weijian video files


(um... just ignore.. i'm juz saving the link)

Aug 29, 2005 @ 11:01 AM

felt so much better after the bath. back to the energetic me again!

watching wangzi and wanquanyule later when yen comes back!! woohoo~ i hope the 38 bao4 ya2 bitch is not coming over all the way from c block just to get our names! :8

this morning ron and yi should be having their bdae party with fans!!! haiz... too bad i cant fly to hk to meet them personally! anyway, wish RON and YI the best of luck in whatever they do! and.. hopefully they can ca1 chu1 ai4 huo3 hua1~ xD

this morning went to imm at 9 something to with yen to catch superstars!!! nearly couldnt wake up... we were quite in front but the fans were just too crazy! cant see anything! luckily IDIOT jason was nicely blocked by someone while my view of weijian. junyang.weicong was totally unobstructed!! but poor yen had to stay down there and caught them through the camera! nvm... we can watch the replay! :D

finally when the auto session started, we managed to squeeze in front when most of them were leaving to join the queue. still cant see much. but at least nearer! the girls are so pretty!! esp kelly and candyce. very different. xinhui also. silver has always the pretty baby among them though i have never been very interested in her. all of them are so cuuuuuuuuute! the guys are so united! they had plans to do the same action and all that... heehee. but someone spoilt the picture. no. i should say: 2 people spoilt the picture.

i would like to correct what i previously said. now i hope that weilian win the 0901 final, instead of kelly. at least she'll be signed by universal and universal might get junyang too!! woohoo~ thats so much better than play music! infact i think weilian will win. whatever. whether he wins or not doesnt really matter to me. time will tell who should be the ultimate winner.

Aug 26, 2005 @ 5:30 AM

i suddenly dun feel the sense of belonging to my class. or actually i've never felt belonged. today they were excitedly discussing about class chalet and it suddenly appeared to me that i actually didnt care whether it is going to happen in the end. i just dont feel anthing. not at all. i guess it's my own problem..? dunno. anyway i dont think i will be going even if it does happen.

and the scary thing is: i dont feel down or upset or anything. usually i'll get rather distressed if i dont belong to a community, but this time round.. no. just as if i dont mind. funny... but i prefer this class that i'm in now to the 2/5 two years ago. there used to be so many ppl whom i juz... uhhum...(u get what i mean) obviously my class now has got so many more nice ppl but somehow... i juz dun feel anything. sometimes u cant explain it urself too...

anyway.. been feeling guilty for not being able to hand in bio sia on time. feeling guilty for giving d.tan such a hard time despite him being so considerate to us regarding this deadline issue. feeling guilty for slacking in the past 2 days when i was well aware of the many deadlines that i have to meet!!! so... NO distraction for me tonight!! no more vcds. no more laughing at the horrible mary. no more chatting. no more voice messaging! (idiot funicle!!) nope! LSC!!! NO MORE DISTRACTIONS!!!

its the 7th month now... i was too scraed to go to toilet yesterday night. so i went to bed without brushing teeth! ewwwww... e dao!! tonight i'm going to brush my teeth before my roommate sleeps!! :8

Aug 25, 2005 @ 6:50 AM





Aug 24, 2005 @ 6:12 AM


@ 12:50 AM

why am i like that??? why cant I do every homework like the way i do math: focused and energized.

yesterday night when i was supposed to pia bio, it wasnt even 12 yet but i could feel grandpa zhou waving to me from afar as i was drifting nearer and nearer to him... sddnly i felt like doing my math ames questions. So I abandoned my bio right away and turned to my math instead.

The moment i opened by question booklet and started scribbling a,n,,x2,y3,1,5,100...on the paper, i was fully awaken. i dun even need any mental switch. i just sat there feeling extremely energized!

my math mode is turned on all the time while other modes are usually put into long rest until i need to call them on occasionally. hmmm...buy why math?? . How i hope i could turn on all the other modes at the same time, and have the same enthusiasm for everything!

It was half an hour later when my brain pestered me to return to the bio mode, probably out of guilt. but i could feel grandpa zhou waving to me from afar as i was drifting nearer and nearer to him...

Aug 23, 2005 @ 3:40 AM

Its already 4 days after the results show, but for those of u who still feel strongly against weilian, or feel strongly for junyang(either way): go read yibing's blog. i couldnt agree more with what she says. u'll be amused by the way she phrased it. Very sardonic.. haha i like it!

Anyway yen told me dat she saw this aunty going into popular and asked for 10copies of weilian's CDs!! wth. wtf. i hope not every fanatic fan of weilian does that! Or else its like... UGHHHHH ARGGHHHHH!!!!!! only aunties and ahsohs over 40 do that! No discrimination of the disabled here. But seriously, can he be the "superstar" who can walk out of Singapore and really make a name for himself?? I have serious doubts about that. The word "Superstar" in itself carries a lot more meanings which weilian cannot qualify for! lets be practical. is he what the market wants? so, {fans: fans of derrick}U{fans: fans of junyang}U{fans: fans of kelly} must beat him no matter what!!!

Yen told me something that she saw in the forum:
"junyang has everything that weilian has. but
weilian does not have everything that junyang has."
(weilian is like a subset of junyang?? hahaha)

it says everything that i need to say.

Aug 21, 2005 @ 6:07 AM

to the blue-shirt gay:

OH PLS! stop being so fake! the whole world noes what u're thinking deep inside!
i'm totally disgusted!!!

@ 5:20 AM

Realised dat my previous posts had been rather heavygoing ya... hmm. i juz think that occasionally we need to have the time and space for reflections as well.

ok back to the normal routine! um have to talk about sth that happened in sch dat disturbed me! about 2 gurus regarding 2 diff things.

a) fund raising for grad nite. i dun buy those stuff not bcos i'm not involved or i anti-gn. i juz dun see how i would need a spore flag..? and how i would like to spend $1 for a chupachups lollipop?? nvm. out of pt. but i dun see how not buying those stuff is our fault. i dun see how buying those stuff meant supporting our own event. honestly... how many ppl, (esp our juniors who contributed a lot, according to them) were buying purely out of their support for this function??

b) during one of the lessons on alkenes, she said sth about this theory which is supposedly XXX but modified and twisted to be YYY under the Os' syllabus, in order not to complicate matters. den she made this derogatory remark about how ignorant the Olevel people are to be learning it stating it in their answers and so on. Her exact words were sth like "these people are poor thing u noe", "totally nonsense" etc. HELLO????? like it's the students' fault for learning this "wrong" thing from the textbook?? for following the syllabus arranged by MOE??? what ridiculous logic?! pls! the students have done nothing wrong by following what u and ur system preach!

i seriously hope that they dun see this or i might get sent off to the some VIP's office for all u noe!

Aug 20, 2005 @ 4:40 AM

life is so unfair. the moment when the result was announced, i was stunned beyond words. i couldnt help but cried... the second before we were all so confident dat we were going to see the other one waving goodbye and singing his last song for us! and yet... its juz shocking!

we've all agreed that weilian has changed so much. he wasnt like that when i first saw him. he strike me as a very humble man who sings with a sincere voice. and as the show went on, he juz became more and more arrogant? i dunno. or maybe u could call it insentivity towards the other contestants? i juz hate to see how he could disregard junyang and derrick's exit when both were actually better than him!

after the show we stayed for almost an hour to talk about it and discuss all kinds of possibilities. we couldnt come to a conclusion but still... we just think its extremely unfair. singaporeans are blind. (sorry for the pun) or deaf perhaps. nvm... we've agreed that junyang is forever our superstar! derrick, you too!

junyang and derrick, ROCK ON~!

Aug 19, 2005 @ 3:30 AM

Another excerpt to share today.

I was juz cutting some newspaper report on someone dat i like. and this person saw and said this to me "huh? u like him... eee I dun tink this pic is good looking leh" well i have to confess dat I do, to some extent, admire him for his so-so but rather special look, but I am attracted to him mainly bcos of his talent. So i defended, "no!?! i think this is nice!" and she replied in this oh-whatever-u-like-haha-i-juz-think-itz-funny tone "oh okay... den u can continue to look at his ugly face for all u like!" followed by this smirk that i hate to see!

i said nothing in defence. i was, again, feeling insulted. i hate it when ppl turn sth down even before they know anything about it! it only reflects ignorance!

all along i knew dat she is such a person. Speaks whatever thats on her mind, a very blunt person. after a while i forget about it and its alright. i dun really take these small matters to heart bcos i understand dat she might not mean it. I know it's a trivial matter but again, it shows something right? we might think its haha-no big deal, but we shld also be considerate and sensitive enough to pick out the fact that there are ppl who mind. i thought that was one of the most basic things to learn... as a human being living in a community? sth for us to reflect ya..

Actually i'm glad to say dat fortunately, most of my frens arent like that. nvm. its alright. humans are never perfect. we are definitely way from being perfect. time and experience will make us learn.

Aug 18, 2005 @ 5:40 AM

haven been here for a week!! many stuff that i wanna update... hmm. dunno where to begin.

ok maybe talk about my piano exam. haiz... this is the lousiest examiner i ever get in my whole life!! she forgot that chromatic scales in thirds was not supposed to have staccato and she asked me to play that! and stupidly i just played on without telling her anything. den she realised she was wrong and asked me to play the legato instead! GRRR!!

and then the aural part. examiners were supposedly able to play perfectly. BUT SHE SLIPPED and she took out this piece of tissue folded in her skirt and started wiping the keys! wat the... so unpro lah! and the stupid piano was positioned in such a way that her face was directly reflected on the piano! and it was right beside my book! so i got distracted and kept on looking at her expressions! ughh... wat happened to me!!! and i ended up slipping a few notes because of that!

enough about the exam. i jus hope dat i can at least past it and thats all. i dun need merit, i dun need distinction! i'll be satisfied with a pass!! in fact i think i deserved a pass!!! at least i dun think i'm that lousy :(

anyway must talk about sth that pissed me off also. not exactly pissed.... um maybe insulted would be a better word. okay... recently i'm in love with weijian and last week when the results were announced and he got eliminated, i was very sad but not till the point of crying like many of his fans did on the spot. but after hearing him say to his papa mama that 从小到大都没有为你们做过什么骄傲的事情, he started tearing den i cried! i thought that was rather touching..

i told someone about it. and she was like...um, i thought that was rather laughable. at that moment i only felt insult and nth else. i mean... ppl shld learn to develop the sensitivity towards others regardless of whether they take the same stand as you. as humans, we are all entitled to our own opinions but shouldnt we also respect those who might not agree or think like you? but then again thats also my own opinion.. its just sth dat i would like to share with my frens. bcos i'm very sure that i wont do that to my frens too. 己所不欲,勿施于人。i couldnt agree more.

Aug 9, 2005 @ 2:33 AM

celebrations just ended. the boringest one in my ny life.

heyyoyo. hmmm i'm currently in love with a WEIJIAN!! (hte guy from superstars) hes soooooo cute~ but u now wad?? i dunno if its true or not but there were rumours dat the winner is already 内定.. and it's junyang. meaning our votes r not going to change anything. if that is true, i'm gonna hate superstars!! no way r they going to play cheat like that okay?!! that's so unfair to my WEIJIAN who is just as good as junyang!

anyway yay i'm excited! cus yy downloaded alot of stuff dat i wan to watch! got aiqingheyue, yummy!, gandan and wangzi[alright...its a lame show but since i fell in love with mingdao.. so...] woohoo~ i shall wait till next week tues!! and everything's gonna be ova!! and i'm gonna be... 峰ing all the way!! XD

Aug 5, 2005 @ 7:55 AM

tmr's the day. last test of the week... but somehow i just cant get in the mood to study. even yesterday i stayed up till 1.30am but actually i stopped studying at 11.15am already.

hopefully santan will shou3 xia4 liu2 qing2 tmr. but i doubt she will..

to wanga: dun worry ok. though i dunno wad happened.. but everyone can see dat u look very sad..hmm.. cheer up :) u'll always have this wonderful corridor-mate!

Aug 4, 2005 @ 6:50 AM

today i'm going to talk about something happened that totally pissed me off!!!

chem lab was supposed to be the funnest lab session ever in my ny life. but somehow... somebody ruined it for me! she was so kiasu la! every lab session she oso lidat one okae??! take chemicals also must take a lot (alot doesnt mean u get better results ok, in fact it's the reverse!). and she's sooooo selfish!!!

today when we prepared the gluey slime thingy, each pair was supposed to share one beaker. (ok, it's quite obvious who i'm talking about rite... i noe some classmates might drop by here but i dont care. anyway she noes i'm veru bu shuang with her today) and kiasu-ly, without me realising, she quickly used the beaker first, when i was doing something else! fine. and then, the glue thingy just got stuck there and obviously u being the one who used it, should wash it before giving it to your partner rite??! and she just stood there and carried on with her work while i had to spend more than 5mins juz to get that bloody gluey thing removed!

suan le. when everyone was just satisfied with 1 superball (except some whose balls totally broke apart), hers was like damn nice already. and yet she walked here walked there busy complaining to the whoole world that hers is not nice or watsoever shi*... and den, as if it was tian1 jing1 di4 yi4, she went to take another set and started doing a new one!! i haven seen someone so kiasu before lorh! wat really pissed me off is: hers was totally fine u know! i'm exasperated by her kiasuness already!! grrr.

and the worst part came... time was already running late and we were supposed to clean up before we can leave, she just continued with her wandering around and rolling and moulding of that bloody ball! she cant even be bothered to come back and take a look at our colourful, wet and chaotic bench! in the end another of my benchmate cleaned up a bit, and i cleaned the rest!!!! i washed most of the apparatus and cleaned and wiped the whole bench ALL ALONE!! and she just wandered off to dunno where the hell in the world. cool rite... i wish i could give her a big punch on the face!

she finally came back when i was almost done with all the cleaning (good timing eh?). there was this pile of shit in her area that i couldnt be bothered to clean. and then i just said "could you pls clean your own things away? thank you." and she was like, "eh, what about this, the green slime?" den i said "that's mine. i just need u to clear up your own things, i know what to do to mine" i thought that was pretty obvious and she kinda got it. but it was too late!!! i just finished with the cleaning! h*ck her! okae nvm... i shall ren3!

i've always told myself dat i'm not going to tolerate this if it were to happen again, and everytime i ended up forgiving her after a while. somehow i just cant be bothered to get angry with her anymore. we'll still be hahaha and lalalaing away... what to do, this is relationship in reality. After all, we are all humans and that's why we have to learn to live with each other.

Aug 3, 2005 @ 8:10 AM

just realised that my previous entry is a little vulgar... a little too strong maybe. but heck care. cant be bothered to delete it away either.

this is unbelievable... we just started worrying about the audition at 2.10pm! and we officially started practising at 3pm! we went to rehearsal at 3.40pm and we GOT IN!!! (well, kinda...though not very confirmed at the moment).

when mrs wong suggested that we develop our performance and dat we could make a very nice finale, i couldnt believe my ears lorh! what??? u mean a half-an-hour practice is enuogh to get us into the performance??! we couldnt even rmb the lyrics or watsoever! we just sang along with the slides (which were plain with words). and whenever the slide changed, we were singing like "ah-ah-ah"... feeling so diu lian in front of mrs wong!!! OMG! the moment we finished singing, i could feel the shame in me... and yet...?? ARGGGGGH...

so the lesson here is... 世事无绝对! 你越相信不可能发生的事,就越可能发生! ok... one of these days i'm going to post in chinese!!! lalala~ i haven gotten over the shock yet...

(gonna be sleeping over loads of genes and heterozygous/homozygous and recessive/dominant allele tonight... have fun)


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