Feb 27, 2006 @ 4:50 PM

wahliew kena cheated to go for huangcheng! stupid Yezi called and told us dat Weiqi was very angry that we didnt turn up! made me and peishan hurried there like crazy... ARGH and weiqi wasnt even angry lah! stupid... i could hav taken my time to slack at class bench! and pei ernie...poor ernie...

my maths is degrading!! how!! somebody save me pls...! I can dun understand any other subject but NOT maths, my most beloved subject!! haiz...maybe it's juz e topic? whatever. i muz make sure i revise math every day!

yayy i have proper excuse to pon swimming tmr! hmm...so it's not considered as ponning then? too bad...e guys are not entitled to this kind of proper excuse...

i m in a good mood now. WHY?

cos i know huangcheng's ending early today. maybe i can go home like er...15mins later? yay.

Feb 26, 2006 @ 4:04 PM

as usual, feeling tired on sundays. cos of rehearsals on saturdays. and guess what? there'll be an additional one nxt saturday! great. thought this would be the last one... and they happily told us that we'll get to miss school on 9th and 10th march to start preparing at VT.. ugh. i rather go to school. cant imagine how tortutous the 2 days are going to be..not performing, but juz preparing...

and i heard only 4 ppl frm 6B turned up for JTS yesterday! wOw. (quoted from eunice) and 63 got like 15+?? ohman. but nope, i'm NOT feeling guilty! cos i have proper excuse! and thats huangcheng! why do they have to choose such highclass dining place??! imagine having to pay $40+ for just 1 JTS! 1 JTS! who's so rich?! i would rather spend the same amount on 5 movies!

yesterday i asked yen whether she wants to try out harmonica with me..well, maybe i'll end up joining harmoc...cos i really have no idea what to join! and i want to make a meaningful 2 years out of my CCA! see how lorh...it sounds fun. and they're having SYF nxt year!

i dread this coming tuesday. and i haven gotten my swimsuit yet.

Feb 23, 2006 @ 4:11 PM

feeling satisfied after yesterday's post! i haven written such a long post for a long long time....

yesterday went home at 9 all bcos of huangcheng! drag drag drag...inconsiderate! hmm...and i realised it feels really lonely and empty to be walking back to boarding school alone...esp when it's so late in the night..

and miraculously, i slept before 12 yesterday!! and geuss wat? i was actually the latest to sleep in my room! it feels weird. i'm usually the 2nd or 3rd last to sleep but cos yesterday yen and yoke slept so early that i naturally became the last to sleep -.- yen slept at 11 yesetrday while she usually doesn't sleep until 1/2+ in the midnight.. they made me feel that it's alr late at night and i shud sleep and so i went to sleep...at 11.30! wow.

ILP is due tmr! and we haven exactly finished all the parts yet! thanx to the guys. argh. oh and i juz realised that all of them are just as dirty! even those quiet quiet ones like naichong will spurt out some dirty thoughts out of a sudden! scare me to death...

yay tmr's gonna be a short day! woohoo~imagine ending school at 12??? that's even earlier than my fren's sch which has muslims who have to go and pray on friday noon! but sian...got some lep course thing...

and i can anticipate what's coming on this saturday! whole day with huangcheng! wOw. (quoted frm eunice) so wonderful eh?

Feb 22, 2006 @ 2:55 PM

i have so much to blog since last saturday...but no time. so here goes everything i want to say frm saturday till now!

chatted with ruiyi and hooiwen (currently in australia) on msn last saturday night. as we were trying to catch up with each other, stupid ruiyi told us that she has a boyfriend! it's her classmate in veejay blablabla... me and hooi went "SERIOUS AH??!" initially we didnt quite believe her but after a while, she sounded so real that we were both convinced. when she said she's going to send me her bf's photo, i was so excited that i kept refreshing my hotmail inbox to see if the mail arrived...! and tada! erm...oooo my dear fren has got a gd taste! the guy is quite cute! and after like 10mins, she typed this to us: "Early April's Fool!".

wth. for the past 10minutes i'd been feeling so happy for her that finally somebody wants her okay!! (haha) and whatmore the guy is cute! i was thinking WOW so ruiyi's the first to get a boyfriend among us! and it turned out to be.........ARGHHHH. i feel stupid.

den on sunday itself i wanted to devote my entire day to finishing my 1500-word chinese essay but met chian online and she suddenly said she wanted to come over to visit me in my hostel! and so she came. i sneaked her in with almost ZERO effort cos there're close to 1000 boarders in hcibs so i bet none of the guards can recognise all 1000 of us! anyway..she stayed in my room and distracted me frm my work frm 1.30pm till 5pm! in that interval of time when she was there, i wrote 7 lines for my compo. how productive.

but anyway, we had a good talk. doing some catching up with each other. thanks for visting me, chian-ny! i enjoy your company! See, that's what Scholars are for!

and the 2.4km run. great. i've been deproving since sec1. i remembered my record was 14+ back in sec1 (an easy 'A'), deteriorating to 15+ in sec4 (at least that's still a 'C'), and now 16+ in J1!!!! i merely passed! so disappointed in myself...and heard that nxt week's gonna be swimming. KILL ME. which means i better go and get myself a swimsuit this weekend. anyone volunteers to pei me shop?! i seriously think that guys and gals shud have PE lessons separately. so demoralising. and so embarassing.

juz read a fren's blog and his post on how he celebrated his girlfriend's bday for her. although i might have much to say when it comes to his character, but i have to admit that he's a really sweet boyfriend. i was amazed at the preparation work that he went through preparing for her bday months in advance!! great effort i have to say..can u imagine a guy doing that for you??! months!! it's not easy...i bet i'll feel damn loved if i'm his gf. but too bad i'm totally not interested in him. not like he's any interested in me too. haha.

had a long talk with zuojin at the class bench yesterday (which made me pon huangcheng!)...talked about quite alot of probs we face in this new environment. and i did a general survey too! for general interest, i surveyed zuojin and hany about whether they can accept 姐弟恋 and whats the max no. of years?? Zj said 2,3 years is fine for her whereas hany said must at least be of same year. hmm my ans is quite different. i think i cant accept 姐弟恋 at all, even it's in the same year. i think it's very largely due to the fact that i've been hanging around with guys elder than me ever since i'm 10 yrs old! so far my guy frens are all elder than me! ever since then whenever i look at those guys younger than me even though they're born in the same yr as me, i'll feel that they're so immature. HAHA. we oso talked about whether we think guys/gals shld make the first move. haha and our answers are almost the same! of course guys! haha anyway thats what most girls think i suppose...

now when i look around, more and more ppl are officially dressed in the new uniform. and as girls, i've to say that the length of some skirts are really...uhhum. even i feel embarassed looking at them. and i still see many bimbos bumping around in sch...worse than back in ny, cos of the presence of guys?!
haiz...shouldn't girls have a bit more 矜持? 女人要有矜持才会显得高贵。that's what i feel.

Feb 17, 2006 @ 3:13 PM

“ 小狗问妈妈 我的幸福在哪

妈妈说 幸福就在你的尾巴上

小狗每天追着自己的尾巴 可怎么也追不到



只要你往前走 幸福就会一直跟随着你 。






Feb 16, 2006 @ 3:35 PM

so happy. many ppl say i look nice in the new uniform! at least more mature :P hehheh finally somebody is saying that i look mature!! ooolalah...cant wait till the day when everyone in our class dresses in the uniform! cool man~

just remember what ms yang wrote to me on the angpow she gave during CNY...
"You've such an interesting mix of strength and adorable-ness in your character."

HAHAHAHa how come i never realise that myself!? anyway...at least she thinks that i'm ADORABLE! :P

sian...hafta stay back for huangcheng and it's only starting at 5.30pm! 2 more hours to go..!

Feb 13, 2006 @ 4:51 PM

i think quite a lot of ppl r leaving our class. haiz.. sad...but anw 6B is gonna rock!...

cos i'm staying....... hahahahah

cried so many times these few days.

cried during Os release, dunno why also, everybody cried somehow i just got emotional and joined in too.

cried again when watching "I Not Stupid Too" on the same day. i burst out crying 4 times throughout the movie.

cried yesterday when sending WenQi off at the airport.

ARGH my eyes are getting all swollen!

hey peeps! go here... kristy recommended. like quite funny eh.


go and watch all the videos. GOGOGO. hahah.
good day everyone!

er... contradicting expressions...?!

Feb 8, 2006 @ 2:33 PM

feeling down these few days... dunno for what reason(s). school work? nope. not exactly. family/friends? not that i'm aware of. HOW??! whats wrong with me??! could somebody just cheer me up?!

sian...having things on every day after school. do u call that being active or is it 自找麻烦? maybe i should just be a mugger and not get involved in anyting else. but i know i wont enjoy a life like that.

talking about class. i really hope there wont be much changes but it seems like pow and hongfei are going to leave us after the second intake. will miss them, esp pow's ultimate lameness which can very well combat aganist eunice in the cold war! dun mind anybody joining but i seriously DONT WANT anybody to leave....!! (not taking into account some who have alr left.......partially..)

Feb 3, 2006 @ 1:34 PM

YAY today i'm gonna upload some photos!
while hanyan's doing her GP diagnostic beside me now...

6B's FIRST class photo..

coolest flag out there man!

Feb 1, 2006 @ 3:09 PM

ARGH i finally can post!! tried on last friday and yesterday, but cannot...

i hate functions to the core! worst topic in math!

@ 3:08 PM

YOZ peeps! i'm finally back! WOW haven been here for the few days and so many messages appeared! my 6B classmates ROCK man!!

last friday's celebration was so-so..but i guess we all had a great time during the mass dance and fac dance session! IT WAS COOL~~ i think so far i've been partnering qihui for all my 3 fac dance sessions.. hmm. both of us are equally blur -___-"

went out to KAP for lunch with eunice, yaqi, shengbin, daoteng, qiankun and tianyu after the celebration. but we didnt really eat anything there. we enjoyed the talking more!! hah. not that lame this time. we got rather serious when we talked about some more sensitive issues such as bonding with our own class and snr class etc. den we understood some of the guys in our class slightly better, thanks to info provided by the 3 guys there with us.

haiz... are most guys SHY????! ohman, i dun understand why is that so! i thought guys should be quite outgoing..or is it hci guys that are lidat only? -____-" chinese high culture..

i seriously hope that our class can come closer in the next 2 years!! i want a class that is full of fun and laughter, even after lessons end, and not just confined to during lesson time and the lame jokes we shared. being a member of S6B, i'll try my best to make this dream come true!

oh one more thing, i'll make sure i LOVE my juniors from 07s6b nxt year. and i'm sure all my classmates will. cos we're gonna start our own culture!

promise, 6B??


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