Jul 26, 2008 @ 1:36 AM


this is the first time im away for so long and managed to not miss (not even think about) my laptop for a second.

but more like i have no time to.

its soooo sooo packed.

i have soooo many stories to share!

* SECIA! :D (i love my OG)
* mr. apple
* SP night - 6 hrs of blindfolding
* SP dinner - 'speed dating'
* clubbing and drinking
* no of hrs of sleep: 3 hours per day
* bathing at 4-5am every day

the number of cheers and songs i learnt frm this camp is way more than the total in my past 6 years. CHIGALAGA PI AH PI AH! FIGHT KILL. FIGHT KILL (read fast fast) ;)

the usb cable is not with me so pics another post ya. hopefully before monday cos....


lalalah can u tell im very high now?? haha ya i really am.

Jul 19, 2008 @ 11:55 AM

im in HALL 14!
hmm i wonder where's that.. eunice isit anywhere near ur hall 16?

ok, since some of u are asking (due to popular demand), my camp is frm this sun - nxt sat, a total of 6 days. so i'll be rather uncontactable during this period except at night i think? im rather excited but i haven packed anything at all so....

met up with 6H gang ytd and as usual, i always feel very natural with them :)

had dinner at gasoline, den hanging around at starbucks, and caught Dark Knight (midnight show) at imax theatre, which boasts of its 5X LARGER THAN USUAL SCREEN. initially we thought it must be only the length or smth, but goodness, they really meant 5 TIMES BIGGER for real. the screen was way too unnecessarily HUUUUGE, so it became like watching in omni theatre for 2.5 hours.

uhum, here goes: IMAX EXPERIENCE - we sat in the middle row, so basically our eyes couldn't contain the whole screen (u focus on the left and u miss whats going on on the right), the actions were too fast, the story was too fast and too complex for brains at 12am, and the subtitles were flashing past at a frequency of 1 sentence every 2 seconds. we concluded that those sitting in the front rows will not get to watch the movie, they'll end up watching the SUBTITLES (which is too fast anyway). HAHAHAHA how funny!

but well, dun get the point wrong. we were about to go around telling everyone that Dark Knight is a horrible movie but we realise it's actually the theatre. hahaha how stupid. yea, it's not bad but ur brain has to be working real fast in order to understand the whole plan. and i must confess i only understood 50% of it, not even working out clearly who are the good and bad guys. YES, im that confused.

haven watched 'bun ye cheong' in many many many yrs! the carpark was scary so we even had to walk soonseng (a guy) to his car o.O after which weykeet, waihoong and choowan drove me home.

the whole thing was kinda funny bcos there was roadblock near my hse and they were so worried about my mum coming down alone and..... haha ok i just dunno how to describe it. thanks guys, after 7 yrs, u guys are still the best 'brothers' i ever have. so anyone interested there let me know yea, i've got some very good stuff to recommend here.

kerwei u shld have been here too :(
stupid kampar!

PS: anyone have any idea when can we start moving in to hostel? if anybody happens to know pls tag and let me know k!

Jul 18, 2008 @ 10:06 AM

tmd i took 1 plus hour to put the damn contact lenses on. i think my eyes are too small and they just couldn't stop blinking! ugh.

i was delighted this morning when the first email i saw was from the OGL and guess what, sam and i are in the same grp! woohooooo. shes like the only person i know whos going for the camp and whats the probability we're going to be in the same grp rite. but it happened! they probably thought im too anti social to make new frens :D

and the TO-BRING LIST is giving me alot of headache. i haven seen such a long list. but well, its a 6-day thing so.... :( there's swimming and there's clubbing in the itinerary! goodness. im so going to skip the swimming and use that monthly thing for my 'valid reason'.

on a random note, 2 must watch here recommended by ME:

* WE GOT MARRIED (korean reality show)
* 舞动奇迹第二季 (celebrity danceshow by TVB + Hunan China)

i've been rewatching and rewatching them
both are veryvery sweet..

PS vic, i agree haoming and grace shld just get married la! :) all the vcrs gave me sooo many goosebumps.

Jul 14, 2008 @ 11:52 PM

so far every day's been so occupied and so fully packed i dunno where to begin.

we were supposed to be in genting this afternoon, but were woken up at 5am this morning when uncle passed away. so we had to be in bentong for the wake. the whole thing wasn't sorrowful or in any way emotional at all. i esp love the photo chosen for his wake - it was one with a wide, genuine smile, very much like the uncle who used to take me on his bicycle to the nearby coffeeshop when i could still fit into the front basket.

it was obvious... we all knew it's one of these few days. no one talked about this openly but i guess we do feel a sense of relief for him. for all we know, this is probably what my dear uncle had hoped for too.

now i'm actually back home sitting in the comfort of my sofa using internet. felt rather bad when we left dad staying overnight in bentong while khong gor drove me and mum home. i shld have stayed with him too since it's not like i have smth urgent to settle in KL. ughhh bad me :( but well, we're still gg back tmr so it shld be fine.

wanted to update about the past week too but guess this isn't the right time. ok im off to sleep now goodnight. RIP uncle.

Jul 7, 2008 @ 3:10 PM

(OOPS i dint realise how unglam my blog looks with the F*** YOU being the topmost post since i haven been updating hehe)

aiya chian is one step ahead of me!
never mind, here is the more complete one ;)

3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS JB TRIP were good good good!

(FOC again, thanks to nui and qi's parents!)

TWINS?! qi u can be ah giu.

birthday girls! :D


sinful LA LA!


the last few shots came about cos we were doing farewell for kelei. and it evolved into us trying to do studio photoshoot o.O


Jul 1, 2008 @ 4:05 PM

if there's one thing i feel like shouting right now, it'd be fuck you.

2 hrs ago i was in this real gd mood having farewell lunch with HR, taking pictures and with everyone being real nice and all.

but it's already screwed up at 3pm when the recep lady told me she's going on MC, and now another bitch of BAT has to lecture me on how things work in this company as if i do not already know, followed by this malay guy who got pissed at me for the parcel being here and not there when i was not even present when it got delivered here.

it took me less than a second to decide that i will not take this anymore and i have every right to retaliate violently. for the bitch of BAT, i actually hung up on her. im still applausing myself for the great job done, i've been wanting to do this since long ago. as for the mr muhammad ali, i flared up right before him telling him that EXCUSE ME, I WAS NOT THE ONE WHO RECEIVED THE PARCEL. but i guess he couldnt understand, as seen from the way he kept repeating "this one nxt time dont deliver here la... aiyo, everytime lidat..." hai, i guess i'll speak malay nxt time, if that helps him to understand better.

i refuse to narrate the lecture from bitch of BAT. hai. it's already beyond exasperation, so this is where language fails to capture her irritatingness in its entirety.

i still have this thought of spamming her pigeon hole, with notes like 'you are such a bitch you know', since it's my last day tomorrow. but a bit obvious. maybe i'll send anonymous email! -.-

HOHOHO, if the recep decides to not come for work tmr, thats it. im sure it'll be such a beautiful and perfect last day to sum up my 6 months here.


17 jan

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loves my family
loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

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