Jan 31, 2009 @ 5:14 PM

woohoo.. finally laid my hands on the photoshoot photos. presenting to u,

Impresario Main Comm Photoshoot

wah.. i think by far the nicest photo i have of myself. the wonders of makeup and photoshop. HAHAHHAHA!

we run the show yo.

25 of us

yup. these are the highest res given to us already. abit too small for the main comm ones. but ohwell, it was a FREE/sponsored photoshoot so we're not complaining. haha. at least the efforts to dress up and make up wasnt wasted :)

Jan 24, 2009 @ 11:36 PM

back on KL land! after less than a month. woo.

ytd night Apus had our first bday celebration in the toilet. LOL! kefeng, bu yao emo le!! if u need to talk, we're always here :) hope u like the shirt and the wallet. wear the shirt - it's supposed to make u look cool!

bcos of the celebration ended up sleeping v late. this morning woke up quite early to finish up leftover work, then went to support road relay. after that ks and i went to eat at his fren's mum's western fd stall, she refused to let us pay and she served us alot, so we had a very very very full meal, which kept me full until 8. den we rushed to the customs thinking that i might be late, but in the end i reached JB an hr early -.-

there's no jam on the highway today surprisingly.

tmr is balik kampung day. no internet no msn no fb NO EMAILS to haunt me no mobile phone no sms. basically no one can reach me unless u're so desparate to call my kampung house phone :O sometimes city ppl like me need to get such disconnection. the real getaway.

Jan 23, 2009 @ 11:34 AM

during Marketing Presentation today....

Project Title: Singapore Zoo

Presenter: "....... visitors get to have lunch with lions..."
Daryl: "lunch with lions or lunch for lions...?"

the only takeaway frm lesson today ;D lunch for lions

Jan 22, 2009 @ 1:24 AM

today huihui told me interesting things about myself.

she says that i'm a VERY HAPPY person, she stresses heavily on the VERY HAPPY, which im surprised. cos i dont think im THAT happy a person, im just, quite contented? maybe its the photos on facebook or what. she says she'll be very drawn to looking at them cos i smile really happily in them and it appears to be genuine, so it makes her smile.

thats something really glad to hear! that my smile makes u smile :) too!

and apparently my nbs (ex)tut class been giving comments about me, saying that i appear to be a very focused person who knows what i want, yet im the happy go lucky type. the second comment im more surprised. cos we hardly noe each other (if u mean just name, yea we noe each other's name), i hardly talk to them for that matter. but for them to make such comments, i guess i rly give ppl certain impressions huh. a rather rare impression though. cos i think i appear to be rather cold, antisocial and distant from them. which is what im supposing they'll say about me.

haha. rushed week ahead. 2 days left before im leaving which means everything to be done within these 48 hours. wo wan le. arrrrrg

Jan 18, 2009 @ 5:07 PM


i shall wait for the photos to come in first before blogging about my fabulous 19th!

THANKEW EVERYONE, for making it truly memorable for me. couldnt have asked for more.

谢谢 :D

Jan 10, 2009 @ 11:12 PM

okay this is a must-do.. even though it may seem abit outdated now.

i sort of did a conclusion for last year with ks while waiting for the fireworks, at the last few minutes of 2008. here is a more thorough inner reflection :)

2008 is, i think, one of the best years in my life. best for the fact that i went through alot and there was alot that i learnt.. that made me a more mature person. if u were to make me choose the phase in life (so far) that made me grow most, it has to be 2008.

there were many ways in which i grew.

firstly of course, was worklife, and spending that half a year with nui. there was alot that i learnt from work..not the technical knowledge.. but rather the interpersonal skills that i came to realise were key to everything at work. and i also realise the importance of being able to look forward to work, not everyone can do it.

my workplace :) not bad huh

first time working so much in life, and earning a proper income. it was pretty hectic.. work, tuition, work, tuition, with occasional outings. i met two very very wonderful kids (whom i still miss). it's difficult to make working enjoyable, but they made it possible for me. as much as i dread going for tuitions and marking exercises, each time i see them they make me feel closer to heart.

that half a year couldnt have been possible without nui. there were SO SO much that we shared within that short half year - experiences, problems, thoughts, tears, laughter, anger and hostility (at our landladies :P).. the way we helped each other through many ups and downs frm work. the only company to look forward to after a tiring day of work.

2008 was also the year 9 of us were 'officially' separated and each moved on to another phase of life, another place to begin with. it felt rlly empty to find out that everytime a problem arises, i had only nui and yen within reach, the rest were far far away. it took me some getting used to..

2008 turned out to be a fortunate year as well! where i performed at least up to my own expectations for A's. fortunate enough to secure a place in where i've wanted to be, and even a scholarship that helps to ease dad and mum's worries.

2008 was when the guys enlisted in army and things became even more different than before. even though topics were no longer common, in a way i'm glad that 6B still managed to meet up once in a while. and the gals! :) as much as possible we tried to meet up to celebrate our bdays (still rmb the failed surprise at causeway point for hany? lol!)


meeting fung twice this year :)
my only idol. that lasted thru 4 years, already

moving on... to the starting of uni life..

APUS - the greatest surprise for me in 2008. nv expected myself to be able to meet another bunch of ppl to make me feel belonged again (that feeling left me after i left nybs). i will be honest and say that not everyone in apus is equally involved, but those few in general, thanks for making transition to uni life so much smoother for me. couldn't have imagined hall without you ppl.

lovely, wonderful ppl i've met in hall

in 2008 i will say i am more or less meeting my resolutions in uni - to go all out and have fun trying to do things that i haven tried before. participated in LOTS of things, learning to multitask and to balance. Impre, FOC, IHG, hall dance, DnD etc etc etc.. i'm thankful to have the chance to learn and commit to sth, along with everybody else. (we've all sold our souls to hall, haha)

the only regret is probably that nbs was abit.. disappointing? haha..i was lazy to go for nbs camp and i ended up nt knowing alot of ppl.. made worse by the fact that i was a 'floater' so i dint have the same timetable as the rest of my grp. couldnt feel the attachment to sch. but ohwell, we cant have everything in life.. it's all about fate isnt it?

and last but not least! kiansiong. needless to say, ur presence made 2008 an even more wonderful year for me. nvr thought i would meet someone so soon but well, i did and thats fate again rite. we have our differences in expectations and everything but u noe wads the thing im most glad about? it's the fact that we're honest and open about them, and we see a way to work thru everything. hope ntu sees us thru the years we're gonna be here, and beyond.. :)


HAHA congratulations to u if u even bother to read till this part of the post. not rly expecting many ppl to read thru the long paragraphs :P just as a recap for myself before i move on.. it's always gd to look back and reminisce rite?

too many wishes for 2009.. it'll be never ending. shall just keep it in a safe corner of my brain. happy belated new year everyone! lets have a meaningful year ahead.

Jan 8, 2009 @ 1:38 AM

some witty comments frm a 2-hr marketing lecture!

- "Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to ur door." Really? No! People will need to know that you have a better mousetrap.
- When the rate of external change exceeds the rate of internal change, the end is near.
- It's not just what you know, It's WHO you know.
- It's not who you know, It's who KNOWS you, and for what you are.
- Buy nike and you can never go wrong! Cos it will always give you a tick.

the last one is classic -.-

Jan 6, 2009 @ 2:42 PM

some things are worth the time blogging..

Dec 2008 was the busiest holiday ever. Impre - IHG - halldance - home - Apus - scholarz. things i've been doing for the past 2 weeks..

6B gathering at languan's

KL, home sweet home :)

me and see

meeting DEARS :) on christmas eve

Fireworks on New Year's Eve, with ks :)

our fav shot! that looks like amoeba. lol

random dinner outing with APUS @ Fish&Co

lub and beer

ks (new yr new shirt #1)

:) (new yr new shirt #2)

KF HAS A NEW SHIRT OMG. (new yr new shirt #3)


meeting Dears :) again

the SUMMER colours!

the QI who came back frm aus

and then kris, hong & yen came to crash my hall that night..

Impresario Photoshoot!

lucky woof woof!

the photog is pro. cant wait to see the finished product!

Impresario Quarter Finals @ K Union

good show Impre!

school started yesterday... :(
but no one seems to be in the mood at all.
wanted to do a review of 2008.. but ended up posting too many photos. haha another day den. it was a good 2008.. an even better 2009 hopefully!


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