Aug 31, 2007 @ 11:53 PM

read smth in the papers today.

"As the nation celebrates half a century of nationhood, more and more of its peopls are pondering over what it truly means to be Malaysian."

i guess as much as we may get disillusioned by some of the ways things are being run in the country, there is a sense of belonging deep inside us, or at least me, that will not be so easily unrooted. like chian said, after spending one-third of our lives here on a foreign land, the sentiments have only grown stronger, even though i have no guarantee that i'll spend my future back at home.

like i've always felt so strongly, it always takes one to leave his country in order for him to realise how big the world is and how inadequate his own country is, while at the same time be thankful and appreciative of what this country has for him - a sense of familiarity that will never be found on another land.

Aug 29, 2007 @ 1:12 PM

when even TOILET BREAKS become a source of self-entertainment, you know how suffocatingly mundane life is.

we are all muggers o.O
looking forward to the temporary pleasure derived frm the 10-second journey to the toilet, a deceptive break away frm reality -- notes and TYS.

ahh siannnnn!

Aug 27, 2007 @ 11:29 PM


- 《天各一方》

Aug 25, 2007 @ 12:27 AM

for the first time in my life, i think pool is fun! :D
even though i dont play it well.
(ought to be forgiven since this is only my 3rd time playing!)

remind me of mayday's song 九号球





i swear i wont ever come up with anymore weird forfeits with the evil intention of embarrassing others. there's smth called retribution!!!

Aug 21, 2007 @ 10:31 PM

koped frm kerwei's blog:

jaychou says there are 4 must-dos to win a girl's heart:
1. piano
2. sunset
3. bicycle
4. turn ur head back and look at the girl

aww. those eyes that speak!! (:

and can i add in a no.5??? badminton!! haha :D
been obssessed with guys who can play badminton since the time my memory begins. think fuhaifeng, wongchoonhann, xiaxuanze, kookienkeat, taufik, boonsak. all SO HOT!

i even used to have 'good at badminton' as one of the diedie-must-have criteria for my future bf. used to la.. but after a while i thot it was so impractical -.-

friday last official school day liao.
sad? a little i guess.

Aug 19, 2007 @ 5:55 PM

had a nice day ytd (:
though super not productive

went lg's hse to study (supposedly) with hany, zuo and qh. wahh his hse got so many nice food! chicken wings! i think i ate more than 10! i like his maid! we TRIED to study but basically after i started watching badminton and qh joined in, the whole grp became rather unproductive already -.- and after zuo left we basically gave up studying. HAHA

then somehow we started playing badminton in the hse. and after a while we ended up in the sports hall and not studying omg!! so sporty hur. wah..i cant even rmb when was the last time i touched a racquet alr! was it around february?? yea i think it's around there. omg. nicenice! i shld have a weekly badminton session or smth, since i cant run, and i cant do any other sports either.

had dinner but too bad hany couldnt join us. haiz..poor gal. ur curfew's stricter than my hostel curfew la! then took bus back to hostel. took my bath, and then i slept!!! omg. before that qh and i were still telling each other we'll go back and mug since we were so unproductive the whole day -.- thanks. totally just sleep lor.

but i had a very nice dream at about 7am this morning! haha..though i cant rlly rmb wat isit about, i rmb it felt nice! gosh i wish i could stay in there forever:)

Aug 16, 2007 @ 10:14 PM

鱼对水说: 你看不见我的眼泪,因为我在水中。
水对鱼说: 我能感觉到你的眼泪,因为你在我心中。

鱼对水说: 我很寂寞,因为我只能待在水中。
水对鱼说: 我知道,因为我的心里装着你的寂寞。

鱼对水说: 如果没有鱼,那水里还会剩下什么?
水对鱼说: 如果没有你,那又怎么会有我?

鱼对水说: 一辈子不能出去看看外面的世界,是我最大的遗憾。
水对鱼说: 一辈子不能打消你的这个念头,是我最大的失败。

鱼对水说: 你相信一见钟情吗?
水对鱼说: 从我意识到你是鱼的那一刻起,我就知道你会游到我的心里。

sweeted :)

Aug 15, 2007 @ 10:56 PM

oh i forgot to announce a good news!

.....i think.
if there are no further rounds of random selection that is.

wah thank god. thank buddha. thank allah? -.-
you wouldnt believe how nervous i was when i pressed 'Enter' after keying in my IC no. i was imagining myself being thrown into an ultra ulu campsite in sabah (those haunted ones), living with chimpanzees and some 'chimpanzee-like beings'. if u get what i mean :)

yayy yayy yayy so HIGHH.

oh and we saw some really funny blog entries written by those lucky ones who kena NS. there were 3 diff entries by 3 diff ppl with the exact same quote in them:

"Tahniah*, anda telah terpilih untuk mengikuti Program Latihan Khidmat Negara Siri 5/2008."

and one commented:

the other one said:
'con-yourhead-gratulations la!'

HAHAHAHA funny rite!
and i randomly tagged 'my deepest condolences' at one of them :D

* for the benefit of those who cant read malay, tahniah means congratulations. wow. i think the officials have a rather queer sense of humour dont you think so :)

Aug 13, 2007 @ 6:13 PM

just finished watching Leehom on kang xi lai le.


oh gosh there's this female fan of him whom he can recognise by voice! omg. voice leh!!! faints. 做粉丝做到这样也太值得了吧. (if ever fung recognises me by voice. haiz.) and he's really nice to his fans. and he's super ultra talented, and creative. he's shuai. wahhh buay tahan. eh chian, imagine if he really sat nxt to us on the bus the other day -.- WAHAHAHA.

and xiao S is seriously totally damn funny, in a horny manner though. okay maybe that's why she's funny.

Aug 11, 2007 @ 11:43 PM

left KL today :(
yea, as my cousin says, im boliao. to be gg home for 3 days.

the horrible traffic jam has to be the only thing i hate about KL. can u believe it actually took me a shorter time to walk to the bus terminal frm my hse as compared to my daddy driving me there?! yes, it's that bad.

ugh the bus journey was just... tiring.
yet entertaining.
cos we sat beside LEEHOM!!!...look-alike
omg it's chao xiang okay! frm the side la. but totally bu xiang frm the front.

chian and her temporary infatuation with the leehom-look-alike. and i bet he sensed it. totally EMBARRASSING la, miss oong.

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to darling joel!
my cutie nephew is ONE year old!
today is his bday party. and i missed it! :(

Aug 10, 2007 @ 9:54 PM

looks like u ppl still miss me ALOTTTT when im away hur. heh i knew it (:

nothing to blog, reply tags.

qi - cool down girl. too bad lor who ask u go melbourne! bleah. we're actually happier without you (: haha the pics ah..nonono im not sending them to u. im sending them to ur friends! HAHAHA den u'll be so maluated man!
hany - er, looks like u're the one missing me! HAHA
eunice - ha dun worry, i have many 104 friends too :P
jessie - yea i know, thx! im trying to work hard. gdluck to u too!

Aug 6, 2007 @ 9:07 PM






that's one of the saddest lyrics i've heard in a while :(

my table lamp is spoilt wth. which means i'll be living in darkness frm 10.30pm (lights-out time) onwards every night.

is that a sign to tell me i shld study less? hahaha i wish.

Aug 5, 2007 @ 10:03 AM

was just browsing thru my photos folder. and i found this!

these ppl look like they came frm the 90's rite!! but er..that was MY sec1 class, which is just 5 years ago. things are changing real fast huh. oh i found it under a folder named '105 horrifying look'. haha oops i nearly forgot i gave it such a name.

KELEI CAN YOU SEE YOURSELF IN IT?!! HOHO. this is just ONE photo i have out of manymany more. and most of these ppl are still in hwachong now. heh heh, can blackmail ppl.


it's disappointing how some ppl can go all out to hurt others who have no intention of hurting him/her in the first place, in an attempt to protect his/her own selfish interests. im sorry if i appear to be the type who enjoy gg around spreading rumours and talk i before i think, u certainly dont know me well enough and therefore u have NO right to accuse me of things i will never do.

Aug 3, 2007 @ 5:47 PM

sian lah.

today marks the most pissifying day in my life. -.- ok not tht bad. but definitely the most pissifying lesson EVER in this school. ugh i shall not narrate the incident cos it will simply make my blood boil and im quite certain i have no remaining energy for that, after ONE FULL HOUR spent in pissed-ness.

thanks for spoiling my day hur. esp it's after zuo made my day by offering me lemon biscuits! lol. yea whatever, im quite easily satisfied sometimes. anyway, i have something to add: LEE go eat shit. asrfsergui51k35v490tlw=304b69iu018245vtr9i312c90v7bqr8wfuasdfwevti23409i51v2 384t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok that made me feel much better. even though im feeling rlly sorry for my keyboard.


have you ever felt like u have a secret that u're DYING to announce to the whole world?! i mean someone else's secret actually, that u found out by accident and u just felt sooooo much like telling everybody around you! ahh this is so torturous. cus it makes my mouth itchy everytime i think about it ><

Aug 1, 2007 @ 11:25 PM

i have a BIG FAT ulcer at the back of my mouth =X
it hurts damn horribly when i eat biscuits. ugh

i totally wasted the whole of today.
after sch was just slacking around in room and sleeping.
found out some info about uni.
then went off to esplanade with yen and hong for a piano concert.
and back to hostel for SPRING CLEANING! wow.

and therefore, homework untouched,
ZERO work done. (not in the physics sense please)

nvm. now i have more incentive to pon PE again tmr:
to make full use of tht 1 hour to do work :)

as for now, it's zZzz time! nitez


17 jan

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