Dec 31, 2006 @ 7:45 PM

last day of the year. and im stuck in the room alone cos im sick. argh! that means i'll be counting down alone. how fun. i tink im the only teenager not gg out for countdown on new year eve lah! sian.

this morning i was still so excited cos i tot im hanging out with hany and msyang they all. thanks to the bloody aircon in the bus, i caught a cold on my way back and im having slight fever now.

tmr is gonna be the start of a sucky year cos i just found out wat's worse than the fact that im becoming a j2! im gonna have many many pee.are.sees as my clustermates! which also means i'll be living in a pool of stinky ppl who dont like to bathe but only enjoy lying their pads around. these very unique ppl are also capable of shouting frm 1st floor to the 6th attempting to hurry their friends up. GREAT. and my room is ant-invested for no apparent reason. GREAT. i foresee such a great year ahead, living with prcs and ants.


Dec 29, 2006 @ 1:59 PM

yayy. finally got my hair cut! aunty did it rlly nicely this time. prob bcos i kept reminding her that i dont want it too short. and my dad complains that it doesnt look like it was cut at all?! he still maintains his old-fashioned idea that u shld cut ur hair as short as possible so that u dont have to go for haircut that often and u dont waste money?!

i finally had a chance to practise cycling since i kinda learnt how to do it 6 weeks ago! went down to aunty's hse ytd evening and tried to cycle around the taman. my parents had this super-amazed look on their faces bcos they couldnt bliv their daughter finally learnt to balance on a bike after 16 years of her life?!

yea apparently i only learnt how to balance cos most of the time i still couldnt cycle in a proper straight line. in the 45 minutes i tried to cycle around the taman, i crashed into a car by the roadside, 2 gates, some trees and bushes, and a kid -.- thank goodness he wasnt injured.

there was this bloody dog who appeared out of nowhere. so i got a shock and crashed into the little kid. therefore i conclude that overcoming my dog-phobia is much more impossible than learning to ride a bicycle.

Dec 27, 2006 @ 4:19 PM

back frm shopping with the pig! dint buy anything cos im damn broke alr. the feeling of returning home empty-handed after hours of lingering in a shopping centre just sucks. yea my idea has always been: you NEED to at least bring smth back frm shopping, whatever it is. heh. but yea, thanks piggy chian for treating me to kimgary lunch!

omg my parents are just so engrossed in some taiwanese soap operas (smth along e line of taiwan a cheng) where the actors will and cry and shout and curse and get violent. its tmd noisy and uncivilised can. they sound like they're gonna crawl out of the tv and tear the hse down (ok, possible exaggeration). the hse isnt too big so even if i stay in my room i can hear all the shouting frm the tv. alhdlakjdlaksd. UGH sha le wo ba.

one day shld my parents decide to disown me they can just blast these dramas in the hse and i'll leave without being told. so happy huh.

@ 11:24 AM

finally found a wireless that's not password-locked >< even my bitcomet is working now. yayy.

got home. had my TONGKEE EGGTART! talked to puisee on the phone. finished some serials stored in my com since 1000 years ago. thats about all i've done! er. how productive.

i realise my life is in a mess. truckloads of homework untouched (seriously UNTOUCHED ok). hair not cut. primary sch gathering not fixed (i was only reminded of it when choowan asked me on msn juz now). stuck at home cos i have no money to shop. phone still abit screwed. and im suspecting my laptop's gonna die soon due to some virus attack. blah everything just sucks.

but im gg out with chian in 20mins time, even tho i've no money to shop. shes on the lrt to my hse now (((:

Dec 22, 2006 @ 10:06 AM

omg daren daren daren! he made it! lalala im so HIGHHH.

he can cook leh! see? ee guys who can cook are so so sweet! hmm out of point. but seriously, he's GOOD! he can sing and he can dance (((: alltheway daren!

stayover at hany's house was really FUNNNN. i love heart-to-heart talk! my throat is rlly quite bad now cos we've been chatting frm 6 to 1 (with superstar intervals in btw lol)! now i noe ALL your secrets muahaha. u are in grave danger my dear (:

boo. last day at sph. i'll miss it TERRIBLY!!! my colleague juz returned frm hk and she had an interview with FUNG?! like a PERSONAL 1to1 interview in a closed room?! asdahdgkafs. she's so lucky! cos she likes fung too! ugh stop telling me how full of dian his eyes were and how gentleman he was!?! blah hopefully someday i'll be back.

24 more hours and im on my way home! i told mama to buy me e tongkee eggtart alr! cant wait.

Dec 20, 2006 @ 10:27 AM


muahaha as u can tell, im rlly rlly excited (: hany is too ((:

juz now on msn hany was telling me sph canteen got nice currypuff! i dint have breakfast so i straightaway went up and buy. and i finished it on the way back to my office. what a pig. but thats nt the point. 10 mins later, my boss returned frm outisde and bought me some food! it was the same currypuff frm the same stall -.- doink. phew. luckily i dint bump into her at e canteen juz now! omg.

the rain stopped! yayy. probably the other rain told it to stop.

i cant resist posting these! omg he looks so bloody cute in pink.

can somebody pls tell me how to change e blogger account back to the old version?! apparently they dont allow it?! tsk. now i have to sign in twice. thankew, what a free UPGRADING service huh.

Dec 19, 2006 @ 10:20 AM








Dec 18, 2006 @ 6:52 PM

attended a presscon by some dunnowho singers. it was supposed to start at 3 but at 2.55 i was the only reporter there. i was so so freaked out okay cos if nobody came den i'll hav to ask all e questions! how am i supposed to ask anything when i dont even know who they are.

and finally at 3 i saw huifen! apparently her boss threw her this lastminute saikang too. the moment i saw her i thot i saw my saviour HAHA. both of us were like:
"hur u know them not?"
"u think leh"
"dun ask lor"
"seela! i tell u hor my boss hor.." haha there she goes complaining.

the no. of reporters present was rlly pathetic, so pathetic tht they kept noticing me and huifen cos we were obviously the youngest there. the host looked at us and went "wah so many new faces. looks like a new generation has taken over huh." UHHUM, doesnt the fact that they send interns (aka inexperienced reporters) tell you smth about the level of importance of your news? but of course we were being rlly polite and returned her comment with weak smiles.

the dunnowho singers obviously noticed the 2 of us are too young to know their songs and kept going "i think u probably werent around when this song came out" blahblahblah. er do u rlly have to emphasise on ur overage-ness. "wah do reporters have to go thru audition nowadays? 怎么都长得那么漂亮可爱!" yea tt was her exact words. er i suppose she was referring to huifen HAHA.

4 days left at work. hmm i think i'll miss it.

random: i love rainy days, but the rain these few days abit the over rite? isit bcos rain's coming soon? wahaha bu. hao. xiao.

Dec 17, 2006 @ 8:55 PM

my uncle is getting married soooon! he went to the registry this morning and according to my cousin who is highly unreliable, he ordered a HUGE bouquet of flowers?! lol. thats so not him. hehheh im gonna laugh at him when i go home. soon.

my xiao biao ge brought a girl home last week! finally. ahah my stupid cousin is mean mean mean! the other day when we were on the phone she kept telling me how yucky the girl looked -.- and the fact that my aunties all think so?! WAT THE. tsktsk. she better pray dat her future bf's family doesnt say the same thing about her. er.

2 exciting updates frm my family. they remind me of how long i've been away and how much im missing home :(

Dec 16, 2006 @ 5:53 PM

wats with this "new version of blogger" man?! i still dont see the difference.

ahh anyway. i think yen flew off to japan alr? hmph im so jealous. the other day she was telling us a story about this girl who went for an exchange prog in japan also. one day her host brought her to shop and in one of those shops she stared at something for a very long time, and the nxt morning she found that thing lying on her table (!!!) so we were telling yen she shld just stare at yamapi. HAHAHA. den she'll need an ultrahuge luggage to carry him back. err.

so many ppl went overseas! this is unfair. msyang came back frm bangkok. the taiwan and chiangmai (yoke, ruiyi, zuo) ppl also came back ytd. yen juz flew to japan. chian's gg bangkok tmr. me?? KL! -.-

ok nvm kl is exciting too.
i. cant. wait. to. go. homeeeeeee.
wo! yao! hui! jiaaaaaaaa!!

i've been complaining to yen since she 2 weeks ago that i want the "tong kee" egg tart! im gonna get mama to buy it nxt saturday morning so that i can have my long-awaited "dan tart" the moment i reach home! im missing kl food. and mama's food.

Dec 15, 2006 @ 1:19 PM

we decided to check out the sph library after lunch and yes, here i am blogging in the library! while they are exploring books?! nah, im not interested.

i dint come for work ytd cos i overslept!? hahaha. ok this is nt funny. SHHH. i called my boss and told her i was sick, and magically, i tink i rlly sounded sick on e phone (she kept telling me to get more rest and asked if i was having soar throat) muahaha.

hey it wasn't my fault ok. at least not entirely. they bloody called me the afternoon before and told me to go for some stupid musicals at night?! and of course it was alr late when i finished the job. so i bathe late. i slept late. and so i woke up late too :D

and apparently my boss forgot to inform my colleagues who were on duty ytd and this morning when i came the first thing that woman asked me was "how come u dint come and u dint tell us?" and she sounded pissed.

HULLO. i called okay. so i became pissed too. but ahh.. who cares.

and i heard them talking about a POSSIBLE interview with fUng (omgomg!) or kevin or charmaine. i hope they rlly get him!! nvm if hooi's gonna feed me to the kangaroos, i dun care HAHAHA.

Dec 12, 2006 @ 5:29 PM

yen went back liao =\ she left a card + chocolates for me on e table! sweeted. arigatou! get yamapi back frm japan HAHA!

i think my boss is super nice. i told her i wanted to go to the 周润发 presscon this morning and she said SURE! and even arranged everything for me :)

i must say 周润发 is juz so cute. i got a shock when i arrived at the press con cos it looked super grand and serious. but apparently 发哥 dressed very casually..even more casual than us. and he's damn funny! he said jaychou has small eyes and he wanted to kill him (like he did in 黄金甲) cos he lost all his fans to jaychou! lol. that's what i appreciate about an artist: 毫无明星架子! unlike some asses who think they're way up there when they're actually NOTHING as compared to people like 周润发.

but damn it i couldnt take photos at all cos they dint allow photography during the press con. nvm, i can still flaunt to my mum cos i got to see him anyway :D heh. she's damn jealous alr.

and i went for 伤城 movie press preview in the afternoon! my boss asked the reporter to bring me along again (omg i love her lah!)

i wasnt particularly interested in 梁朝伟 or 金城武 BUT the fact that i got to watch the movie 16 days earlier than the rest of the world does really excited me! somehow i forgot im in singapore and the moment the actors started 'speaking' chinese i was like UGH! i forgot all the hk films are chinese dubbed here and i hate dubbed films/dramas bcos u can tell they're juz so unnatural. that is why the only time i went for a hk film in singapore was in sec2 and i've NEVER gone for anymore since then. not in singapore. waste my money only loh.

other than the fact that the dubbing kinda spoils the entire film, it's pretty good actually. at least it made me think and i could understand it, unlike internal affairs which i watched (not knowing what was going on) and forgot the nxt morning.

Dec 11, 2006 @ 10:30 AM

ee ytd was so fun! my first time being in a pub! i think i was the only one below 18 in there cos i managed to sneak in somehow. but the place was lousy lah! the media had to squeeze at a corner and we couldnt even write properly cos it was all dark?! i guess mediacorp was trying to be 'hip' by shifting e ceremony to a pub but apparently they were trying too hard cos it turned out to be so UNGLAM and informal. they tried to be unique by changing the red carpet to blue and it was like ERR... and the media pass was so lousily done -.-

anw im so so happy! cos i saw xuanxuan, my fav! shes so so so pretty can! zhang jia hui was damn cute too!


i felt like a dwarf next to guopinchao and zhengyuanchang! both are like 30cm taller than me?! they were wearing boots somemore. but naichong is also 30cm taller than me leh..yet i feel much much shorter nxt to the both of them. weird. UGH i regretted not going up to shiyu and get his signature! he looked even better in person.

i was so surprised that i got back to hostel slightly before 12! i tot i'd probably have to spend the night outside if the guard decided to lock me out after 12.

Dec 10, 2006 @ 2:17 PM

hany says she visits my blog thrice a day! are u rlly that bored my dear? mwahaha.

we won our fourth gold medal! frm KKK! yayy! he didnt disappoint his fans, thats me and ooipincin HAHA :D

recently we explored beyond youtube and found so many sites that are even better cos they upload one entire episode instead of by parts! im rewatching some old dramas that i watched when i was 7! gosh, gu tian le looked like this!

tsk dun laugh. and here's chiLAMB and xuanxuan!

yoyoyo check out their hairstyles man. damn cool.

ahh i still haven completed the stupid report on the top10 local news. siannnnn.

Dec 9, 2006 @ 11:00 AM

i tot i was late for work this morning and rushed like mad and even skipped breakfast, only to realise it was 7:20am when i crossed the bridge! A.R.G.H! in e end i reached office before 8! which is like 45 minutes earlier?! damn. that's what happens when ur phone is spoilt and u dun have a watch.

read about this korean equestrian rider who died in asian games after he got tossed to the ground by his horse =X scary. i wonder what his family members are feeling right now? just the moment before u were so proud of ur son who was going to represent e country, and den snap! u realised u are nt going to see him again and wish he had nv gone. the unpredictability and transience of life.. (which reminds me of our town! ahha)

anw, on a happier note, KKK is in e men's doubles finals tonight! woohoo~ at least it was worth the staying up late to watch live score ytd! yayy. tambah minyak!

Dec 8, 2006 @ 12:28 PM

what a wonderful day to finally change my template! cos it's fUng's bday (:

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and also, WELCOME BACK TEEWENQI! sorry i cant go changi cos still gotta work tmr! call ya soon!

Dec 7, 2006 @ 10:41 AM

gawd. im blogging so frequently nowadays, ever since i got my job and im stuck in office all day long. not that i dun hav things to do. im just nt interested in the most recent job assigned to me which is to dig out the top10 LOCAL entertainment news and do a summary. well, see it? LOCAL ent news. how interesting can tht be. the biggest news is probably the one on caoguohui driving after he drank. oh wow.

and my boss juz told me i cant go for hong xing da jiang bcos they only allow those above 18?!! wat the. mediacorp comes up with lame rules.

having internet connection in the room is coooool. we wanted to watch death note ytd nite but ended up being too obssessed with the newfound privilege and decided to linger around blogs and videohosting sites instead. i was told KKK was playing his mixed doubles against some spore duo and very excitedly i went to check out the live score on doha's site.

and i saw 14-3. as in, we 14, the opponent 3 -.- err.. the second time it refreshed the score became 16-4 errrrr.... yea as u can see, nt much excitement there. i hope there're exciting matches tonite!

i cant think of stuff to blog about anymore so im gonna guai guai go do my job of digging out unexciting news now :X

countdown to fUng's bday : 1 day!
countdown to the return of Qi: 1 day!

Dec 6, 2006 @ 11:33 PM

omg #1:

im blogging at 11.34pm! SEE IT?! 11.34pm! in my room! this is the first time ever i can come online at such a late hour! cos im using the public wireless connection now! muahaha this is damn cool man. i hope this would mean dat i can go online ANYTIME frm today onwards!

omg #2:

our sepak takraw made it to e FINALS in asian games! even though i've nv watched a single takraw game in my life and i heard they're losing =\ , its my fellow countrymen out there after all! gogogo..msia boleh!

omg #3:

our scholarz blog came alive! heh. all thanks to meeee! who revamped the old blog and got everybody blogging once again! within juz 2 days we have 7 new posts! even the jodie and the kristy who rarely visit blogs are tagging every now and then! btw chian, i love the photoshoped hooi and kris (: they look REAL. hahaha

omg #4:

i've been having homemade oreo cheesecakes for the past 3 nights (near midnights). and i foresee having it for the fourth night. damn.

countdown to fUng's bday : 2 days
countdown to the return of Qi: 2 days

Dec 5, 2006 @ 10:08 AM


since u have been such an active tagger/spammer on my blog last nite, i shall dedicate a paragraph to you as replies to all of those. no, nobody has e same phone as me. cos fUng looks more special? but as u can see, sometimes i'll forget and leave out the U. and pls do not support KKK and TBH bcos im already damn sad when the bloody association decided to change KKK's partner and leave CCM to some unpro player. and THIS IS NOT FAIR! WHY CAN U WATCH THE LIVE TELECASTTTTTT!! i want my wong choong hann ahh!!! and the point is, u nv tag me e results! grr. im gonna check it up now.

shit they lost :( and wch dint even get to play! stooopid lcw why is he so not on form! chian, any idea when they'll show the finals? i still wanna watch china cos fufu's playing..

anyway, i NEED to blog about this!

while chian was having her heart going ping pong piang watching hafiz's match ytd nite, we were having a near-death adventure trying to smuggle dee and nui into the bs.

it all started when blurry head jodie left her phone in e dining hall and it was returned to e office by some kind soul who was being too kind. the moment hong and i walked into e office to try to ask about the lost phone, guess who we saw? our MOST FAVOURITE STAFF was on duty! we knew it was game over.

and we were right!

"could you please enlighten me on what is a non-boarder doing in the bs and how she got in here?"
....(which reminds me of e lokchi incident in sec2, even tho this is much scarier)
we juz crapped our way through and claimed that we only smuggled 1 person in and this person had alr left the boarding sch after she collected her things. that was the best we could tell cos the truth would have gotten us out of the bs or even landed us in the police station and we were not so stupid to confess everything. ok i shant be too blatant juz in case somebody pops by.

sooooo fun huh. thank goodness they both left without being found out this morning. i couldnt sleep well for e entire night can! shish.

trust me, those with heart problems should never attempt this.

Dec 3, 2006 @ 2:52 PM

im rotting in the office :X again.

i ate lunch alone today :X

i managed to survive without my phone for 5 days alr :X

go and read kristy's blog about how her hse gt burgled. the whole thing sounded damn hilarious. i finally understand wat happened, it's so much clearer lor. unlike the last time when we tried to have a MESS convo where everybody was so pissed by me cos i couldnt understand a single thing and kept going like "HUH HUH say again leh..u mean u gt robbed?"

*countdown to fung's bday : 5 days
*countdown to the return of Qi : 5 days (SEE! I RMB!)

Qi! u're as important as fung! omg dont u feel so so honoured?! MUAHAHAHA.

Dec 2, 2006 @ 2:58 PM

yayy woopeeee hoorayyy! fUng just won favourite male actor GOLD award!

he said this is going to be his best bday present! whee~ so happy!

*countdown to fUng's bday: 6 days*

i think somebody updated (finally!) scholarz blog, shall go see now..byes

Dec 1, 2006 @ 2:38 PM

i have nth to do again! been onlining since this morning. had a MSN MAJOR CONFERENCE! about?? haha i shall show you.

chian says:
eng- wentworth miller
chian says:
...[蒨chianN] 人,快乐到孤独,缺乏到满足 says:
hk-fung DUH
jap-yamapi DUH
korean-dongwook currently, but might switch back to jinzaiyuan anytime lol
eng-dunno eh.
ruiyi. says:
tw-hejunxiang, xiezhi
hk-fung, bosco
jap-yamapi and muchun

so basically we were trying to list down our lovers frm ALL OVER THE WORLD. heh. one leg step many boats. and the whole convo went like:

chian says:
chian says:
...[蒨chianN] 人,快乐到孤独,缺乏到满足 says:
...[蒨chianN] 人,快乐到孤独,缺乏到满足 says:
...[蒨chianN] 人,快乐到孤独,缺乏到满足 says:
like when
chian says:
chian says:
chian says:
ruiyi. says:
ruiyi. says:

this is one of the very few times that i enjoy mass convos! sharing youtube links. sending pictures and clips. shouting names. HAHAHA im really hyper now.

so hyper that eunice wanted me to play bejeweled with her but i said no cos i wanted to watch weixiao pasta on youtube. lol she hates me now.

ooh..ytd was my 200th post (:


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