Jun 29, 2006 @ 1:30 PM

math blocks was juz another killer. but i guess physics is still my worst!

this is NOT fair! why do we have to do 2 papers for chinese?! on separate days some more?! stupid laoshi. geog ppl dun even have to take the full paper.


anyway, on a lighter note.. been listening to 933 these few nights to relieve stress. i love this line frm one of the stories i heard in yin yue ri ji:



i wonder if it is true that 得不到的永远最好... are human beings born to have this mentality? well, sometimes it's true that things you cant have are always the best! cos it's only when you dont have something that u'll start imagining what would happen if u could have it. but we fail to treasure what we have.. and we complain about what we dont have.


Jun 28, 2006 @ 5:17 PM

well, physics block test juz killed me. seriously, that's the hardest physics test i've taken in my life. i told qikai i'll go zhuang qiang if i pass muahahaha~ anyway we had another round of betting on all our papers!

hmm haven really started on math yet. heard it's going to be hard.

cant wait till sat!!! im gonna see all the ppl i haven seen for a long (well, not really) time! nui's going crazy over all the vcds and dvds that i burn for her! and chian's so heart-broken cos c.ronaldo injured himself. haiz.. i feel sorry for him too.

OMGGGGGGGGGGG my eyecandy juz came into the computer room........ ahhhhhh i want to screeeeeeeeeaaam out load!! gosh he makes me faint. this is the 3rd time i've seen him since i came back last sat =P aww why he never sit next to me! shucks he juz walked out of the room -.-

Jun 24, 2006 @ 8:11 PM

i promised yen that i'll go up and study. argh. and i'm here doing boliao stuff again! ahbish!

damn it stupid spore local tv doesn't show a single match! how am i gonna watch england tmr?? maybe i gotta call home to ask for results. suddenly feel that msia govt is being so useful this time.

oops laptop running out of batt. ok it's a sign that i should go up to my room and study T.T

Jun 22, 2006 @ 12:59 PM

we gave yen a surprise party!

er.. the maid couldnt handle the camera very well..so it ended up looking so shaky..

yen holding up the presents we gave her! chian looks so retarded..

HOHOHO our laptops!!!! yea we're a bunch of fortunate kids...

on our way to the mamak stall to watch football.. that's me sitting on chian's lap cos there were 5 of us squeezing at the backseats!

HA! this is so cool~ only malaysia have!! a screen at a "high class" mamak stall.. btw, that is klose striking..

the famous ROTI TISSUE! only malaysia have also!

i'll miss hooi... not gonna see her till end of the year.

i was sooooo excited when i found this in 7-11! limited edition pepsi with lampard's face printed on it!!! it only costs me RM1.30

yayy i guessed correctly! joe cole was chosen as the man of the match! heh they shld let me be the judge hur...


Jun 21, 2006 @ 4:28 PM

wow our lives here at hooi's house have been so meaningful! we've been spending more than 24 hours watching videos and dramas on our laptops! the only time we took our eyes away from the screens was probably during dinner time and frm 10 to 12 midnight when we went out to the mamak stall to watch football.

it was great watching england with the chian and the teohhooi. hoho cos we all love hot guys. joe cole is cool. gerrard too! everyone of them is cool! with the exception of rooney perhaps. eww he looked so pissed when he got called off when he was actually not performing up to standard. the only not so perfect thing was probably that they didn't beat sweden. never mind. a draw is enough to top the group!

slept at 5 plus and woke up at 11 this morning! that's an impressive record! we managed to survive with only 6 hours of sleep!

okay i'm off to join chian and teoh to continue with my laptop marathon. upload photos tomorrow!

Jun 19, 2006 @ 12:08 PM

sing with me!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to LAMPARD
Happy Birthday to you

if u dont mind, sing a Happy Anniversary Song (if there's one) too! to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of me falling in love with lampard. muahahahahah

it was 2 years ago, around this time of the year, during euro cup that i noticed him. and he became famous after that. i think it's because of me you know. yeah seriously. i'm not kidding.
anyway... yupz! if u like england, u gotta like this man. he's real cool.

his bday is tmr actually but i might be really bz talking to the teohhooi tmr so yea.. an early wish!

ok great tomorrow i'll be officially torn between the tvb world and the worldcup world (hey alliteration!) cos seeing hooi means fung and tvb, but watching the england match at 3am at her house also means lampard and football. at this moment, i dont know which one is more important. oops i think hooi's gonna kill me if she sees this. that woman is so violent.

nothing very exciting has been happening in my life lately, unless u think that sleeping at 3~4am every morning and waking up at 12~1pm every afternoon (yea..i juz woke up) is a cool thing to do. this used to be my daily routine but no more for a longlong time. ugh i hate this. maybe that's why my uhhum is not arriving on time again!

ok this is really unexciting. i cant think of anything exciting to post about. maybe i shld stop before u fall asleep reading this. bye. sorry this is me half asleep too. somehow typing is making me more and more sleepy..........

OKAYYYY i really should stop. back to sleeeeeeep. yawns. uh oh den my lunch how??? crap.

Jun 18, 2006 @ 5:59 PM

hey i'm at my cousins' house now! teaching them how to blog and stuff.. i cant believe i'm that pro at html codes :)) or maybe nigel and nic are juz lousy... hoho

2 more days!!!!!

to what??

lampard's birthday!!

heh. it's important OKAY.

watching badminton open here too! haha the whole house is filled with roars and cheers with every point leechongwei picks up! he is damn cool. down with 15-20 but fought back with a 23-21 win! ahhhhh too bad u're not choonghann.. if not i'll love u juz as much muahahahh.

kk.. i'm off to watch deardear koo! i cant miss this or i'll regret for the rest of my life!!!! okay i juz regretted yesterday -.- for missing the match btw him and fuhaifeng!

chian finally thinks that fuhaifeng is shuai. er a bit slow.

Jun 15, 2006 @ 2:15 PM

met chian on tuesday. we left chee cheong gai in a hurry and in the end i forgot i had to look for lampard's jersey! all chian's fault. i officially announce that chian cant cross roads properly. roads in kl rather. she looked as if she juz came out from an ulu kampung. a tip to all: if u wanna murder her, just bring her to any cross roads. she'll either stone there cos she cant decide when to cross or she'll run and scream while crossing even when the road is clear and no car is driving towards her!

we bought a dozen retarded pencils! so cute. those that primary sch teachers give you for scoring full marks in tests. haha yeah we are still as childish.

taken frm chian's blog:

"on a happier note. the chian and the chiann went out yesterday! we watched cars at times square's relatively new cineplex. and i think our movie was screened probably in one of the biggest halls. it was only 23/420 filled. can work your brains and simplify the fractions. OH 23 is a prime number!!! right? HAHAHHAHAHA."

"and i survived the outing although challenged by many near death experiences. ie: crossing roads."

see what i mean? still as retarded.

dad obviously supports korea which i will never like unless jinzaiyuan is playing which is so impossible (he's too goodlooking for a korean soccer player). ooh i thought i saw him among the korean crowd -.- ok i muz be dreaming. argh i hope they dont win.

i'm really tempted to change the template. but i'm really lazy too. and since those 2 contradict each other i shall not do anything at the moment. like how opposite forces cancel each other out yea. and the net force becomes zero. no work done. blah my analogy makes sense!

ok i think i shld stop before i become crappier. blame chian. i became more retarded after meeting her.

england tonight!! which means seeing lampard again :))))))))))) i'm obsessed.

Jun 12, 2006 @ 12:20 PM



grr although i was abit angry when u didnt come back to pei me during xiezuoying! but yah..still like to wish ya HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! thx for always listening to me...i really enjoy talking to ya :)))))


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (well..it's tmr..but i cant wait!!)

haiz. what more to say. known u for the sixth yr. roommates for the third time (rmb in p6 during e camp oso?) i guess we juz know each other too well hehheh. rou ma de hua bu duo shuo.. but thx loads for being a great friend! :) i enjoy ur company! wish ya all the best in everything! yi qi jia you bah~

ok done with wishing birthdays.

actually studying gets pretty alright once u get into the momentum of it. er..but so far i haven..and i dun even feel guilty bout it cos i'm giving myself a really glamorous (like me!) excuse - worldcup is once in 4 yrs while blocks is once in a yr! yayy.

ooh talking bout worldcup.. went to watch england at mamak stall cos stupid local tv doesn't show all of england matches! grrr. even mamak stall has astro :( it wasnt the most exciting match though. a rather disappointing performance from eng. but anw, my lampard is best player for the match! he almost scored twice! wait till we go hooi's house! me and chian gonna drool over those cute guys! lampard, a.cole, beckham, owen, gerrard etc etc...oooh

GOGOGO Lamparddddddd

a random convo btw me and my dad:

dad: what song is this?
me: CAO cao
dad: ooh. so who sang it? CAO ge?

wow. my dad is so smart. not bad huh. he actually knows who is cao ge! *applause*

ugh mum and dad finally talked to each other after a week of cold war. trust me, nothing feels worse than being stuck in the middle and not even knowing what actually started the war?! anw this is not the first time. but everytime it happens it'll still drive me mad!

ooh going out with chianie tmr! am i feeling excited? oh nono. she should be the one feeling excited. that woman misses me soooo much.

Jun 8, 2006 @ 10:56 AM

hmmph stupid kris how dare u insult me?! im gonna expose ur ultra ugly face and show it the whole world =P AHHHH jian gui!!

met my dear cousin again! he nv failed to make me smile~ love you dear!

he's hugging my pressie for him! omg so cute~

went back to kampung to bai popo. felt good to be back at the old house. but somehow it juz felt different cos popo wasnt around anymore. apparently i was the only one in the family who was not present during her funeral. i was the last one to know in fact. i guess i'll come back much less frequent since popo is not there now.

our big house! well, houses in kampung are all of this size. i rmb i suggested taking a family photo in front of the house during chinese new year. we always forgot and then kept telling ourselves: it's alright, we'll do it next year. well, there's no next year already, cos this year was popo's last new year with us.

my parents' and aunties' wedding photos hung on the wall. popo missed all her children.

shen tai

mum, aunt and uncle folding "paper money" for popo

cocoa from uncle's orchard!

i love these plants around the house! they're all planted by popo.

chicken raised by popo.. i still rmb how much i hated this part of the house cos im scared of these live animals!

a well in the house! something that city kids will never see..

my nth attempt at learning to ride a bicycle properly failed miserably..again. UGH. everybody in the house including myself juz couldn't understand why am i so bad at balancing!? it took my 3 uncles plus an aunt plus a mum to teach me but i still couldnt do it.

i'm the only one in the family who cant cycle. great. all my younger cousins could do it so much better than me. well i'm the only one in class who cant cycle too i think. of all the friends i know only yen and i cant ride a bicycle. that's why i hate to go to a park cos i'll have nothing to do except watching them cycling and roller blading -.-

ok i swear im gonna ride a bicycle succesfully by the end of next year! and for that, i'll be treated to a meal at wherever i want as promised by uncle!

Jun 5, 2006 @ 11:59 AM

ARGH stupid chian made me look forward to meeting her so much today! and now she's telling me her mum fell sick and she cant come out :((((((((( so sian. that means i've got to stay at home, and that means facing reality, and that means endless mugggggging! i haven been doing that for the past few days! played piano for at least 7 hours yesterday. i can finally say that i mastered jaychou's feng!

YESH! that's what i've been doing at home! zi-lian-ing and posing for photos of myself!

well, more about the camp. daoteng and i compiled all together 7-8 pages of mi mi ma ma crappy conversations during all the taojie's lectures. haha. that was how we kept ourselves awake! i cant imagine what will happen if those pieces of paper are discovered..it's full of gossip abt all e people u could think of! heh heh

OMG i miss he zhi liang! he's the cutest adult i've seen (both his face and the way he behaves) i was like "OHMY! I want someone like that!" too bad he's married haha. but we thought that he and his wife look really compatible! one of the rare 俊男美女 pairs i've seen..a very young and sweet couple. hmm..so幸福!! too bad i dun have photos of him..maybe wanglaoshi will have.

my group! i muz admit dat i still dunno their names 0.O

kae i've got loads to do over this hols

1. mugggg.. (duh!) imagine not having gone thru any sort of mid years in all 10 years..and all of a sudden u're telling me i cant slack my june hols away cos there's midyears coming up first day when sch reopens! great.

2. watch worldcup. ok..watch england i mean. um no..more like watching lampard.

3. meet the teohhooiwen when she comes back so that we can have our long awaited tvb and crazy-over-FUNG talk!! and throw her all e mags i've kept for her since e beginning of e year.

4. meet up with mich, nigel and nic! to see how much taller they've grown in the past 3 mths!

5. call up shuehyi wanyee soonseng fiona chooiping waihoong weykeet kangwei cheefatt and those whom i really miss!! (i mean they miss me too!)

6. phone convos with Chian who loves me soooooo much that she cant live more than a night without talking to me!

yup..that's about it. now that i listed everything down looks like my june hols isn't going to be that boring after all.

die. im missing everyone in spore as well! zj, et, hany, ql, rach, the glam gals yezi and kia! i miss 6B! and the nui who's still stuck there for trainings!

and not forgetting yen and yoke whom i've not seen for more than a week! it's really weird u know..! not seeing ppl whom u go to sch with, eat with, sleep with EVERY DAY! hahahaha

wow a rather long post huh! k i shall ban myself frm going online for e nxt few days!

Jun 2, 2006 @ 4:56 PM

chian-YEA we did ur mass dances! i cant rmb the song but there was one where u go like "woo.." facing ur partner in the chorus. i thought that one was really HIGH. yup. hoho and we learnt tj's indian dance which we saw on asean night..rmb? ohya chian!..there was this guy form ur sch (councillor i think) who led all the dances. me and my frens thought that he v cute and got charisma..but dunno his name leh. haha.

going home tmr. the chian misses met too much. gonna call her up when i reach home.

sian zzzzzzzzz

Jun 1, 2006 @ 4:01 PM

back from camp. FINALLY. i had been looking forward to this moment since 4 days ago. it shows how much i enjoyed myself during the camp rite *&^%$#@!~^&#@#^#$

i managed to escape the horrifying fate of going onstage and making a fool of myself in front of the crowd..cos i grabbed hold of xinyu at the last minute to replace me.. so i didnt have to pon the party night in the end! and i guess that was the only fun thing that happened in the camp cos we got to do mass dances frm all the 4 schools! dancing juz makes me HIGHHHHH.. like how i went high on campfire night 5 months ago.

kk enough about the camp. im seriously lacking in sleep now cos i slept at 4.15am and woke up at 7.25am today. stupid bridge. im getting sick of it. later might be meeting nui at somewhere? to have dinner and take neoprints? 0.O i dunno. im really tired but i miss that woman.

thankew deardear fengjun, glam gals Yezi & kiamian for pei-ing me through e 3 nights so tt i didnt have to sleep alone! yayy i love u guys. muahaha.

a NOTE to yezi and kiamian: glam is a nice word. yayy.


17 jan

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