Apr 27, 2006 @ 10:47 AM

last sunday when i called home, my mum picked up the phone but she didn't talk much. i sounded quite impatient when she asked me things. my dad also didn't sound too well for some reason..den he told me he had a "bad news for me" and i was like... ohno.. dun tell me sth happened to him!

"your grandmother passed away"

i got a big shock. den he passed the phone back to ma. i asked her why didn't she tell me..and she said she didnt want to affect my mood cos i had a test the nxt day. i felt so so so guilty for sounding bad juz now..

when she told me how it happened and all that, i started crying and told her i felt bad for not being able to be there for her and e family. she told me not to cry cos popo knew that i cared for her alot whenever i called home to ask about her. and ma dint cry. it's ironic that she had to console me while it was supposed to be the other way round instead. that's how strong my mum is. ma even called me up on monday evening to make sure tt i was alright and not affected by the news.

in a way i am glad that popo passed away in her home cos that's sort of what she had wished for. and ma said popo had chosen a convenient time, it was a weekend so all her children and grandchildren could make it back to kampung.. and it was also one mth before my cousin's wedding.. i hate to attend funerals. it always makes me sadder than ever. but this time it's different, after all it's someone much closer to heart and i guess i should be there together with my family, although i know i hate to see them cry. i think i'm so not like them.. both my parents are strong and they dun cry easily..which is exactly the opposite of me.

so i went to sch with swollen eyes on monday morning after what happened the previous night. but everything is back to normal now.

well, she died peacefully at least. that's something that i felt really thankful for. May you rest in peace, popo! u and gonggong can finally be together... i'll miss all e sweet little stories u told me, all e little tunes that u taught me since i was young.. i'll miss u saying "乖...乖...有空再回来" to me everytime i got into the car in front of ur doorstep. i think i really miss all of that..

Apr 24, 2006 @ 3:09 PM

only smart ppl see this. ok u're so smart.

asean night was a success i shld say. anw this was our first time trying it out and apparently MOST ppl enjoyed it very much, with the exception of some who didn't even try to be part of it.

most of them had fun splashing shaving cream on each other..and i got betrayed by kaiying and yeechien! i came up with the game and i ended up having cream all over myself -.- had a hard time cleaning myself up.. but it was nonetheless fun! at least i could see that most of the scholars there had lotsa fun with the games!

dun like it rite? ok lor..come and do and plan everything yourself lorh. since u're sooooo smart yea. im juz disappointed at how my own friends failed to show support for me while other ppl who were total strangers to me could come up to me and said "good job done! we liked it very much". i might have had a wrong definition of them all along if that's the case.

by the time it ended i was alr so so so tired that e moment i stepped into my room i juz lied down on the floor and slept until nxt morning. luckily we could still wake up in time to go for leap..and managed to take our bath before tt. we stinked like hell after all the running and cream thing.

so leap was fun though! (excluding e part where i got called on stage to do some stupid introduction thing.) other than that it was fun! learnt so many things that i nv knew..but that doesn't mean i'll put them into practice cos it's super hard trying to memorise everything u have to do before this and before that..esp girls! so ma fan..but we get special treatment too! according to the social etiquette status..wow

kk shall talk bout stj another time. saturday was fun :))))))))))

oh one more thing. i got sth to announce. HEY! some com in the stupid hostel comlab auto signed me into e msn account. thats NOT me. so many ppl told me that i dao-ed them/asked who they are when they tried to talk to me. so plsplspls make sure u're talking to ME first k. sometimes that might not be me -.- nice ppl like me dun dao ppl one lorh!

rah that sounds damn complicated. k im gonna find out which com is it and do sth about it.

Apr 21, 2006 @ 1:40 PM

rah. felt so relieved after all e complaints yesterday! complained to osy..complained to zy..complained to hany..complained to my blog..complained to my dear diary. and i still have LOTS to complain if i want to.. lotsa things happened today too! but heck care. not in the mood to complain now.

yayy the scholarz blog is finally revamped!! i thot i went to e wrong blog juz now. no more of the ultraugly pokerdotz template! finally. now it looks so cute and bubbly! juz like us!

im feeling damn syok now! why??

cos i get to miss his lesson. yayy. btw, anyone needs my plastic bag???
hope everything goes fine later.. im dreading it :S

Apr 20, 2006 @ 3:30 PM

today is not a very wonderful day for me. everything started out pretty well in the morning actually.. i was in a rather happy and excited mood for dunno what reason.

she's heart-broken. but it also broke my heart to see her cry. esp it's due to sth that we caused. and the fact that she cried out of deep care and concern for us. i really think tt we're making her more and more disappointed and disillusioned as a class. a fun class, yes i wun deny tt. but we're not a lovable class in that sense. for always giving her so many things to worry about us..esp when she's such a nice and fun teacher. im feeling really bad.. ok so that was the first thing.

den it was supposed to be tea session with her right after she finished talking to us. but i didn't get to talk to her in the end. bcos of sth, bcos of somebody. well..im pissed at how insensitive some ppl could be. they juz dunno when to do the right things at the right moment and that totally pisses me off. it might not be entirely somebody's fault but im juz not happy about it.

so that carried my mood all the way to ec.tutorial. and i obviously got more pissed at youknowwho. trust me, he sucks. trying to act-pro and act-can-teach in front of a much pro-er and obviously higher standard tcher. he's damn pro man! pro at what?? giving last-minute assignments -.-

"u wan to wash ur face?" (zzz..)
"or u want to stand up? do u think u can concentrate better standing up?" (shut up!)
"den u make sure u dun fall asleep.." (*&^%$#@!)
"ok let me check if u've done ur tutotials" (started walking arnd) (so fake)
"do i make sense to you?" (what if i say u've never made sense to me -__-)
"oh ur math test has got nth to do with me" (wow thats totally so caring of u)

like wth. looking at him totally makes me sick. it's such a torture and pain to my eyes to be looking at him, at his 4ever smiley face. ewww. i think i need to bring plastic bags for future lessons. (juz in case i...er...u know..need to...p*ke) so i was complaining about him throughout the lesson. everything he said..i will have sth to rebut. but obviously i only told osy who sat nxt to me la.

oh what a wonderful day hurh..

oh good luck to ernest! no more ernest's earnest response and laughter in class.. so quiet -.-

reminders for myself:
- do the econs thing (wahlao)
- bring a plastic bag (MUZ remember!! urgent.)

Apr 17, 2006 @ 3:36 PM

the past thursday and friday have been so fun and meaningful for me.

i shall post about 13/4/06 first. the night was so fun. our hall had a bbq night and so i invited my frens to come over! the impt thing is not the food..(i wasn't even full anyway) but to actually realise how lucky i am to have these 2 bunch of nice and cool friends!

6B (eunice, hanY, sinyee, zuojin)

so i went down to the slope outside to welcome them and brought them up to my room! we chatted for quite a while before going down to eat. and zuojin complained that she didn't like my bedsheet :( so you're gonna buy me one for my bday ya? which is nxt year o.O

sorry..my fren damn extra!

xtra AGAIN..! poor waifung..

yayy this shows that im tall enough to take this photo!

sinyee so kiampa!


finally got food!

4 cute gals + 1 ______ guy

the 6B FAR-mily.. (minus 18 ppl)



as usual..we chatted damn loudly in the dining hall (like what we used to do in the nybs canteen from 9.30-10.30pm every day) and took truckloads of photos! HAHA cos we simply enjoy posing for photos ((((:

our first photo taken outside e dining hall!


behind the "tiang"! (hoho tiang is a malay word!)

acting cute...

acting cute again...!

a long-wanted photo! too bad nui and jodie weren't here yet

Jodie is here!!

nui and sharon here too!

our first photo taken together!

um..jodie i love ur bra..

ohmy! 老同学相聚 (look at nui's expressions hehheh)

too bad Qi is not here!! if not really yi jia tuan ju le! (nui, dun frown :P)

Scholarz unite!

kiampa nui!

sharon acting cute again!

nui damn creepy lah! u totally ruined the photo la!

yayy so sweet..nui loves chiann although chiann doesn't love her :P

1! all cuddled together! aww...

2! heh! act-hiao!

3! Final pose!

eunice, hanY , sinyee and zuojin totally made my day by sending me sweeeeet sms-es. after i walked them to the gate, i received the first msg frm sinyee saying "We", which was promtply followed by hanY's "LOVE", then zuojin sent "You", and finally eunice's "A Lot!"

that was sooooo sweet of u guys okay! even sinyee who doesnt turn on her phone 80% of the time bothered to send me a msg! i was so touched. so i was smiling to myself all the time HAHA which looked really stupid u know. so i replied "I" "LOVE" "YOU" "TOO" to the 4 of them and got back 3 identical replies "You copycat!" HAHA SO STUPID. (but so sweet) dun worry! i still keep those messages! and i look at it almost twice every day :P

on to the second sweet thing that happened to me that night. after the whole thing ended and all of them went home, WE RECEIVED A CALL FROM WENQI!!!!!!!!! me and yen were like "ohmy! u sure u're calling our handphone using ur handphone in Australia?!" so we turned on the loudspeaker and talked for 26 minutes!! ohmy her phonebill is gonna be like.... T.T

and she called for no specific reason. she missed us and the urge of listening to our voice juz made her call! hmm. that's what friends are for i guess. so we talked and crapped alot like what we used to do last time. random topics yea. but it was fun! like back to the good old times.. and we asked her not to cry in case she missed us too much le. and we juz reminded her of crying HAHA! and she almost did. but qiqi is a strong gal! she won’t.

i've been complaining that my life is so empty and after that night, i feel that my life is not empty anymore! cos i know there are so many of you out there who remember me, cherish me, love me, care about me, bother to be a true friend of mine. and that, i guess, is the most impt thing to me alr!

quoted from wenqi, yea! "im loving this friendship of mine."

really wanna say that YOU GUYS ROCK MY WORLD (((((:

Apr 12, 2006 @ 3:10 PM

YAYY. so exciting. i cant wait till tomorrow!!

chian nui jodie zuojin hany eunice sinyee are gonna come see my room and have fun at BBQ!

hmm.. should i plan my friday too?! since it's a public hol! dun wanna waste it juz lidat..lets go for an outing!! somebody please plan ley...wahooo~

class - movies? somebody's house? dunno la. anything will be fun!
WE - KBOX! shhhhhhh..dun tell nui yah! hoho

Apr 11, 2006 @ 3:40 PM






"han-yunsong" 的 "传说",
yezi 的super off-tune singing,
chailing 的"不要blur!",
yen 的温暖送饭,
peishan sieyen的陪伴,








Apr 10, 2006 @ 9:13 AM

chian- STOP DENYING it. i know u purposely came over to visit me one rite.
wanga- of course! juz like me...cos they're my cousins =)
kun- aiyo dun be sad lah. u're still part of our class! if u feel happy den gossip bout us lorh! haha 八卦女王!
zuojin- u think funny meh. not at all lor :p
michelle- sorry lah! who ask ur inbox to be so small! use gmail toot.

ok, done with replying tags. wah i dunno how much i spent sending sms-es on saturday! i think 50, 60 plus le.. 10 for 8guaing with ppl, 10 to eunice abt sth that made me very happy =) (hmm...), another 10-20 to yen about cgs funfair and yoke's access card. 10 to hany for registering sabbaticals. and some other crappy stuff lah.

den i told wanga i wanna go for iceskating run2! so she gave me the direct url to it..and i successfully registered for the course while everybody was jamming like crazy. but 5mins after that, i realised i couldnt help anybody else sign up for the same thing cos i cant sign out of ivle! so i decided to deregister o.O cos nobody pei me in the same course. thats when i realised company is so important to me. i juz dun wanna be alone. BUT muz still thank wanga! for giving me that moment of excitement! ha i feel stupid.

yesterday when i actually wanted to shop for socks cos i lost so many pairs le, i ended up buying clothes for myself instead. rah! so angry with myself la but cant resist it. bought a purple shirt which i'm very satisfied with. simple but sweet. in the end only bought 1 pair of socks cos that place cant find the kind i want de!

ugh prcs suck. ok i dun mean to sound mean or anything. but at least those in this bs and my previous bs (not including naichong, xuna and ________) suck. saw so many things that totally pissed me off:

1) yesterday in the laundry room there was this bloddy arrogant prc woman who shouted at a poor sec 1 gal cos she saw her taking out her laundry frm e dryer 1 min earlier before it was supposed to stop. (ROLL EYES) she didnt like it juz bcos she wanted to fold her clothes piece by piece when taking out frm e dryer. and that totally waste time! hullo? so many ppl are queuing up for e dryer and if everybody folds it piece by piece on the spot, how long do we have to wait huh? cant u juz take out everything and go back to ur room and fold for all u want! totally brainless. and the poor gal juz looked damn pathetic while she was taking her own sweet time to fold her clothes in front of e dryer.

2) and there was this freaky prc man in the com room. when he first came in, e cable for connection on e com nxt to me was not plugged in. so while in a midst of searching for his cable, he accidentally did something to my cable and cause my com to be disconnected! great. and he refused to find out e source of e problem which he has juz caused and continued with his stuff as if it was my own problem. luckily i managed to find out whats wrong if not im gonna force him out of his seat to let me use his instead. damn irresponsible eh. and geuss what?? his com kena hang 10mins later! huo gai. wah i feel damn syok la!

3) yesterday during hall committee (obviously made up of 80% prcs since my hall is mainly occupied by them) meeting , there was this super bossy prc woman who thinks she knows everything in the world and busy seeking attention! like speaking in a damn act-seh manner, raising her own opinion for almost everything we're going through on e meeting agenda (including some lame details), insisting on her suggestion even after our tutor said it wasn't feasible! o.O this kind of ppl hor, dun have what we call "zzzm" (自知之明). and they dunno that they're pissing ppl off. like what the hell.

ok enough of these ppl who are totally unrelated to me. ohno poor hong lost her access card on saturday. i think she gotta pay 100 bucks for that. stupid boarding sch $$ sucker! the whole bs basically sucks.

Apr 8, 2006 @ 5:05 PM

LET'S JAM!! yeah man. really jam until cannot jam le. shit i dun wanna end up in some crappy modules.

our class getting more and more scandalous le. bad in a sense but there're so many interesting things for me to bagua about nowadays! i used to be the most informed person about all these kinda stuff but now..i think i really damn lag! i always know things like 1,2 weeks after it has happened!? ohmy. since yesterday i was trying hard to gather info frm all sources like dt, zy, nigel, xl, eunice...etc. but i still know very little. damn shi bai. hmm maybe i shud be more observant.

yayy saw chian again today. made my day.
chian loves chianN. yesh i know that. dun deny it chian.

aww i miss fung..haven heard about him for sooooooo long! hooi where u! i wan to talk about fung lah!!

Apr 7, 2006 @ 1:25 PM

HOHO so exciting. we're in e comlab now. supposedly to do PI. but obviously im not coocentrating...juz now damn funny. we were slacking at e class bench den somehow we started to test eunice tok on ppl's addresses & primary schools! siow la her..can memorise everybody's particulars so well! stalker...! haha and e xulin thing..hmm..sth fishy's going on!

and yezi came along! she was excitingly telling us about her improvement in singing but apparently it's her own illusion.. it was worse than worse o.O

juz saw ruiyi's photos of her in veejay uniform which i have never seen before! she looks good. oops shouldnt have said that cos she'll be zilian-ing away! and i realised i haven got one of myself in my new uniform! should go and pai and post it here someday. to show qi and hooi who're like soooooo far away!

hmm. i look down on ppl who think they fall in love for superficial reasons. so shallow and immature. that's NOT love. and the girls agree with me!

econs tutorial by dear mr k.tan o.O, what a bad way to end the day, or end the week rather.

damn random hur.

Apr 6, 2006 @ 5:07 PM

great. the 33rd students' council is gonna suck.

wOw. good luck to artemis =)

Apr 5, 2006 @ 3:09 PM

im feeling damn lagged at work!! seriously..have nv felt anything that bad in sec school.

hmm, mich reminded me to upload those photos frm eklin's wedding! and that was like 3 weeks ago...okay i shall do that.

the wedding dinner was fun man! the smallest wedding dinner i've ever gone to...only 5 tables...cos he only invited family members. but it's also the warmest wedding dinner i've ever seen.. like a real big family gathering, esp speaking dialect that only we could understand. adults chatting on their own and kids running all around..while teenagers like me?! busy taking photos... and somehow i juz ended up being the one pouring tea for the tea ceremony. somehow. haha!

and my cousins are getting shuaier and shuaier!! can introduce to frens! :P my cousin babies looking cuter and cuter! so..throughout the entire thing i was busy grabbing them to take photos with me! heh!

me and Nigel..

me and Nicholas...

me and Michelle...

青梅竹马 for 16 years: Nigel, Nicholas and Mich

me and Mich busy grabbing cute cousins for photos!!

esp this one...

so cuuuuute!!

kids at "karaoke"..

the couple..

uncles and aunties...

whoa finally finished uploading!! should have gotten pics of me pouring tea..but too bad dun have! first time in my life doing that ley! XD

YAYY wedding dinners are sooooo fun...!!


17 jan

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loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

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