Jun 30, 2008 @ 10:53 AM

the past few days have been packing and packing and shopping and moving house.

byebye to angmokio!
bye NUI!

on the whole it's been a good 6 MONTHS... first time going to a new place, renting a room outside, waking up early for work (not school), coming back late after tuition, handling everything ourselves. for once i felt more like a mature adult! but the time we spent in the room is pretty much like our old selves la.. nonstop movies/songs, laughing/shouting...... memories important enough to be stored for a lifetime ;)

and nui, i think i wont ever forget the way you like to sing and dance on our way walking back to home after dinner, AND SPEAK YOUR OWN BRAND OF CANTO. it's real unique ya.

im now officially leading a nomadic lifestyle! house hopping! :D

thanks zuo! for the accomodation last night.
btw ur dad's art studio is really damn cool. i guess not many ppl can be doing a job and say proudly, HEY THIS IS WHAT I LOVE, and i'm doing what i love for a living! and for that, ur dad is damn cool yo! :D

it was also my first time taking a limousine ytd! yes, a seven-seater one can u believe it. we called all the cab companies we could find, and waited for super long cos no limosine wanted to take our booking. and it is freaking $8 somemore! @#$!@^#when i moved in i only needed a cab, and to move out i need a limousine -.- but i dun rmb buying a lot of things..


i almost forgot. hiah

Jun 26, 2008 @ 9:15 AM

“Prime Numbers are what is left when you have taken all the patterns away. I think prime numbers are like life. They are very logical but you could never work out the rules, even if you spent all your time thinking about them.”

a quote that i've fallen in love with from The Curious Incident of the Dog.

yes, if u ask me, life is extremely logical, at least up to this 18th year im spending on earth. but the thing that makes the logic beautiful is that it is without rules, it is unpredictable. interesting huh? no rules but still logical.

i like the way he incorporates mathematics and sciences into the way he perceives lives. um, im not saying that i wish my brain could function like this (i dont want it to -.-), it is nevertheless interesting to see how there are people who look at the world in this manner.

hope i'll have the time to come and share somemore interesting ideas from the book.


it's our 3rd year celebrating birthday for you, just wanna let you know you've already occupied a very special place in all of our hearts. you're the first teacher to make me feel comforable treating you like you're not one ;)

Jun 24, 2008 @ 9:47 AM


love the second pic!
but too skinny :(

finally WU DONG QI JI ep 7 is out ytd! after all the long wait ughh. haoming-grace and nathan-nancy pairs were good as usual :D nui shrieked in this pitch that im quite sure made the two ladies want to kick us out of the house right away. HAHA!

5 more days and GOODBYE TO YOU TWO! may our paths never cross again.

Jun 17, 2008 @ 12:05 PM

(oh if u still dont know how to stop my blog song, just click 'STOP', the one nxt to the refresh button)

快乐男生 PK 星光帮:

俞灏明 (!! hehe),王栎鑫,魏晨,张杰 VS

can ignore the third PK haha :D
i think 张杰 is goooood.

and you've got to watch this one frm him:
(pardon the less than satisfactory sound quality, but trust me, very worth listening to)

espe love it at 4:25. i personally think the 2 of them carry it better than fish leong. like davidtao + leehom hoho.

PS: he looks abit like JR, just less gd looking.

Jun 16, 2008 @ 10:05 AM

(photos always make me high)

but these are quite overdue though...


the angel fish! it's not supposed to look so much like casper la...but...damn cute.

Skyride + Luge:

sigh... thats about the only pic frm night safari -.-
my camera simply isnt good enough for things in the night

Jun 11, 2008 @ 5:01 PM

come, lets have a little update on whats going on in the house.

the two ladies have kindly requested that we move out by the end of this month, instead of what we have informed much much earlier on, which is 5th july, reason being that ppl usually move in on either 1st/15th of a month...so by moving out in the middle of nowhere is going to cause them great trouble.

we haven agreed but well, being very understanding ppl, we would of course. but as nui says, 可以明白是可以明白,但是爽不爽是另外一回事。

ha, how rightly put. it's two different things altogether. we can try to understand but we have the right to feel offended too, since we told YOU much earlier and if you dont like it, you should have told that to us in the first place.

so, here is something nui and i came up with in response to the request:

哦..... 可以啦,还没有找到地方住,但是我们会搬出去你放心。睡街边也好我们都会在1号前搬的啦。

HAHAHAHA! ouch, damn

Jun 9, 2008 @ 2:20 PM

im actually blogging to update hooi about this B I T C H Y affair.
aiya my own excuse to update.

okay, it was this encounter we (me, yen, hong) had with her at marina square on a fine night 2 yrs back. (IMPT NOTE here: we are already in J1, thus out of the nybs.)

we were on the escalators up, on our way back to HCIBS after meeting up with some of the scholarz. and then we saw someone horridly familiar on the escalators down, like face to face, shoulder to shoulder? just as we decided to act blind and just go all the way up, she had to turn round and shout: "hey you three! isn't it way past your curfew already????"

WHOOA. please spell b i t c h y for me.

so of course we earned the pleasure of telling her that HULLO, madam bitch, just a little info here in case you haven't been updating urself, we 'graduated' from your hostel already, and thus out of your control??

she always lives up to her name. alwaysssss. like wherever and whenever.

ok stop i think i sound bitchier than her now. sheeat. HAHA neverr mind. i think no one except chianhooideeyenhongnuiqikelei will understand what i mean. you've got to see her AND know her to understand it.

Jun 6, 2008 @ 10:37 AM

oh i haven talked about this "tension" thats currently ongoing between the 2 tenants and the 2 of us.

and as usual, it's the same one who's making all the noises. lets call her SY.

SY complained that the utilities charges are rather 'li2 pu3' (in her own words) for this month, but so far we have not noticed any major changes in our lifestyle since we came in (2 laptops, 2 hp chargers & a fan) - it's been that way all the time. maybe she shld look to the fact that Evon had a laptop since last month? ...

and just 2 days ago she pasted a note on our door saying that we shld learn to dispose our 'personal stuff' properly and that kinda got me pissed cos we definitely did not do what she claimed we did. so i replied a mildly hostile note below hers, adding that she may check the dustbin in our room if she so wishes to -.-

i was telling nui, i cant rmb when was the last time i talked to SY, or for that matter, had eyecontact (or contact of any other sort) with her. it's been like..... at least 2 months? for nui it's prob about a month or so. which means we've been living under the same roof without looking at each other's face/addressing each other's existence for that long. hmm...maybe i dun even rmb much of how her face looks like? and vice versa.

it's to much of my relief (and hers) that this whole thing is coming to an end, in 1 month's time!

WHOAAAAA. exasperation.
reminds me NYBS life.

when was the last time i declared wars with room/housemates?? not since sec 3 - the hellish (and i mean it in the very essence of the word) year of living with miss lulu. sec 4 was already alot better - weiye was alot cleaner and more likeable in many many ways. and of course in the Jc years i had 2 yrs of peace and alot alot alot of love, with the company of yong and yen ;) thats like the best memory in hcibs already.


i had a lame dream ytd! of scholarz :D

basically all the scholarz appeared in that dream la. (except hooi and dee i think? haaha oops) somehow qi came back frm australia earlier than i tot, and all of us went for excursion at this rlly weird place and there we saw a stall selling magazines with qi on the cover. trying to act modellish and pose like one (OMG horror). and alot of random details/pieces here and there.

anyways, QI, ur mama called the other day!
haha so cute.
tell u the details when im free to email later.

(oh, do not start thinking that this whole narration is dedicated to you, its just a by-the-way thing since i see that u so rarely tagged on my blog.. and pls update urs. u've been disappearing for too long)

Jun 5, 2008 @ 8:25 AM


(there's a canto version. but forgot by who. jacky cheung?)

his name is 俞灏明 :)

me and nui's eyecandy frm wu dong qi ji :)

(QI!! he's the one that i said i wanna show you the other day on msn)

Jun 2, 2008 @ 11:38 AM

went to read up in the news about last thursday's accident. felt alot better after finding out that he does have a family and children who live with him. but the unpredictability of life is just.... haih.

ok, it's over, get OVER it.
as nui says.

hah, she's been getting real fed up at me for that unnecessary (she deems) paranoia. k im fine!


31st may!

it's been funfunfun all the way frm morning (excluding the 1.5hr waiting for miss goh -.-) till night.

very tourist-like :)

cable car to sentosa, then underwater world, dolphin lagoon, abit of picnic, skyride, luge, and from harbour front all the way to mandai for night safari!

so, we kinda concluded singapore is NOT boring ya?

ALL FOR LESS THAN $20 can u believe it!! thanks to joke's "wonder card"! it's such an amazing invention! that helped save about.... $50 for each of us ;)

pictures in a separate post!
pics are in my laptop and as always, my connection at home sucks real bad.


17 jan

loves daddy mummy
loves my family
loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

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