Apr 28, 2011 @ 5:14 PM

By: 정용화

love this song.

not because of anything. but because there were so many memories attached to it.


Apr 21, 2011 @ 2:20 PM

"It's been said that lasting friends may often go long periods without speaking, and yet never question the friendship. This type of friends can pick up like they've just spoken to you yesterday, regardless of how long it has been or how far away they live, and they don't hold grudges. They understand that life is busy..and you will ALWAYS love them."


certainly not all friends fall into this category but those who do, they know who they are.

Apr 20, 2011 @ 9:19 PM




《十月围城》 是他让我刮目相看的开始。










Apr 12, 2011 @ 9:53 AM

it's times like these that make me wish i could go back to those good old days in hostel. just the few of us. where we were forced to accept one another (BOTH the good and the bad).

there was no bitching underneath.
NO, we were no angels, but bcos we've been pretty naked having lived through those years together, there wasn't a need to bitch.

there was no secretly disliking someone while pretending to be good friends on the surface.

aren't that what good friends are about?

you say everything. you don't hide.

"your room is in disgusting shape. can u do smth"
"you're damn lazy and your results arent fantastic. can u start studying"
"you're like a sin curve. can you learn to control ur emotions?"
"stop being late, i hate it. please change!"

and to know each other so well that even if this person were to be a bitch and piss you off, somehow, somehow you'll find a way to internalise and accept that. because that's part of her and you're not trying to change anything.

i definitely haven been the best of friends. i have a big temper, but those who know me well have accepted it all these while.

yes, accepting. that's what differentiates a good friend from the others.

you accept her even if she's being a bitch just like the 12345 bitches outside.

you can have 12345 friends whose personality will piss you off in the same fashion. but if you've gone through enough to accept that this particular friend is like that, no matter how much @#$%&*&^*&% shit she does, you'll put up with it.

for now, i'm not willing to put up with this shit.

bcos i dont foresee keeping such a volatile friendship anyway.

good luck with life. i hope there'll be friends true enough to inform you about that low EQ of yours.

Apr 6, 2011 @ 1:01 PM

spent the entire morning (3.5 hours to be exact) doing nothing but watching dance videos.

Super Junior dance battle

another Super Junior dance battle

SHINEE - Lucifier super sync prac

2PM - I'll Be Back @ MBC Gayo

Donghae & Eunhyuk - Because of You (Choreo)


Billionaire (Choreo)

Beautiful Girl (Choreo)



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