Mar 30, 2007 @ 12:07 AM

im posting this entry with yen and hong both soundly asleep at the two sides where im sitting now. they sleep damn early these few days and they're making me feel lonely.

OHOHOH BIG NEWS!! i grew taller by 1 CM!!!! that makes it nearly 160! ahh, yes, nearly. but im not greedy okay. im alr taller than many lor :P

ok, yesterday's post was an outburst of bu shuang-ness. haven written such cynical stuff for a long time. syok! someone say im courageous lol! but i wont delete it cos i still think it's necessary for these ppl to reflect yea.

hoho old friends, old friends. just like a friend once told me, old friends do lots and lots of wonder! sometimes it's the randomness of them all that makes you feel so loved and cared for. like the impromptu nasi-lemak and prata dinner date with Chian 1 hour before dinner time. like Qi's random messages that came at an unholy time of 3am while i was deep in sleep (an ultra long msg saying that she misses us very much), and one which came on a random day complaining that she couldnt understand lecture in her uni. like Qi's random call all the way frm aussie while we were mopping floor in the room. like a random friendster testimonial that came from a primary sch fren asking how im doing. like an msn convo initiated by a friend in shanghai whom i haven seen for 4 years.

there's no what, no why. it's just...something that we feel like doing, when we miss somebody. that's all it takes to make me feel so loved. cos it means im being thought of, and im being needed, by an old friend, a true friend.


Mar 28, 2007 @ 4:22 PM

randomly bought leehom's concert dvd. not rlly a crazy fan of him but i kind of admire his musical talent. gosh he's real good. he plays the piano. he plays guitar, violin, drumset and even erhu! plus he sings so well. not even a single note that he missed. madness. u can almost sense his soul when he's singing and playing the piano. he just comes across as somebody who is extremely passionate in what he does, in music especially, which is an important asset that many idols lack. maybe that's why they are only idols right..

ok, idol stories aside.

oh today our math teacher arranged this "buddy system" for our tutorials, plus the giving out of prizes for good performances etc etc etc. omg, it reminds me of primary sch where teachers used to assign us "xiao lao shi" and give us sweets/pencils when we score 100 marks for math paper! haha damn child-like. but not bad la, i see the class is having fun.


ok, i want to talk about how some ppl are just so shallow-minded that i pity them. they groan and moan about doing lousily, their favourite line would be "fail liao fail liao", and when the results are out, they do much much better than what they swore (which is "FAIL"), and they insist in digging our marks here and there just to satisfy their unlimited wants. but that's not the end yet. the worst thing is, after doing all that, they go like "oh haiz, nvm la, marks is actually not important." oh wow, ha ha ha, that's so so funny leh. *roll eyes*

oh oh oh one more thing! i can never ever understand ppl who break down in tears after they receive their results and they think they did so lousily. i actually have a friend who is worse. the worst i've seen. she cries right after every test. math test, english test, bio test, physics test, even chem practical assessment -.- there are just so many times i saw her cry that i lost count and i cant be bothered to console her after a while. i had never, and will never shed a single tear at the marks i get. sometimes i seriously doubt what's the meaning of studying for them? what's the meaning of their lives? does that 1 mark make you happier 2 weeks after the paper? will you rmb every single mark u get for every single test 10 years down the road? does the world care about how many marks you got for the last math test which makes up 1 of the 100 math tests you've had in your life?

there's nothing wrong with feeling concerned over your marks. in fact you should, because it's part of your studies. but when that bit of concern becomes obssession, it's dangerous.

DONT try to guess which person i am talking about. cos i have more than one in mind. ppl like this are in fact everywhere. ubiquitous, otherwise known as omnipresent (new words i learnt frm auggie!). or more specifically, all around top schools like ours. trust me, try being in 4/3 for 2 years and you'll know what i mean. what are the top results for if the attitude sucks? im not picking on specific ppl, it's the attitude that i disapprove.


blah. i think im gonna offend many ppl with this post. but i still wanna say this, if you think you're one of those im talking about (which means u're not that hopeless after all, at least u recognise u're one such person), sorry but i think that attitude of yours sucks, it's making you look oh so desperate and pathetic.

Mar 25, 2007 @ 2:57 PM

woopeeee Yamapi got new drama nxt month! with the same girl frm dragon zakura! --> Masami Nagasawa. it's called "Proposal Daisakusen" (プロポーズ大作戦).

got this from tokyograph news:

"The two play a young man and woman who have been friends for seven years. Yamashita's character is obstinate and unskilled in love, but he has fallen for the lively and cheerful woman played by Nagasawa, who is about to get married. While attending the wedding ceremony, a sudden time slip sends the man back in time, giving him a second chance to make her his girlfriend."

haha the plot sounds lame. but yea wadeva..i just miss his acting!

this is my favourite scene frm Dragon Zakura! it's just so...heart-wrenching =\
yayy i hope Proposal Daisakusen will be nice too!

why cant i understand physics! =\
ugh dun care. after tmr i'll plunge myself into the world of goong S and se7en. gosh he's kinda cute (((:

Mar 24, 2007 @ 9:23 AM

somebody! is! bloody! pissing! me! off!

they keep bothering u with wu liao smses, but i dun mind ppl being wu liao. the point is, i cannot stand ppl who still spam u with smses when it's SOOOO BLOODY OBVIOUS tt i dun wan and have zero interest in talking to them. i am not used to dao-ing smses u know. but when my reply gets shorter and shorter and hostiler and hostiler, u jolly well know u're getting on my nerves. but they just dont seem to get the hint. either they are dumb or they are dumb -.-

these ppl dont talk about constructive stuff. they're not asking homework. they're not telling a joke. they're not trying to initiate a convo. ok, maybe they are. lets assume they are..they are juz bored and they want to chat with u. in fact, i like to chat through smses and i always do that. but the problem is, it's not even fun chatting with them! it's ir ri ta ting. are they rlly that lonely??? i rlly have no idea. rah maybe im juz finding an excuse to be irritated cos it's to do with the person?

why msn can block ppl phone cannot! i'll be rlly thankful if somebody could kindly invent a phone tt can BLOCK SENDERS!

Mar 20, 2007 @ 10:07 PM

math paper today was...hmm, disappointing? i think my 'A' dream is drifting further and further away. (oh did i mention? i dreamt of getting 70/100 for math tt day!) sigh..i dun wanna leave hwachong without an A for math papers!

haha i realise i only get extremely concerned when i think i dint perform well for math. but the fact that i rarely complain or whine about flunking other subjects doesnt mean i do well at them lah. it's just....well, different? i get very very discouraged if i dun even do well in something i like and am supposedly good at. that feeling is disgusting :(

but apparently my fren was more worried for me. had lunch with yen, hong, kaiying, xiaohui and her fren. after lunch yen msg to ask if i was okay cos she think i looked dead after the paper -.- HAHA NO LAR! totally no. vvvv honestly gal, i wasn't feeling sad at all. i was just concerned. there's a difference :)

but sometimes it's small gestures like that that make a hugeeee difference. i feel important and i feel loved! really, thanks for being so concerned.

ps (random): this morning i was just commenting that xiaohui has nice eyebrows and im jealous! eee why does everyone have so much eyebrows?!! boohoo. why daddy nv pass his thick eyebrow genes to me!

Mar 19, 2007 @ 4:57 PM

i shall reply my tags here, dun wan to spam my own tagboard (:

[kia] yeayeayea! but ron rox only when he's with fUng! lol. sorry but im not a fervent supporter of him yea..he lacks the talent and passion that i see in fung, unfortunately. guys who are gd at smth (anything) are duper hot!
[hany] OF COURSE! cos both movies got my louis koo mar. he sure acts damn well. eee stupid my sheng ri kuai le dvd cant open! grr. eh ask ur laogong to lend me his downloaded version leh. er so blatant.
[dt] rlly meh?! shit that means i copied him?! argh but i rlly dun rmb!
[chian] yayy congratz again to our kkk and tbh! they're just freaking cool can! guys who can play badminton. are. just. so. hot. ooooo ahhhhh...
[qi] "i miss hating peeareseas" <-- HAHAHA WAT THE! u damn jian4. den u shld come to my hostel and see more. eeyer how come prcs in australia so cool! there's hardly any here -.-

hmm, more and more ppl around me are gg crazy over 专属天使. nothing impressive about the tune, but i love the lyrics. again, this is another song which has the best part of its lyrics not at the chorus, but right at the beginning of the verse. 小小的手掌` 大大的力量` 我一定也会像你一样飞翔 <-- it has been my favourite line for the past few weeks.

there's this other line in it that i find esp intriguing:

haha...why? why cant an angel disclose her indentity to her mortal? is every angel destined to guard and protect in secret? im actually pondering over such fairytale-like questions, which is so not me. lol. but it's somewhat relevant to my belief, that everyone in this world must have a certain someone who is made for him/her. that means, there's always someone for everyone. quite a common belief i suppose..

this certain someone is like our guardian angel. who is always there and has always been there, probably without us releasing. or might not realise even after we leave the world. honestly and selfishly speaking, i wont ever want to be that angel. haha. and i bet im not the only one who thinks so.

there's an angel for everyone, but whether we get to find him/her, or whether we have found the correct one, we never know. but well, i still want to keep to my belief as of now, that everyone will someday find his/her someone. but i've also heard ppl say "Fairytales can only hurt if u believe in them." uh-oh =\

see..lyrics make ppl think. alot. ok at least it makes ME think alot.

haha..only wanted to come here and reply tags but ended up crapping so much..

Mar 17, 2007 @ 8:54 PM

eee im so sick of studying. sick of studying econs to be precise.

hostel food's lousy as usual. been having the same fishball and fishcake for lunch and dinner. stoooopid iss. cant they juz change the caterer! hire me! i think i can cook better.

the kitchen and toilet are dirty as usual. now worse, somebody juz cooked some weird food this afternoon that stinked up the whole pantry. cant they juz remove the pee are sees! this whole cleanliness thing has alr reached my boiling point where the sight of them is already puke-inducing.

oh good news! fung's joining EEG, the company of twins, joey yung and nicholas tse. that means he'll finally get to release his album. thank goodness..tvb's finally doing smth SENSIBLE that acknowledges his true talent. apparently tvb's giving him loads of big opportunities this yr, like the main leading role in the 60-episode "The Drive of Life". i think he will be having a good year ahead (:

ahh ok time to work. econs here i come =X

*ps: protege is seriously nice! i finally see some good acting, not frm 1 actor, but the casts as a whole. impressive!

Mar 16, 2007 @ 7:41 PM

A headline on internationalbadminton.org reads this:

Koo and Tan make history

Only Malaysia’s Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong were able to trouble the Chinese hegemony in the final day in Birmingham and clinched the men’s doubles title, ending a 25-year doubles title drought for Malaysia.

If it wasn’t for the six-month old impetuous and generous duo, China would have left Birmingham with five winners medals. Yet Koo-Tan pulled the same trick on Cai Yun-Fu Haifeng as they had in the Asian Games in December last year to deprive the Chinese from a second title in the All England.

Koo-Tan's feat also meant going into Malaysia's history as the first pair to win the prestigious event since the great Sidek brothers – Razif and Jalani;s triumph in 1982.

Only few months after their partnership started out at the Japan Open in October, the duo qualified for their fourth final (Japan Open, Asian Games, and Malaysia Open), and with two titles under their belt.

With Koo's creativity and dominance at the net and coupled with Tan's speed and power from the back court, Cai-Fu were in big triuble from the start.

And the final lasted just 40 minutes with the Malaysians winning 21-15, 21-18 to end Malaysia's long wait for a men's doubles title, and did so without dropping a single game through out the tournament.

im so so so proud of my fellow countrymen! gosh. koo and tan, you are awesome! XD

more importantly, this victory reminds malaysians of the spirit we once had as a nation, the confidence in our sportsmen, and that we too are able to fight for a top spot in the world.

badminton is about speed. it speeds things up.

Mar 15, 2007 @ 7:23 PM

blah. im back to reality: the world of mugging!

caught up with some relatives back in kl, nothing changed much actually..oh uncle finalised his wedding date alr..it's on 18th nov..like wth? that means im not gonna make it. grr! i hate missing weddings! esp wedding of someone who's very very close to me..and my uncle is one of them :(

sidetrack abit, hany juz told me this something that made me wan to kill her so so much. stupid gal this is not fair! grr.

anyway. i wanna talk about huangcheng. i cant bliv i teared, not at any part of the show, but right at the beginning where they screened the video of 167 ppl working hard towards that one aim, and right at the end where we all sang the song tgt.

my fren who sat next to me turned to look at me and gave me this bewildered look, "有那么emo 吗?" i juz smiled and shook my head. i wanted to explain but no, i decided not to bcos it dawned on me that this is not something a non-黄城人 will understand. ever. u have to undergo that 3 months of work and laughters and tears with 100 odd others in order to understand what we mean by 一天是黄城人,一辈子都是黄城人。

the show wasn't that perfect. in fact to be very honest, the last one kinda spoilt the WHOLE production and i mean seriously RUINED everything. then again i realised that's not the issue at all. the point is, we see the efforts, we feel the spirit of ppl coming together and making something happen, and that's all that matter i believe? at the end of the day, it's the sincerity they had in the production that moved me.

Mar 9, 2007 @ 10:57 PM




摸摸良心,的确曾经有过那么一点点,尤其是每次回到 B102服装间看到大家认真奋斗的样子。但是回头想想,明知道自己会受不起连续三个月的那种疲惫煎熬,我又好像不会后悔了。加上一直以来听说黄城的水准一年不如一年,坦白说,我更没有后悔的理由了。





Mar 8, 2007 @ 5:58 PM

im totally so cool. i ponned h3 today. it's no big deal if u juz dun go and the teacher cant find you. but i actually stayed back for 2 hours to wait for lesson, and i turned up in the room. obviously i was planning to stay for the whole lesson rite. but the stupid teacher juz came in and threw us this assignment to be completed in 2 hours time, and i totally stared blankly at the piece of paper cos i have zero idea what to write. it's like 2 consecutive compos in 2 hours lar. tian ah. but i think my guardian angel's looking after me! he told me i should juz grab my things and go when he made another guy come in to look for my teacher and he left the room. so i quickly packed my things, careful not to alert my clssmates, and chiong out of the room. i was so scared he caught me in action lar, ohmy i rlly dunno what to tell him.

but i think he knows leh..like less than 10 of us turned up for lesson today cos of huangcheng pump-in?! muz be damn obvious lar. plus he saw me before that -.- ahh i juz hope he doesnt go and complain to my teacher.

had PE today. ohmy softball is seriously so not fun la. like for the 1 hour, 30 minutes (or maybe more) was spent on stoning and waiting for someone to bat succesfully so that the fileders can have smth to do -.- we cant even pitch and bat properly yet, and they made us play a full game..wat the. but today was considered ok alr, i kinda bat succesfully (tyco) at the first ball, as compared to last week where i missed all 3 balls. i dun wan softball anymore! can we have badminton instead? even bball is better =\

oh the second intakers! they played this water+soap game at the right-wing slope, juz like we did last year! i still rmb who paired up with who..hany with qikai i think (then languan with alicia rite..ok not funny)..and indian let go of her hand after climbing to the top, and the whole class shouted at him for being so ungentlemanly! haha. ohmy..i wan to go back to orientation! games and dances and more games.

grr i HATE thursdays, i seriously do. i always find thursdays super unproductive for some obscure reason.

tmr will be the last day of term 1 alr.. mugging session starts! ganbatte!

currently hooked onto this song: 明天过后 by 吴克群


omg the 全都由我负责 so sweet. go listen! trust me it's nice!

Mar 7, 2007 @ 5:07 PM

omgomg yamapi is back with NewS! ok, more like NewS is back with yamapi.. whichever way it is, it's good NEWS! ey pun eh!

this is NewS at the 06-07 countdown! it feels great to see them back together again, performing my fav songs like News and Teppen! but i dun like their hair. yamapi's hair damn long =\

koped this frm kia's blog:

Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Ha

(NewS' version)

that is SMAP's song. but i personally think this version sounds better. ok i know some of my frens are SMAP's fans (more like takuya's fans), dun hit me hor. sigh..haven been following yamapi's news for a long time..too busy. and where is Jin?! is he still hiding in some ulu corners of US?? i want him back in Johnny's lar! aww i miss those Jap days filled with yamapi and jin and more yamapi :X

Mar 6, 2007 @ 8:10 PM

"shin chiann, you've done a very good job, your presentation is so comprehensive, thorough, organised, focused, clear....(and there he goes with a list of synonyms/associated words of "comprehensive") so im in a really good mood today (: which isn't exactly good also, cos it makes me even more reluctant to do homework.

ahh stoooopid. our room is ant-invested..and worse, we have no idea where is their nest! eeks. anyway, we are enjoying the temporary cleanness of the pantry and the toilet bcos laoshi made the pee-are-seas clean them ytd. but the key word here is temporary. soon, maggi mee and leftover sauce will be all over the place just like how the pantry looked like 2 days ago. whats new man.

oh kaiying's roommate just got us this Jap show called Attention Please! hong's watching it now and it looks nice! and funny! :D it's this show about air stewardess and the female lead is super cute and pretty! 上户彩! im going to watch it soon! yea yea, soon. i always say that and end up having so many accumulated STOCKS in my comp. tsktsk, this is bad.

on a random note: gosh, i realise 吴尊 is looking better and better each time! the 耐看 type. haiz, too bad he doesnt attract me/throb my heart the way fUng does. haha nvm, u'll still be my eyecandy!

Mar 5, 2007 @ 11:58 AM

alamak im damn damn damn tired. aggravated by the jog this morning.

bloody asean meeting! 2 more to go before we can finally retire! ohmygawd. im damn sick of going down on every sunday already..and it's at a stupid time of 2pm, like right in the middle of the day?! but ytd was slightly more satisfying. bcos i managed to talk to some of them whom i haven talked to for a long time, and i had something to look forward and that was the taohuay along orchard chian introduced us to. went with hong and we had taohuay + youtiao. so yummy!

the sistic experience ytd was torturous :X i queued FOUR times before getting all the tics settled. shant talk about it..waste my time. anyway, anyone wants to come and watch Singapore Badminton Open with us?? tics are at a cheap price of $12 now! to watch on all 5 days. i cant wait to see them again! this time die die muz take photo with fuhaifeng..

oh on a random note, everybody: pls watch 大唐双龙传 on channel 8 every sat and sun 7pm! and support fung! he looks so damn good in there, but more importantly, he acts so much better than uhhum, ron ng (u can tell from their eyes!) ooh, yangyi is pretty too..

look at their eyes! see the difference? it's so obvious who can act better rite..heh

the gal on the right damn pretty rite..i always get mesmerised by her..

Mar 1, 2007 @ 7:30 PM

okay you win liao lor.

thanks hur.


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