Jul 31, 2007 @ 11:16 PM

watch this watch this!

it's damn niao.

apparently the video resulted in quite a hullabaloo (new vocab frm auggie!) in M'sia.. wow, hope i wont land myself in trouble by promoting this further. im a good citizen :)

hmm..is this how we celebrate our 50 years of nationhood? lol.

a note to ZZ: i finally got wad the “你有钱坐不到!” mean! :D

@ 12:18 AM

i love rainy days!

the weather is being so cooperative recently it's keeping me in a good mood :)


one of my favourite childhood songs!

Jul 29, 2007 @ 1:03 AM

sometimes it puzzles me how some feelings can just die down out of a sudden, without us realising when and how exactly it happened.

and therefore it puzzles me even more when ppl say they're gg to commit themselves to love the same person (the 'one and only') for 'the rest of their lives', just as i always wonder do our parents still maintain and share the same passion they once had for each other long before we were born.

i used to be very naive and thought very confidently that such loves do exist, but now that i've heard too many stories in my 17 years of life that told me otherwise, 'forever love' is beginning to sound more elusive and to some extent, absurd and stupid.

haha oops..this sounds way too cynical for the usual me. told ya, i think alot at night. about unimportant stuff usually.



Jul 28, 2007 @ 7:57 PM

hmm im really lazy to do any narrating/describing at the moment. hope the pictures say it all!

outing with darlings on wednesday, to give hong and jodie their bday surprises! heh, it was successful :) dinner at Vilage was good! well, i intended to narrate on kelei's LOSERNESS but well, since im lazy.. so..i shall spare YOU frm further embarrassness!

(photos in chronological order)

me and the 2 bday babies

us contributing to the 'kelei fund' to pay for her dinner (she was left with a pathetic TWO dollar note and she dare to come and have dinner with us -.-)

my first time giving ppl surprises at the busstop! -.-
er, very creative indeed.

lalala i just skipped dinner cos im still full frm lunch. wow that's rare. u dont normally hear me complaining im full one lor..

eee i wanna go HONGKONG!
like des. pe. rate. ly..

Jul 24, 2007 @ 8:56 PM

i discovered smth about THIS photo! omg.

heh. it was just a SUPER RANDOM discovery i made on last sunday morning, when i got up frm bed and just randomly grabed this photo (placed at my bedfront) and took a CLOSE look at it. wow.

wah internet connection is so cooperative today! im downloading whywhylove :)

yayy meeting darlings tmr! double :):)


Jul 22, 2007 @ 9:37 PM

had a loooong nap today. which contradicts what i posted ytd about how i dont like to sleep. haha was just too tired lah. now im fully recharged!

i just realise i have extra lessons almost every day after sch. but surprisingly it's not tht painful actually..esp when u have company to mug tgt and studying gets pretty okay once u get into the momentum. i hope im starting to get into it alr?

got this frm my fung-fan-fren liwei's blog.
oogle oogle XD

fung got new song!


~ 《爱在记忆中找你》 林峯

@ 1:34 AM

been thinking alot lately, about random stuff. which explains the recurring sleepless nights.

thinking about my future, future as in other than studies, like where i want to settle down, what kind of life i want for myself, basically just trying to picture the 'me' 10 yrs later. thinking about family, what are they doing..is everything going fine. missing my friends - old friends, best friends, friends whom i see every day but still miss. missing my piano, missing badminton games with cousins, missing homecooked food. plus thinking about a whole bunch of random things ranging from the vastness of the universe to the irritating ants crawling around in our room.

i dont know why but it seems like as i grew up i've unintentionally made it a habit to go through the routine of thinking about random stuff before sleeping, every night no matter how tired i may be. have i ever told you tht i dont like to sleep? haha. well, hong knows that. bcos i think sleeping is such a waste of time.. and the few seconds/minutes/hours before u lose ur conciousness to sleep are the BEST time of the day.

that's when time truly truly belongs to ourselves. that's when we can finally calm down after a hectic day and do some reflections inside ourselves dont u think so?

sometimes i look forward to sleep not for the fact that i want it so that i can rest, but for the fact that i want to enjoy the calmness of the few seconds/minutes/hours before falling asleep :) hmm, by the time u read this, i bet some of u are already gg like "this woman siow eh!" lol.

hmm actually all of the above are just random rantings, cos im supposed to be sleeping now since im quite tired but i just couldnt/refuse to fall asleep. sorry if some parts of this entry does not make sense. fine i'll go to sleep now.

Jul 19, 2007 @ 10:47 PM

my blog is 2 years old! :)

Jul 18, 2007 @ 6:48 PM

phy marks are DEMORALISING okay. and i actually went for phy revision lect today! with dt, xl and xl's fren. yess im MOTIVATED and DETERMINED to do well for physics!! well as in a B or even A! ha, its not too bad to have WILD dreams once in a while you know:)

from now on i shall stay back in school EVERY DAY to mugg. anyone? we can mug till late and go dinner after tht! wah sounds fun leh.

had a chat with sherwin juz now. omg he watches so many of tvb shows too! well i never knew that..fine im lagged by EIGHT years.

smth happened today which reminded me - some things just cant be changed. not even distance has the power to :) im a truly blessed girl who sometimes forgets how fortunate i am.

Jul 17, 2007 @ 10:29 PM

heh (:

Jul 15, 2007 @ 11:29 PM

had a VERYVERY fun day with 6b ytd! despite a severe lack of sleep the night before.

joke is sooo smart ok. i told her to call me 15mins before reaching hostel and she called when she was at KAP -.- hullo? how to rush out frm my room to e busstop when u're alr at kap! so i missed her bus and ended up going alone. wats the diff???

we met up with eunice at far east. off to lunch. followed by loads and loads of shopping! ((: zuojin joined us at 1plus, den hany came at 3plus. hany and i bought the same pair of shorts! nice! and we finally settled all the gals' presents! bought hany a bag, xm a wallet and joke her hp pouches.

i realise Joke and i make the crappiest pair. ULTIMATE! we like to engage ourselves in meaningless convos by imagining impossible things and planning weird scenarios. hmm..such as what i wont tell you. HAHA

look at the doraemon!

the higlight of the day was of course BBQ at mr lan's house! omg tht place damn class. not class as in 6b -.- , but class as in really high-class. for a moment joke and i thought we were in europe! wow. the walkways look exactly like the type you'll find in europe!

fooling around in the 'dance studio'...


eunice joke and i were lying down when zy came over and offered to take photos. den he ran away with our cam and before we reacted we got splashed by hongfei and qihui frm behind -.-

after we got splashed -.-

when everybody was still dry...

the 'child-like' miss yang

NICE! (: but the lighting abit too dark.. (omg where's indian?!)

i survived two rounds of trauma of getting thrown into the water but well, they dint dare to :) initially they just thought of splashing us water, BUT, it just got worse.

when the 3 of us were playing cards, zy and hf came really close to me, frm front and behind. i thought they were going to TICKLE ME okayy! but apparently they wanted to throw me into the pool, which is as scary as tickling me anw. actually they alr succeeded in caryying me up it wouldnt take any energy to throw me in but i guess they dint dare to? heh.

the 2nd threat was damn 'yuan wang' lah.

zuo and joke poured ONE WHOLE BUCKET OF ICEWATER on the guys and they thought I DID IT (even though i did encourage them) and they came all after me. which made me run to the opp side of the pool. zhengyou AGAIN. omg he damn kiampa =X but in e end luckily zuo and joke came to the rescue. out of guilt.

eunice got threatened several times too. i know, she shld go and get a bf *uhhum*! so that he can protect her when the other guys threaten to throw her into water, just like how mr lan shouted 'bu yao!' when the guys tried to grab hold of mrs lan. aww..

the whole purpose of taking this photo was just to get HF tricked and subsequently thrown into the pool woohoo.

order of throw:
languan --> nigel --> qikai --> xulin (?? dunno how he ended up in e pool) --> zhengyou --> qihui --> waifung --> hongfei --> ernest --> vincent --> pow. er yea smth lidat.. only dt and sb were dry.

we dint have a very exciting finale though. cos pow jumped into the pool himself wth -.-


everything turned out so much better than i'd expected. before ytd i was actually looking forward more to the shopping dan the bbq..ha apparently i was den. ytd was simply HIGHHH! it was definitely one of the best times i had with the clss.

eh imagine if auggie was here... er..do u think we dare to throw him into the water huh. lol

hmm the only not so good thing about ytd was probably gg home toooo early. i realise s'porean parents have much stricter curfew. which shldn't be the case, since sg is a much safer place than kl. we shld hav stayed still 1,2am la.. hmm so anti-climax to be gg home at 10plus..

I GOT MY 2 BOWLS OF DOUHUA!! for winning a bet.
on what i wont tell you :P
ok i shall stop being so irritating..byee!

ps: THANKS to hany's parents for sending me back! (: you know my fren actually thot i got a rich bf who drives me home..lol so dumb

when ppl fall in love, they become stupid. even tho they try to hide things by saying 'no', they fail to realise their little actions have already indicated otherwise. heh:)

Jul 14, 2007 @ 11:57 PM

only slept 4.5hours last nite, thanks to 2 rounds of sleeping paralysis. AGAIN. bloody hell it's so irritating!

i swore to myself im gonna sleep really early tonight. yup after this then.

actually im just here to wish wong choong hann luck for finals tmr! not that he'll see this and neither will it make a difference to the results tmr. it is just to assure myself, in some way. cant rmb when was the last time he made into the finals of any major tournament, to have come this far is superb!

nites nites.
i'll blog about the crazy night i just had! hmm maybe tmr. definitely one of the best memories i ever had with 6b :)

Jul 13, 2007 @ 11:37 PM

my sleeping hours have become so screwed. wanted to nap for bout an hour in the end slept till 930 -.- win liao. luckily eunice called if not i would still be zZzing now. when my phone rang i was like so pissed cos i thought who the hell called at 6am in the morning?! but im still very very tired after 4 hours of 'nap'.

to think that i have ONE WHOLE DAY of outing tmr. im just going to sit there and not bbq and wait for ppl to feed me.

was browsing some yamapi blogsite last night and i got so mesmerised by the background music but i had no idea what song is it. somehow i just felt that it was KAT-TUN who sang it (or maybe i kinda made out Jin's voice which is just so mesmerising). den i tried to note down the bare few jap pinyin i could make out and google them out. whoa im so impressed with myself can! i found it even when im not sure who sang it.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=MsBsZ1qhItc (more emotional)

watch it! it's a song called Precious One.
no kidding, it's one of the most beautifully written songs ever.

and i cant bliv i actually teared listening to them. i dun normally tear at songs one. this song is rlly good and they really really can sing. i cant understand why Jap boybands can sing live so well without a single note off, while taiwanese bands are like..er.

Jin's harmony makes me swoon.. talented guys are ever so hot, whatmore talented guys who are already hot even without doing anything.

ok that took longer than expected cos i dint intend to talk so much about them.

byebye im off to more kattun song vids.

and GOOD LUCK to my beloved wong choong hann for his semis tmr! it has been a longlong time since he made it into the semis. (:

Jul 12, 2007 @ 3:27 PM

had abit of problem finding my way to ICA ytd. by the time i realised the bus was already at geylang -.- and everybody on the bus was sleeping i couldnt even get anyone to ask for direction. ugh i hate 67.

but nui is the ultimate WINNER.

she only realised she forgot to bring her passport when we were at ICA ytd! bumped into beertini there, she went to do PR stuff too. luckily it was quite fast cos there was a queue specially for us. too bad nui, u gotta go another time!

wanted to shop initially but in the end we were too tired we just went food court to sit down and talk. omg embarrassment. again. we were entertaining ourselves with some nonsensical rhymes..we pissed ppl off again, as usual. oh there was this icecream guy, he was damn funny. he wanted us to buy some icecream vouchers and he sounded...gay. bet he was so pissed cos he wasted like almost 5, 10 mins persuading us but in the end we dint buy anything.

love ya, i had fun! (:

got back to hostel in time to take a bath before fire drill. i hate fire drills it's such a waste of time for goodness sake. and for some obscure reason our pantry smelled like a pig sty after spring cleaning last night. wow, i wonder what the 'dear friends' of mine did. it's so stinky now i dun even want to step in to fill water. great, apparently all the scoldings dint work.

tell me what more can we do to educate these gross specimens?

ohwow i just realised my blog counter exceeded 10000! (:

Jul 9, 2007 @ 11:42 PM

just remembered it's nicholas' bday today!

well, 17mins before it's over, here it is:
i deliver my love all the way back to KL for youuu muahaha!

and i just realised i dont have a picture of you alone! boohoo, cant show the world the handsome nephew i have!

im loading huanhuanai ep6 at an unholy hour of 1150pm and i doubt if i'll still be awake by the time it's done. wats the point?!! smart.

Jul 8, 2007 @ 9:24 PM

outing with my dears ytd. teohhooi's back for hols! i counted! we took a total of 102 pictures!

went cine level9 to get ourselves a room. omg 'kai fang' HOHO. the rooms were obviously meant for Xbox and lan gaming for the guys but we dint want to walk around so chian thought maybe we shld just camp there and fool around.

choc wrappers littering

trying to figure out whats with the Xbox thing

nui and i YOUTUBING at the comps.

kelei's here too (:

messiness trying to zi pai.

using timer's obviously better.

huo guo dinner at bugis

this was while chian and hooi went to get yen's cake

the cake is here! the shou xing po looks shocked!

er. very off.

yen teohhooi me

hong nui chian me

got a passerby X to help us


yen hong me. at topshop.

im soooo tempted to send this to ENGRISH.COM!

(click for full-size)
"we miss jodie and whenchee!" saw that saw that?!
you two better feel very honoured.

nui is such an embarrassment. she will shout horny stuff in the public and bend her back and then laugh so crazily that ppl around us all turned to look at us :( ytd in the lift... OMG

we kena shhhh-ed at the huoguo place cos we were obviously too loud. and we had fun spewing broken korean uncontrollably in the mrt. i think everybody hated us. haha what's new.

jodie and qi mana kamu?! but we're noisy enough even without you two.

*edit edit*
just read kelei's blog omg she's damn funny and i mean, really, totally, damn funny. 'honestly if i really hated someone i'll make her go out with nui for the entire day' NICE ONE kelei i love you! ur posts are forever so random and retarded they make me laugh to myself, just like you (a retard)!

Jul 6, 2007 @ 10:05 PM

Sleep paralysis
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Sleep paralysis is a condition characterized by temporary paralysis of the body shortly after waking up (known as hypnopompic paralysis) or, less often, shortly before falling asleep (known as hypnagogic paralysis).

Physiologically, it is closely related to the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain awakes from a REM state, but the bodily paralysis persists. This leaves the person fully aware, but unable to move. In addition, the state may be accompanied by hypnagogic hallucinations.

More often than not, sleep paralysis is believed by the person affected by it to be no more than a dream. This explains many dream recountings which describe the person lying frozen and unable to move. The hallucinatory element to sleep paralysis makes it even more likely that someone will interpret the experience as a dream, since completely fanciful, or dream-like, objects may appear in the room alongside one's normal vision.

Many people who commonly enter sleep paralysis also suffer from narcolepsy. However, various studies suggest that many or most people will experience sleep paralysis at least once or twice in their lives.


In Chinese folk culture, sleep paralysis is referred as "鬼压床" This belief is that a spirit or ghost is sitting or lying on top of the sleeping individual. This is thought to be a minor body possession by the forces from the dead which doesn't usually cause any harm to the victim.

In North America, sleep paralysis is referred to as a visit from the "old hag".

In Thailand, this condition is said to be caused by a spirit or "pee um" which sits or lie atop of the victim causing him or her to be immobile. The spirit causes no harm to the victim and is said to only be playing pranks.

In Scandinavian mythology, sleep paralysis was caused by a Mara, or mare - a kind of malignant female wraith who is responsible for nightmares. She appears as early as in the Norse Ynglinga saga, but the belief itself is probably even older.


ahhh im POSSESSED!! freaky =X haha

"most people will experience sleep paralysis at least once or twice in their lives" once or twice?! hmmph how lucky. it happens to me so frequently... it totally freaked me out the first time it happened, i thought i got a stroke or smth. i freaked joke and yen out when i told them the story of my paralysis + hallucination last last nite.

ughh. im sure my parents would be freaked out too, after i tell them.

Jul 5, 2007 @ 4:20 PM

happy birthday xiuyee! (:
(as promised, i dint post ur photo up la..)

gosh u have the same birthday as my hottie Jin!
happy bday to Jin too!

eee so cute.

one more day and it's weekend! actually i wanna blog but my eyes are rlly tired due to a horrible night of sleep last nite so i shld go and oioi now byebyee.


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