Feb 27, 2008 @ 10:23 AM

i just scorched my tongue with the cup of milo edmund made.

OUCH !? =\

i've been slacking for as long as bernice has been on MC since she's the one who assigns me 90% of my work. the most important piece of work i've done ever since she's on MC is probably giving SHL a call that we want to order their assessment books.

im trying to feel guilty about it but then again, it's not my fault that im not doing anything plus i cant possibly go up to the managers and ask if they have anything for me to do rite? they have much more important business than that.

AND HENCE...........

i've been checking out auction sites as well as camera reviews for the past 2 days.

i ordered 2 sets of secondhand dvds for my dad (which he tried very desperately to get hold of), and was considering getting chian's camera (Canon SD1000) bcos there's this supplier company frm medan that sells it at a cheap price of USD$175 (!!) + free shipping & waranty! (!!!!omg)

buden i thought i'd better check out more reviews just in case there are better and at the same time still affordable ones out there, and i've concluded i want either one of these:

Canon PowerShot SD800 IS


Canon PowerShot SD850 IS

cos i realise i cant do without image stabilisation!!! and these 2 are specially designed for it while at the same time not compromising on the image quality.

haiz, but first thing first, i NEED to sell away my current Olympus FE-190 and wait for a while more for the prices of SD850/800 to drop. as of now it's still around the USD280 range :(

and i want to go for a nearby overseas trip!! like HK/Thailand or smth?? in july, anyone?

Feb 23, 2008 @ 11:55 PM

YES, i've not forgotten. i still have a....


decos i bought home: (minus the chun lian)

this is wen1 hui4!!
just in case u guys r wondering how many young kids + babies we currently have at home, there're altogether 4 and she's the 3rd one.

uncle's new found love: magpie

me and see having lame fun on the last night:

then it was dad's side family gathering on chu san, which went really well :)

dad & me in e reflection

the unoccupied hse

the occupied one
7 cars came back altogether

my two very 'man' nephews

40% of the family here

2 mins after the above pic, as we were clearing up e chairs, we heard a loud bang and a car crashed into the pagar opp the road....and HENCE....

yes, those are NOT passers-by. they are my very curious family members. but being very gd citizens, we gave them water and alerted the hospital. thank goodness no one was hurt la.

the FOUR musketeers

note the below alignment: it's exactly the same as the one above,

with a very drastic change in HEIGHT order though ;)

10 yrs ago,
in front of the same hse,
the same patch of ground,
the same 'chu san' of a new year

some things change but i've learnt that there are some that won't for as long as i continue to love and cherish.

what's more precious than having family members who bother to take an 1-hr drive journey just so that we could gather back in kampung, to eat, to catch up, to play mahjong, to have a gd afternoon. not everybody has the privelege of that and when i do, i understand how impt this affair is to me. after all, i only get to attend this gathering after 6 yrs of absence.

Feb 22, 2008 @ 11:30 AM

there are simply so many irritating freaks at work that sometimes you wonder if you're just being too nice a person.

they make u feel that u have the most beautiful heart in the whole wide world. u can nv imagine how ugly some of them really are. haiz, the ugliness of our society.

Feb 19, 2008 @ 3:05 PM

just received news of shen dian xia passing away during lunch.

and then my colleague told me rumours about her being involved in HK underground societies which kicked aside all my previous impressions of her. ohman, all GONE.

but anyway, RIP.
when there's no more quality of life, it's wiser to let go.

@ 8:59 AM

i started tuition at serangoon ytd and omgomg, it was a KOREAN girl! i didnt know. the agent dint even mentally prepare me or anything like that. ok fine, i kinda suspected it may be a korean girl when i got her name: Kim Yu Min. but i thought the probability is kinda low.

she has curly hair! ahhh so cute.

she's in P3 this yr and they're here in sg since last month. her dad works in korea while her mum is here to send her and her younger sis to school.

her younger sis is ultimate cute. she kept going like 'ONI ONI!' and wanting to hug yu min when she was doing her work. and when her mum came in to chase her away she was stomping her feet and went like, 'OMA OMA! (and then i dun understand alr)'

ha yea, ONI and OMA are the only words i could figure out out of their conversations. and i learnt cute is 'KI-AP-TA' or smth like that. cos i wanted to tell her little sis that she's very cute. and when i did, omg she smiled soooo sweetly and shyly at me i almost melted there. not bad hur, usually it's only ppl like fung/jin/leehom who can melt my heart.

yu min is very cute too! she's really keen to learn and whenever she tries very hard to explain things to me she'll have this cute little frown that makes her look worried. haha, how often do u see a 9-yr-old girl frowning and looking all worried?

sighhhh, so sad i can only teach her till july :(
after which uni is starting and serangoon is kinda far huh. i already foresee how much i'll miss her after june :(

ok i blogged so much about her.
ahh i forgot there's still a PART II to my HAPPY HAPPY CNY :)

Feb 18, 2008 @ 2:27 PM

and suddenly i miss kenzo so..

haiz, too bored at work. too many thoughts circling about. ahha cheesy romance is always a very good getaway at times like this.

Feb 15, 2008 @ 12:04 AM

part I :)

lol just as everyone has STOPPED blogging about cny and moved on to daily stuff, mine is just starting....

had my longest cny break ever in SEVEN yrs and i must say it was FABULOUS. if only happiness could be measured, the happiness this yr is greater than the total sum of happiness from the past 6 new years. it was simply too eventful!

the first :) came a few days before new year: meeting fung. that's HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY

then there's the second :) - 3 hr of balik kampung journey in a very comfortable car cos we drove in uncle's car which is of course way better than ours. SHUANG.

then of course there's the usual cny excitement:

reunion dinner, fireworks gazing, midnight GAMBLING, kampung touring, fantastic bagua/mandarin oranges/crysanthemum tea, ASTRO-WLT 24hr, crapping with lame uncles, babysitting cousins & nephews.

family WARMTH

lone-standing kampung houses along the way

our mamas

gushing over the hamper that uncle just won

(i bought them...DUH)

my loveliest loveliest loveliest PuiSee!

i love the roll-eyed one. so unintentional yet they look so cute. i shld have rolled mine too la.

our baobeis: oscar, yongsheng

it struck me very deeply that kampung ppl lead an extremely simple way of life and MORE IMPORTANTLY, they are contented with it. happy and worry-free ppl.

those nights where i get to be away frm city, away frm the noise, back to the rural, the soothing breeze, no street lamps, NO MOBILE connection, NO INTERNET (basically near-total disconnection frm the outside world), only chirping crickets around the hse and dangerous caterpillars IN the hse, where the whole kampung can go into sleep with gates wide open and doors unlocked.

it's very very comforting to know that there are still ppl living like that amidst the complexities that we go through every day.

it gives ppl a quiet moment to ponder what's the true meaning of life, and i'm glad i had a chance to talk about it with dear See. it's always very comfortable talking to her.

heh. profound leh? but really la. all of u out there, maybe one day we shld make a trip back to someone's kampung TOGETHER and try their way of life. it'll make u feel rather inadequate, ironically.

Feb 5, 2008 @ 9:34 PM

SHIT i think the edison pictures look real. and the fact that he made a video statement = he admits that he took them? scary =X

千年道行一朝丧... too bad.

leaving KL tmr.. See will only back on thurs..haiz sian. i hope there's no flood this yr? i wont ever forget the damn flood that trapped us for > 3 hrs last yr.

guess what? i dreamt of my A's results last night! whoa freaky. somehow there were NINE subjects that i took and i scored a 'D5' for GP! holy ?! yea, im sure it was a D5 written on the cert, not C5 or D7. but either of it is still horrendous hur? and a B4 for physics :(

not the first time dreaming of results, but none of them has been so clear la! sheaattttt.

shld i get my hair cut? the sides are curling outwards and they look yucky. even if my sis-in-law doesn't mind cutting for me, i'll be too paiseh to even ask. i've already troubled her to cut my hair 3 TIMES for the past 3 months :(

Feb 3, 2008 @ 11:41 PM

i'm proud to say that after 4 long years, my adoration for him has not declined but instead, taken to a more mature and meaningful level.

call me mad or what but i guess no one can fully comprehend the process behind this adoration, sometimes not even myself. it's just different from the usual wooo-ahhh-ooo kind of idolism.

anyways.... the abstractness aside.
back to more concrete stuff:

2/2 - autograph session, 1240pm

the fanclub 'official' signboards FLOWN IN FROM HK :D
there were altogether 20 of them

if u cant tell what is this, he was showing his THUMBS-UP! cos we were singing along with the live music (using mic!) and we asked him if it was nice. but well, not sure if it's my finger or my camera, it decided to be 1 sec late.

2/2 - 'private' gathering, 230pm

walking into the mini ballroom


i love this shot.

grp by grp phototaking! our turn.

thank goodness i stood nxt to him, so i could crop this heh. but i swear it wasnt planned.

me: 呢个发型特登为溏心剪架?
him (wide-eyed look): 唔係你以为我贪得意啊?



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