Apr 29, 2007 @ 9:19 PM

watched the Remembrance of Weilun concert on crunchyroll, as recommended by nui. ohmy i cried like hell. the part where cyndi, rainie and linyichen talked to her was super sad lah! i like wad cyndi said:

"下一站我们微笑碰头" sweet, in a sad way.

went j8 to watch 200 Pounds Beauty last nite, with hong and kaiying. omg damn damn funny! i want want want the song she sang in the movie! but i forever cannot find korean songs to dl one.. her voice gave me goosebumps all over la! super nice ((:

went to have claypot laksa at queensway with chian, hong and yen this afternoon. the hotness almost got me killed =X my tongue got so numb that i couldnt taste the laksa anymore. i realise the degree of spiciness i can take is deproving! UGH wad happened! chian say i got the can-eat-very-hot face. apparently she's so wrong.

yayyy. 3 more days to singapore open! kkk im coming ((:

Apr 27, 2007 @ 3:41 PM

nowadays i get more and more weird ppl viewing my friendster profile -.- why hur. like on average 5 to 6 per day leh.. weird

tht day during our break, i was sitting at one of the benches near ours and our faculty EC walked past.

"shin chiann, take down your earring."

-.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- freaky.

how did he know my name?!! i dint even talk or bow to him before lah. seems like he knows everybody in the clss. like he even noes LG's cca. gosh. but obviously i didnt listen to him la. i pretended i was going to take it down and after he walked past i put it back again HAHA. wahlao wats the problem with wearing 2 earrings lorh. somemore i wore that for a year alr and nobody caught me..

dinner with hong and ruiyi in 3 hours time! (((((:
yayy. i get excited before every date.

Apr 26, 2007 @ 3:15 PM

heh. now im gonna reveal the answers to the little test that i did in my previous entry.

1. red tea - just a normal friend
2. green tea - best friend
3. orang juice - someone who is truly concerned about you
4. milk - ur true love (awww..)
5. cocktail - ur dream s*x partner. wow

so..have you found ur milk??

are you the jug? or are you the cup? ((:

heng ah..nobody is my cocktail =X
i dun like cocktail HAHA

pheww. today's 2.4 run was postponed so we did 5 items instead. u couldnt imagine how freaking happy i was when i heard the rain at 6 this morning! i was so excited tt i msg hany! :D oh, i got B for sit & reach! *gasp* cos i kinda cheated. well, actually it wasnt me, it was the guys who taught me to cheat hoho. damn stressed lah! imagine doing sit & reach with 3 ungentlemanly guys squatting nxt to you chanting "your hands very short" -.-

haha i love rainy days. i truly truly do, of course other than the fact that it means no running in the morning lah. the smell of rain, the bittersweet feelings that rain brings, are just sooooo super good that i cant find any words to describe! it reminds me of this:

aww.. isn't that the sweeeetest thing ever?

Apr 24, 2007 @ 3:41 PM

stupid lah the h3 test postponed to thursday. haha fengjun is with me now and we both dunno if we're happy or not. it's like cos everybody didnt study this time so we wouldnt bother anyway. but if we choose to have it on thurs den we are sort of forced to study and it's like you have no reason to not do well. blah i hate dillemas. but i suppose i wont study for it tonight anyway :D

oh 'proposal daisakusen' is nicenice! damn sweet. yamapi's acting is getting better each time! woohoo~ cant wait for the 2nd episode! heh, hong found a super nice spot in the room which can connect very well and that means download will be fast too. oops.

wahlao i just found out the school blocked youtube! asdfawesfgkajsf. TSK. irritating. they like to block everything. they even block chatbox -.- lame

oh before i end off, hany did this interesting psychological test for me ytd.

Think of someone of the opposite sex.


Now, which of the following will you describe his/her as?

1. green tea
2. red tea
3. orange juice
4. milk
5. cocktail

haha byebye , i'll do the analysis another day! :D

Apr 21, 2007 @ 6:11 PM

aiyer my nephews and nieces all got nicks that sound super ai mei on their msn -.- im desperately wanting to talk to them and find out whats going on lahhhh (aka i wanna go back to KL)!!! ugh homesickness. haha nvm cos i know it always comes and goes in less than few hours. dunno wats wrong with me -.-

darling qipok replied in lightning speed! like few hours after i sent out the email? it was titled "LONGEST EMAIL EVER BEPREPARED HAHAHAH" erm..it was really..longggg. her spacebar isnt working so half of the email reads like:

"then wannaknow thatperson then urealise" and
"actually ilikewantedto get"
(excerpts from her email)

so basically half the time i was laughing at her loserishness rather than the content itself. ahh sometimes it just feels so good to be able to talk to an old friend about everything. cos they understand it better than anyone else does. oh and i realised smth! so far the longest email i've recieved was from you, the longest sms i ever received was also from you, even the longest friendster testi was also from you. i can see that u love me so much yea.

rah the gefang ticketing shit is stressing me outtttt. 2000 tics lah! like rlly can sell finish lidat. my eyes tak boleh tahan anymore after scrolling up and down of the excel sheet which runs on for dunno how many pages. saya punya emak ah. wow why am i spitting malay uncontrollably.

ahh chikopek! saya mahu balik rumah =\


Apr 19, 2007 @ 3:53 PM

wanted to wait for yen and hong but decided to come back first cos im very sleepy today =X ugh, it's hard not to feel tired and sleepy when u have PE in the morning followed by boring lessons by boring teachers. haiz, auggie unleashed his cui mian gong again.

omg im still very traumatised by the Virginia Tech incident. 34 lives! or has the number increased? none of the victims deserved that, they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time =X

it got me thinking: what kind of environment are the americans living in?? it's a totally different story from the safely protected cocoon that we are in. read a newspaper review last night, apparently banning guns in US, which most of us thought would be the most effective way to stop violence, would not be a solution at all. "for all you know, osama could be 5 metres away frm you. we dont feel safe without a gun!" thats what an ordinary american would tell you.

which also reminds me of a question my fren asked me some time ago: Would you rather have a safe or vibrant city?

i thought my answer to that was 'vibrant'. now that i ponder over it again, i realise it's always easy for ppl to say they want vibrancy bcos many thought life's cooler that way. but when we really have it, we might not want it altogether cos safety got to come first before anything else counts. what's the point of having liveliness when u cant even keep ur life? i guess it's a trade-off thing.

Apr 18, 2007 @ 4:48 PM

iiish. sweetness!! ahh i feel so sweeted. haha shhh im not telling u why.

somehow today felt like a very eventful day. reached sch early to accompany yen to throw the banner thing, which was like er.. -.- den math was first lesson, did assignment 3 which almost exhausted all my brain juices left for the day! kena niaoed by stupid nigel and indian. ok whats new man. after that was presidential elections. sorry la but i think 34th sc gone case, the candidates so got potential huh. followed by physics lecture. dint understand a thing, as usual..cos the lecturer was happily telling his own stories that were not in the notes -.-

had break. after lunch we had this sudden craze over Snake and half the clss crowded over qihui's handphone while he tried to break level 36. omg im amazed! are guys born to be good at this sorta stuff?? CT session started 15 mins earlier cos there was this Straits Times Pockey Money Fund Cheque Presentation thing. oh, found a quote i like!

"Be the change you want to see in the world." -Gandhi (:

went canteen to look for yen yoke michelle. at 3pm there was GIC fund management talk. not that bad..but im not so sure if i still want to consider being a fund manager or anything along that line anymore.. it sounds super challenging. according to the presenter, it's a combination of "economics, accounting, finance, politics, risk management and psychology" i think i'll die of stress working under that sort of conditions..flying over to tokyo to watch stock markets, survive on conference calls etc etc etc. haiz..im puzzled over my own future.

Apr 17, 2007 @ 3:49 PM

met some 6H frens online..most did well for spm and im really happy for them. choowan's going to the states in august, xinyi in september, soonseng staying there for college..and so on. sometimes i wonder what my life would be like if i had chosen to stay in kl 6 years ago.

omg 6 years! did i just say that?! time really really flies. i miss 6H. i miss being eleven. there was no trouble, nothing that i needed to worry about, things and relationships were a lot less complicated, people were a lot more simple-minded. i made very close friends, both guys and girls. i miss talking to them over the phone every night, how sweet those days were. there was no handphone, no smses. all we did was to call each other up in the house and talked for hours..and i still rmb all of my friends' home numbers till this very day. but how many of us still bother to memorise numbers ever since we have smth called the handphones? i dont.

sad huh..it's bonds and ties that are so badly weakened as we grow up and as we see things differently in a world so different from yesterday.

Apr 16, 2007 @ 2:03 PM

self-centeredness kills.

esp if you dont even realise it's creeping into you.

Apr 15, 2007 @ 11:05 AM

cool. according to the isp, i was ranked 92 in the cohort by getting a B for GP during last year's block tests. but that was msyang. ever since we got auggie as our GP teacher this year, my ranking dropped to 800 plus (i forgot the exact ranking) by getting an S for GP in this year's block tests! i think our clss made a clean sweep of the bottom few positions in GP, thanks to our dearest auggie and wilks :) oh wow. tell me, who on earth can score below 20 out of 50 for both compre and compo?! we can! cos we have cool teachers who enjoy failing sudents :)

used to be that passing GP (that means 50/100) is like: OMG..E..so lousy =X but nowadays passing his GP is like: OMGOMGOMG u get E leh! ur english must be damn zai! come to think of it, i haven passed a single GP paper this year!

omg everybody pls go and read daoteng's entry about our dearest gp teacher and our gp marks. since when has his english standard escalated to such height?! amazing! otherwise known as awe-inspiring, impressive, august (u see, he's called auggie for a reason)..

lep orientation turned out better than i expected. lucky hany went with me..if not i think i would have died of boredom..imagine going to esplanade for the third time in five amazing races..

there was this prc junior in our group called "sun lin feng"! omg exactly the 林 and the 峰 can! den throughout the amazing race he was lagging behind his grp..and being the group leaders, hany and i were like "林峰,林峰,快点!" and whenever we lost him we were like "eh 林峰leh?" omg super weird -.-

ytd morning was also the nus chinese research presentation. pheww..didnt screw up. and damn it! i dunno why my stupid memory card got formatted and i lost all the pics we took in the morning! including the few pics with 403ers! ugh pissed me like mad.

ok, allow me a moment of highness by posting these pics up to beuatify my blog a little..i couldn't resist.


the gentlemanly smile (: (i realise he looks best at this angle!)

cuteness >.<

Apr 12, 2007 @ 9:44 AM

i want my class bench back =X

i dont want the crowding in the morning. i dont want the hot sun. i dont want the unfamiliar faces on my left and right. i dont want ppl to zoom pass us every recess. i miss the wooden stage. i miss the stony slope. i miss the squary thing outside audi where we sang birthday songs.

i just want the bench back. and the privacy we enjoy there. and the moments we have there.

i have to admit that i dun like changes. esp changes that come a few months before we say goodbye.

arghhh this is making my mood so shittyyyyy.

Apr 10, 2007 @ 10:04 PM

happy belated birthday YAMAPI! heh.

eee my eyes got abit swollen from all the crying last nite..thanks to "Sorry I Love You". so ji-sub is just....good. his painful stares make ppl cry :( actually i have nth to post apart frm wishing yamapi happy bday. byebye, gd nite!

Apr 8, 2007 @ 1:13 PM

woke up at 645 on sat morning cos there was gefang elections at 740. omg i hate waking up early on weekend lah! somemore thats like 5 minutes earlier than my wakingup time on a normal sch day..

left early at 950 to come back and get changed to go for kbox outing with darling yen and ruiyi. gave that woman a morning call cos she had an unclean record of oversleeping during one of our kbox dates. den it was sing and sing and sing frm 11 till bout 2. omg yen and i actually tried singing the onelitreoftears themesong "Only Human" without pinyin! and we kinda managed to sing 80% of it! ruiyi was so amazed that we could read hiragana..yayy, my ability to read jap lyrics is improving (:

den we went to the level9 japshop to look at our eyecandies! oh my tian theres this yamapi paper fan that costs close to 30 bucks??! even takuya's one is only like 2 for $15 la.. but i couldnt resist not buying anything so in the end i bought stickers of yamapi and jin instead. i swear i want that fan someday when i get richhhhhh!

took neoprints (the compulsory thing to do every outing). bought our fav oldchangkee, and decided that we shall sit down somewhere and talk, so we went to MOS. had milkshakes while ry told us all of her depressing stories in sch..sigh! it sucks to have hypocrites in the clss and they're giving u a hard time in sch. after bout an hour or so we get chased out by the aunty cos we were obviously taking up the seats without buying much things. shopped for a while and finally bought kaiming's bday present (omg headache!) after that.

walked to far east, partly cos i wanted to get my earhole repeirced. eee im such a loser. i thot i made up my mind but when we reached there, i decided not to cos i was scared. weird..i was never so scared the few times before. dint shop much..we were mainly lingering around and talking. which is good, cos talking is a much more meaningful thing to do actually. saving money at the same time.

den it was dinner time! we decided to pamper ourselves further by going to crystal jade! had xiaolongbao and ramen. we were consoling ourselves that we shld eat more before the gst rises to 7%..

after dinner we were too bored we went to kino to look at magazines. den i realised i dont know how the other sections in kino look like! cos we only walk around the mags & celebrities & comics section most of the time. den we saw a mag cover of mingdao in this super uglyyyyy and funny hairstyle. we burst out laughing so loud that everybody standing in front of the magazine racks turned to stare at us. unglamness. but its seriously damn funny la! i shall post the pic up here later if i rmb. (yes, we couldnt resist but took photo of that ultraugly hairstlyle)

den the thirst after all the ajinomoto started to set it, went cold storage to get fruit juices before going home. reached hostel at 10 plus..bathe..den it was drama time! but my eyes were too tired so i only watched 1 episode of sorry i love you and went to sleep. i think yen stayed up till 4, 5am in the morning cos she's showing no sign of waking up yet.

haha goodness i actually bother to do a recount of what we did ytd -.- now that i ran through it again in my mind it sounds pretty satisfying yea. eating and singing and eating and drinking and eating and drinking again. it's not always bad to pamper ourselves once in a while, right??

but the most productive thing ytd was probably catching up with old friends..and i cherish every moment that we spend tgt, even just standing at a quiet corner and talk is good enough. really, iloveyou my darlings.

hold me close
you will see

Apr 6, 2007 @ 9:44 PM

i think im productive today (:

did complex no tut3, abit of public finance tut, kind of finished nus cll thesis, and i even had time to watch 6 episodes of "I'm Sorry, I Love You"!

i used to think So Ji-Sub sucks..but his acting is just damn pro la! and the plot is sort of unconventional, unlike the normal korean love stories. it's about this abandoned orphan who has a bullet left unremoved in his brain (that means he'll die anytime) taking revenge on his mum, only to find out that he unintentionally hurts those whom he treasures most. kaiying say will cry one..oops

DATING with nui tmr! even tho there'll only be yen, nui and me, i think it'll still be fun cos like yen said, less ppl den can talk secrets (aka scandals) mar. al-rite. yayy. i hope i get my 2nd earhole repierced tmr? ahh dunno la see my mood first.

byebye. back to my drama time!

Apr 5, 2007 @ 11:47 PM

WAHLAO one of my good frens is freaking attached on a faraway land and i juz found out?! heh, i feel so cheated. she went like "heh, but u nv ask mar". thanks man. but being a rlly nice fren, i shall forgive u la hor..and be happy for u (:

which reminds me. scandals scandals scandals! heh, i smell 暧昧 in the air..uhhum uhhum..

somehow im starting to feel/see/confirm many many scandals of ppl around me these few months! hiak hiak. really ALOT! friends who are v close to me, ppl whom i see every day, ppl whom i haven seen for months, ppl who dun even know i know them! ahem. like i said before, "it's kinda fun seeing ppl u know tgt. cos it's like u sort of witness and participate in the whole process of them getting to know each other to being closer and eventually being in a relationship?" CORRECT?!? and sometimes its rlly not my fault u know, ppl want to tell me i cant shut them up rite..hah

i wan to go and re-pierce my second left-earhole! (it closed half a year ago!) somebody go with me leh. (esp those who haven even got a single earhole HOR, HOR!) im really tempted to go for the third one on my right ear but i think not for now la..scared my mum kick me out of the hse cos i told her very confidently that 2 on each will be my max! anw my ears look like they've limited space for a 3rd earhole..but seriously, if i ever get a 3rd one, that will really really really be my maxxxxx le. i dun understand how so many ppl can tahan the pain of piercing the upper part of their ears..OUCH!

oh wednesday nite mum called and she was like: "eh qian! can u watch tv2 there? got ur lamfung!" and in the background was daddy very loudly trying to shout "tell her it's some concert..he's singing now!" omg so drama haha! this is actually not the first time they called to tell me bout such stuff which is, honestly, unimportant. which means they obviously dint realise i dl every single clip of his (even when there's juz 5 seconds of him) so theres basically nothing bout him that i haven watched. BUT! its the thought that is oh so sweet! they actually bother to call! and i love daddy cos he was telling me fung can sing very well (: of course mar, ur daughter has good taste!

ok byebye, im gonna go wash up and slp again! i juz woke up from a 4 hour sleep since 7 juz now! and shit, i missed dinner -.-

Apr 4, 2007 @ 3:11 PM

after serving for 1 whole year, i've finally stepped down from the asean comm.

when i received the token of appreciation frm miss lim last Sunday, there was this stream of emptiness that surged through the inside of me. esp after arthya came over and we talked, and he told me how he's starting to miss us only after the last meeting.

i know i can finally stop going for meeting on a terribly lethargic sunday afternoon at an unholy time of 2pm in an extremely unconducive environment. but i also know i wont be seeing these ppl anymore, these fellow asean scholars, these "buaya"s and "buayi"s (ok inside joke). yes, i dread all the meetings, having to make our way down to esplanade, to acjc, to rjc, to grand copthorne... but these are also things that i would never ever have believed i could accomplish, and will never forget.

even though there were slacking members, delays in information flowdown etc etc, there's something very important that i got out of this whole thing: the fruit of success will only taste sweet when u have contributed with all ur heart. looking back, i think i did. seeing the success of asean night fever, asean dance.. at least i can proudly declare: i've given my best.

there's also something that hits me deeply: our previous lack of interaction with other scholars (and i mean other than the pee are sees of course). it only occurred to me that it's important for us (the school-based scholars) to venture out of our social circle and really make ourselves part of this Asean family after i became part of it. we are no PRCs, no hongkongers. we are the Asean-ners of a unique quality that is not found in others: endless enthusiasm running in our blood! more commonly known as rahrah-ness by the indons lol.

thanks to funny ppl like johnathan! adrian! ryan! (who claims that i CRUSH him -.- yeayeayea) junhow! singwei! irma etc..who have made my term there much more enjoyable! i think i wouldnt have survived meetings without these ppl. somehow the guys are easier to talk to/work with among this bunch of ppl.

ohohoh! i found scandals in the group! only like after a year!? laggggg. but im secretly hoping it works out..it's kinda fun seeing ppl u know tgt. cos it's like u sort of witness and participate in the whole process of them getting to know each other to being closer and eventually being in a relationship? ok i have a weird liking. wow digress.

Pictures from Asean JTS:

asean comm' 2006
i did not regret (:

Apr 3, 2007 @ 3:45 PM

why am i letting the same old ppl to hurt me again and again?
i suck =\


Apr 1, 2007 @ 9:47 AM

i love last week's i-weekly. there's fUng on the cover. and there's yamapi inside too! i got so excited when i saw it, and i msg many ppl to buy it as well. haha

i like what the reporter says about fung:

i especially like the description about yamapi:

YESYES! so true! haha u can ignore that, im just allowing myself a few moments of highness on my blog.

been catching up with old friends these few days. felt really really good, esp when they still feel comfortable enough to share little secrets with you. it's just...sweet.

ok i shall play this little game that i got frm an old friend's blog.

"List up to ten things you want to say to ten different people in no particular order. Do not state who these people are."

1. 不要再发脾气了咯!对她好一点。
2. 谢谢你容忍我的一切的一切。放心,我会好好照顾自己。
3. sometimes i get angry, but rest assured there are more times i feel fortunate to have you in my life.
4. have i told u about my wish? to see u cry. cos u're the only one whom i haven seen shedding a single tear, in 6 years.
5. thanks for always always being there! im waiting to attend ur wedding dinner! u better shuddup cos u noe the MOST secrets!
6. sexaaay babayyy! ure one hell of a zi lian kuang HAHA.
7. poop. u are crazy. and naughty. but im loving u the way you are.
8. juuuuuuuu tou pok! i enjoy receiving ur smses and calls! ooolalah.
9. u are confusing. do u rlly know what u want?
10. 你是我的魔力,想要勇敢就想你 (:

lol..does any of that look like a msg for you?? seriously, 10 is not enough. but the process of searching inside my heart for something that i rlly wan to say to some ppl feels satisfying. sometimes ppl need to learn to count their blessings, life's better that way!



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