Aug 29, 2006 @ 10:28 PM

so exciting. national day celebration back at nanyang bs tmr! and that means seeing all e familiar faces that i missss so so sooooo much. chian nui kris debo all going back! wow we're so loyal to our old home.. even when we always top the "NYBS admin most hated boarders" list throughout e 4 years we lived there.

so popular HUR.

oh but who cares. nobody's going back to see those ppl. not as if we dun have our own list of "Scholarz most hated matrons" HAHA! we're gg back for ourselves. cos we want to see each other and relive the HIGH atmosphere at last year's celebration.

*hmm let me think. what shld be the first thing i say when i see the bitch tmr? "hi bitch! long time no see and guess what?! wow! u're still a bitch!" LOL. omg i feel 贱. haha. bt u gotta talk lidat when u're talking to ppl like her yea.

Aug 28, 2006 @ 10:18 PM

ytd nite when i called home dad told me he had sth important that he wanted to tell me. but he couldnt rmb. so he said nvm.

half an hour later, he called. so i thot..oooh, so whats the important thing that's soooo important that he had to call my phone and tell me?!

"eh qian..u wan to go for the kangta&vanness mini concert nxt sunday? i go get tickets if u want."
"so that was the important thing that u wanted to tell me?!"
(very enthuly) "YUP!"
"addfgghfafcvefrg thankew."

waste my phone money -.- waste the house phone money also. -_-" but being the very nice daughter, of course i happily replied "yup anything. i dun mind."

nt like im a big fan of them rite. i dun even noe their songs or anything about them. the only thing i knew is that vanness was from F4. it would be a totally diff story if it was fung HAHA. sorry la but yea. fung is wu ke qu dai (: and my dad shld know it.

dunno y he suddenly so enthu. but sometimes i think my dad is really cute. lalala ((:

Aug 27, 2006 @ 12:01 PM

geyao was good (: sam rocks!!!!! she got second. it's okay bcos she lost to e campus superstar. duh. it wasnt fair in the first place. her song is still stuck in my head now! so nice.


im so glad that i was one of the first few who got to listen to that song 3 years ago. sam u're my idol.

wanted to download christian bautista's song (the way you look at me) but watthehell >< i cant find. my new found eyecandy. i nv knew filipino could be so charming.

gosh look here. so cute and charming XD

Aug 26, 2006 @ 10:14 AM

something very funny happened ytd.

i was waiting for e lift at hall C (the girls' hall) lobby. and this prc guy kept trying to scan his card on the door but it juz wouldnt open. he looked damn pissed. i was thinking..ER.. how come a guy want to enter our block..so i looked at him. and he looked at me. and i looked at him. and we burst out laughing. and he quickly ran away.

WAHAHAHAHAHAH damn farni lah.

where got ppl so blur one?! hall C and hall D are like 50 metres apart?! i think he wished he had digged a hole or sth. and i was still laughing when i reached my room.

tsktsk. embarassing things always happen.

Aug 24, 2006 @ 5:28 PM

what the hell. my cousin forced me to chat with him on msn window with this gundamseed (whatever it is) background. #$#$^%^*%*$# im so pissed lah. so ugly. and he thinks it looks damn cool. ok i cant understand guy stuff.

nth special happened these few days. was looking forward to the sabbaticals concert and it turned out to be... -.-

and we got a "special address" in the end.

Aug 22, 2006 @ 4:10 PM

stupid WR!!!!!!

dunnid to sleep liao.....

Aug 21, 2006 @ 4:29 PM

andrew gorgor's baby boy is born! 2 weeks ago i think. i still dunno his name. i haven been updating myself with latest news from my family for a long long long time! both dad and mum dont have the habit of telling me every exciting thing until i ask.

and he juz sent me his baby boy's photos! so cuteeee. that seems to be the only consolation for my very horrible day so far =
i love having newborn babies in the family. and given my big family, the rate of new babies being born each year is like around 2 to 3. in my year we already had 3, that's me, michelle and nigel. i guess thats also part of the reason why i love having new members in the family. bcos that will mean attending loads and loads of wedding dinners! and that also mean having new babies for me to play with soon!

yayy. uncle's getting married nxt year ((((:

* i hope sth exciting happens tonite. anything. or else i'll most probably die of boredom and severe lack of sleep if i were to continue looking at my WR till late night.

Aug 20, 2006 @ 12:14 PM

the boarding sch connection sucks like hell. i haven been going online for 3 days in a row!! grrr.

wasted so much money on food yesterday! went to this seafood restaurant for dinner near chian's hostel with her and yen. we decided that the food wouldnt keep us full and wanted to go for prata and tehtarik. but in the end we went clementi central instead. ate macs icecream. and due to our sudden craving for rojak, we hunted 4 diff hawker centers before we could find a rojak shop that is still open at nite.

and that means 3 meals in one night. frm 7pm to 10pm. stupid chian! all ur fault la.

and that was how i ended the day with nothing done again! wow. by the time we got back to hostel i was alr tired like dunno wat.

i had this really scary dream of my aunt passing away during childbirth. and the weird thing is, in my dream, i was trying to figure out whether im dreaming. but ppl say dreams that u still rmb upon waking up wont turn real. okay i certainly hope that's true.

Aug 17, 2006 @ 3:24 PM

with promos drawing nearer and nearer, im constantly reminded of the urgent need to mugggg. which i juz cant get down to do yet. life with fung's show every nite is juz too tempting for me to let go.

i dunno why but sometimes i get worried. not only for myself but for e class as well. it keeps on bugging me. what if not everyone gets promoted? what if one of us here is going be our junior nxt year? im certain no one wants that to happen. that's e suckiest thing that could ever happen to somebody.

looking at our current results, i think we can all do better. much better indeed. all of us are intelligent ppl i dare to say. there's juz this tiny weeeeny voice in our heads that keeps going like "okay i'll have tmr to study..so now...lets juz...slack and wait till tmr!" and for all you know, exams is like tmr already and it's too late to regret it when u have to wave byebye to the other 22 in the class who are moving on to j2.

we've tried hard to stay as a class after the first 3 months. i certainly hope we'll continue to work hard to promote as a class too. J2 wouldnt be a fun year, but it'd definitely be much funner if we walk through it as a class of 23 and no one less.

jia you ba!

Aug 14, 2006 @ 3:11 PM








Aug 12, 2006 @ 4:26 PM

this is coming abit sooner than i had expected. still cant really believe it's happening now. hooi. so she's leaving us? like go there and not come back forever and ever? kinda knew it would happen someday but never so soon. it's juz like 1 month away and she'll be officially away from us.

maybe she feels alrite about it. but it has nv gotten into my mind how that feels like. going away to a farfar away country and leaving all e things behind. friends especially. yea, some say you would find new friends there which is kinda true. but isnt it scary? the thought of having to say byebye to all ur old friends and everything that you've lived with for the past 17 years of ur life. well at least im not the kind who will migrate. not to a farfar away land i.e. another continent for example.

but seriously. i'll miss that idiot. no more watching fung's vcds at late nights. no more shedding tears in front of the laptop screen cos fung died (in the show). no more screaming and shouting in the boardingschool garden. no more rushing to the airport to catch a glimpse of fung. no more enduring 9 hours of not sitting down juz to have the best view of him.

no more you in my life.

whatever it is..u better come back once in a while to see us okayyyyy. fly us over for ur wedding dinner or sth. i dun care>< rmb we promised that.

Aug 10, 2006 @ 6:32 PM

went sch to meet joke for ilp. she was late >< again. bumped into nigelter lol. so random. after 4 hours we finally got sth done! went to coro for lunch after that. joke volunteered to treat cos she was late haha!

at waribee cafe (: joke is so childish mygosh.
worse than me.

Aug 9, 2006 @ 5:11 PM

wat the crap?! nui oso got into ns?! ohkay great. this is so not funny.

having to decorate keltan's card is alr bad enough. but guess wat? as i was complaining to yen about him and cursing under my breath, i wrote "to mr keltan" on the card without realising it. tried hard to salvage it by creative means such as writing "vin" underneath "kel". but it looked juz as bad.

grr. this is so shitty. now wht? are we gonna buy a new card or sth? waste money la.

juz went to do a random google of my name. found out afew blogs that i haven gone to which actually mention me lol. one post was like 3 years ago about some stupid abubakarjailani thing?! HAHAH. brought back so many fond memories of the crazy times in class. ahhh i miss chuaxinyi. cos she's shorter than me lol.

the comlab is freezing cold. i think i'll go have my dinner now. it's buffet dinner today (: it'd better be nice.

Aug 8, 2006 @ 7:12 PM

"too much of human life is lost in waiting.
waiting for you to say i love you,
waiting for me to say i love you too."

not that i can understand it very well. but still, this is just so true.

Aug 6, 2006 @ 10:20 PM

dead tired. aftermath of a crazy day yesterday.

car washing: walked 2 blocks, knocked on close to 100 doors, washed 1 car -.-
shopping: bought a pair of "no" earrings, took one side and qianlei took the other. bought a pair of shoes (: ate kaya toast with eunicetok, sat and talked for more than an hour.

skipped dinner. rushed from bukit batok to serangoon juz to attend szemin's film fest. i muz say that im really proud to have this friend. she writes great songs. she dares to dream. and more importantly, she holds on to it and im glad that she's another step closer to making it happen now.

i still rmb how the song u wrote for toro made us cry in sec2. and u did it again yesterday! what else is cooler than having a 1-hour film of your own? where u not only acted, but also wrote and sang ur own songs? great performance i muz say.

im touched not for your songs, but the sincerity u had in ur songs cos i witnessed the whole process of you writing it these few years. u made us understand how far you would go for ur dream. szemin you rock! u're my musical goddess.

Aug 4, 2006 @ 9:06 PM

freaky. keltan's laptop is so disgusting that even my thumbdrive rejected it =\ it's perfectly normal when i use it on any other com or my own laptop.

At that very moment, i'm absolutely totally utterly disgusted yet again, by somebody else. ewk. what an insult to my dear idols. i dun see how u resemble them in any way lor pleaseeeee. Exasperated. okay i shan't be too explicit.

--> car-washing cip followed by shopping followed by samantha's concert. i'm fully booked for tmr (:

Aug 3, 2006 @ 4:08 PM

i believe friends are all about learning along with each other. for me, fights aren't necessarily harmful cos they always make me understand my friends better. juz like how husband and wife fight occasionally.

i still rmb sze and i had a cold war for a long time in sec 2 when we were roommates. but after it ended we actually got closer, surprisingly. she once wrote me a msg saying that the fight kinda made her understand me as well as herself better. that was what made me believe friends, like family members, never have 隔夜仇

and now i kinda miss sharing a room with sze cos she has been such a sweet friend. friends are always her top priority. im glad that im in her list.

and i know i will miss my two superduper roommates now, who will walk me thru the rest of my jc years. we've been friends for six years. we see each other more often than seeing our own family. that's more than friends and thats something a fight cannot and will never change.

Aug 2, 2006 @ 8:47 PM

asean dance last sat.
too many photos le. chose a few to try this out!

RockYou slideshow | View | Add Favorite

kope this website from chian's blog. nice ((((:
try it out if u want.


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