Sep 30, 2005 @ 5:29 AM

feel like a piece of shit. still slacking when exam's next friday!!? oh god.

hmmm. is xiaotan going to slaughter me for handing in my physics poster 14weeks late??! dunno. but i better start now. dun want to fail my overall marks.

totally thrilled when i saw my own name appearing in one of the baidu posts! someone made those clips that we took in airport into a mv!! so cool~ haha.. but its funny seeing ur own clips in a mv form when u didnt actually make that yourself.

ppl around me are crazy over dang oh these few days. and 4/13 is like showing it on screen during recess!! almost the whole class stayed back to watch! thats cool.

and jodie finally realised my importance when she missed dinner 2 days in a row! now then u know??! isnt it a bit too late HUR?

Sep 28, 2005 @ 6:50 AM

can they stop being sooooooooooo shuai???!
arrrrrrrrrh i cant take it anymore!!!


Sep 24, 2005 @ 8:25 PM

Date: 21 sep 2005
Time: 5.15pm – 5.45pm
Event: Meeting Fung at Changi
Gang: Chian, Chiann, Hooi, Rui and Qi (Jodie too bad u’re not here!)

perhaps its some god-sent message. we reached the terminal at the very second that Fung arrived. we managed to catch him right at the moment when he just came down from the van. chian and hooi were both looking at the direction but they didnt spot him! He was so skinny and wearing sunglasses! i even had to hesitate for a moment to figure out if that's him! i screamed "Fung!"and then all of them looked around. Everyone was like "where...where..."u can never imagine the shock the moment we recognised him! esp nui who has nv seen him in person before cos he looked so so so soooo different!

We just followed behind him when he arrived and everyone was worried cos we didnt know what he's going to do next. He was on the phone for a while then he turned around from the queue and walked out to talk to us! He said "Want to take photos? we'll take photos first, then we sign ok? but we must do it orderly!" almost immediately the fans were going like "okokokokok!"

we were too excited that our smile were so fake and unnatural. panic! and then we forgot about how to smile. And when we asked to take another group photo of the 5 of us, he said "dak" (meaning OK in cantonese) in a very deep voice! I could almost hear the sound coming from his chest since i was standing nearest to him. so manly! Almost fainted!

oh one more thing, fung was evil.. one fan asked him to hold the camera to take photo, her cantonese was no good so she said "zi pai" wrongly. and fung was smiling in a kind of teasing manner, and we laughed along too! hee... one of his assistants told him that someone lost his air ticket, and Fung immediately said "why not I give you mine.." and fans were like "OK!!!!!" duh! Who wouldnt want him to stay for another day!

then... autograph time! We asked for our names to be written on the photos and he actually read our names out everytime he signed! (haha fortunately i video that!) and he looked very amused when he read ruiyi’s name. good for you Nui! he took 3mins to sign 10 photos! He took his time to write every word nicely cos luckily for us he still had plenty of time! i even managed to ask him to video a short sentence for us, as encouragement for our coming exams! So nice of him...
after that he waited for a while before going in cos someone was going to get him mooncakes and dunno what else. Another group of fans wanted a pic of him and charmaine, he went up to charmaine and asked "can I take a photo with you?" haha... trying to be funny!.. so cute!

When time to go in, he took everything on the trolley all by himself and proudly said that "eh?! I still have hand to take more wor..." but he clumsily kicked the packets of mooncakes on the floor when he was queuing up for checkin. lazy Fung... and finally he said byebye to all of us before going in. but I was to HIIIIIIGH to feel sad or anything!!

We felt so contented looking at the photos that we took with him, plus those signed ones with our names written on them. its already more than what we’ve asked for. that night when we were walking back, hooi and I were just talking and she said that’ll most probably be the last time she'll ever see Fung again... cos she might not even stay anywhere around asia few years later. 10 years 20 years?! by the time when we’re all mothers and aunties, will we still love him like how we do now? who knows??!

But one thing's for sure. we feel loved and pleased to have Fung as our idol. i'm just hoping that that will not be the last time we see and interact with him. I believe chances are everywhere! we shall remain positive and continue to support Fung forever no matter where we are in this world.

Cheeeeeers to Fung...! XD

@ 6:33 AM

i've almost fulfilled my lifetime wishes:
- see fung together with hooi and nui
- take photo with fung
- get fung to sign and write our names on the photo
i'm contented.

what i've gotten 2 days ago was way much more than what i've wished for. thank god and

thank you Fung
for making my dream come true...

Sep 23, 2005 @ 1:02 AM


no time for detailed post today... cos busy-ing for kevin later. haha. so hua xin right.. but i'm forever still funged!

will post in detail later...

Sep 22, 2005 @ 2:10 AM

4 more hours to fung...

Sep 21, 2005 @ 8:04 AM

24 more hours to FUNG...

Sep 20, 2005 @ 5:50 AM



ok it might be no biiiiiig news to all of u... but its biiiiiiiiig news to me!!! nui hooi and chian too of course.

yesterday when i found out that fung's coming, i almost fainted in front of the com! for dunno what reason, i was shaking like hell! must be too excited~ then i rushed up to tell nui and hooi and we were all like: FUNG!!!!!!!! cant believe it.. lame hooi wanted me to write the "list of things to do when they come" on the spot. doink. anyway they are going to blame me if they dont do well for bio. (touchwood) but hooi probably wrote fung for all her answers. too bad there isn't a choice F in mcq :S

i dun care if i'm going to be grounded for returning late to hostel on wed night or what, I'M JUST GOING!!! oh man i'm getting all hyper now. i cant get down to work at all!!

Sep 17, 2005 @ 7:14 AM

ok. danqing just flooded my tagboard with all those links to soda green's songs. i've to confess that i love the lyrics but the singing... um.. i think i'll still need some time to accept -_-

tonight's mid autumn fest celebration! yay. hope they're all going. or else it'll be so sao3 xing4!

tell u something that sounds really stupid but nevertheless sweet. today we were asked to write a short note to our parents to thank them and so on (to be given to them on our graduation ceremony). and i just started crying and crying nonstop while i was writing... it didnt stop until i finished my last sentence. and i was not the only one! a few of them started crying first and soon after me and lanfang cried together. (poor mengtian) she was stuck in between the 2 of us and had to contribute her tissues. ha. i dunno why. i just cried and cried and cried, imagining how my parents would feel if they read this.

i went "谢谢你们的..." "谢谢你们的..." "谢谢你们的..." "谢谢你们的..." in my letter. i thank them for making the choice for me to come over to singapore. i said i didnt regret, and i hope they didnt too. i confess about how naughty and rebellious i can be sometimes, and how naggy they are most of the time, but i appreciate all of the things that they've done for me. i thank them for bringing me to this world. i have ten thousand reasons to thank them and i could never repay. the only way is perhaps to make them feel proud to have me as a daughter!

i dun normally say things like that. in fact i've never said or written anything close to that in my entire life. dun even know if they would come for the ceremony. but if they do, they better not cry! but it'll be ok if they're not the only parents crying... ha.

anyway, today is my first time confessing my heartfelt love for them. i think its kinda sweet. it actually feels good when a whole bunch of us is crying together in class! not the drama kind of hugging or what, but having a silent moment where we reflect and cry silently on our own, with the same thought in all of our hearts: daddy mummy, i love you.

@ 5:15 AM

danqing DEMANDED that i thank her openly on my blog. okaaaaaaaaaaaay. i shall do that.

for helping me with setting my blog's encoding to unicode cos i've been trying to figure it out for a longlong time and it didnt work!

alright, ah qing1 jie3??! hee hee.. see, i say i'll post specially for you! and i keep my promise okaaaaaaaaay! (u're sitting opposite of me now bleah.)

now ur turn to thank me.. :)

Sep 16, 2005 @ 6:32 AM

why is it ALWAYS me and chian??! every matron every teacher only rmb these two names! chek lao, m. yeo, m. tan... it has happened so many times!! is it bcos our names are easier to rmb??! no i dont think so. in fact its hard to pronounce.

the whole bunch of us is notorious. but chiann and chian are supersuper notorious! wth. i dunno what to say anymore.

Sep 13, 2005 @ 6:36 AM

hmm dun feel like updating. too lazy. so ill just post some pics ya.. let fung do the talking~

i'm starting to see stronger and stronger 男人味 in him.. :)

Sep 9, 2005 @ 5:45 AM

HAPPY 17 :)

Ha have been watching tianya again. ooolalah. just realised fung's a bit yao3 zi4 bu4 qing1 :S not abit. sometimes quite serious haha. I think he can speak better in gu3 zhuang1.

Ok chian knows about this alr. but i need to tell nui and hooi! LOOK HERE NUI n HOOI! today newspapers say when jiu3dian4 was filming somewhere outside hk, the male casts went to "jiao4 ji1" together! u know whats that rite??! go to those places and xun2 huan1 zuo4 le4!?? get it??! and one of the female in the show secretly told the press that its true!!! she somemore said one of them openly boasted that he got a discount price bcos he's a star! DISGUSTING PIG. ohno. so scared ron's involved! but i dun think so. he doesnt look like that type to me. chian was so scared haha. but i think ma dezhong got go lorh! ugh hope our ron's still clean!!!

to read the news, go here: http://ent.sinchew-i.com/content.phtml?sec=816&sdate=&artid=200509070007 or this one http://www.dnkb.com.cn/news/20050905/011205.html

Sep 8, 2005 @ 4:30 PM

daddy mummy's sleeping now. so glad that they enjoyed tianya. it sounds stupid but i'm still happy that i contributed some joy to their life! at least i did something? goodnight daddy mummy. 爸爸妈妈晚安! 要睡好哦!

juz realised ai-fm can be quite nice at late night too. ha. surprisingly. sweet songs. soothing voices. heard another version of laoshuaidami by a niu. quite sweet also. heard this meaningful phrase from a song:


i've always chosen to believe that life is beautiful. i hope everyone believes in that too. cos if you do, the world will be a wonderful place for you and for me. good night world.

@ 5:45 AM

Wth. Juz went to check my progress report today, a week after it was released. This is the first time in these 4yrs that i felt i was given an UNFAIR comment!

hoho pok shittily give me ME for "shows interest in the subject" while she could give EE for other things like "ask relevant questions", "able to apply concepts learnt"???! you mean my interest is second to all the mathematical skills??! i dun think so. i am always so energised during math lesson!! when even chewie could give me an EE for "shows enthusiasm in the subject"! do i look that interested in chem than in math??! Obviously not. ppl who know me will know that i love math most! chewie obviously thinks that she’s enthu and therefore everyone in her class is enthu-ed and fascinated by the chemical structure of polymer or terylene or whatever shit.

i shall go and check whether hopok gave everyone that. or else ill be like.......... ok i just dunno how to say. shes so bias. can someone pls teach me HOW do you show interest to make sure your teacher "feels it"??!

Sep 7, 2005 @ 2:46 PM

HIHI!! I'm back!! Haven been here for ages. miss my bloggie. hmm lots of stuff to update leh. dunno where to start. Maybe should talk about the global chinese music award that me and chian went to first.

Date: 3sep05
Time: 8.10pm-12.30am

Bukit jalil is damn big. and i dint know that stadium putra is located in another section deeeeeeep inside it! i asked for direction and that stupid man made me run all the way down and all the way back up again! I hate ppl who act like they know everything but actually they dunno anything. U better dun let me see u again! grrrrr.

out of point. Den chian's bus was late!! I waited for a longlong time bfore she finally came! When we went in, the thing juz started. (i think) ya should be. the moment we sat down they were announcing jj or hins. I couldnt rmb exactly who. Den we screamed anyway haha. If i were to narrate minute by minute, this will nv end. So i think ill just highlight some things lah.

- i love ASHIN. Ha danqing will be happy to know that. hes so damn cool lah. Cant illustrate in words. Hes simply cool in his own way! Osh love him love him love him. anw mayday said this funny thing when hua-ER(eww!) and fei-ER(meaning fir) also got the best band award: - kan4 lai2 wo3 men2 yao4 gai3 ming2 wei2 WU YUE ER le.. ha damn cute. But very sad. Both fir and mayday only performed one song each. Not high enough. hee. And they sang juejiang!(thats like quite old le. ugh.)

- i love JJ. I think the entire stadium roared with applause when he finished "singing" his thankyou speech onstage. impromptu. he started with the kou3 ji4 thingy (imitating the instruments and band sound etc), followed by his words of thanks fully sung in tune. Arrrrrrrgh so cool! and i love his yi4 qian1 nian2 yi3 hou4. Felt so touched by his voice. Oh. Something else. After jj finished singing, it was fir’s turn to give speech. And faye said "阿沁唱歌!跟他拼了!" ha so cute.

- talking about speech. i have to mention 2 rather memorable speeches. yu3 quan2 + xie ting feng + jj were onstage together to receive some chuang4 zuo4 award. Yu quan said "说到帅,我们比不起谢霆锋,林俊杰等,所以只好把音乐做好一点,让自己心理平衡一点" :) right after that xietingfeng said"比起羽泉,林俊杰他们,我作的歌也不算好听,所以只能把头发啊,这些什么的做整齐一点" ha so humorous.

- another speech is by hins: 谢谢第五届华语歌曲排行榜让我看到我的偶像林忆莲, 想代表所有的广州歌迷告诉她:听你唱歌很幸福!i've nv ever liked lin yi lian in my life! But at that moment i felt so touched by him! so sweeeet of him to say that in front of everybody, although he loves someone that i dun love.

- i love EASON and HINS. Actually i love them since very long ago. but still, i cant help but went crazy when they were singing! they were really great singers! The kind whom i'll support deep from the bottom of my heart and not say it aloud every day.

- im horrified, or rather, disgusted by the "skinniness" of cyndi wong. She looked so frail when she was dancing. she made me wonder if i should prefer jolin even though ive nv rilly liked the both of them. hmm seriously, i think ill prefer jolin.

- oh nui, we heard hua-er's xi shua shua LIVE!! it was totally childish! We felt so degraded. I cant believe they actually DANCED (using simple steps) while they played guitars! Can u imagine any other rockband like fir or mayday doing that??! I mean like, thats totally UNCOOL right??! they looked so cheap too! ewww. chian, let's despise hua-er kae!

- the most important highlight: I LOVE WANGLIHONG!!!!!!! He is totally gorgeous i can tell you! U wont believe how "bai ma wang zi-ish" he can look until u see him with ur own eyes! ARRRGGGGGGGH. me and chian fainted when he appeared. esp on the BIGBIG screen right in front of us!!!!!!! KILL ME!!

ok enough about that. any extras that ive left out, i shall add later.

this part specially for NUI since i cant contact u, this is the only way to communicate with u:

hey nui haha i said i'll talk to you but my post today too long le. maybe ill post another one later lah. haa. anyway u back in spore le?? i msged your msia phone twice but nv reply!!!! hmmph. no la wan to tell u that i helped you buy color le. 183oncover. its 6.80, ok horh?? play also got them on cover but only left one. Anyway i bought le. u can read when i bring back. Ugh all the fung mags haven come out yet!! Kek si wo le!

oh u noe that day we were watching zhi4 yong3 xin1 jing3 jie4 den RON appeared!!! kelafe. Hahah. But got talk one! quite a lot somemore hee. I was watching from my room den i jumped up to rush up to the living room. Surprisingly my dad spotted him at the same time ha. and very quickly the next moment chian called and we were like RONRONRON DID YOU SEE RON! Haha. Ooops i forgot u still abit angry at him right. heehee. Nvm fung still the best yah?

K shall post later. if i have the mood. :D or maybe tmr.

Sep 2, 2005 @ 5:25 AM

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!! This stupid f-ing woman used the phone for ages already! And she jing4 gan3 told me dat she's going to be using it for a longlong time and asked me not to wait!!! HALO??!!! IS THIS YOUR HOUSE?!!! HAVE U FORGOTTEN THAT IT IS WRITTEN VERY CLEARLY THERE THAT THIS IS A PUBLIC PHONE??!! ARE YOU BLIND??! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

I was so damn kik and told her that I need to use it quite urgently. She just ignored and coolly took out another card to start dialing cos she just finished the whole $10 card! So f-ing cool right?!?! I went straight up to tell her dat this is a public phone and u have to respect other users (i dunno why the hell i said that)! And she found all kinds of excuses and kept on asking me to use the level5 phone instead! I couldnt hold it anymore and BLASTED at her "if it can be used, I wouldn't have to come here and wait for you to finish ur long talk rite!??" (i still cant believe i said that) I told her I'm going to use it for 5mins and she was still rather reluctant!! Wth. 5mins is nothing compared to your half an hour!!!!

This is not the first time things like this happen! I've encountered gazillionth times and its always with PRC WOMEN IN THE BS!!! FFFFFFFFFFF! I AM GOING TO DAO THAT F-ING WOMAN FROM NOW ON! ALL PRC WOMEN IN THIS BLOODY PLACE ARE F-INGLY IRRITATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCONSIDERATE BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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