Mar 29, 2006 @ 4:11 PM

bad wenqi. it's all ur fault lah! why did u post all those photos! it's making me so nostalgic and start crying in front of e computer screen lah! like wth. all the photos taken in the boarding sch. wen's room. the corridor outside our rooms. her vandalised blue and ren vangards next to her bed. she even reminds me of the msg that i sent her TWO years ago that she still keep in her phone, "pls rmb to bring xiuhuaxia, nubingxie...for performance tmr". it was sent on 24thmay2004 according to her phone record. good TWO years. and "wen, come down! today's supper cheesecake leh!" HAHA okay i still rmb sending those stupid msgs to her! it's bringing me back all e memories!! grr. stupid qi. bad qi.

ohno pls remove those horrendous photos frm ur blog! i look really horrible and it's defaming me. rah. stop posting all e nice photos of urself and all e chou photos of other ppl!
bad qi.

(click for bigger version!)

chio?? hoho. or act chio meibe. heh. stupid qi how come nv publish ur work before! i didn't even know that there's this photo before i saw it on ur blog lah!

Mar 28, 2006 @ 6:02 PM

still sick. coughing like mad lah wth!

how i wish daddy mummy were here with me. they'll go and hunt for all kinds of medicine to let me cure. mummy'll cook everything that i want to eat so that i can take my medicine after meals. now i have to go and visit a doctor alone, be responsible to find stuff to eat when the boarding sch cooks food that a sick person cannot eat.

on monday morning daddy and mummy woke up at 6+ in the morning juz to call me up and check if i'm alright and whether i'm going school. i dunno why but at that instant when i heard their voice on the phone, i felt so much like crying. but i didn't. i know i have to be strong.

juz this morning zuojin was telling me that i have a strong character and for that, i'm her hero! hoho thanks for e comment! actually i dun wan to be strong. 我也有脆弱的时候. but i dun have a choice. i have to learn to be independent. this is what happens when daddy mummy are not beside you. actually i feel guilty for that cos it seems like they only come to my mind when i'm down or in trouble. i feel like a bad girl. boo.

Mar 24, 2006 @ 8:14 PM

sick sick sick. dunno why will suddenly fall sick one. so suay!

ugh. i dun wan to do the egg thing!! bloody :X

sigh..i miss ALL OF YOU!! whenever im down and sad...

chian, qipok, ruiyi, jodie, kris, hooiwen... of course i dun have to miss yoke and yen HAHA! i still gotta see them for 2 years! but it's so different without the 6 of you around..the 3 of us are feeling so lonely...

juz wanna say.. thanks for being part of my life! FRENS, YOU RAWK MAN!

Mar 23, 2006 @ 4:06 PM

ok. second entry for the day! juz went to qipok's blog! ooo..she finally updated! er..after like 4 weeks?? haha. saw her photos with her new bunch of frens in australia...glad that she looks happy! so i'm inspired to upload mine too...over the funky March hols! heh, so here goes...

look at his smile..so sweet!

he's sooooooo cuuuuute lah!!

to be continued...

@ 10:44 AM

whoa. so proud of myself! i did 6 hours+ of math yesterday! i cant believe it... but math is the only subject that can engage me for that long anyway! even made an effort to study e lecture notes cos i didnt understand a single thing during lecture! and i can understand them now! i think i can teach better lorh! :X

yayy! feeling a sense of cheng jiu gan! den yesterday for the whole night i was in a good mood cos of something! but i shall not say what is it. heh.

Mar 17, 2006 @ 11:44 AM

yayy. it's so good to have an aunty who is a tailor. got her to alter my sch skirts for me! all for free! luckily i didnt do it in spore...gotta pay quite a bit. hmm...and it's great to have a cousin who is a hairdresser too! haha...got my hair cut liao! as usual...for free!

i've decided to come back on 14th May for my cousin's wedding dinner! so i have to fake an excuse to skip school on 15th May which is a monday! and i got another cousin who is a dentist...asked him to fake an appointment card for me. so that i have a proper excuse, that is, dental appointment! my dad even helped to call him up, without my order. hoho. my whole family is soooo "cooperative".

and i juz knew that i have another wedding dinner to attend tmr! yayy. so exciting! but i nv bring nice clothes back...not even a proper pair of slippers! ugh. luckily i bought a nice pair of slippers that day!

but that also means...i don't have to sleep on sunday night le! 4 questions for 3 econs timed assignment and i only planned the 1st and easiest one. i totally have no idea how to do e other 3! plus i've got a crappy chinese compo to hand in on Mon! but i'm not planning to do it..today is alr friday and i'm going shopping later! tmr...i wont have the mood to do anything cos it's saturday and i have a wedding dinner to go to at night! and half of sunday is used to travel back to spore..

i'm soooooooooo dead ><

Mar 14, 2006 @ 11:23 AM

the boarding sch staff is totally pissing me off! here goes the story....

i walked back to the boarding sch frm sch after huangcheng ended and it was alr 12.30am by the time i reached e maindoor. I WAS ALREADY DAMN EXHAUSTED!!the two dumb, bloody guards told me to wait outside e general office until e duty master came back after making his round. cos only he can open e door into my hall for me since it's alr past 12am. alright. so i waited....luckily there was a bench outside e office for me to sit down while waiting... 45minutes passed but no one came. and the bloody assholes treated me as if i didn't exist! great.

finally, 1 hr passed. i couldn't take it any longer so i decided to call e HCIBS emergency number which i juz happened to store inside my phonebook memory. juz to try my luck. luckily somebody picked up my call and he didn't sound like he was making his round at all! so i told him that i got back after 12am so i need him to open e door...etc...........and he asked me to wait outside e hall door while he came down to open e door for me!

WHAT??! u mean i could have juz called YOU and asked YOU to come and open e door for me?!! that wasnt what e bloody guards told me! they said i was supposed to wait until u come back! for e past 1 hour i've been thinking that u were busy with ur round which supposedly took less than 10mins! and that was exactly what e 2 freaking s-holes guarding at the door told me! great.

i was sooooooooooo pissed off by the time he came down and opened e door for me that i told him to have better communication with e guards nxt time! if i wasn't that tired at that time, i think i could have scolded him. the admin and the way e system is structured is totally inefficient!

and i juz juz stepped into my room at 1.40am! 1 hr and 10mins after i stepped into e boarding school. i could have taken my bath, enjoyed my cupmee supper, packed all my stuff to leave for home, in 1 hr and 10 minutes! in the end i only got to sleep at 2.45am! and i still had to wake up at 7am, which was 4 hrs later, to take bus home... imagine 4 hrs of sleep after huangcheng?!!!! it was totally torturous! for the past 3 days in VT i only got to sleep less than 6hrs each day! i was so so so tired after dat night that i slept throughout 5 hours on the bus!

nvm. at least i'm back at home now. i know i wont get much rest this hols..given the amt. of homeork and stuff to settle at home..but anyway, i'm gonna reward myself with non-stop shopping today! stuff to get: swimsuit, longpants, short, a lightpink skirt, a bag and a pair of nice slippers! yes, i'm gonna get all of them today! woohoo~ shopping makes me happy, although spending $$$ doesn't :(

Mar 8, 2006 @ 3:00 PM

haha we got new ppl in our class! more girls now! YAY! but im sad that yuanxin is the only one leaving (although i have spoken less than 10 sentences to him, i think)...

ok nothing much to say for now.

ooh..today is MY last day of school this term! but i rather come to sch tmr... VT is a dead place! bet i'll feel damn bored there...

two more days, and i will know whether everything is all worth it... i hope it is.

Mar 7, 2006 @ 4:56 PM

Tomorrow is another scary day...reshuffling of class... dun wan to see anybody leaving our class but seems like there'll be.

haiz... at a loss of words after pouring out so much that i wanted to say in the last few entries! and qiankun said she cried after reading my entry about JAE posting results..and the "You Ji" lyrics... haha the song is still stuck in my mind now! since last friday! qiankun, how i hope u could be here to play me the song while we sing along... :) it's alright! i shall learn to play it on guitar someday!

it's good to see qiankun and xuna back today. at least they look better!

haha really gotta go get a swimsuit during the hols! no more of that excuse next term -___-" and i think i forgot how to swim freestyle! nvm..i shall juz slack in e "intermediate" group...

Hope tmr will be a nice day! more girls in our class!! and less ppl move out of our class...

Mar 6, 2006 @ 9:28 AM

i bet everyone who was there with me yesterday couldn't agree more that we had a greattttttttttt night!


initially the atmosphere felt rather discouraging after 2 left, den 1 left...after that naichong and xuna wanted to leave also. we felt quite 失败organising the outing. but it was totally out of our expectation how well the dinner and the talk at the field turned out to be.

xuna终于承认了和naichong的关系。and the sweetest thing is..........


after everybody made their guesses, xuna说:“15-16个月左右吧!”


omg. i still cant believe he said that. that's the sweetest thing that a girl could ever hope for. naichong is really sweet. he wrote “我愿变成童话里你爱的那个天使,张开双手变成翅膀守护你”on xuna's card. and shengbin openly held up qiankun's hand in front of all of us, posing for photos. 看到他们这样甜蜜,我不但不会因为自己没能拥有这样的甜蜜而闷闷不乐,而是替他们感到说不尽的幸福。really...i dunno why... i always enjoy seeing other ppl so sweetly together, i guess i'll be even happier than them.

okay. on to the dinner. the climax came after Ms Yang and Zhengyou joined us. we started laming like nobody's business and went like "uhhum! stop embarassing RJ!" (very loudly) HAHAHAHA. and we took loads of pics and videos! we realised that Pow and eunice happened to be wearing the same colour! and we started pairing them up haha...and hongfei juz ruined the couple colour by wearing red (the colour that both Naichong and Xuna wore)!! haha we had real fun. when we were singing the class song, it hurts to hear zhengyou saying “最伤心的不是你听到他们唱,而是你发现自己原来根本没听过那首歌!” true. but it's alright! we still have time! start bonding as a class now! and i guess we really did...esp after yesterday night.

we filmed this supposedly-touching-but-turned-out-to-be-lame MV of us singing PengYou. but anyway the second climax came again when we all lied down on the grass (with heads forming a circle) and started to sing, cheer, laugh, pose for camera above our heads...it was totally crazy!! we took one last picture at the field with us pointing at the moon and went home after that...

on the way back, i asked xuna:“你有没有后悔刚才没有走?”and her reply was “当然没有!幸亏没走...” i was hoping to ask ZhengYou:“你有没有后悔来?” and i guess he'll say :“当然没有!幸亏我来了...”

i paid 10bucks for the steamboat. but i guess i didnt really pay for the food since i was still hungry after i went home. but i guess the 10bucks was worth it. 我看到了6B的精神。

Thank You 6B! for giving me the most memorable night after 13th Jan 2006. now i'll have another day to mark down in my dairy!

5th March 2006.


Mar 4, 2006 @ 9:25 PM

Qi zai pok!
miss you lah!

sharon, jodie, chianie, Qi, ruiyi, chiann and yen at airport!


promise to look for us when u come back kay! bet u'll still miss us like crazy even though u make new frens there...! cos we ROCKKKKKKKK ur life!!! got wear the panties i got for you?! hehheh...muz rmb ME everytime u wear them ok!

looking forward to tmr.... 6B gathering!

Mar 3, 2006 @ 1:43 PM


但是,我宁愿相信 everything happens for a reason, 虽然说总比做容易得多!

由衷的献上我深深的祝福...加油了! 要幸福哦...




Mar 2, 2006 @ 4:05 PM

i bet i'll feel damn horrible if i'm one of those collecting posting results tmr...scary... heard that somebody managed to hack into e moe account and found out who got posted to where..but we're just this lucky bunch of ppl who happened to be in the IP program and not have to go thru the trauma of 'O's and all the collecting of results, and not knowing that we're lucky.....

we dun have to suffer e pain of saying byebye to somebody that we've been with for e past 2 months, someone whom we cherish...we just have to be all carefree and make ourselves comfortable in this enviroment, not worrying about readapting to a new place, a new group of friends.

whatever it is, Good Luck friends!

treasure it while u're having it...



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