Jan 26, 2007 @ 3:25 PM

it's PHOTO time!

trying to take our own reflections frm the toilet mirror. (omg wats THAT aunty doing there)

that was us meeting qi three days ago. away for a year and u're so pretty alr hor. and so SCANDALOUS :D this crazy woman sent me an ultra long sms in e middle of the night. luckily it didnt wake me up this time round. it's the longest msg i've ever received! ok la im actually abit touched la.. it was kinda sweet (:

to QI: trust me! GIVE IT A TRY. dont let go if u dun wan to regret. i noe u noe wat im talking about yea. good luck! update me hor.

seeing u ppl certainly makes me feel good about everything again.

Jan 24, 2007 @ 3:27 PM

郑融 - 绿











Jan 20, 2007 @ 5:51 PM

argh the stupid wireless is screwed! im forced to resort to smth called the comlab again.

tried to sleep early ytd nite. but ended up getting harassed by QIPOK that assssss. she smsed me juz to reply smth i tagged on her blog -.- i wouldnt mind staying up to entertain ppl if their sms is instant okay. but hers was like coming at every 10 minutes interval?! everytime i was gonna fall back to sleep, my phone beeped. and i couldnt bear to leave u alone so i got up and replied. GLOBAL sms somemore.

i rarely wake up on sms one okay. if i dint rmb wrongly this is only the second time i ever get waken up by message alerts. ure so so honoured can. u still owe me last year's bday card hor >< like i told u last nite, no bday card no treat :P

heyy fUng is in genting tonight. leaving frm kl tmr morning. the last time i saw him was 8/1/2006 which is more than a year ago alr :( time flies.

Jan 18, 2007 @ 6:50 PM

juz like what many ppl told me, yea im finally seventeen! they like to emphasise the 'finally'. wat la juz bcos ure older than me so ure jealous?

haha. yet another wonderful birthday! well, even though it wasnt as surprise-filled as last year's where i had 4 surprises along with 4 cakes, ytd (and last sunday) was nevertheless a memorable day!

to me, birthday is a day where i'll carry myself away from all kinds of thoughts and focus on receiving good wishes frm ppl around me, ppl whom i love and love me too.

thank you chian, ruiyi, jodie, yen and yokey for the BIGGGG surprise 3 days before my bday. no words can express my joy to see u ppl sacrificing so much of ur time to come and do this for me! thank you yen and yokey, who are also my dear roommates, for the meal ytd nite! ni men po fei le! you guys rock my life.

thanks to those who were fighting to be the first (as well as the last) to wish me thru sms: shuyi, ruiyi, eunice, nigel, shuehyi, qiankun, hooi, chian, qianlei (!!!), kris, qi and hany! i wont ever ever delete these messages! i still kept last year's ones lol.

thankew msyang, michelle, shuyi and audrey for e wishes on msn! shuyi and audrey esp. they're my angel and mortal in sec1 and sec2, and they still rmb my bday up till today! touched.

thanks to huikee, qipok, yen, ernest, nigel and ruiyi for the friendster testis! one surprise after another, esp receiving them frm ppl who rarely write for me. thanks to datuk tan for the email! i cant bliv u actually rmb! after not seeing you for like...6 years?

thanks to chian and ruiyi for the glamrock shirt (yea dun worry e words are still there hahaha). thanks to kaiying for the AkaJin poker cards + yamapi's photos + jin's batch! omg i totally LOVE them. thankew jodie for the meiji milk (?!) thankew msyang for all the pinky presents! this must be one of the sweetest things i've got this year bcos every present has a meaning! thanks to zuojin for the lampard jersey frm thailand! omg how did u noe i want that?! thanks to 6B gals for the ultraGLAM necklace! goodness i dun even noe when i'll have e chance to wear it cos it's like so not casual?! (and u guys are getting me a pencil case? thanks in advance!) thanks to daoteng, waifung, pow for the cutie bday bear! i was kinda surprised cos i wasnt expecting anything frm u ppl at all haha. im bringing it with me everywhere i go now cos it's attached to my hp!

thanks to 6B, my mortal kaiming, kaiying, yen and yokey for all ur bday cards! kaiying's card was first! she designed it all by herself but she wrote the 'fung' in chinese wrongly -.- 6B's card was filled with 'kuai gao zhang da' (what's new man) and my mortal's one was one whole chunk of ultra-tiny handwriting that made all his seniors gasp in awe haha. yen and yokey's card was all the more special cos it has this 3D figure in front that says "world's grooviest gal" wow :D that was also the last present on my bday cos they gave it to me at 11.59pm -.-

and QIPOK you deserve honourable mention here! thanks for dedicating HALF of that entry on ur blog to me yea. omgomgomg ur grandma actually said that im ******?!! shant type it here cos it sounds damn zi lian. why dint she tell me then?! i hope u dint add tt urself juz to make me happy? hahaha! uhoh i ego liao.

hmm that should be about all. it feels damn good to receive so many good wishes frm so many ppl on ur SPECIAL DAY! it makes u feel remembered and appreciated. and that's very important in life. just like you ppl are!

a million thanks!

*edit 8.07pm* and yeechien juz gave me bday card + an eyemask + 2 paperdolls! (: i dun mind receiving presents even though it's past my bday u noe..heh

Jan 17, 2007 @ 8:55 PM

ytd i was damn loser.

as i've mentioned in e previous post, chian and nui bought me this "glam rock" tshirt which is basically dark/black, with darker/blacker patterns in the middle. the shirt is alr abit not so fitting, so i thought maybe i shouldn't throw it into the washing machine juz in case it gets loosened, and i decided to handwash it instead.

the moment i finished rinsing the shirt i almost fainted. cos the patterns + words disappeared! -.- i was holding on to a PLAIN black shirt. i stood there in disbelief. what did i do! my first bday present this yr somemore. this is esprit leh so cheapo one meh. u mean i cant handwash it? i thought long and hard and finally realised, ohh maybe cos e pattern's dark so it gets darker after soaking in water. but i looked hard under the light! nothing at all! it really looked like a PLAIN BLACK shirt okayyyy. dun bliv can ask yen they all.

throughout dinner time i was like shit la howhowhow! i juz ruined my first gift of the year.

thank goodness about half an hour later i finally saw the lines reappearing again -.- as it started to dry up. argh!

grr so dumb can.

anyway today is A VERY SPECIAL DAY and i think it was wonderful! shall update another day cos im lazy now.

i turned 17 on the 17th! :D

Jan 15, 2007 @ 5:05 PM

wahlao the stupid com hung on me so im gonna have to rewrite everything. tsk.

anw, had my first bday surprise yesterday! :D
in fact it was my biggest surprise ever, prob due to the fact that it came 3 days earlier than e actual day so obviously i wasn't expecting anything at all.

yokey skipped lunch to buy me the cake! nui and chian came all the way frm their hostels to give me this surprise! sweet-ed. oh, and we used the cake to "shun bian" sing hooi a bday song so that we can send her e video. err..so sincere huh. kris cant make it cos she had piano lesson. qi was stuck in jb thanks to the rain haha.

nui and chian going crazy on our beds.

went to prince for dinner after that. jodie came! she bought me meiji milk -.- to wish me "kuai gao zhang da" -.- doink. it's still in my fridge. ok i shall rmb to drink it later. (trying to gain a few cms before i take height & weight this thurs)

our pathetic attempt at zipai-ing such that everybody fits into e camera. cmi.

on the coro steps. our fav hangout place in lower sec.

ohya the shirt im wearing is actually my bday present frm chian and nui! it says "glam rock" hahaha. er it's slightly oversized but nvm..i'll try to put on weight so tt i cant fit better!

sometimes i wonder how am i so blessed to have these ppl in my life. like my teacher said, "what did i ever do to deserve you ppl?"

these are the people whom i think of every nite before i sleep, who bring smiles across my face even in my sleep.

xiexie ni men, my darlingz (:

Jan 14, 2007 @ 3:11 PM

happy birthday to hooi!

u're the oldest yet shortest among us yea..haha ok im being mean. the photo was taken 1.5 years ago. wah time flies. never ever forget us even after u become a taitai in australia okay. come back soon!!

Jan 12, 2007 @ 11:50 PM

and somebody was trying to be real kind by telling the person who pissed me off that i was pissed at him -.-

oh thankew huh. i totally love today man.

@ 10:59 PM

what a day. so many ups and downs.

the campfire spirit was kinda dampened by the stupid rain which hasnt stopped since 2 days ago. poor J1s this year dint get to experience the highness of last year's campfire at e central plaza. but im so so so proud of our junior class! even though they dint win the real thing, but they won in artemis! and showed SOME people that 6B is no kidding! oh our poor sister class..wat junior classes have they got this year! boohoo too bad.

and 2 people have majorly pissed me off today. one of them usually does, the other one has never! i've never in my life felt such a strong urge to shout the eff word. thanks huh.

rain rain go away. come again another day. it's already 11.13pm and i haven bathe yet.

Jan 9, 2007 @ 7:05 PM

yen bought me a yamapi table calendar frm japan! omg arigatou!! she wanted to buy the really HUGE one but it was out of stock or smth lidat?! haha too bad. he's juz so popular. but the table cal is equally good. i stare at it every day! thanks loads dear, i love it ALOT!

omg i juz found out a very big secret today! ok, not exactly secret but yea it's quite a big thing to me (: it's important! shhhh

oh ass. i juz rmb theres fire drill TONIGHT! (thanks to the prcs outside my room who are talking at the top of their voices again. oh wats new man.) it's like 1 hr later?! and it wont end till bout another hour later? walao eh. how am i gonna do math homework plus practise piano plus write to my mortals?! see la. and hwachong is so stingy somemore! last time ny gave us nice icecream after every fire drill so at least we were quite willing to do it. but hwachong? nothing. tsk.

Jan 6, 2007 @ 8:46 PM

im gonna make a list of all e dramas i've watched last year to amaze myself!

1. 女人唔易做 (fUng!!) [22]
2. 天幕下的恋人 [20]
3. 飞短流长父子兵 [20]
4. 施公奇案 [20]
5. 人间蒸发 [20]
6. 妙手仁心3 [40]
7. 老婆大人 [20]
8. 同捞同煲 [20]
9. 男人之苦 [20]
10. 乱世佳人 [30]
11. 识法代言人 [21]
12. 爱情全保 [20]
13. 上海传奇 [20]
14. 潮爆大状 [20]
15. 千谎百计 (in progress)

1. 恶魔在身边 [14]
2. 爱情魔法师 [unfinisihed]
3. 微笑PASTA [youtube-unfinished]

1. Dragon Zakura ドラゴン桜 [11]
2. Kurosagi クロサギ [11]
3. Nobuta wo Produce 野ブタ。をプロデュース [10]
4. Gokusen ごくせん [10]
5. 1 litre of tears 1リットルの涙 [11]
6. 圣诞节,最讨厌了 [4]

*i heard "my boss my hero" is damn funny, so im gonna start on that one soon.

1. 美满人生 원더풀 라이프 [16]
2. goong 궁 [23]
3. my girl 마이걸 [16]
4. save the last dance for me 마지막춤은나와함께 [stuck at ep4, cant bear to finish it]

that shld be about all. plus other movies and lots of randomly downloaded, trashy but funny variety shows. whoa i cant bliv i watched 313 episodes of hk dramas last year.

if u want me to choose, i tink the best drama i've watched this yr is 1 litre of tears (1リットルの涙).

i cried from beginning till end. except for the first episode maybe. plus the fact that the female lead is kinda cute. plus the ultra tear-jerking themesong "only human"! the more i watch, the more i realise i only enjoy dramas that touch me and make me learn smth by the end of it. therefore my conclusion is: taiwanese idol dramas are getting ever so crappy and the idols seriously. cant. act. (sorry to those fans out there)

boohoo. wave byebye to dramas this year. cos im gonna be a bloody no-life J2?! sian.

Jan 5, 2007 @ 12:03 AM

yippee yaya daren is another step closer towards being the superstar! omg i cant bliv he scored above 40 for 3 consecutive rounds alr.

41.5 --> 43 --> 44 --> ??

looking at the marks, i cant help but think the judges are just in love with him, ypf especially (she keeps telling him how dian dao she was). eee horny woman!!

anyway, daren has the x factor and he deserves to be in. all the way!

Jan 3, 2007 @ 4:47 PM

just saw this on emb:

"2006 has just ended with the execution of Saddam Hussein, followed by a series of car bombs in Baghdad. 2007 came in with beautiful fireworks all over the world, but it was greeted with a chain of bomb blasts in Bangkok."

was wondering why would anybody post smth so random on an official school announcement board. but nevertheless it has reminded me to be thankful of the peace im living in now. away frm natural disasters that take innocent lives. away frm wars which reveal human being's ugliest side.

i never stop asking: why am i born at where i was born? why am i born to these two people and not the others? why am i born into this time, this new century, where i was so fortunate to witness the transition of one millenium to another?

we always like to complain about how we think our lives are so screwed, how we are so unlucky as compared to someone else, but we fail to appreciate how fortunate we are to be at where we are, to be a certain someone who breathes and lives healthily, to be able to leave a mark on this planet we call home.

Jan 2, 2007 @ 10:19 PM

i had my toughest toilet experience today. stuck in the cubicle for ONE HOUR. i almost fainted. UGH

boohoo school's starting in less than 10 hrs time! and i haven finished issues and ideas and lots more =\ i hope keltan doesnt teach us anymore?


17 jan

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