May 29, 2006 @ 6:41 PM


stupid hany pao qi wo! and guess what?! i now have one room ALL TO MYSELF cos u nv come back frm china! thanx ah. this is so pathetic. i thought i would have somebody to talk to in my room so i didnt bring any cd or cards to keep me entertained through the night..great. now i gotta risk my life crashing ppl's rooms le -.-

ARGH this is really bad. we played stupid zhong ji mi ma and i happened to suaysuay be the unlucky one! and that means i (together with a guy whom i totally dont know) gotta represent the grp for lep superstar which is totally lame! WTH. k im seriously considering faking menstrual cramp tmr afternoon..so tt i wont have to go for the stupid party night thingy.

okay this camp is freaking me out. i think i'd rather be in xulin's conditon. having someone freaky in the grp is so much better than having to sleep alone/do some lame stuff which will make me look really stupid in front of 228 ppl!

May 26, 2006 @ 9:22 AM


i didn't expect to see jodie and kristy! i was so shocked! nobody told me they were coming! haha it's okay..i love surprises! the meeting was short..but it felt really really good to be able to see u guys again! esp the crappy kristy..still as crappy and stupid as ever! so me and yen went to pierce earholes as promised. er..the aunty forgot to apply alcohol before she pierced my left ear and she only realised after she pierced..rah! but heng ah..it was not that painful. i hope it doesn't infect..i dun wan to re-pierce..

wednesday was such an eventful day. so eventful tt i was busy on the phone for e entire day! i made a total of dunno how many calls to 13 people and received calls from 6 ppl! tt means i've talked to almost everyone in the class on the phone. and i sent 173 messages in 3 days' time. OMG that's crazy.

so it was class outing cum treating ms chong to dinner. the others watched davinci while MsChong, eunice and i watched MI3 which i bet was so much better than davinci even though i didnt watch the latter. thanks to eunice, we didn't get our popcorns! and she complained and complained about how we didn't get to eat popcorns when everything is actually her fault. rah!

I seriously doubt if sinyee has ever been to orchard. she was so ulu! she thot 170 can go to orchard and she had absolutely no idea how long it would take to travel frm sch to orchard and she didnt know how to get home frm orchard by bus and she had to ask me if orchard has an mrt station -.- are u even living in spore? haha

anw, den msyang joined us at cine after movie. she actually bothered to go home and change before coming to meet us! we had a hard time deciding where to go for dinner.. after much quarelling with the guys, we settled down at Breeks..this american kinda restaurant where they serve both western and chinese food.

the CO ppl decided to join us after their practice which ended quite late.. thanks ya! that's so nice of u ppl.. even qiankun came! so we rocked the restaurant until the waiter came over and told msyang to keep us under control. great. 6B is known for creating so much noise outside school that this is not the first time we were told to behave properly in public. the last time we were told to shut up was in Macs at beauty world. where this woman passed a piece of tissue paper with words written on it to Qihui. it made us wonder how she came to know that qihui was the CT Rep -.- haha and this time round, the waiter went to a teacher! smart ppl hur.

so after a while we decided to leave the restaurant and went to the fountain in front of ngeeann city to take one last group photo! and that kinda ended the day. although zhengyou was so reluctant to go home..

ohh and i'll rmb tt someone owes me a drink frm fish tank. heh. im starting to love to bet on tests! somehow that gave me motivation to do better.. er..or maybe it's my own illusion that it did give me motivation. ahh whatever. as long as i get my drink :P

ok this is abit random but well, i juz cant stand ppl who hav pms. i mean..they cant really control it.. but it juz irritates ppl, doesn't it?! looking pissed for no reason, criticises everything that she sees and hears, as if the whole world owes her something. well, maybe im not in e position to comment since i'm one of the few lucky ones who do not have to go through that annoying cycle. BUT still.. I CANT STAND IT!!!!!!!!!!

it's not ur fault.. but it's not my fault too u know..

May 19, 2006 @ 8:55 PM





May 17, 2006 @ 4:17 PM

3 days ago was mother's day.. for the first time in 5 years, i was back at home to be with my mother for this special occasion. not that we celebrated in any way though, since it was my cousin's wedding on tt day itself. but juz back at home and be with her.

im so not used to saying mushy things to my parents. not tt i can do dat very naturally to frens.. but it juz feels much more awkward with dad and mum especially. cos it's not in our family culture to do that. in all my 16 years i've never said anything close to "i love you" or wrote anything like that in a card..

well.. this year i've decided to make her a card too. plus a handbag as present. but i wrote more words this time round..last time was juz a simple line like "happy mother's day" etc..

i noe u wont see this but still, i'd like to say:

Ma...i really thank you for everything tt u've done for me! sorry for always sounding so impatient when u talk to me..i promise i'll try to change. i only realise ur importance esp in these 5 years when i've been away from home. Thanks for being such a great mother! i hope i've been a great daughter too...

(UGH! why cant i juz write tt in e card?! i juz cant.)

May 14, 2006 @ 2:01 PM

hahaha guess where am i now??

i am in the new couple's new room! cool. using their com! without permission actually..haha but since all e relatives are busy looking around the new room, nobody cares about me! muahaha.

i'm coming back tmr! lalala..there's wedding dinner tonight! i cant wait! :))))))))))))))

oops gotta go liao..they're going down to e living room le

dun miss me

May 10, 2006 @ 2:40 PM

well, qi complains tt i dun upload enough photos on my blog. and she wants to see my face! cos she misses me A LOT. alright then, i shall upload some photos of e outing on good friday! cos it was a fun day for me :)))

we went to ECP in the morning, which was so lame, cos the rest only reached at about noon, and it started to rain -.-

jodie with sunblock nxt to her.. she said she wanted to take off her shirt ^o^ luckily i stopped her

jodie in deep thought.. of?? hmm..

on the beach!

den we shifted our "campsite" to the corridor, like illegal immigrants. well, chian does look like one.

philipino maids.. illegal gathering

acting cute

our pretty feet!

illegal immigrant - oongpinchian

more illegal immigrants..

TIPS for acting cute #1-10










10! DONE!

slacked at macs until 3plus before the rain became smaller so we could take bus to somewhere else.

so there we were, in town finally!! it was around 5 by the time we reached cine. we ate at pastamania..

sick jodie..with nui disturbing her at the side

jodie cant stand it anymore!

posing for photos!

so we waited for hong to finish her church and meet us for a movie - eight below! it was damn embarrassing cos we were late for e movie and as a result, we had to squeeze our way in to the seats which were right in the middle of the middle row! -.-

we took this one before the movie...

after the movie, we took neoprints! (sth we never fail to do everytime we go out together)

our warm family.. yen juz spoilt the picture by looking blur

OMG WHY do i look so fat?!

nui bought this pair of super big and bright-coloured and AA earrings! (hi, bimbo)

we were inspired by the movie "eight below"! so we decided to name ourselves "five below"!

FOOOOOOOOD!!!!! by the time e movie ended, we were starving alr.. so we decided to be pigs and went to e food court! nobody cared about adding on more calories anymore..

guess what?! the smart jodie smartly placed her shampoo solution in her bag and it leaked! how smart. now she had to go to toilet to clear up the big mess. even smarter.

i still cant believe i ate a big plate of chicken rice at 10pm!!! but i couldn't help it.. i was damn hungry! although i ate pasta at 6plus and it was supposed to be my dinner..heh

it was nice recalling everything that happened tt day.. it has been great for me! and qi cant complain tt i dun have enough photos on my blog le..

yay i'm going home tmr! and i get to miss school on monday! cant stop thinking bout the wedding dinner..i think it's gonna be fun!!

May 7, 2006 @ 12:10 PM


May 5, 2006 @ 9:50 AM

yesterday was such an unexciting day for me. high bu qi lai. dunno why.

but still hav to thank a few ppl for brightening up my day a little..

had tea session with ms yang today. she was damn cute haha. she said she could sense my down-ness these few days. haha i oso dunno why. it's that obvious meh? discovered quite alot about her! i think she makes me feel natural talking to her :))))))

hany oso made my day cos i shared my prob with her! dunno who to look for.. at least i feel more relieved after talking to her.

PW lesson was kinda fun. except tt we couldn't get any work done. we played open numbers so many times. i kena quite a lot of times so we decided to play "true or dare"! er..they juz asked me some stupid questions. and one more thing, cll lecture! haha..as usual.. it has always brightened up my day! it's always so lame with e guys around..and i love it when our class is bubbly and excited!

and oso yezi! haha.. our "glam" talk as usual! so lame lah..she smsed me when i was sitting 3 seats away.. some lame stuff again la.

from today onwards, i shall aim to be happy every moment! and not to pretend to be happy. it's really hard to force out a smile all e time u know. im telling myself, smilez :))))))))

and i successfully saved pow's angelic hippo!! by sewing the wings back..不愧是服装组的! ho! ho! ho! k i shall aim to be a xian qi liang mu! which is something i bet qi and chian cannot become! mwahaha.

May 3, 2006 @ 2:43 PM

went kbox with hany, eunice, daoteng, waifung and languan on sat afternoon.

when we reached there e person told us we didnt book den wf got sooo pissed at her cos he purposely went there to book yesterday night. but luckily they agreed to give us a room at 1pm and added an extra hour for us! so shuang. so the 3 of us went shopping first while e guys dunno go where.

as usual, kbox sessions are always HIGH. and i mean really really high. we juz screamed our lungs out!! and we had a fight btw the canto and chi songs..me wf and lg juz sang on and on while dt tok and hany were competing with us by singing the chi version of it (eg. hao xin fen shou) HAHA quite fun. we had a gd time laughing at how eunice cant go low and so she shouldn't sing jaychou's songs! she was damn bu shuang haha. e k-lunch was damn zai! like the delicious version of airplane meals.. but i wasn't full anyway.

i wanted to take neoprints after tt. but the 2 of them didn't want so they pei me shop for my mum's present. although in the end i still didn't manage to find anything la. me and eunice bought a same pair of earstuds! she wanted to buy for her fren initially buden decided to wear it herself later on. so we wore them together on the spot! too bad Hany doesn't have earholes..her mum doesn't allow! if not we could have bought the same pair together!!

and daoteng returned my cds! finally. thankew horh. after keeping them for e past 2 months!! and bcos of that i was deprived of nice songs for 2 whole months!! so many times i msg him to remind him and he always told me he forgot to bring e nxt day -.-

haven been watching dramas for a long long time. i miss my sec 4 life filled with nth except days and nights of chiong-ing vcds in each other's rooms.. i started watching e mo zai shen bian only yesterday -.- yesyes i noe i'm damn outdated ok! yen, nui, chian, qi they all finished it like a thousand years ago?!! i kept the dvd with me since last year but i haven watched it at all... until friday night! yangchenglin was kinda cute..apparently her acting is better than what i had expected! and i really think she and hejunxiang make a perfect pair! meib bcos of the countless kissing scenes they had (HAHA)..which make them look really really sweet together.

AHHHHHHH i want to go for movies!! but i dunno what to watch..and no money to watch..

ok juz another random pic. taken when zhengyou was deep in sleeeeeep...HOHOHO

seriously.. this is the funniest sleeping post i've ever seen!


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