Aug 19, 2007 @ 5:55 PM

had a nice day ytd (:
though super not productive

went lg's hse to study (supposedly) with hany, zuo and qh. wahh his hse got so many nice food! chicken wings! i think i ate more than 10! i like his maid! we TRIED to study but basically after i started watching badminton and qh joined in, the whole grp became rather unproductive already -.- and after zuo left we basically gave up studying. HAHA

then somehow we started playing badminton in the hse. and after a while we ended up in the sports hall and not studying omg!! so sporty hur. wah..i cant even rmb when was the last time i touched a racquet alr! was it around february?? yea i think it's around there. omg. nicenice! i shld have a weekly badminton session or smth, since i cant run, and i cant do any other sports either.

had dinner but too bad hany couldnt join us. haiz..poor gal. ur curfew's stricter than my hostel curfew la! then took bus back to hostel. took my bath, and then i slept!!! omg. before that qh and i were still telling each other we'll go back and mug since we were so unproductive the whole day -.- thanks. totally just sleep lor.

but i had a very nice dream at about 7am this morning! haha..though i cant rlly rmb wat isit about, i rmb it felt nice! gosh i wish i could stay in there forever:)


17 jan

loves daddy mummy
loves my family
loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

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* scholarz!
* 6H
* 06s6b
* Delphus
* Impreeeeee
* yamapi, jin
* leehom
* louis koo
* wch, fuhaifeng
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* music & piano
* photos
* quality time with loved ones
* words of affirmation

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