Sep 20, 2007 @ 9:47 PM

am i the only one in the world who has not gotten a Facebook account?? o.O hmm..anyway it's not a very good time to get addicted to such stuff huh.

i thought of alot of things to blog one leh! ytd night i couldnt sleep so i thought of alot of random stuff to blog about but apparently i dont rmb any of them now.

im sleeping soooo much nowadays! ugh i want to slap myself. last time in sec sch i could either study or pia shows till like 3am in the morning and not feel tired the nxt morning and no nap needed to make up for that lack of sleep! BUT that was yearssss ago. for some weird reason i lost this amazing ability of mine since i entered college. nowadays even 8 hours of sleep is not enough whats wrong with me! sleeping is such a waste of time -.-

sleeping more = dreaming more.

im having more weird dreams nowadays. like last night i think i dreamt of my daughter??? kwah kwah kwah. but damn it i dont rmb how she looked like! if she doesnt look like me then i can have an idea of what my future husband will look like. smart hor.

this is totally random but cos i had nothing better to do, i thought of this while flipping around on my bed last night:

my future husband will be one who...
- can lead me in life and not me leading him
- is not so similar to me cos i dont want to be facing just another me
- is mature enough to read the emotions of others
- is responsible and dependable
- is loyal
- is filial
- is sociable and hopefully humourous as well
- doesnt smoke (!!! super impt)
- can play the piano or any other musical instrument
- needs his personal time and space as much as i need mine
- knows when to shut up and when to talk (which is not easy)
- pampers me
- can tolerate my bad-temperedness at times
- sees the same purpose in life as me
last one,
- is willing to have our son named 'fung' (:

yes, thats about what i can think of. if i continue to add on i think i'll probably not see my daughter cos i wont find a husband. lol :D

last paper! chiong ahhh! cant wait for the many exciting activities i've lined up for myself starting frm 11am tmr morning.


17 jan

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