Sep 27, 2007 @ 6:32 PM

a friend of mine always says, just believe that effort is directly proportional to results, just believe.

but honestly, im sick of believing in that already.

my physics results have always proven otherwise.

whywhywhy. i really dont understand. what's my problem?!! but i guess it's my own problem so i shldn't even try to make myself feel better by saying that the paper was difficult and blablabla. bullshit. ohman i just feel like shit.

it's not so much of the marks in fact. (i was more disappointed in my Math even though phy marks were wayyyy more dismal than math) it's more to do with the fact that i had a dedicated teacher trying so hard to help us and he looked so pleased everytime we went for consultation bcos he thought we'd improved! okay, maybe the others did, but i definitely didn't. it's the fact that i form part of the disappointment to such a enthusiastic and committed figure that makes me feel like slapping myself. "I'm still waiting for you all to shine..."

damnit. i. just. cant. do. physics.


17 jan

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