Oct 15, 2007 @ 6:49 PM

i was supposed to take a short nap at 5. but i happily read many many random blogs of ppl whom i know (but we're neither friends nor acquaintance) and forgot about napping totally. ugh so pissed with myself.

but no one's back to have dinner with me :((
maggi mee here i come :(((

i was just halfway through my phy tys when i very randomly looked up to my laptop and this photo flashed on my screensaver:

(haha notice nicholas in that oversized slippers..)

and suddenly i miss them alotalot.

they are the ones who accompany me throughout my childhood, though nicholas spent 3 years less with me. i think they make up at least 80% of the days when i was still a kid! we've always been together. i cant recall a single family dinner or festivity with either one of us missing. the 4 of us have always been in the limelight during these occasions and we nv understood why. maybe it was just the natural effect of kids?? but im quite sure we were rather fond of it.

we rmb we took ALOT of photos when we were kids. nope, camwhoring wasnt IN at that time. our parents made us do it HAHA. and there was NO digital cam so basically all our photos got developed and they're still nicely kept in my photo albums. now that i think about it we really have to thank them, for these precious moments of the 4 of us that they have helped to capture.

for i believe without the existence of these photos we wouldnt have remembered we gathered on such occasions and those stupid things we did etc. they are testimonies to our 18 years of cousin nephew niece??? whatever-ship!

missing u alotalot,
piuyi aka piuku :D


17 jan

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