Nov 27, 2007 @ 7:36 PM

this afternoon before i went out to shop someone spoiled my mood really badly. thanks ah. the same person whom my mum and i bitched about last night. wah slap her man. she irritated me TWICE today. thankssss

thought i wouldnt have the mood to shop.
but surprising enough i got my prom dress! finally finally finally. it was a very random shop that my mum recommended and i didnt expect to find anything there. ha! 无心插柳柳成荫

hmm quite nice la, and affordable. but im scared i'll regret the colour that i chose. and the heels! quite high leh. im scared i'll fall man...but for vanity's sake..sigh. and also for the lack of height :(

now im left with accessories only. cant wait to be back and shop with joke! hany u wanna come?

going out for pan mee dinner cos we shopped too much and no time left for mummy to cook. it's a new stall that daddy recently discovered. woohoo.. i love KL food! oishii :D

wah there's I****n gathering outside pudu jail since this morning leh. i walked past them twice. i thought the riot stopped alr? shit it's near my house.


17 jan

loves daddy mummy
loves my family
loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

also love:
* scholarz!
* 6H
* 06s6b
* Delphus
* Impreeeeee
* yamapi, jin
* leehom
* louis koo
* wch, fuhaifeng
* hk dramas
* badminton, vball
* music & piano
* photos
* quality time with loved ones
* words of affirmation

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