Nov 15, 2007 @ 11:46 AM

wow im totally so bored now i have to entertain myself with random quizzes! haven done this for yrs!

STARTO: 1148 am

01 // Are you color blind?
* nope

02 // Do you constantly fight with siblings?
* i wish i could :(

03 // What really makes you happy?
* refer to the list of things on my right hand column. heh

04 // Do you turn to your parents or friends when you're down?
* hmm friends. dun usually say emo things to my parents

05 // What is your favorite thirst quencher?
* H2O!!! as in water. not the drink.

06 // Are you a Starbucks junkie?
* nope

07 // Have you ever read an entire book in one day?
* yup. but that was LOOOONG ago. it has not happened for ages.

08 // Have you ever read Captain Underpants?
* LOL. no but i know it used to be chian's fav huh.

09 // Do you enjoy acting like a little kid?
* sometimes? esp in front of daddy mummy :) acting like a kid is a natural thing to do.

10 // Would you ever take one of your exes back?
* -.- dunno leh. but i guess when it rlly happens and we both feel like it, it's perfectly fine la.

11 // Have you ever fooled around with a stranger?
* er NO.

12 // Tell us, what is the best way to cope with a harsh breakup?
* harsh huh? as in mean? den slap him!!

13 // What are your thoughts on abortion?
* hmm generally not agreeable to it. but necessary under some conditions.

14 // Are you a good ice skater?
* totally CMI -.-

15 // Who, if anyone, do you detest the most right now and why?
* hmm i have someone in mind but i only detest him when he chooses to irritate me. why ah? dunno leh. dont you think some ppl are just BORN with that innate quality to irritate ppl? HAHAHA

16 // Do you prefer chocolate or candy?
* qiao ke li!

17 // Are there any bands out there that you think are total posers?
* wow this is an EXCITING question. poser or not im not sure but currently there're just too many junky and useless bands out there whom i DETEST. they dare call themselves 'singers' and 'actors' when they can do neither! lol. (eg, F_ & F________)

18 // What's a movie that you think should be banned for it being so crappy?
* many! oh there was a hk one.. 希玛来亚山 or smth lidat.

19 // Do your parents allow you to swear in the house?
* generally no but they're not v particular about it when i uncontrollably spew vulgarities (those milder ones) once in a while.

20 // Do you like those candy hearts with sayings like 'Call me' or 'I love you' on them?
* nah

21 // Are you 100% anti-Valentine's day?
* haha no duh

22 // What do you find more addictive... taking surveys, Myspace, or Facebook?
* currently: taking surveys. but im sure soon it's gonna be facebook. (im finally planning to sign up after A's!)

23 // Have you ever cried your heart out over a boy?
* no. i've yet to meet someone who is that infleuntial to me.

24 // Isn't the show Scarred on MTV the most pointless and disgusting thing you've ever seen?
* sia mi lai!

25 // Do you skip school a lot?
* i've NEVER. haha guai hor

26 // Have you ever shoplifted, and if so did you get caught?
* now that i think of it i actually did leh! i stole a plaster when my aunty got a cut during shopping, without telling her. shoplifted for a very touching reason >.<

27 // Have you ever been in so much pain from period cramps that you couldn't stand up?
* im lucky i dont have have cramps (: yayy

28 // Did you cry while watching Pursuit of Happyness?
* dint watch leh

29 // Do you know anyone with a name that starts with the letter Q?
* QI!! qianlei! qihui! qikai! wahh my clss got so many!

30 // Have you faked sick recently?
* no. but i fell sick last last week.

31 // Have you ever watched something die?
* i've watched SOMEONE die. that was by far one of the most impactful moments in my life.

32 // What time is it right now?
* 12.18 pm

33 // When is the last time you went to a party?
* what kind of party? Qi's bday party 2 years back?

34 // Do you still believe in Santa Claus?
* still? i have nv believed in that. ha!

35 // Are you in love with medical shows like Grey's Anatomy and House?
* YES. im easily grossed out by some of the scenes but i still enjoy watching them cos they're interesting and intellectually satisfying (:

36 // When you walk into a perfume store, does it give you a headache because of all the strong scents?
* im okay with them

37 // What song reminds you of your boyfriend or the person you like/liked?
* 恋人未满

38 // What song reminds you of your ex?
* stop asking qns about ex la. dun have!!

39 // Do you go out of your way to show off in front of your crush?
* no. i thought only guys do that?

40 // Have you ever had a truly deep, intellectual, and personal conversation?
* yesss! it's fulfilling!

41 // Are you a sucker for a boy that plays an acoustic guitar?
* piano, yes. guitar, not particularly, cos im not into it.

END: 1225 pm


17 jan

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