Nov 13, 2007 @ 10:58 PM

YES econs essay is OVER. OVERRRRR

not that econs is over yet cos there's still case study, but somehow the essay part of it has been contributing to 90% of my stress, even though case study is just another way of saying 'essay split into mini parts'

read zhengyou's blog. which reminds me..HERO!!
6B lets go and watch on our last day of chalet!
takuya! 是帅的 lor..

okay i find it rather weird that im high about this, since i haven watched any of his shows before. which is another thing that i find unbelievable too, since im constantly surrounded by ppl who are rather into him. but im gonna watch Good Luck soon! er, like 3 yrs after most ppl watched it?

or maybe it's just the thought of going into cinema for a JAP show that excites me? i've not done that before. ohman imagine if yamapi's kurosagi comes to spore nxt march! nui, yen, kaiying and me can go screaming in the cinema!

i just realise there're soooooo many exciting things after A's that i wanna do. oh BTW, i THINK im getting a job really soon thanks to shuyi. she recommended me to her ex-manager and surprisingly enough, she kinda agreed and im going down to meet her soon. wow. called nui just now and she was all high about us living together nxt yr. ha! ohman i cant bliv it..we're gonna earn $$$$$$ and really be fully responsible for our daily matters! in hostels at least we have our meals provided. (well, not that i'll miss the food in any case)

was listening to Glory of Love just now and it immediately reminded me of Mich! heh. her craziness over North last time. yes, last time. it was westlife > north > maksim > kevin > ron > fung > dongbangshinki currently -.- it always amazes me how she can change idols really fast.

unlike me (:
i think mine was: energy > fung and yamapi
and thats all. i mean i have random idols along the way and i still do but they're pretty random and im just not that devoted to them la.

er side tracked.
ok i still rmb what i wanted to say. GOOD LUCK to mich and nigel who are still having their spm! ha, poor nigel, his last paper is on his bday lol. boooo i haven seen my nieces and nephews for so loooong!

i need a haircut :( and a new hairstyle :(

damn i blogged ALOT more than i wanted to. byee 读书咯


17 jan

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loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

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