Dec 16, 2007 @ 3:43 PM

so many things happened these few days i dunno where to begin.

first, the EXTREMELY EXTREMELY traumatic and dramatic episode of my mum losing her memory (!!!) of the past few days.

you know how scary it is when ur mum cant even remember that her brother was married last month, and that another brother of hers got a daughter last month too. (OMG) she kept repeating the same 2 questions: 'U mean ur uncle is married?' & 'What day is tomorrow?' for about 5 times before my dad and i could finally force her to sleep.

it wasn't funny at all at that point in time. you'll be damn worried that smth is seriously wrong with her brain, nerves and memory storage and all. and because of that i couldnt sleep the entire night, watching her going to the toilet 4 times throughout. and my heart couldnt stop beating like mad i think my pulse was 130 per minute.

that was friday night.

saturday morning i woke up early (i almost didnt sleep anyway) to check on her, that was when she got better. she didnt complain of head pain or anything like that or else we'd have sent her to the hospital. and i cried la wth. not in front of her but i think my dad saw. she began recalling some of the stuff but she couldnt rmb anything about losing memory the night before. and when i asked if she knew uncle was married she gave me this 'DUH IM NOT CRAZY YET' look and i secretly went like, HULLO but u couldnt rmb last night!! but thank goodness la.

after days of research done online i suspect it's this thing called 'Transient Global Amnesia' (google it out for more info, it's good to know in case anything like that happens to ppl around you) which is, up to now, a medically unexplainable condition where a person forgets recent events but is able to recollect slowly once the blood flow in that particular vein(s) is back to normal. it's a rather rare condition but it's not dangerous.

i hope it's really that la. rather than any other brain problem/disease/Alzheimer's or what.

she's much better today alr. but still very lethargic.. i hope it doesnt recur or smth, or else it's definitely not going to be as simple as 'TGA' already :(

PS: my dad managed to stay SUPER calm throughout the whole episode i wonder how he did it. he even joked w my mum when she wasnt even clear headed la -.- but i guess he was worried too, just calmer and more mature.


ytd there was the 'full-month party' of my little cousin but i dint go cos there was 6H gathering too. dad and mum went but she was still very blur then. ha, my aunties uncles were rather puzzled by my mum's sluggishness, very much unlike her usual self. and she made them all so worried about this 'temporary mem loss' thing.

6H gathering was okay la. weykeet went lrt to pick me up at 530. (haha, i realise i still haven rlly gotten over my amazement at e fact that my clss guys can all drive so smoothly and steadily!! like MEN already)

would have been much more fun if i was in a better mood. weykeet wanted to send us back at 2 plus which i wouldnt mind at all if my mum was okay, but well..i was still worried, so i left at 1130. and i cant help but mention this again: those guys in my primary cls are very diff frm those in...er...6B -.- hmm..in which sense (good/bad) i'll let u guess lor.

and wk's family is seriously super funny, his siblings esp. and kwongsoonseng!! he's still like that la, the ultimate crapper o.O
had fun catching up w kerwei (6H BEST FREN!), choowan, sengfei etc too :)

i'll update more another time, with pictures.
blogged enough today.


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