Feb 15, 2008 @ 12:04 AM

part I :)

lol just as everyone has STOPPED blogging about cny and moved on to daily stuff, mine is just starting....

had my longest cny break ever in SEVEN yrs and i must say it was FABULOUS. if only happiness could be measured, the happiness this yr is greater than the total sum of happiness from the past 6 new years. it was simply too eventful!

the first :) came a few days before new year: meeting fung. that's HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY

then there's the second :) - 3 hr of balik kampung journey in a very comfortable car cos we drove in uncle's car which is of course way better than ours. SHUANG.

then of course there's the usual cny excitement:

reunion dinner, fireworks gazing, midnight GAMBLING, kampung touring, fantastic bagua/mandarin oranges/crysanthemum tea, ASTRO-WLT 24hr, crapping with lame uncles, babysitting cousins & nephews.

family WARMTH

lone-standing kampung houses along the way

our mamas

gushing over the hamper that uncle just won

(i bought them...DUH)

my loveliest loveliest loveliest PuiSee!

i love the roll-eyed one. so unintentional yet they look so cute. i shld have rolled mine too la.

our baobeis: oscar, yongsheng

it struck me very deeply that kampung ppl lead an extremely simple way of life and MORE IMPORTANTLY, they are contented with it. happy and worry-free ppl.

those nights where i get to be away frm city, away frm the noise, back to the rural, the soothing breeze, no street lamps, NO MOBILE connection, NO INTERNET (basically near-total disconnection frm the outside world), only chirping crickets around the hse and dangerous caterpillars IN the hse, where the whole kampung can go into sleep with gates wide open and doors unlocked.

it's very very comforting to know that there are still ppl living like that amidst the complexities that we go through every day.

it gives ppl a quiet moment to ponder what's the true meaning of life, and i'm glad i had a chance to talk about it with dear See. it's always very comfortable talking to her.

heh. profound leh? but really la. all of u out there, maybe one day we shld make a trip back to someone's kampung TOGETHER and try their way of life. it'll make u feel rather inadequate, ironically.


17 jan

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