Apr 8, 2008 @ 4:16 PM

lol. was just circulating this email in my office.

look at the pic below, COOL HUR.

it's NOT an animated pic btw.
when ur eyes focus on one circle, that circle stops spinning.

and i got an interesting reply from martin:
"The trick here is, do not focus on any circles at all!"

well, i tried to do that but it barely lasted for a few seconds before i focused back on one of the circles again.

lol, the perplexity of the human brain.


on a sidenote, here's a small little dedication to me and chian's newfound love (i kind of got over the fetish already tho i still find him cute when he's acting):

i swear i did sort of despise myself for a minute or two when the thought 'ohman he's cute!' flashed across my mind. years ago he was only qualifed to be my mum's idol, not mine.

chian, this says something...
we're getting OLD :S


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