May 18, 2010 @ 1:09 PM

met up with fur and kf for lunch, came back to an empty office who has not come back from lunch, smiling to myself :)

i realise i like to be left alone, especially in an environment where i dont find familiar. 1 week of work has allowed me to find out that, i'm after all not a very outgoing person. haha

thanks for all the random lunch and dinner outings for the past week, that kept me alive.

my work is fine, in fact very eye-opening at times.

colleagues are nice too. but as always, i get very antisocial with ppl i dont feel comfortable hanging out with yet, so... haha i feel more attached to my excel files than the ppl working around me.

bakkutteh f0r dinner later :))
with the favouritest toppies :)))

it's going to keep me sooooooooo alive, for the rest of this afternoon!


17 jan

loves daddy mummy
loves my family
loves my friends
loves fUng 峯

also love:
* scholarz!
* 6H
* 06s6b
* Delphus
* Impreeeeee
* yamapi, jin
* leehom
* louis koo
* wch, fuhaifeng
* hk dramas
* badminton, vball
* music & piano
* photos
* quality time with loved ones
* words of affirmation

Where to go.

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