Jun 23, 2010 @ 2:19 PM

the goalkeeper must be one of the suckiest positions to be in.

for a dangerous goal you heroically saved, who would be there to give compliments? it's not because ppl do not compliment, but because nobody remembers to. we all remember how the goal was scored, and not how it was being saved.

ppl sing praises of the beautiful goal the striker strikes, the smooth passes made by the midfield, the impeccable defence put up by the defenders. but how many headlines would revolve around the goalkeeper and his stupendous saves, even when they are no less crucial than scoring goals.

but for an undeserving goal you so carelessly let in, the whole world would be there to lash out at you and you can almost be sure they're going to rmb the blunder, for life.

well, life is hardly fair. it never is.

we play our own game. and we just have to make sure we play it well. some slips are deadlier than others.


17 jan

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